November 1, 1999

Derek strangles Tim.

Ricardo breaks into the rectory. Later, he tells Gabi and Antonio that he was asleep, but Gabi notices that his wheelchair was across the room from where it should have been.

Sean tells Amy that he can't start a relationship with her, because he doesn't want to hurt her like he hurt Emily. Amy claims she loves him and will wait for him for as long as it takes.

November 2, 1999

When she catches Derek at Surf Central, he says that he chased away a burglar. When Derek refuses to leave, Meg leaves instead. Tess helps Derek move the body. Derek decides to dump the body in the cement base of the new monument. When Sara tries to contact Tim to come in to work, she can't reach him. Meg tells everyone about finding Derek at Surf Central, so Hank and Casey go to confront him. Ruiz confirms Derek's story about a prowler to Hank and Casey. Maria overhears Hank talking about how "Ben" has visited Meg again.

Ricardo tries on the priest clothes he stole from Antonio.

Jude arrives at the Richards' house and tells them that AJ has news about Cole.

Mrs. Moreau concocts a brew made from Olivia's hair that will cause her to drink again. Annie makes her first attempt to spike Olivia's drink, but is caught by Jude.

November 3, 1999

Tess creates a diversion so that Derek can cover Tim and Spencer's stolen uniform with cement. Hank and Casey explain to Maria the break in and the part Derek played. Maria wonders what "Ben" was doing at Surf Central to begin with, so Hank says that he told Meg he loved her.

AJ arrives at the house with a fax about Cole. Caitlin only wants to know whether Cole is dead or alive.

November 4, 1999

When Maria catches Derek and Tess in an embrace, Derek says that Tess had been attacked on the beach, but Maria doesn't believe him. She asks Derek why he went to Surf Central. Derek decides to kill Meg. Meanwhile, Meg decides to figure out what's going on with Derek. Casey tells Meg that he and Sara are back together.

When AJ tells Caitlin his theory about how Cole disappeared, she wonders if AJ's giving up. When Olivia tries make amends to Caitlin, she forgives her.

November 5, 1999

Tess starts hearing Tim's voice taunting her. Later, she tells Derek about hearing Tim's voice. Maria confronts Derek that Meg said that he won't leave her alone and that he kissed her.

Ricardo makes sure Michael "accidentally" sees a life-insurance policy application. He says that Gabi insisted that he take out the policy and told him not to tell anyone about it. Ricardo later gets a haircut that resembles Antonio's.

Michael tells Vanessa that something's up with Ricardo, but she assures him that it's nothing. Michael isn't convinced.

November 8, 1999

Derek tells Maria that Meg is in love with him. Tess still hears Tim's voice. Derek tells her to go to the Shock Wave and ask for Tim. While she's arguing with Sara, Tim walks in.

Ricardo is nearly caught by Antonio wearing the priest outfit he stole, but gets away with it by hiding under the covers.

November 9, 1999

Ricardo sends Antonio away and calls a cab to take him to the airport. While at the airport, he makes that he's seen putting the bag containing the tape in a locker, and tells someone that his name is Antonio.

Meg visits 'Ben' to try to figure out what is going on. Antonio arrives looking for Maria, and sees Meg talking to Ben. Sara, Casey, Joan and Hank are puzzled by Tess's odd behavior because they don't see Tim like she does. Later she visits the monument and sees Tim again.

When Sean drops by Sunset Sisters buy Olivia birthday present, he runs into Emily and asks her to give him another chance.

November 10, 1999

Annie spikes Olivia's water with Mrs. Moreau's potion at a Liberty Corporation board meeting.

Casey and Sara see Ricardo at the airport dressed in a priest's clothes and think that he's Antonio.

Moreau tells Amy that Sean will never love her because she isn't Emily.

November 11, 1999

When she's left alone in the Liberty Corporation board room, Olivia is drawn to a bottle of champagne.

Sean persuades Bette to let him have another chance with Emily. However, Amy has convinced Emily that she can never trust Sean again, so Sean still gets nowhere with Emily.

AJ calls Bette but she hangs up, because she must accept that AJ will never love her.

November 12, 1999

Maria agrees to consider going on a "second honeymoon" with "Ben." But when Antonio tells her that Meg was with him earlier, she begins to have doubts, so she decides to speak to Meg. Derek has been teasing Meg about her feelings and is about to kiss her when Maria arrives.

Mrs. Moreau makes the potion burn a photo of Olivia to prove to Annie that it has taken effect. Olivia continues to resist alcohol, but Annie taunts her with a drink and leaves it in front of her when she leaves the room.

AJ tells Bette that he doesn't want to lose her friendship, and she asks him to forgive her for thinking that they could ever be more than friends.

November 15, 1999

After leaving Olivia alone with a drink, Annie stops Caitlin from walking in on her mother by telling her that she is sorry that Cole had disappeared, but Caitlin doesn't buy it. Jude tells Caitlin that he had come over to complete something that they'd left unfinished in the office. He then berates Annie for her lack of commitment. Tobias walks in just as Olivia drinks the vodka. Olivia begs him to help her, but insists that she is just upset about her upcoming birthday. When Annie, Caitlin and Jude come in, Annie notices the empty glass. She asks who drank her vodka. To escape interrogation, Olivia left to go lie down. Alone with Jude, Annie asks Jude to send her a copy of the rules that he wants her to follow. Jude asks her to come in to work the next day. When he asks her for a handshake, he grabs her outstretched hand and throws her over his shoulder and took her back to the office. When Tobias corners Olivia, she convinces him that she is suffering from insomnia. After he leaves, she heads back downstairs for another drink.

