October 1, 1999

Ricardo is about to open up to Gabi until they are interrupted by Antonio. Gabi tells him that it isn't a good time, and Antonio realizes that they were about to make love. Ricardo becomes jealous seeing Gabi and Antonio together again, and he vows to make them pay. Ricardo looks to the TV/VCR, says he'll show her how she upset him.

Meanwhile, Annie tries to keep Tobias from talking to third parties regarding who should get the inheritance.

Olivia rips into a terrified Amy for sleeping with Sean and tells her to pack her bags and get out! Sean interrupts, sends Amy away, and gets into it with Olivia, insisting that he is the one to blame and refusing to let Olivia throw Amy out. Annie mocks Olivia's family squabbles, and Olivia gets Annie alone and grabs her by the throat, squeezing the life out of her as she orders Annie to never talk about Olivia's children again! Earlier, Amy's overwhelmed by Sean's unwavering defense of her, but terrified to realize that, unless she comes up with the blackmail money for Mrs. Moreau, Sean will learn the truth about Amy drugging him with the love potion. Jude shows up at AJ's suite to tell of Cole's impending release. Bette is upset as AJ seems to turn every conversation to be about Olivia.

Casey surprises Sara in her back yard and admits that he was jealous. Jude interrupts with flowers. Casey leaves, and Sara kisses Jude on the cheek and thanks him for the best night she's had in a long time.

October 4, 1999

Ricardo and Gabi make love and Ricardo asks Gabi if he was as good in bed as his brother, Antonio was? Meanwhile, Antonio who is trying to get Gabi out of his mind runs into Michael. Michael asks for Antonio's advice re: marrying Vanessa. Antonio asks Michael a thoughtful question and unbeknownst to Michael, his answers cause Antonio to reminisce about he and Gabi. Michael leaves and Antonio prays to the Virgin. The Virgin's voice tells Antonio to help Gabi.

Olivia tries to choke Annie, but Annie manages to pull away and lashes out at Olivia. Once again, she lets her off, saying that it is enough punishment for Annie to not be loved by anyone. Annie loses it and slaps Olivia. Annie vows to make Olivia pay, even if she has to make a deal with the devil. The doorbell rings and Annie comes face to face with Mrs. Moreau.

Meanwhile, Amy doesn't know how to pay Moreau. Sean and Emily have words and Emily says she can't get over Sean and Amy sleeping together. At the same time via Mrs. Moreua's phone machine, Amy says she won't pay.

October 5, 1999

Gabi is rocked by Ricardo's accusations and tell him that she loves him. Ricardo tests her for lying and says he must have made a mistake. Gabi lies and says that she never slept with Antonio. He apologizes profusely and Gabi says that he is forgiven. Ricardo confronts Gabi: Did she enjoy the sex with him as much as she did with Antonio? Gabi is reeling as Ricardo lists her treacheries and the number of times he's forgiven her. Ricardo puts on the tape of her making love with Antonio. Gabi is horrified. At the rectory, Antonio hears a voice tell him to help Gabi Go to her now. He starts to go but is detained by upset Emily who needs his counsel on forgiving Sean. Antonio is uncomfortably aware of the parallels with his own situation but offers Emily what comfort he can. Emily thanks him and leaves. Antonio resolves not to seek out Gabi again until he has given up all lustful thoughts and managed to forgive himself.

Amy is thrilled that Sean thinks it's over with Emily. She arrives home and is confronted by Moreau. Annie is intrigued.

At the same time, Michael is about to propose to Vanessa, but changes his mind when she starts talking about the high divorce rate.

October 6, 1999

Ricardo rips into Gabi for marrying him when she really has feelings for his brother. Ricardo asks if she really expects him to stay with her after this? Gabi, desperate, insists she wants that more than anything -- that neither of them should throw away what they have. Ricardo appears conflicted, agrees to consider what she says, but once she moves off to wash up, his face darkens and we see the only thing on his mind is revenge.

