September 1, 1999

Ricardo tries to tell Gabi that he knows what she is up to. But she misunderstands and in a heartfelt speech almost convinces him to fall in love all over again. However upon seeing Antonio and Gabi together he thinks she was trying to dupe him about her love for him. Ricardo realizes that Michael may be the only one who he can trust.

Annie tries to trick Jude in order to steal money from Gregory's safe. But Jude is one step ahead of her.

Annie is furious and blames Olivia for her money woes.She and Olivia fight over who the money belongs to: Annie or Trey. AJ, overhearing, says the money may not belong to either one. At lunch AJ is upset over Olivia's obsession with Trey. Olivia accuses AJ of using her affair with Cole as a way of putting distance between them. Both agree to meet each other halfway.

Meg and Sara both have unexpected encounters with Ben and Casey. Joan and Hank try to convince meg and Sara to become partners in the shop, hoping their partnership will help get them over their broken relationships. When Meg and Sara realize they spark to each other's ideas they agree to go in together.

September 2, 1999

Antonio gets a letter from the Archbishop who's coming to Sunset Beach to see him. A concerned Antonio leaves to meet him. Carmen and Maria confide in Gabi and Ricardo that Antonio's going to receive an award. Ricardo, furious that Antonio's going to be rewarded for being a good priest after sleeping with Gabi, comes up with a plan to expose them. He demands to go to church to witness Antonio receiving his award.

Annie, Olivia and AJ learn that Gregory made a second will that supersedes the one leaving Trey his money with Olivia as executor. Gregory's lawyer tells them while Trey is still the heir, Gregory's Uncle Tobias will now be administering the money. Annie's lawyer tells her that this may be her chance to get everything.

Sean, guilt-ridden over sleeping with Amy, suggests to Emily they spend the next quarter abroad. Emily senses he's trying to run away and demands to know what's going on. Meanwhile Amy decides to implement stage two of her plan to break up Sean and Emily so she can get Sean. She has Brad make a phone call to Emily, then when she arrives, starts acting upset at Emily presence. She drops her purse and a home pregnancy kit falls out.

September 3, 1999

Antonio is surprised to see Ricardo at the church. Ricardo asks Michael to wheel him over to the Archbishop where Ricardo says he would like for the Archbishop to hear his confession. The Archbishop and Ricardo go to the Rectory and Ricardo confesses a horrible rage for his brother Antonio. Later the Archbishop is thrown as Ricardo tells him that Antonio slept with Ricardo's wife.

Olivia informs Caitlin and Cole of Uncle Tobias. AJ and Cole share a warm moment while Olivia realizes she can't go to London and leave Trey alone. Caitlin steps in and says she'll watch him. Olivia tries to side step her offer but is caught when AJ and Cole return. Olivia relates Caitlin's offer but covers, saying the search for Tobias could be longer than expected and she won't leave her baby that long. Cole volunteers to hunt down Tobias. Later Caitlin confronts Olivia about her actions. Meanwhile across town, Annie learns Tobias has the power to give her back her stock as well as control to Gregory's fortune. Annie fantasizes what it would be like to be in charge but unfortunately she's broke and is going nowhere fast. Later Annie runs into Jude and tells him he's her only hope.

Amy "drops" her pregnancy test and Emily finds it. Later Amy gets a follow up call from Mrs. Moreau and Mrs. Moreau gets an idea. Emily slips to Sean that Amy might be pregnant.

September 6, 1999

Ricardo tells the archbishop about Antonio and Gabi sleeping together while everyone waits in the chapel. The Archbishop returns to the collected group and avoids making the announcement. Antonio wonders what Ricardo told the Archbishop.

Olivia tells Caitlin that she is keeping her away from Trey for her own good. Cole walks in on the argument and almost decides not to go. Caitlin, her own plan in motion, convinces him otherwise. Later Caitlin calls Social Services, curious how to declare a mother unfit.

Annie tries to pick-pocket Jude, but he's on to her. Annie's undeterred: she'll get to London no matter what! Later Cole settles into his seat as we pan down to see his stewardess...Annie.

Meanwhile Sean panics when he learns from Emily that Amy might be pregnant. He covers with Emily and races to Amy's room, only to discover it was a close call...but Amy isn't pregnant. She discusses the two times they made love when Emily walks in...has she heard everything?

September 7, 1999

Ricardo says to Antonio that he told the Archbishop he felt like a burden to Antonio. Maria's convinced that the Archbishop didn't give Antonio the promotion because he realized that Antonio already had too much on his plate. Antonio has a twinge of doubt. Meanwhile Annie impersonates a stewardess on Cole's flight to London.