Joan tells Sara and Casey that she is worried about Tim. She and Hank say that they had gone to Tim's room. The manager of the motel had let them into his room, and he wasn't there, but all of his things were. Sara says that she blames Tess for Tim's disappearance because she'd seen Tess and Tim together plotting something, and perhaps their relationship had gone bad and Tess had done something to him. Hank, Casey and Joan agree that Sara's suspicions seem reasonable. Maria arrives, asking them to get Meg to leave "Ben" alone. The Cummingses suggest that Maria should talk to "Ben" about it. Casey takes Maria aside to ask if she could trust what "Ben" had said to her and if she could say that "Ben" hadn't been acting at all strangely lately. She accuses him of siding with the Cummingses against her, not allowing him to defend himself. Sara tells Casey that Antonio had seen Meg and Derek at Ben's house. Derek and Meg are interrupted by the return of Maria, who doesn't see Derek there. Maria demands to know why Meg is lying to her about going to Ben's house. Meg insists that she was just there to check her mail. She asks Maria if they could talk about this issue later. Maria leaves telling Meg to stay out of her life. After Maria leaves, Derek tries to get Meg to admit that she loves him. She finally admits that she can't give "Ben" up. They kiss. Tess regrets helping Derek kill Tim, but she tries to get over it. Tim appears to her again, saying that he'd be following her everywhere. She asks how she can be rid of him, and he tells her to call the police and confess. When she protests that she's imagining him, he grabs her to prove that he's real. Her screams bring Benjy into the house. When she sees him, she hugs him, telling him that everything will be all right. Tim disappears. Maria goes to see Carmen, who asks if it's about "Ben." Carmen asks if Maria believes that "Ben" still loves Meg, but Maria doesn't know what she believes. Carmen reads the cards and says that she's found the answer to her daughter's problem.

November 16, 1999

When Benjy leaves her after saving her from Tim, Tess realizes that she can't let anyone separate her from him. Later, Tess tells Derek that she's been seeing Tim's ghost and that Benjy had saved her from it, becasue she had concentrated on her love for their son. She tells Derek that she can't wait until they were going to kill Maria so that she could tell her that Benjy isn't Maria's son. When Derek asks why she's so eager to kill Maria when she is so sorry that Tim died, Tess explains that Maria has something that belongs to Tess. He tells her that Maria had agreed to go away with him, and that Meg won't be a problem either. Carmen tells Maria that she has to open the box, but she's unable to tell her daughter what box she means. Carmen confesses that she is worried that Maria might not like the answers she finds about "Ben." Maria assures her mother that she needs to know what's going on with "Ben," both for herself and for Benjy. Ben languishes in a basement somwhere looking at a picture of Meg. Maria remembers hearing Sara talking about a box in Tess's room, and wonders if that was the box that Carmen had seen in the cards. She goes into Tess's room and finds a picture of Tess and Derek in the secret compartment in the bottom of the box with a note on the back saing that it had been developed in a lab in Seattle. Maria then flashes back to being tied to a bed and drugged by Tess. Then she remembers hearing Tess call Derek by name while tied to the bed. She realizes that she has been sleeping with Derek since his arrival from Seattle. Derek asks Meg to make love in the stockroom of the store, but she refuses, because their love deserves more than that. Sara walks in on them kissing, and Derek leaves.When Sara interrogates Meg, Meg asks Sara to support her, because a part of her will always love Ben. She says that "Ben" had asked her to go into the storeroom to have sex, and Sara realizes that Meg is up to something. Meg admits that she has to find out what "Ben" is up to or she'll never be able to let go of him. She says that Ben isn't the same person that she used to know and that maybe the stress of Maria's return had an effect on him. Sara agrees to keep her mouth shut, as long as Meg will let her help.

When they arrive in the office, Annie tells Jude that she wasn't going to be chained to her desk. He tells her that she doesn't know who he really is, and that he won't let Annie keep toying with him. He explains that he's been trying to help her since his arrival in Sunset Beach, but that now he is going to sue her for the money she owes him. They become angrier and angrier until they kiss. Jude lays her on the desk and begins to undress her. Olivia clings to a bottle of liquor while trying to figure out what had made her start drinking again. Caitlin, Sean and Trey arrive and Olivia hides the bottle. Caitlin says that she thinks that Trey misses Cole. Sean says that he wants to be the man of the family and for Caitlin and their mother to lean on him. Olivia promises to be there for her children. They leave and Olivia continues to fight the temptation to drink.

November 17, 1999

Ricardo asks Gabi to bring Antonio back to the loft. When she asks why he wants her to bring Antonio back, he says that he needs to apologize for yelling at him. Gabi thanks Ricardo for trying so hard to forgive her and Antonio. D.A. Steele arrives to ask when Ricardo is planning to come back to work. Ricardo tells her that Gabi was at the police station. Antonio dreams of Gabi coming to him in a sexy outfit telling him that she would always love him. When he wakes up, he decides to talk to Maria about his feelings for Gabi. However, he is stopped by Emily who needs to talk to him. When whe asks if he'd always wanted to be a priest, he said that in his sadenss over Maria's disappearance, he decided to dedicate his life to God. Gabi arrives and Emily leaves. She tells him that Ricardo wants to see him, and he agrees that they shouldn't be spending so much time together, but he agreed to go to the loft, for Ricardo's sake. They go back to the loft, where Ricardo apologizes and Antonio feels that he has finally found peace.