Meanwhile, Tess is having trouble masking her jealousy as Derek continues growing "closer" to an unsuspecting Maria. He insists it's a temporary situation just as Maria enters, overhearing. Derek covers masterfully, pretending impatience with Tess over an issue involving Benjy. As a way of driving his point home, he takes Maria upstairs, where they make love as a nervous, frustrated Tess frets downstairs. He asks Maria to go away with him on a second honeymoon. Tim comes over for an update, but is quickly dismissed by Tess. He resolves to find out what's really going on. Meanwhile, Sara talks Meg out of telling Maria what Derek has been saying to her.

At the same time, Caitlin thanks Jude for his help with Cole.

October 7, 1999

While teaching a catechism class, Antonio fields questions from the kids about priests falling in love and never being able to get married. He dismisses them, only to face Carmen who's still troubled by what the cards have in store for him and Ricardo. Meanwhile, Ricardo orders Gabi out of the house. Gabi swears nobody wanted to hurt him which is why none of them told him about the lovemaking or tape. Ricardo stops her and says that they can try again if Gabi promises not to tell Antonio that Ricardo knows about them.

Meanwhile, Tim tells Tess he wants to know why she keeps pushing him off. At the same time, Ben presents Maria with a new wedding band. Maria agrees to go away with him, and Ben says they have go one more place before leaving. Sara and Meg have pre-opening celebration. Casey is still jealous of Jude. Both Michael and Hank tell him to make up his mind regarding Sara.

Michael makes plans for him and Vanessa.

Jude asks Meg to return to Liberty Corp. She refuses. Jude understands Sara's situation with Casey and wants to help. Sara invites Casey to come back to shop. She and Meg open shop officially and Meg greets her first customers: Maria and "Ben."

October 8, 1999

Meg spots Maria's new ring and rushes out to the back room. Derek follows. Meg slaps Derek for not leaving her alone. Derek wanted to tell her he's thinking of moving away from Sunset Beach. Meg will never have to see him or Maria again. It's the least he can do... knowing how much she'll always love him. Meanwhile in the front room of the shop, Sara has accused Maria of conspiring with Tess to break up Meg and Ben and Sara and Casey. The two women get into a shoving match and topple a display of glassware.

Meanwhile, Gabi's continued need to lie is taking its toll and she rushes out. Ricardo says Gabi is overwhelmed because they spent the night together as man and wife. Antonio quickly changes the conversation to Ben and Maria's reconciliation and suggests he, Ricardo and Gabi attend Meg's opening to help smooth over any hard feelings. Gabi returns and Ricardo says they can't go. Antonio exits. Ricardo demonstates his supposed willingness to save their marriage by having Gabi throw away the incriminating tape. Ricardo rescues it and substitutes a blank.

Jude presents Annie with a bill for her London escapade while Olivia whisks Tobias off to breakfast. Jude suggests Annie repay the Liberty Corporation by taking a job there. He's sure she'd like to make a good impression on Tobias. Annie fumes. Meanwhile upstairs, Amy gets a phone call from Moreau who says it's payday. Amy has one hour to get to her apartment with the money. Amy is panicked, decides to borrow something from the Richards mansion to pawn but Annie catches her red-handed.

October 11, 1999

Maria and Sara wrestle each other into a display counter, while Derek (as Ben) tells a flabbergasted Meg he still loves her. Maria and Ben leave, and he tells her that he wanted to visit Meg to tell her that it was over for good. Maria's stopped by Meg, who says they have to talk - about Ben. Earlier, Tim finds the picture of Tess and Derek, but Tess convinces him that it is an innocent picture. Tim is still troubled. Derek tells Tess not to worry because he's convinced Maria to go away alone with him and by tomorrow, Maria and Ben will be dead!

At the same time, Sean and Brad are stunned by the new very seductive Emily. Meanwhile, Annie is determined to learn more about Mrs. Moreau. She follows Amy to Mrs. Moreau's where Amy offers up her prized Barbie dolls as payment for the blackmail. Annie meets Jada, learns about Mrs. Moreau and her potions, and figures out that Amy used a potion on Sean. Moreau tells Amy she needs the $5000 in cash or she will tell Sean. Just when Amy thinks things can't get any worse, Annie's waiting for her as she leaves. Olivia and Bette have a run in at the Java Web, where Olivia works to convince Tobias that she should control Gregory's estate. AJ comes to Bette, wanting an explanation about why she ran out on him last night. Just as Bette's about to confess her feelings for AJ, Olivia interrupts.

