Who's Who on Sunset Beach - Rae Chang through Wei-Lee Young

Rae Chang (Kelly Hu)

First Air Date: 1/7/97
Final Air Date: circa 6/5/97


Marital Status:
Pretended to be married to Casey Mitchum
Married to Wei-Lee Young circa 6/19/97


Wrongs Done to Other Characters:

Lied to her parents about being married to Casey

Pic of Kelly Hu from NBC.Com

Ralph Meyers (Ramsey Midwood)

First Air Date: 2/27/97
Final Air Date: 3/6/97

Serial Rapist/Murderer

Died: 3/6/97

Wrongs Done to Other Characters:

Kidnapped and tatooed Paula


Ricardo Torres (Hank Cheyne)

First Air Date: 1/6/97

Birthday: December 3

Detective, Sunset Beach Police Department (1/6/97)

Marital Status:
Engaged to Paula Stevens
Married to Gabriela Martinez (7/29/99 - 12/99)

Antonio Torres
Maria Torres Evans

Wrongs Done to Other Characters:

Cheated on Paula with Gabi
Lied to and manipulated Antonio and Gabi after his stroke

Pic of Hank
Cheyne from NBC.Com

Roger (Victor Webster)

Bartender at the Deep

First Air Date: 12/30/98

Russell Meek (Mark Davis)  
Sara Cummings (Lauren Woodland/Shawn Batten)

First Air Date (Lauren): 4/29/98
Final Air Date (Lauren): 5/10/98

First Air Date (Shawn): 5/11/98

Intern to Congressman Blythe

Joan Cummings

Hank Cummings

Meg Cummings
Pic of Lauren Woodland from Soaps In Depth Magazine

Pic of Shawn Batten from Soap Opera Update Magazine

Sean Richards (Randy Spelling)

First Air Date: 1/10/97


Olivia Richards

Gregory Richards

Caitlin Richards Deschanel
Gregory Richards, Jr.

Wrongs Done to Other Characters:

Implicated Annie in Del's murder
Pic of Randy
Spelling from NBC.Com
Sister Bertrille (Rebecca Brooks)  
Sister Mary Margaret  

Spike (voice of Jim Hanks)

First Air Date: January, 1997
Voice Air Date: 12/25/98


First Air Date: June, 1997



Sydney (BarBara Luna)


Ted Evans

Ben Evans
Derek Evans

Tess Montgomery (Tess I) (Margaret Scarborough)

First Air Date: April 8, 1998
Final Air Date: April 10, 1998

Actress hired by Annie to pretend to be Trey's biological mother for Sean


Tess Marin (Tess II) (Tracy Lindsey Melchior)

Benjy Evans

At first claimed to be Benjy's nanny, later revealed to be Benjy's mother


Tiffany Thorne (Adrienne Frantz/Jennifer Banko-Stewart)

Adrienne's First Air Date: 1/6/97
Adrienne's Final Air Date: circa 5/22/97
Jennifer's First Air Date: circa 5/23/97

Jennifer's Final Air Date: 9/2/97

Teen Runaway

Wrongs Done to Other Characters:

Pretended to be "Dorothy" to get Ben's attention, knowing the whole time that Meg was "Dorothy."

Seemed to enjoy using Sean and Mark to make each other jealous, ending in Sean being injured during a scuffle with Mark.

Pic of Adrienne Frantz

Pic of Jennifer Banko-Stewart

Tim Truman (Dax Griffin)

First Air Date: 1/6/97

Chauffeur 2/6/97 - 9/98

Died 10/29/99

Pic of Dax Griffin
from NBC.Com
Tyus Robinson (Russell Curry)

First Air Date: 6/19/97

Pic of Russell Curry from NBC.com

Vanessa Hart (Sherri Saum)

First Air Date: 1/16/97


Marital Status:
Engaged to Michael Bourne (8/27/98 and again on 10/28/99)

Mother: Lena Hart

Father: David (or possibly Robert) Hart

Pic of Sherri Saum from NBC.com
Vincent Duke (Aaron Spelling)

First Air Date: 1/21/98

Bette Douglas Goodman Duke . . .Katzenkazrahi (divorced)

Homeless Person
Pic of Aaron

Virginia Harrison

Aliases: Selita Jones

First Air Date: 3/19/97


Jackson Harrison

James Harrison

Wayne Landry (Henry Gibson)  

Wei-Lee Young (Steven Vincent Leigh)

First Air Date: 3/18/97


Marital Status:
Married to Rae Chang circa 6/19/97

Pic of Steven Vincent
Leigh from Xfox1121

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