Derek and Tess kiss on the sofa and Derek assures Tess that Maria won't cause them any problems. He tells her that within 24 hours, both Ben and Maria would be history. When Maria's memories come back, she drops Tess's box. Derek and Tess hear it and come upstairs to check out the sound. She steps quickly into the hallway, where she bumps into Derek and Tess. She tells them that the sound they'd heard was her knocking over a vase. Maria tells them that she was about to go check on Ricardo, but Derek stops her, saying that they weren't done yet. Tess leaves to go pick up Benjy. Derek says that they need to talk about Meg, and that they need to leave for Hawaii that night to get a chance to reconnect with each other. Maria refuses to leave, but when he questions her, she backtracks and agrees to go. He suggests that she forget about going to Ricardo's and that she start packing instead. When she says that she wants to call Ricardo, he reminds her that their departure is suppposed to be a secret. When Derek suggests they go to bed, Maria points out that they would miss their plane if the did that. She sends him downstairs under the pretense of looking for her watch and calls Ricardo. Gabi answers, but Derek arrives and disconnects the phone.

In her dreams, Gregory appears to Olivia, telling her that as much as she might want to give up drinking, she couldn't, so she might just as well give in. She fights the urge again, telling herself that she had to fight for Trey's sake, especially since Tobias has hinted that he is going to make her the executrix of the estate. When Gregory tells her that her drinking ended their love, she says that the end of their love caused her to start drinking. However, she soon saw all of her other past loves, each telling her that her drinking ruined their relationships. When she awakes, she still hears them taunting her in her head.

Annie and Jude make love in his office, but her memories of what she's done to Olivia stop her from going home with Jude when he asks her to. He accuses her of sleeping with him to make him forget the money she owes the Liberty Corporation.

November 18, 1999

When someone knocks on his door, Jude hopes that Annie has decided to come to him after all, but it's Caitlin, who has come to thank him for all he's done for her. She also asks him to come to Olivia's birthday party. Jude is surprised by the invitation, because he is now a family friend, as well as because he helps keep her relationship with Olivia a civil one. Jude agrees to attend the party. She also compliments him on his business acumen. After she leaves, Jude goes back to thinking of Annie.

When Annie returns to the Richards house, she sees that a vodka bottle is missing from the bar. Olivia has taken the bottle upstairs with her, but pours it out rather than drinking it. When she returns downstairs, Annie asks if she's seen the bottle, and a completely sober Olivia tells her that it broke. The pair then argue once again about Gregory's estate. After Annie leaves, Olivia tells Rose to get rid of the bar. Annie returns to Mrs. Moreau's apartment, telling her that Olivia managed to resist the urge to drink. When Annie asks her to make another, stronger, potion, Mrs. Moreau tells her to give another dose of the potion she has to Olivia.

After they toast their reconciliation, Ricardo asks Antonio to give Gabi a ride home. Antonio is reluctant, but when Ricardo said he needs the time to get a surprise ready for Gabi, he agrees. As they leave, Ricardo tells them to take their time. Ricardo pulls a box out of the jukebox and removes Antonio's fingerprints from the glass and places them on a gun. Gabi and Antonio discuss how they will both be at the career fair the next day. Antonio tries to get Gabi to admit what the secret she's keeping from him is.

When Derek catches her trying to call Ricardo, Maria tells him that she had just wanted to say good-bye to her brothers before they leave for Hawaii. She pretends that she is going to pack, but instead tries to escape from Derek, who stops her. He threatens to kill both her and Meg, and she begs him to change his mind. Just as he begins to taunt her with her weakness, she knocks him on the head and demands to know where Ben is. However, Tess arrives just then and attacks Maria with a fireplace poker. Maria hits Tess with the poker, and Derek stops Maria.

November 19, 1999

When Annie realizes that Olivia's elated to have regained control of her drinking, she adds a second dose of the potion to Olivia's morning coffee. Just as Olivia congratulates herself on her new life, the potion takes effect. Caitlin and Sean plan a surprise birthday breakfast for Olivia. When Jude arrives, Tobias pitches a fit. Jude is pleased when Tobias brings Annie to Olivia's birthday breakfast. When the celebrants arrive, they are the ones who get a surprise, because the first thing that Olivia does when she enters the room is pours herself a drink.

Sara and Meg discuss their plan to find out what "Ben" is up to. Meg will get him out of the house, and Sara will snoop around inside to see what she can find.

When Michael and Vanessa come by, Vanessa says that she's heard that the lifeguard monument that's being unveiled that day might not be so sturdily built. Joan expresses her concerns about Tim's whereabouts.

Emily tells Brad that she's not going to get back together with Sean, but that she's not quite ready to move on yet, either, so he asks her out as just friends. She accepts. B

When Benjy asks where Maria is, Derek tells him that she's gone away for a vacation. Benjy asks where Tess is, and Derek responds that she took Maria to the airport. Derek informs Benjy that Tess won't be leaving at Christmas after all.