October 12, 1999

Derek reassures Tess about their plan. Meanwhile on the beach, Meg wants to tell Maria about Ben and how he's been acting, but Derek interrupts them before Meg can say anything. Meg lays into Derek saying Maria should know how Ben's been acting. Derek tells Meg that his feelings for her don't matter because he and Maria will be leaving Sunset Beach for good. Maria goes to Carmen's and tells her about the honeymoon. However, Carmen sees the ring "Ben" gave Maria and freaks out.

At the same time, Annie gets Amy to tell of the love potion. Annie decides that she and Amy should work together. At the same time, Bette is unhappy with Olivia for her intrusion. Bette leaves and AJ follows. Bette says she can no longer be AJ's friend as long as he's involved with Olivia. Meanwhile, across town, Emily flirts with Brad and Sean threatens Brad. Later on, Olivia runs into Emily and tells her not to give up on Sean. Olivia returns home and per Annie's instruction, Amy says she has a proposition for Olivia.

Michael tries, unsuccessfully, to propose to Vanessa.

October 13, 1999

Carmen has a premonition and warns Maria that if she leaves with Ben then she will die. Maria agrees to postpone the trip. Derek is upset to learn that Maria will not go on their trip. He gets alone with Carmen and tells her they have to talk. Carmen gets a good look inside Derek's eyes, and recoils in horror, exclaiming: you're not Ben!

Meanwhile, Caitlin gets an anxious, hurried call from Cole, but the call is disconnected before she can find out what's up. She runs to Jude's office where she gets another call from Cole. He tells her that he is calling to say...goodbye.

At the same time, Annie tells Amy to scam Olivia by saying she will move out for $10,000. Olivia pays her the money, and Annie takes it from Amy as a fee for getting Moreau off her back. Amy tells Olivia that she isn't leaving, and Olivia sees red. Meanwhile, AJ finally realizes that Bette has feelings for him; mortified that she's been so obvious, she desperately tries to pull back and joke her way out of it -- but AJ's seen too much. And -- hurting her even more -- he gently tells her it is Olivia he loves, and always will love. Bette asks AJ to leave and she's alone -- truly alone.

October 14, 1999

Annie pays off Amy's debt to Mrs. Moreau, and tells Moreau that she wants a potion of her own. Meanwhile, a defiant Amy tells Olivia she's not leaving town, and Olivia snaps just as Sean walks in. Sean demands to know what's going on, but Olivia realizes it is in her best interest not to tell him. Olivia warns Amy that she will destroy her. On Jude's phone, Cole tells Caitlin good-bye and that he fears someone has set him up and he has to go underground and disappear until he figures out who is after him. Caitlin confronts Olivia about possibly setting up Cole. At Moreau's, Annie tells Moreau that she wants a potion that will completely discredit Olivia. Moreau thinks she has just the thing to do it. Sean At the same time, Olivia gets Amy alone and lays into her saying when Amy least expects it she will destroy her.

Meanwhile, Meg still frets over Ben's odd behavior and Sara gets the feeling from Casey that maybe what they had isn't quite over. At the same time, after accusing Derek of not being Ben, Carmen faints. Maria goes to her side and Derek is reluctant to help. Later at the hospital, Derek and Tess both fret over Carmen's statement and Carmen regains consciousness and wants to see Maria, who invites Derek to join her.

October 15, 1999

Derek's on edge, trying to avoid a face-to-face with Carmen. But Maria's anxious to see her mother following the fainting spell and won't be put off by Derek's continued efforts to stall. Inside her room, Carmen deals out her cards -- and gasps in horror. At the same time, Meg's arrived at the hospital to make a delivery and runs into Tess, who's clearly on edge. Tess tries to cover but does so badly, and Meg's twigged. When Tess rushes off to find out what's happening upstairs, a suspicious Meg follows. Derek's finally forced to enter the room... and he locks eyes with an unreadable Carmen.

