Who's Who on Sunset Beach Al Kennedy to Carmen Torres

Albert Xavier "Big Al" Kennedy (Don Amendiola)

January 30, 1997

Marital Status:

Married to Bette Douglas Gordon Duke . . . Katzenkazrahi (divorced)
Married to Loraleen Kennedy


Alex Mitchum (Barbara Mandrell)

First Run:
First Air Date: 6/5/97
Final Air Date: 7/11/97

Second Run:
First Air Date: 12/8/97
Final Air Date: 1/15/98

Owns Undetermined Number of Shares in the Liberty Corporation (see also:Annie Richards, Gregory Richards, Ben Evans and AJ Deschanel)

Casey Mitchum

Amy Nielsen (Krissy Carlson)
a/k/a Amy Dreyer

First Air Date: 12/26/97

College Student

Father: Bernie Nielsen

Mother: Deceased (perhaps)

Offenses Against Other Characters:

Destroyed Emily's dress for the dance on the cruise
Blinded Emily with Rosario Jewels to win Sean back

Anna Claire ("Annie") Douglas Richards (Sarah Buxton)

First Air Date: 1/6/97

Address: 24 (January 8, 1997)/1305 Ocean Avenue

Personal Assistant to Ben Evans 7/21/97 - 10/24/97
One-third shareholder in the Liberty Corporation with Ben Evans and Gregory Richards

Marital Status:
Married to Gregory Richards (6/30/98)

Father: Del Douglas
Mother: Madeleine Madison Mahaffey Douglas

Offenses Against Other Characters:

Shot Ben while trying to escape from the police when they were arresting her for the murder of Del
Tried to make Meg think that Ben was trying to kill her by forging entries in Maria's diary for Meg to read

Kidnapped Olivia and Cole's son and gave him to Caitlin to raise

Annie's and Madeleine's Full Names Courtesy of Richard Brommers

Antonio Torres (Nick Kiriazis)

First Air Date: 2/9/98


Carmen Torres

Maria Torres Evans
Ricardo Torres

Offenses Against Other Characters (and his vows):

Slept with Gabi

Archbishop Damien (Michael Fairman)  

Armando Deschanel


Julianna Deschanel

Armando Deschanel, Jr.

Armando Deschanel, Jr. (Gordon Thompson)

Alias: Lance Hadjes

First Air Date: 5/11/98

One-quarter shareholder in the Liberty Corporation with Annie Richards, Gregory Richards and Ben Evans

Julianna Deschanel

Armando Deschanel

Cole Deschanel
Leo Deschanel

Armando Deschanel III ("Trey")

(Voice of Joey Dedio [bottom pic])

First Air Date: 2/23/98

Born: February 14, 1998/February 23, 1998

Alias: Gregory Richards, Jr.

Biological Mother: Olivia Richards

"Adoptive" Mother: Caitlin Richards Deschanel

"Adoptive"/Biological Father: Cole Deschanel

Caitlin Richards Deschanel
Sean Richards


Ben Evans (Clive Robertson)

First Air Date: 1/6/97

One-quarter shareholder in the Liberty Corporation with Annie Richards, Gregory Richards and AJ Deschanel

Marital Status:
Engaged to Meg Cummings 11/7/97
Married to Maria Torres Evans (presumed deceased)
Married to Meg Cummings 10/7/98 (invalid)

Benjy Rodriguez

Ted Evans
Derek Evans

Blood Type: O+

Benjy Evans (Chase Parker)

Mother: Tess Marin
Father: Derek Evans


Bernie Nielsen (Mark Ritter)

First Run:
First Air Date: 9/3/98
Final Air Date: 10/30/98

Second Run:
First Air Date: 12/21/98
Final Air Date: 12/23/98

Died: 10/31/98

Marital Status: possibly widowed, possibly divorced

Children: Amy Nielsen

Bette Katzenkazrahi (Kathleen Noone)

First Air Date: 1/6/97

Gossip Columnist

Marital Status:

Married to:
(first) Jeffrey Gordon
(second) Vincent Duke (divorced)
(third) Charles Lakin (divorced)
(third?) Mario (divorced)
(in no particular order)
Enrique (deceased)
Al Kennedy (divorced)

Emily Davis

Del Douglas

Offenses Against Other Characters:

Kept her mouth shut when she knew that her brother, Del, had kidnapped Cole, the son of her "best friend," Elaine.

Bob Blythe (Brian Patrick Clarke)

First Air Date: 9/7/98
Final Air Date: 9/8/98


Brad (Michael Strickland)

First Air Date: 6/11/98

College Student/Lifeguard Trainee

Offenses Against Other Characters:

Knocked Emily out of the way to get the lifeguard trainee position.
Supported Amy in her plotting against Emily

Bret (David Chisum)

Guy who hits on Annie, leading to her introduction to Jude


Caitlin Richards Deschanel (Vanessa Dorman/(Kam Heskin)

First Air Date: 1/14/97
Final Air Date (Vanessa): 6/18/98

First Air Date (Kam): 6/24/98


Marital Status:
Engaged to Cole Deschanel 11/21/97
Married to Cole Deschanel 2/12/98

Gregory Richards, Jr. a/k/a Armando Deschanel, III ("Adopted")

Olivia Richards

Gregory Richards

Sean Richards
Armando Deschanel III a/k/a Gregory Richards, Jr.

Offenses Against Other Characters:

Led Cole to believe that she'd given birth to Trey

Captain Nelson (Bernie Kopell)

First Air Date: circa 7/19/98
Final Air Date:circa 7/31/98

Captain of Neptune II

Carmen Torres (Margarita Cordova)

First Air Date: 12/23/97

Fortune Teller

Antonio Torres
Maria Torres Evans
Ricardo Torres

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