The mayor dedicates the monument to the lifeguards, and then Casey says that the real reward for their jobs was the lives they had saved. When Casey christens the monument with a bottle of champagne, the cement falls apart, revealing Tim's shoe.

Maria wakes up and asks Tess where she is. Tess responds that it doesn't matter where she is, because she's never going to leave alive. When Maria asks where Ben is, Tess says that Ben won't be coming to Maria's rescue this time. Then she tells Maria that Benjy isn't Maria and Ben's son, he's Tess and Derek's. She said that Maria had been held captive by her and Derek for five years, but then she escaped. Luckily for them, as well as for Maria, Maria still had no memory of those five years, so she and Derek had been able to continue with their plans. Then Tess tells Maria that Tim had gotten in their way, so they had killed him. Then Tess drugs Maria.

November 22,1999

When he sees his mother drinking again, Sean becomes enraged. Olivia challenges the others to taste her glass to see if she's begun drinking, then admits that there is alcohol in it. AJ tries to talk her out of starting drinking again. She promises to stop drinking -- later. Annie plays innocent, seeming to convince Tobias. Amy figures out that Annie had something to do with Olivia's drinking. Despite Annie's worries that Olivia would be able to fend off the effects of the potion, Olivia continues to drink. A drunken Olivia tries to throw Amy out, but Sean defends his former sexual partner, suggesting she leave. Annie returns to the Liberty Corporation offices and reminisces about sleeping with Jude.

As the lifeguard monument falls apart, first a shoe emerges, then a hand. Meg recognizes the watch as belonging to Tim. When the police intervene, they tell Hank that they'll question Meg later. When the police ask Michael to identify the body, he delivers the news that the body is Tim's. Brad and Emily discuss how unsettling the body had been. Emily remembers that Caitlin had been friends with Tim. She wants to tell Caitlin and Sean, but Brad offers to tell the Richards' housekeeper. Hank couldn't believe that Tim had been murdered. Meg remembers seeing "Ben" at the monument unveiling.

Derek leaves the monument unveiling and goes to Tim's hotel room. He rummages through Tim's things but isn't able to leave before Casey and Sara arrive. Derek hears them arguing about whether Sara should go in and look through Tim's things. Derek is relieved when Casey wins the argument, convincing Sara to let the police handle it.

November 23,1999

When Bette tries to take Olivia's drink she slaps her. Olivia also demands that Bette admit that she's in love with AJ and accuses her of only being there to get close to him. Sean tries to figure out why Olivia had started drinking again. Tobias gets Olivia's attention by mentioning Trey, but Caitlin won't let her mother anywhere near the toddler. AJ checks to make sure that Bette's all right. Bette asks if she's to blame for Olivia's return to alcohol.

When Amy confronts Annie, she admits hiring Mrs. Moreau to make a potion to make Olivia drink again. Amy demands that Annie make Mrs. Moreau make a reverse potion. When Jude overhears them, Annie misleads him then demands that Amy not mention Mrs. Moreau anymore, then threatens to tell Sean about the aphrodisiac. Amy wishes that she could save Olivia from alcohol, because then she'd be sure to win Sean. If she could only keep Annie from telling him about the aphrodisiac, that is. Sean arrives and tells her that Olivia's drinking is getting worse.

Emily and Brad tell Antonio about the discovery of Tim's body. Antonio offers to talk to them if they need it, then leaves to tell Ricardo. Ricardo talks Gabi into going to the career fair. She tells him that she wishes they were as close as they used to be. When she realizes that he's still angry with her for sleeping with Antonio, she asks if he could forgive her. Antonio overhears them, but Ricardo misdirects him. When Antonio tells Ricardo about Tim, Ricardo suggests they tell Maria, but antonio says that Maria sent him an e-mail telling him that she'd be leaving town for a while and not to tell Carmen. Ricardo sends Antonio and Gabi to the Career Day. When Michael arrives, Ricardo pretends to have a phone argument with Gabi. Antonio tells Gabi that it seems that Ricardo loves her now more than ever.

Hank wonders who would want Tim dead. Meg remembers seeing "Ben" at the unveiling and says that she might know who would have wanted to have hurt him. However, she is interrupted by "Ben's" arrival. Hank and "Ben" argue about why he's there. Meg says that she wants to talk to him. He says that he's sorry for her loss, but she doesn't believe him, because she'd seen him. He says that he needed some time to think and that he wants to be with her and needs her to admit that she wants to be with him. She admits that she is glad that he came by, but won't go any farther. Meg tells her mother that something's going on and she's going to find out what it is.

November 24,1999

Antonio, carrying some flyers for the Career Day, bumps into Gabi. They fall down tangled up on a banner about destiny. It turns out that the banner is for Carmen's booth. Antonio asks his mother why she has a Career Day booth and suggests that she leave. Some young men hassle Antonio about his celibacy. Amy asks Antonio how she could become a nun. After hearing Ricardo having an imaginary argument with Gabi, Michael offers to talk to Ricardo. Ricardo tells Michael that Gabi has taken out life insurance on him, and also wrote a will for him making herself his sole heir. Ricardo asks Michael to witness his signature on the will. He asks if they can reschedule his therapy session because Gabi had asked him to make calls about his pension. Michael leaves and Ricardo has a beer to celebrate. Carmen sees him standing up.