While Annie has a fantasy of wrapping Tobias around her little finger and getting Gregory's millions, Cole is twigged to the fact that Annie's on board and busts her. Later Annie and Cole each fantasize about having the other arrested in London. Meanwhile Caitlin schemes to have Olivia declared an unfit mother so she can reclaim Trey but has second thoughts when Olivia reaches out to her. Cole calls Olivia with a report on Annie and Olivia decides to take Trey and leave for London. Later Caitlin realizes that Olivia will never voluntarily share Trey with her, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and calls the social worker.

Sara and Meg come together to work on their shop, but Meg finds a picture of her and Ben. Later Meg opens the door to leave and finds herself face-to-face with Ben. At the same time, Emily and Brad arrive at Amy's bedroom to find Amy's not pregnant, but Emily rails against the horrible jerk who did this to Amy.

September 8, 1999

Ben tells Meg that Tess' story checked out. Ben tells her that while he was away he had time to think about their relationship, and says it is over. Ben must make a home for his son with Maria, and he needs to set Meg free - even though he will always love her. Later he exits, leaving Meg devastated. Tim assures Tess that her story will check out with Ben. Tess has trouble learning anything about Ben's trip. Later she pulls a mysterious photograph out of the secret compartment in her cedar box.

Meanwhile in the grotto, Sean confesses to Emily that he made love with Amy. Emily slaps him and tells him it's over between them. She tears off the pearl necklace he gave her and throws it down in the sand. Bette tells Amy how proud she is of her, making Amy feel extra guilty. She invites Amy to stay with Bette and Emily while she attends UCLA.

Casey is injured when he tries to apprehend two taggers defacing the lifeguard headquarters. Sara tends to him and calls Tyus. We realize there is still chemistry between these two former lovers. Tyus arrives, examines Casey and okays him. Casey and Sara say goodnight with awkward affection and later, we see they are thinking about each other.

September 9, 1999

Meg tells Casey about Ben's choosing Maria. Meg thanks Casey and tells him that she will redress the bandage on his head. Meanwhile across town, an upbeat Sara tells Joan how she helped nurse Casey after he was injured. A motherly Joan reminds her that Sara was so certain in the past that her relationship with Casey was over for good. What changed her mind? Sara says it's because Meg's and Ben's relationship is not over, thus leaving Casey available. Later Sara arrives with a handmade card just as Meg is about to redress Casey's bandage. Meg and Sara have a moment alone and Sara urges Meg to fight for her love with Ben. However Meg tells Sara she's too late. Later Ben tells a thrown Maria that although he still loves Meg, he also loves Maria and he wants to reconcile with her.

At the same time Annie and Cole sabotage each other on their flight to London. Later Cole and Annie both arrive at Uncle Tobias' flat.

September 10, 1999

Olivia gets on a plane with Trey and Rose to help Cole stop Annie from getting to Tobias. Meanwhile Annie finds herself stuck in a lift to Tobias' flat with Cole. Cole rewires the fuse box, and as the door is opening, Annie tries to knock him out. He catches her, they struggle, the lift doors open and they fall at Olivia's feet. Meanwhile AJ warns Jude to stay away from Annie. They reset their past, in which AJ was helpful to Jude and his now deceased mother. Caitlin meets with case worker Kathy to declare Olivia an unfit mother but learns Olivia would have to be a drug user or an abuser of Trey in order for a case to be set in motion. Kathy leaves, leaving a despairing Caitlin who bumps into Jude.

Maria will stay married to Ben if he agrees to a marriage in every sense of the word. Ben makes a moving declaration of his feeling for Maria and they make love. Tess, meanwhile, realizes Ben is back and wonders what he found out about her in Seattle. As she goes through his briefcase she's seemingly caught by an entering Ben and Maria. Meg tells Sara why it's over between her and Ben. Sara sees how much Casey still cares for Meg and realizes any hopes she had for reconciling with him are over.

Meanwhile Emily is determined to figure out why Sean made love with Amy and leaves. Later Bette comes face to face with Sean while Amy comes face to face with Emily.

September 13, 1999

Olivia, Annie and Cole try to find out from a chairwoman about Tobias. Olivia shows too much attitude and the chairwoman gives them no information. While Cole and Olivia argues about not leaving Trey with Caitlin, Annie bribes the chairwoman for info about Tobias. Later, Olivia and Cole realize Annie is one step ahead of them. Meanwhile at the Java Web, Jude catches a glimpse of Caitlin's list to declare a mother unfit, but says nothing about the list to AJ.