Caitlin's convinced Olivia is behind Cole's sudden disappearance and lashes out at her, just as AJ and Jude arrive. Caitlin tells her mother she hates her, and rushes upstairs to handle things her way. Jude follows; AJ tries to get answers about Cole's troubles from Olivia, who swears she knows nothing.

Meanwhile, Annie decides Mrs. Moreau can concoct a potion to make Olivia start drinking again.

Casey, tentatively exploring his feelings for Sara, tells her he's not sure what he's feeling but knows they have to talk about it. But Sara thinks it's pointless, because of Meg. Casey insists he's come to realize that Meg has no feelings for him. But Sara's unconvinced: that doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for Meg.

October 18, 1999

Derek is elated to learn that Carmen has no memory of what caused her to faint. Meg admits to following Tess, but says she wanted to get an update on Carmen's condition. Derek comes to Tess, thrilled to report that Carmen doesn't remember, but Tess blasts him for going to Meg's shop. Derek says he hates Meg and wants to make her suffer. Maria promises Carmen not to go on the trip.

Olivia is beside herself that Caitlin and AJ think she had something to do with Cole's disappearance in Europe, and finds a surprising source of comfort and strength in Tobias. Meanwhile, AJ and Jude comfort Caitlin, and vow to find and help Cole. AJ leaves for Europe to find his son. Mrs. Moreau agrees to cook up a potion for Annie that will make Olivia crave alcohol again. However, Annie must bring her a lock of Olivia's hair, cut with special scissors. A distraught Olivia sits in the living room, her head buried in her hands, and Annie sneaks up behind her and reaches for her hair, scissors in hand.

Casey tells Sara that he was never jealous of Meg when she was with Ben, but he is jealous of her and Jude.

October 19, 1999

Gabi learns the Archbishop knew of her affair with Antonio. She comes to believe she's responsible for a chain of events that include the Archbishop's death and Ricardo's stroke. Meanwhile at the Rectory, Michael talks about his love for Vanessa, and Antonio can't stop thinking of Gabi. The Monsignor arrives and confirms Antonio will remain in Sunset Beach. Antonio finds devastated Gabi on the cliff and she is tempted to tell him everything.

Bette sees Emily's new look and advises her to be true to herself. Emily is back to her sexy look, stunning Brad when he arrives for their date. Meanwhile at the Java Web, Sean finds Amy trying to phone Annie (re: Mrs. Moreau) and warns her against spending time with Annie. Brad and Sean lock horns over Emily. Sean blames himself for losing Emily and Amy advises him to move on... to someone like her. Annie tries unsuccessfully to snip a lock of Olivia's hair for Mrs. Moreau's potion.

October 20, 1999

Ricardo is fearful that Gabi may tell Antonio everything. Just then, Michael, who'd been exercising Ricardo's legs, announces he sees movement in them. But he warns Ricardo the process can't be hurried. He leaves as Ricardo realizes he has no time to waste. He has to be able to walk again. With great effort, he manages to stand on his own. Meanwhile, Antonio finds Gabi on the cliff and demands to know why she was crying. Gabi, realizing she's got to keep her promise to Ricardo, refuses to tell him. Antonio goes to call his brother, Gabi stops him. Antonio convinces her she's got to tell him what's wrong. Gabi finally agrees.

Annie's attempt to drug Olivia is thwarted. Amy tells Annie Olivia wants to kick her out of the house and Annie realizes she can use Amy to help her destroy Olivia. Meanwhile, Bette asks if Olivia even loves AJ. Olivia assures Bette she does...and that AJ loves her back. Amy asks Sean if he could ever love her. Sean, put on the spot, is interrupted by Caitlin, who tells him she suspects Olivia of putting Cole in danger. Sean is blown away by Caitlin's suspicions, and nothing he can say will change her mind. Meanwhile, Brad is blown away by Emily's seductive manner. They kiss.