Jude suggests that Annie become his executive assistant. She storms out and reflects on her plan to destroy Olivia. When Sean is talking to her about his concerns about Olivia's drinking, Amy suggests that she check out some audio tapes designed to help a person quit drinking. When Sean leaves, Brad needles her that she doesn't seem to be successful at making Sean love her. She tells him that she's proving to Sean that she's worthy of his love. Caitlin tells Tobias that she won't let Trey grow up with an alcoholic mother like she and Sean did. Caitlin calls social services. Tobias doesn't belive Annie's false concern for Olivia. She says that she's just concerned for the children, but Tobias doesn't believe her. Annie finds Olivia passed out on her bed. Tobias removes his makeup and we see that he's Gregory.

November 25,1999
  Pre-Empted for Thanksgiving
November 26,1999

Amy wanted Father Antonio to let her know how to become a nun. He assumed that she was associated with the guys who'd stopped by the career both earlier, the ones who'd been unkind to Gabi. Amy assured him this wasn't a joke. Antonio wasn't buying into this. How could she be serious? He didn't remember ever seeing her at Mass. Was she even Catholic? He suggested that if she were going through some kind of break-up or something, he would be glad to talk to her. Gabi walked up to them. Antonio was glad to see her. He said that he'd planned to stop by her booth. Amy looked at Gabi and said that she was kind of in the middle of an important conversation. With that, Gabi took her leave. Amy insisted that she was sincere in this inquiry. Now where did she sign up? Antonio just didn't think this was a good idea. He thought she needed to sleep on it for a while. They would need to talk about her weekend at the retreat center, prayer, fasting. She should come see him tomorrow. This wasn't good enough for Amy. She needed to become a nun by tonight. She waited for him to leave and went to one of the nuns for help. Later back at the house, Amy was very jumpy when she saw Rose. Amy said she was afraid that it might be Sean. Once in her room, she hoped that her little performance for Rose would bring Sean home. It worked. When Sean got a call from Rose, he came home to check on Amy. Walking into the room, he found Amy in her nun garb.

Ricardo's plan was going perfectly. It was time to take a break and enjoy a beer. Nothing could go wrong now. Until his mother walked in to see him on his feet. She was thrilled to see her son standing. Why hadn't anyone told her that he was walking? Ricardo had to work fast. He said that he wasn't walking yet. He wasn't quite as mobile as he seemed. No one had told her anything about this, because no one knew. But how could he keep such good news a secret? Was there something else? Carmen could tell that her son was keeping something from her. She urged him to share it with her. He insisted that nothing was wrong. He only wanted to have more substantial progress to show. He begged his mother not to say anything. At least not until tomorrow. Gabi walked in. She was surprised to see Carmen here. Had she come straight from the job fair? Carmen said she had just dropped by to check on her son. Gabi suspected that she was interrupting something. Ricardo said that his mother was just about to leave. After Carmen left, Gabi continued to suspect that something was wrong. Maybe she should go make sure Carmen was okay. Ricardo stopped her. He assured her that his mother was okay. But their marriage? He wasn't so sure. Gabi helped him into bed. He felt awful about pushing her away when she'd wanted to make love earlier that morning. He needed to let himself accept her love. Gabi moved in for intimacy. Carmen went to tell Antonio about Ricardo. She couldn't keep such news to herself. And she believed that Ricardo needed some help. But when she stepped into his office, Antonio was praying. She didn't want to interrupt him. What difference would one day make? She would respect Ricardo's wishes after all. At home, Gabi slept in Ricardo's arms after finally making love. He could barely stand her touch. But tomorrow she would finally get her just reward.

Caitlin called the social worker about Trey. She insisted that they meet this afternoon, claiming that the life of a child was at stake. Cathy, the social worker, met Caitlin at the Java Web. Caitlin told her that she'd called asked for this meeting because of her baby brother. Her mother was an alcoholic. She'd been sober since Trey was born, but now she was drinking again. And where was the child now? Caitlin said that her mother was at home passed out, and the child was with his nanny. And was the nanny unreliable? No, Rose was great. Cathy saw no emergency. Caitlin's little brother lived in a mansion with a nanny. She had children in real need of her help. Caitlin wasn't so ready to give up this fight. She said that Cathy had no idea what it was like to live with an alcoholic -- to have a mother who was so unreliable. Sean entered the shop and approached his sister's table. Just what did she think she was doing? He asked Cathy to excuse herself. He needed to talk to his sister. He said that Caitlin wasn't doing this for Trey. He believed that she was doing this because she'd been unhappy since Cole left. She was trying to punish her mother for having a disease, and for having a child with Cole. Caitlin admitted that she thought of Trey as more of a son than a brother. Sean believed that Caitlin wanted to take Trey away from Olivia. He believed that his sister had been looking for a way to accomplish that for quite a while. Their mother's drinking was just an excuse. Rose phoned, telling him about running into Amy in the hall. Sean excused himself, but wanted to talk to his sister more. She should think about what she was doing to their family. She should think about what she was doing to their mother. Caitlin didn't get out of the shop before running into Annie. Annie tried to offer true concern, at least for Trey's welfare. With Olivia in this state, he was all alone. Caitlin assured her that Trey would never be alone. He would always have her.

