Who's Who on Sunset Beach Gabi Martinez to Leo Deschanel

Gabriela Martinez Torres (Priscilla Garita)

First Air Date: 2/17/97

Sunset Beach Police Department File Clerk
Waitress at the Deep (7/15/97)

Marital Status:
Married to Ricardo Torres (7/29/99)

Lorenzo Martinez

Anestina Gonzalez Martinez

Paula Stevens

Pic of Priscilla Garita from Soaps In Depth Magazine

Gregory Richards (Sam Behrens)

First Air Date: 1/6/97

One-Quarter Shareholder in the Liberty Corporation with Alex Mitchum, Annie Richards and Ben Evans

Marital Status:
Olivia Blake Richards (divorced 6/29/98)
Annie Douglas Richards(married 6/30/98)

Caitlin Richards Deschanel
Sean Richards

Pic of Sam Behrens fromNBC.com

Gregory Richards, Jr.

See: Armando Deschanel III


First Air Date: 12/23/97
Final Air Date: 1/20/98

Died: 1/1/98

Owned the boat that took the Surf Centralites to Terror Island


Hank Cummings (John Martin)

First Run:
First Air Date: 9/23/97 (?)
Final Air Date: 10/21/97 (?)

Second Run:
First Air Date: 3/17/98

Entrepreneur (owns Shock Wave restaurant)

Spouse: Joan Cummings

Meg Cummings
Sara Cummings


Helena (Finola Hughes)

Air Date: 10/6/97

Marital Status:
Engaged to Cole Deschanel (broken)

Pic of FinolaHughes

Hillary Nichols (Terry Davis)

First Air Date: 9/25/98

Final Air Date:11/16/98

Died: 11/2/98


Jackson Harrison

Street-Gang Member (deceased)

Spouse: Virginia Harrison

Child: James Harrison


Jake (George Palermo)

Goon hired by Tess to kidnap Benjy


Jade Sheridan (Sandra Ferguson)

First Air Date: 12/18/97
Final Air Date: 1/9/98

Died: 1/1/98

Jewel Thief

Pic of SandraFerguson from Soaps In Depth Magazine

James Harrison (V.P. Oliver/Jeffery Wood)

First Air Date: 3/19/97


Jackson Harrison

Virginia Harrison

Pic of V.P. Oliver from Soaps In Depth Magazine
Pic of Jeffery Wood from Michael Sandner's Page
Screen capture courtesy of Michael Sandner

Jerry Feller (Jerry Springer)

First Air Date: 3/30/99
Final Air Date: 4/1/99

Talk show host in Annie's Murderer for a Day fantasy


Joan Cummings (Carol Potter)

First Appearance: 1/6/97

Second Run:
First Air Date: 5/12/97
Final Air Date: circa 5/29/97

Third Run:
First Air Date: circa 9/23/97
Final Air Date: circa 10/21/97

Third Run:
First Air Date: 2/26/98

Part-Owner of Shock Wave

Hank Cummings

Meg Cummings
Sara Cummings


JoJo Grimes (Mushond Lee)

Alias: Jamahl Muhammad

Wife: LaShawnda Muhammad

Child: Jaleen Muhammad



Jude Cavanaugh (Sean Kanan)


Julianna Deschanel (Constance Towers)

First Air Date: 5/23/97
Final Air Date: circa 6/6/97

Armando Deschanel

Armando Deschanel, Jr.

Pic ofConstance Towers from City of Port Charles


Air Date: 7/14/97

Maitre d' at Grenadine's


Kelly (Brenda James)

High School Classmate of Gabi


Lena Hart (Lillian Lehman/Mariann Aalda)

First Air Date:

Patient with chronic illness known as "Martin's Syndrome"

Vanessa Hart


Leo Deschanel (David Matthiessen)

First Air Date: July 22, 1998

AJ Deschanel

Cole Deschanel


Liam (Jack Wagner)

a/k/a Jacques DuMond

First Air Date 9/12/97

Jewel Thief


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