Who's Who on Sunset Beach Casey Mitchum to Francesca Vargas

Casey Mitchum (Timothy Adams)

First Air Date: 1/6/97


Mother: Alex Mitchum

Charles Lakin (Jim Storm)

First Air Date


Marital Status:
Divorced from: Bette Katzenkazrahi

Chief Tyler (Scott Lawrence)

First Air Date: 2/2/99


Cole Deschanel (Ashley Hamilton/Eddie Cibrian)

Cole St. John (when he first came to town)
John Robie (on his safe deposit box)

First Air Date (Ashley Hamilton): 1/21/97
Final Air Date (Ashley Hamilton): 2/20/97
First Air Date (Eddie Cibrian): 2/21/97

Born: 1/27/75

Jewel Thief
Construction Worker (2/3/98 - 1/4/99)
Works for AJ at the Liberty Corporation (1/5/99)

Marital Status:
Engaged to Caitlin Richards 11/21/97
Married to Caitlin Richards Deschanel 2/12/98

Children: Armando Deschanel, III

Mother: Elaine Stevens

Father: Armando Deschanel, Jr.

Paula Stevens
Leo Deschanel

Offenses Against Other Characters:

Seduced Olivia to steal her Deschanel jewels necklace, and continued sleeping with her in hopes of finding the other Deschanel jewels.


Maria Torres Evans


Del Ross Douglas (John Reilly)

First Air Date: 1/6/97
Final Air Date: 1/13/97

Born 11/2/50
Died: 1/13/97


Marital Status: Divorced from Madeleine Madison Mahaffey Douglas

Children: Annie Douglas Richards

Bette Douglas Goodman Duke . . . Katzenkazrahi

Offenses Against Other Characters

Kidnapped Elaine's son, Cole
Had an affair with Olivia

Del's Middle Name and Birthdate, and Madeleine's Name Courtesy of Richard Brommers

Derek Evans ( Clive Robertson)

First Run:

First Air Date: 1/2/98 (?)
Final Air Date: 7/6/98

Presumed dead: 6/30/98

Second Run:

First Air Date: 9/7/99


Ted Evans
Ben Evans

Benjy Evans

Offenses Against Other Characters:

Led Maria to believe that he was Ben and slept with her
Killed Mark, Jade, Grogan, Elizabeth and Eddie
Lead Meg to believe that he was Ben and slept with her
Tried to kill Meg and Ben

Pic of Clive Robertson from NBC.com

Diane Wood (Jessica Tuck)

First Air Date: 6/2/98
Final Air Date: 6/26/98


Offenses Against Other Characters:

Held Ben against his will

Pic of Jessica Tuck from Soap Opera Update Magazine

Dr. Manning (Mel Johnson)  

Eddie Connors (Peter Barton)

First Air Date: 1/8/97
Final Air Date: 5/18/98

Died: 5/18/98

Police Officer 1/6/97 - ?
Private Investigator 7/15/97 - 5/18/98

Pic of Peter Bartonfrom NBC.com

Elaine Stevens (Leigh Taylor-Young)

First Air Date: 1/6/97
Final Air Date: 12/17/97


Paula Stevens
Cole Deschanel

Pic of LeighTaylor-Young from her website:  www.lty.com

Elizabeth (Samantha Becker)

First Air Date: 12/26/97
Final Air Date: 1/2/98

College Student

Claim to Fame: First Victim of Terror Island killer

Pic of SamanthaBecker

Ellen (Nunei Harrington)

Air Date: 12/25/98

Olivia's Cousin


Emily Davis (Cristi Ellen Harris)

First Air Date: 5/25/98

College Student/Lifeguard Trainee

Bette Katzenkazrahi

Pic of Cristi Ellen Harris from cristiellenharris.com

Florence Kennedy (Jean Carol)

Dr. Brock's Nurse

Air Date: 1/25/99

Francesca Vargas (Lisa Guerrero Coles)

First Air Date: 7/17/98

Marital Status:
Married to Phillip Vargas (widowed)

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