Uncle Tobias was amazed that Annie actually thought he had bought into her game. He knew she didn't care about Olivia's welfare. And then there was Olivia. She had fallen off the wagon again. Of course, he shouldn't be surprised. Suddenly, Tobias started removing his elderly gentleman's makeup and the wig and the false teeth. Tobias was Gregory. He phoned someone, giving them instructions for something he had planned for tomorrow. As he finished up his call, Annie knocked on the door. Gregory looked in the mirror and knew he couldn't let her see him. He ran to the door and slammed it before she could get it fully opened. Annie envisioned saving Tobias. She was sure that he was in need of being rescued. She saw herself bursting through the door. And he'd be so grateful for rescuing him that he'd give her control over the estate. Coming out of her little heroine daydream, she stopped Rose in the hall. Where was her key to Tobias' room? She ordered Rose to go get it. Rose finally returned with the key. Annie rushed into the room only to find Tobias walking out of the bathroom in his robe. He said that he hadn't been in a proper state of dress to receive company before. In fact, he didn't feel comfortable receiving her in his robe. She flirted with him. It seemed clear to her that Tobias couldn't sign over Gregory's estate. Tobias refused to discuss the estate with her. He would not disqualify Olivia for simply having one little slip. He offered to have lunch with Annie tomorrow. Later, Gregory pondered the situation. It seemed awfully convenient for Annie that Olivia had started drinking again. Could she have anything to do with that? Annie had certainly been acting rather strangely. It didn't really matter. Gregory was in control of what was happening. Even dead he was smarter than the rest of them. Annie enjoyed the sight of Olivia passed out. She had finally won. There was nothing Olivia could do to stop her this time. Sean came up behind her. He insisted that Annie get out of his mother's room. He knew that Annie didn't care about his mother, and he suspected that she was here to enjoy the sight of Olivia in a drunken stupor. Sean sat by his mother's side. In her inebriated sleep, Olivia flashed back to Sean and Caitlin coming into her room when they were children. Even then Sean supported her, and Caitlin didn't believe that she'd quit drinking. Gregory, dressed as Tobias, came into Olivia's bedroom. He saw that she was passed out. He couldn't help but feel a certain amount of compassion. Covering her with a blanket, he said, "You did this one alone kiddo. Can't blame me for this one." Olivia awoke hearing Gregory's voice.

November 29,1999

Amy wasn't quite pleased with the look of her white nun's habit. She'd hoped for something a little more pleasing to her figure. But this was what she had to do to get Sean. And it was quite a sight when he walked in. He found it hard to believe she was actually thinking about joining the convent. She said that as she looked at her life, she only saw one mistake after another. This was her way to fix things. But was she even Catholic? She said that this went so far beyond the boundaries of a religion. He just didn't buy this. Did he have something to do with this? When they slept together, he had been her first. Had he compromised her in some way? Or was this about Emily? She admitted that it did have something to do with Emily. She thought that if she were out of the way, Sean and Emily might find a way back together. Sean knew that he'd hurt Amy but had no idea just how much until now. He didn't want to be the cause of this decision. He thought that with time, she would find another guy -- someone who could love her fully -- the way she deserved to be loved. But there could be no one else. Amy said that Sean just didn't understand he would be the only one she ever truly loved.

Meg was still in disbelief that Tim was really dead. Sara couldn't get his last phone call to her out of her head. Was he being killed at that moment? What if she'd called back? Meg assured her that she couldn't have done anything to save him. Meg hoped in some way that this was just some kind of freak accident. Sara told her that not only did she not believe that, neither did the SBPD. She showed her a newspaper headline saying just that. Meg couldn't remain silent. She thought her imagination was getting the best of her but she had concerns about something she'd seen. Sara insisted that her sister spill whatever she had. Tim was like a member of the family. If Meg knew anything, she had to tell it. Meg told her sister about seeing Ben on the beach. She found it odd that he didn't respond when she called out to him. It was even weirder when he came to the Shock Wave later claiming to just have learned of Tim's body being found. She knew it wasn't true. But she couldn't go to the police, or to their parents for that matter. She had no reason to believe that he was guilty of anything. Sara urged her sister to help her investigate further. She wanted Meg to get Ben out of the house giving her a chance to look for any clues there. Against her better judgment, Meg agreed to help. It so happened that Meg still had her key to Ben's house. Sara could use that to get in when she lured him out. Sara called Emily asking her to let herself into the shop. Both she and Meg would be out when she got there. Casey had slipped in behind her while she was on the phone. When she turned to see him, Sara jumped out of her skin. He wondered what she was up to that scared her so much. Tess was distressed when Tim's death made the front page. According to the paper, there was going to be a full-scale investigation. Derek saw no reason to worry. The police had no reason to suspect either of them. And with those words, there was a knock at the door. The police wanted to ask faux Ben about his whereabouts on the night of Tim's murder. Spencer said that his uniform , which had been stolen the night he was attacked, was discovered with Tim's body in the monument. They had to assume that the same person who attacked him also murdered Tim. The last person he'd seen before being attacked was Ben. He was hoping that Ben could remember seeing someone odd. Sorry but Spencer would find no help at this house. Tess claimed to be stressed about Tim's death and excused herself to go off to the patio. When Derek (faux Ben) showed Spencer out, he joined Tess. She was freaking out. This was not part of the plan. None of this was supposed to happen. And with this statement, Casey walked up to them. He had just come to offer his condolences to Tess. Overhearing something about a plan, he wondered if something else was wrong. Tess said that, along with losing Tim, she was going to lose Benji as well. Ben and Maria weren't going to need her as a full-time nanny very much longer. Again, feeling overwhelmed by the situation Tess excused herself. After getting rid of Casey, Derek joined her inside. He insisted that she pull herself together. They were too close to the end of their plan now to let things slip. She just wanted to get out of Sunset Beach before anything else went wrong. If Derek wouldn't leave, would he at least move up their plan? Fine, he said. The papers were all in order. He only had to take care of Ben and Maria. Later, Tess sat staring at the picture of Tim on the front page of the newspaper. Why couldn't he stay buried for just a while longer? Benji came downstairs. He wanted to know what was wrong with Tess. She looked sad to him. Tess assured him that nothing was wrong. In fact, she was just thinking of all the great times they were going to have. Across town, Derek took papers out of a safe. Just as he locked the safe up, Meg came in behind him. He was surprised to see her. She asked what was in the bag.