October 21, 1999

Ricardo collapses after taking a step from bed. He lies to Maria and Carmen by saying that he fell. Meanwhile, Gabi is about to tell Antonio that Ricardo knows they made love when Michael interrupts to say he's worried Ricardo is overdoing his therapy. Gabi lies to Antonio, and Antonio confronts Ricardo, saying he knows everything, while Ricardo grips a paperweight over Antonio, fearing his cover is blown.

Meanwhile, Meg doesn't believe Tim's apologetic attitude. He finds a cedar box similar to Tess's and remembers the photo of her and Ben. Sara interrupts his thoughts, and adds fuel to the fire of his insecurity about Tess. Tim goes to and finds the cedar box. Tess about to walk in on Tim.

Emily and Brad make out on the couch until Bette interrupts and throws Brad out. Sean, meanwhile, bumps into Tobias who realizes Sean's thinking about Emily and Amy and suggests Sean lean on his family for support. Sean scoffs, blaming Gregory for his problems, then realizes he's become his father--who is a monster. Sean leaves while Tobias looks after him, a hint of displeasure on his face.

October 22, 1999

Tim hides in the closet. Derek comes in and things start to heat up between he and Tess. Tess goes to the closet to fetch a sexy nightgown and Tim is about to get caught until Maria appears in the doorway. Tim listens as Tess and Derek deflect Maria. Derek and Tess quickly make plans to meet later in the grotto. Derek meets up with Tess at the grotto, where they fold into a passionate kiss - witnessed by a thunderstruck Tim. Earlier, Meg goes to Joan, still deeply troubled by Ben's behavior. Meg decides she must tell Maria what Ben's been up to. Meg shows up at Maria's door and tells her she needs to know the truth about Ben.

Gabi freaks out to learn that Antonio's gone to see Ricardo. Meanwhile, Ricardo is about to hit Antonio with a paperweight until he realizes that Antonio really doesn't know anything. Gabi comes flying in, and Ricardo says he should have known Gabi could lie to Antonio - after all, she lied to him so well. Ricardo sends Gabi on an errand, then pulls himself out of bed and walks. Perfect. Now that he can walk and no one knows it, he can make Gabi and Antonio pay - very soon.

Sara is thrilled when Casey visits her and tells her that he wants to start over.

October 25, 1999

Tim sees Derek and Tess kissing in the grotto and learns of their plan. At EOD, Tim's watch alarm goes off and Derek comes looking for him. Meanwhile at Ben's house, Meg confronts Maria with Ben's flippant behavior since his return from Seattle. Maria thinks Meg is still in love with Ben, but Meg claims she's here because she thinks Ben needs help. Maria orders Meg to get out.

Annie is determined to get a lock of Olivia's hair for Mrs. Moreau's potion. She enlists Amy's help, threatening to tell Sean all if Amy reneges. Annie overhears Olivia complaining to Tobias that she's unable to sleep. Annie offers to bring in a masseur she's seen in an infomercial whose techniques are guaranteed to put the client into a state of deep sleep. Unsuspecting Tobias agrees to present the idea to Olivia as his own. When the masseur arrives Olivia orders him out. At the Shock Wave, Sean encounters Emily and learns her date with Brad fell apart. Sean assumes Brad is to blame and jumps on him when he arrives at the restaurant. Emily breaks up the quarrel and absolves Brad of any wrong-doing.

October 26, 1999

Tim's watch alarm goes off and Derek catches him. Tim tries to get away but Derek pummels him, knocking him out. He says Tim is going to die. Later, in pain, Tim still tries to weasel out of the situation offering to help Derek/Tess. Derek demands to know if Tim is working with anyone. Tim denies it and Derek begins to strangle him. Tim manages to grab a rock and pummel Derek in the neck. Tim escapes into the fog. At the same time, Meg and Maria have it out and Meg manages to paint a doubtful picture re: Ben's conflict. Meg tells Maria that Ben kissed her. Maria says she will make Meg pay if she learns that Meg is lying.