Jude insisted that AJ go see Olivia. The older man was trying too hard to ignore what was eating away at him. AJ agreed. There was no way he could accomplish anything until he knew that Olivia was okay. And with his exit, Annie and Jude were left alone. She was eager to start her new duties as his assistant. Jude suspected her eagerness had more to do with a desire to please Tobias. He teased her, saying that if she found the job too difficult, he could bring in an intern to help her out. Later on, she surprised him with an impressive report. She had even found an error that Jude himself missed. He was definitely turned on by this wildcat redhead who never ceased to amaze him. He asked her if she would go to lunch with him. He could see that Annie had a talent. If she chose to use it properly, there would be no stopping her. Tobias walked in during what could have become an intimate moment. He said that he'd come to take Annie out for lunch. Jude said he was afraid that Annie would be going to lunch with him today. "Is that true?" asked Tobias. Annie kept silent. Caitlin thanked Cathy, the social worker, for meeting with her again. Cathy questioned herself for agreeing to the meeting. Caitlin admitted she had been secretive in the past, but this anxiety of hers was about Trey. Her mother had started drinking again and she was worried about his welfare. Cathy thought it best to put her cards on the table. She'd done some research of her own. Once again, Caitlin hadn't been completely honest with her. She had to wonder if Trey's problem was with Olivia or Caitlin. Could Caitlin really be objective about her husband's child -- a child that he shared with her mother. There just wasn't a lot that Cathy could do. One night of drinking did not constitute grounds for a child being removed from his mother. But Caitlin persisted. If Cathy wouldn't help her, she would find someone else. That was her prerogative, Cathy agreed. But Caitlin should consider how she might ruin any chance of a relationship with her mother if she persisted with this. Cathy thought that if Caitlin cared for her mother at all, she would give her the benefit of the doubt. Caitlin asked Cathy to come to see Olivia for herself. Was Caitlin so sure that her mother would be drunk? If she wasn't, then at least Cathy could talk to her. But if Olivia had already hit the bottle, that would be a whole different story, wouldn't it? Gregory, dressed as Tobias, wondered if he'd gone too far the night before when he'd spoken to a passed-out Olivia in his natural voice. She'd uttered his name when he did so, but she was still in her drunken stupor at the time. Now it was the morning after, and Olivia approached him. She needed to talk to him about what had happened last night. She needed to apologize for falling off the wagon. There were no excuses for what had happened, but she was determined to prove herself worthy to Tobias. She was determined to stay away from alcohol. Tobias told Olivia not to worry. He would not toss her aside because of one slip. He could see that she was sincere about wanting to stay straight. He excused himself for a meeting at the Liberty Corp. Olivia stood alone staring at the bar. She begged herself not to give in to that poison. But nevertheless she did just that. When Sean and Amy walked downstairs, Olivia was sprawled on the sofa. Olivia's response to Amy being dressed as a nun was priceless. She said, "I must've had more than I thought. What is she doing dressed as Whoopi Goldberg?" Amy thanked Olivia for letting her stay here. She added that she had found God and would be moving to the convent. Sean wanted to walk Amy out but felt as though he needed to stay with his mother. He told Amy he would see her later at the convent. Amy left sure that she had gotten to Sean. Sean turned to his mother, demanding that she give him her drink. Olivia fought to keep her drink. The bottle crashed to the floor. Outside, AJ had just arrived to check on Olivia. Caitlin and Cathy arrived at the same time. When they heard the glass crash to the floor, they all rushed in. And what a sight they got. Sean grabbed the glass from him mother's hand and threw it to the floor. She demanded that he treat his mother with respect. Sean didn't see his mother; he only saw a drunk. Olivia slapped him.

November 30,1999

Sean confronted his mother. She was making him relive his childhood horror of walking in on her passed out. He didn't want Trey to have to go through the same. They struggled over a bottle of liquor. When it crashed to the floor, AJ, Caitlin, and Cathy all ran in from outside. They were then witnesses to Sean calling his mother a drunk and her slapping him. Olivia's response to the presence of witnesses was simply to wonder who had invited them in. She stumbled around the room and accidentally knocked Cathy's purse to the floor. Caitlin introduced Cathy as a friend of hers. When Olivia tried to improve her manners by offering everyone a drink, AJ insisted that she not touch another drop. Cathy walked out with Caitlin and Sean. She agreed that this did appear to be a serious situation. She thought it best that the three of them sit down and discuss it. AJ couldn't stand to see Olivia crumble before his eyes. He warned her that she could lose Trey if she continued. People would no longer turn their heads when a child's welfare was at stake. But Trey had everything, she insisted. Not really. He didn't have a sober mother. She assured AJ that no one would take Trey away from her. She would hire a hundred lawyers if she had to. AJ asked her what was more important to her, the liquor or him? If she didn't put the alcohol down, he was out of her life for good. Annie and Tobias rounded the corner to see this face off. Cathy admitted that the situation at the Richards house did seem serious. She couldn't say definitely that there was neglect, but there did seem to be enough wrong to warrant an investigation. Caitlin offered to take Trey to a safe place tonight. Nothing could happen that fast, said Cathy. And besides, if Trey were taken from the home, the court would not appoint Caitlin to care for the child. Let's not forget the illegal adoption Caitlin had willingly entered into. Caitlin argued that it was past history and the situation had particular circumstances. Nevertheless, she would have a hard time finding a judge to see it that way, Cathy replied. Trey would have to go into a foster home. If social services saw the need to take Trey, it would be done properly. Caitlin, of course, was welcome to challenge any part of the arrangement along the way. That was her legal right. Now Cathy had work to do. Sean congratulated his sister on her stellar job. She insisted that she was only looking after Trey. From the moment he was placed in her arms, Caitlin had promised to take care of him. But Sean pointed out that Cathy had said there was nothing else they could do. Well, Caitlin had something else that she had to do. And she needed help. What was it? She was going to take Trey. She was going to leave Sunset Beach today.

Jude challenged Annie to stop chasing rich husbands. She had enough potential of her own. Tobias entered to take Annie to lunch. Jude said that he was mistaken. Annie would be having lunch with him today. This was indeed a debate. Tobias was here to discuss Gregory's estate. It was a simple question. Was Annie going to have lunch with Tobias or Jude? Annie asked Jude to forgive her but she wanted to keep her date with Tobias. He said he wouldn't be angry if they both didn't already know that Annie equated lunch with dollar signs. She insisted that she was just having a simple lunch with a lonely old man. Neither believed that the other cared about anything except money. Annie asked him to give her more credit than the stories he'd heard. What Jude had to recognize, he sniped, was the mistake he made by sleeping with her the other night. Gregory stared at himself in the mirror. He thought that Tobias' make up was a little off but Olivia would be too drunk to know the difference. And as for Annie, she was too busy fawning all over him. Somehow Gregory believed that Annie did have something to do with Olivia's drinking. He didn't know how, but he felt sure she had devised this awful plan. He would just have to use it as inspiration for getting his revenge on her. Annie came back in. She said that she was glad he had seen Olivia in her drunken state. He should see what Trey might have to endure. So her concerns were for the child? She confirmed that they were. Tobias wasn't ready to put Olivia out to pasture. He said that she looked fine this morning. Annie asked if they could stop by the house on the way to lunch. There was something she needed to see.

Sara called Emily, asking her to let herself into the shop. She and Meg would both be out for a while. Casey slipped in behind her. When she turned to see him, she nearly jumped out of her skin. He wanted to know where she was going. She received a page from Meg saying that the house was clear. Casey demanded that she tell him what she was up to. If she lied to him, he would leave her for good. She said that there was no need to threaten her. She told him that the key she was holding was to Ben's house. She was on her way over to check it out while Meg kept Ben busy. Casey couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was she out of her mind? She explained Meg's concerns that Ben could have something to do with Tim's death. She admitted that possibly he had nothing to do with the murder, but something was going on. Sara was just going over to look for clues. Casey wanted her to back off. He needed time to figure out some things first. Until he could do that, he would hold on to the key. They were interrupted by a phone call from one of the shop's distributors. Alone, Casey agreed that someone should go check out the house, but not Sara. He left while she was on the phone. When she came back in, she found a note from Casey to stay here. Then she got a call from Meg saying the same. A few minutes later, Jude came in. He had just stopped by to see how she and Casey were doing. It was nice to see someone's romantic life working out, he noted. Derek cleaned out the safe at the Deep. Meg walked in as he closed it back up. She was wondering where he was going. He said that he was actually leaving Sunset Beach. This would be goodbye. He said that he was on his way to meet Maria for their long overdue second honeymoon. "Even with everything that's been said?" asked Meg. It was just the way it had to be, declared faux Ben. In fact, he was running late. He needed to go back to the house on his way out of town. Meg couldn't let this happen. She had just given her sister instructions to head over there. How could he leave with so much unsaid between them? -- she sighed, hoping to stall him. The bartender came into the office. There was something at the bar that needed Ben's attention. Meg rushed to the phone hoping to stop her sister. She didn't have time to explain, but Sara should stay put. Derek walked back in as she hung up the phone. Who was she talking to? She had called the shop to allow herself more time with him. Pulling out all the stops, she said that he had been right by suggesting they should get physical. They were meant to be together. Faux Ben thought that actions spoke better than words. As he moved in for a kiss, Meg said she had more to say. He warned that she should be careful or he would think she was playing with him. Meg was stuck. Tess got Benji ready for school. She promised him a great surprise tomorrow. With their exit, Casey made his way in. This would be an appropriate time to check out Tess' room. Searching through drawers and the contents of the room, he found fake passports under her mattress. Why would she have these? What was going on? Casey didn't know why she would have this stuff, but he was sure the cops would find it interesting. What he didn't know was that Tess had come in behind him. At the mention of the police, she clocked him with a fire poker.


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