Olivia sees the good looking masseur and agrees to the massage. Later, Tobias is curious why Annie's doing this for Olivia and Annie covers. Bruno's massage has worked and Annie tiptoes into Olivia's room to cut a locket of hair from the sleeping Olivia for Mrs. Moreau. Unbeknownst to Annie, Tobias is watching.

Michael begs Casey to help with his proposal to Vanessa. But Casey's hands are tied because he's going on his second "first" date with Sara. Sara happily tells Michael that she and Casey will help him.

October 27, 1999

Tim makes a narrow escape from Derek, only to run into him again as Derek impersonates a police officer. Tim's sunk.

Annie manages to get a snip of Olivia's hair but Olivia wakes at that moment and Annie's nearly caught. Caitlin and Olivia start to argue, and Annie escapes. Unfortunately for her, Mrs. Moreau refuses to make the potion just now, because the stars are not in alignment. Caitlin's given the bad news by Jude: Cole just can't be found. Caitlin knows Olivia has to be behind it all.

Michael's special "ballroom under the stars" is nearly busted by the arrival of Sunset Beach's Finest, but Casey buys Michael some time. Then, one by one, others in Sunset Beach arrive at the park, drawn in by the magical romance of it all. Annie dances with Jude. Meg imagines herself back with Ben. And at the end of it all, a butler brings a jeweler's box out to Michael on a velvet pillow. In front of everyone, Michael gets down on one knee and asks Vanessa: will she marry him?

October 28, 1999

Derek and Tess take Tim to the power plant. Derek gives Tess the gun, and leaves so that he can temporarily appease Maria. Alone with Tess, Tim dives over a railing and into the water vat below. Tess thinks he's dead. Meanwhile, Derek covers with Maria by giving her Tess' jeweled watch. Carmen calls and Maria has to go home to Benjy. Derek returns to the power plant and finds Tess standing by Tim's body, floating in the water tank.

Ricardo tells Antonio that he wants him to take Gabi out to the police benefit at the Deep. Alone with Ricardo, Gabi demands to know why he's pushing her to go out with Antonio. Ricardo tells Gabi that he is learning to trust his wife and his brother again. Gabi reluctantly goes. Ricardo gets his car keys and heads out - this is the first step in his plan for revenge on Gabi and Antonio but as he prepares to turn the key, Tyus catches him in his car.

Meanwhile, Vanessa says yes to Michael's fairy tale proposal in the park. Casey, Sara, Jude, Caitlin, Annie, Meg and Maria all join in the romantic celebration, but Caitlin is overwhelmed by memories of Cole and a sympathetic Jude takes her home. Casey and Sara later run into Meg, who's upset about her run-in with Maria over Ben. Casey lets Sara comfort Meg.

October 29, 1999

Derek is about to shoot Tim just as Tim bursts out of the water and pulls Derek into the vat, holding his head under water. Tim escapes into the main power plant. Tess tells Derek that Tim will go to Meg's to warn her. Meanwhile, Meg has returned home to Surf Central, followed by Sara and Casey, who are concerned for her and want her to spend the evening with them. A blackout strikes Surf Central and other parts of Sunset Beach and the house is plunged into darkness. Casey and Sara leave to pick up take-out; Meg's alone and is thinking of Ben when Tim arrives. Tim manages to get inside, and is heading for the kitchen when, all of a sudden, Derek appears behind him in the darkness, using a metal cable as a garrote. But at that same moment... Sara and Casey are returning to the house -- just steps away from possibly saving Tim.

Meanwhile, Tyus finds Ricardo in his car. Ricardo quickly covers with a story about missing his car, and how Gabi and Antonio sympathized and helped him down here so he could sit in it for a little while until they got back from their walk. Tyus buys it and once alone, Ricardo resumes his mission. Meanwhile, Antonio and Gabi are forced to dance together as part of a contest for the Police benefit. After dancing, Antonio remembers he needs to get something from the Rectory and Gabi goes along with him. They arrive just as an unaware Ricardo has managed to get himself into Antonio's Rectory office...about to be caught.


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