At the same time, Ben catches Tess going through his papers. Tess blames Benjy, and he backs her up. Meg sees Maria and Ben walking Benjy to his first day of kindergarten. Later, Ben spots Meg and excuses himself to Maria, saying he has unfinished business to take care of.

Meanwhile, Amy tries to apologize but Emily won't have it. She's angry she ever trusted Amy, given her rotten past. Amy is surprised how much it hurts to lose her only girl friend. Meanwhile Bette reams Sean for his behavior. Sean wants to talk to Emily in person but Bette forbids it. Sean goes past Bette up the stairs but finds Emily is gone. He exits to look for her. Later, Emily encounters Sean on the beach and Amy, alone, tries to justify her actions to herself.

September 14, 1999

Ricardo is so upset with Gabi and Antonio that he squeezes the bean bag in his hand so hard it pops. Vanessa asks to borrow his car, but he then remembers the tape in the glove compartment and tells her she cannot borrow it. He tells Vanessa his car has bad brakes. After Vanessa goes, Ricardo gets an unsuspecting Michael to retrieve the tape for him and thinks he's home free until Gabi comes home, catching him with the tape in his hand. Earlier, Gabi goes to the rectory where Antonio tells her that he's fine about losing the promotion, although he's still privately troubled by the Archbishop's attitude. As Gabi leaves, a broken heel propels her into Antonio's arms, just as the Archbishop arrives and misunderstands the situation. Later, the Archbishop confronts Antonio, demanding that he be honest with him.

Cole and Olivia try to catch up with Annie who is at Tobias' place feeding him the line of the grieving widow, and kindly offering to handle executor duties of Gregory's will. Later, Tobias lowers the pen to sign.

Meanwhile, on the beach, Emily almost forgives Sean until she realizes that he and Amy made love more than once. She says she never wants to see him again. Later, Bette breaks down in AJ's arms because of Emily's situation.

September 15, 1999

Maria arrives and Ricardo is able to hide the videotape from Gabi. Ricardo insists on visiting Antonio when he learns that the Archbishop has returned. The Archbishop realizes that Antonio will not confess his sin, and so informs him that he will be reassigned to a monastery. Ricardo and Gabi have arrived just in time to hear this, and Ricardo smiles to himself, seeing his plan unfold.

Ben surprises both he and Meg by refusing to relinquish the memory of what they had. Ben tries to give her back the pearl necklace, but Meg refuses it, saying that it is a symbol of their being together. Ben realizes he misses being with her and kisses her. The kiss breaks...just as Maria arrives.

Meanwhile, Annie just about has Tobias set to sign over control of Gregory's will to her when Cole and Olivia arrive to prevent it. Cole gets Annie out as Olivia makes a plea to Tobias to do the right thing for Trey, and give her control of Gregory's estate. Tobias is clearly on the fence when Cole and Annie return -- and he tells them: he's made a decision.

September 16, 1999

Gabi pleads with the Archbishop not to send Antonio to a monastery, but the Archbishop refuses to change his mind. Antonio goes to pack and Gabi wonders why Ricardo didn't say anything to keep his brother in town. Gabi says it could be years before they have contact with Antonio again. Later, Ricardo tells Gabi and Antonio that he knows why the Archbishop is sending Antonio away. Meanwhile, Carmen's Tarot cards reveal that Ricardo/Gabi/Antonio are at the church and that a terrible truth is about to be revealed. When the final card Carmen throws is the death card, she rushes out, determined to get to the church before something terrible happens. Later, Carmen frantically drives to the church, just as the distracted Archbishop steps into the street without looking and is struck by Carmen's car!

Meanwhile, Tobias reveals that he will return to Sunset Beach and assume control of Gregory's estate. Later, just as they're about to take off, immigration agents board the plane and arrest both Annie and Cole.

Maria walks in on Ben and Meg in the shop, just after their kiss. They cover by saying that Ben was returning Meg's pearls. Maria decides that the three of them need to talk. Ben later apologizes to Meg, who hangs up saying that it is over between them.

At the same time, Michael has accidently erased all of Vanessa's computers files. Michael confesses to Vanessa who admits that the files are just locked, leading to an emotional conversation about never hiding anything from the other person.

September 17, 1999

Immigration officials arrest Cole and Annie. Olivia, meanwhile, is concerned that Caitlin is going to blame her for his arrest and hires a lawyer to defend him. Tobias is sympathetic, and Olivia thinks she has another chance to become executor of Trey's estate. However, Annie shows up and says she's being deported. She finagles the seat next to Tobias and once again Annie and Olivia vie for his attention.

Meanwhile, Carmen accidentally plows into a distracted Archbishop as Ricardo is about to tell Gabi and Antonio he knows they made love. Antonio gives Extreme Unction to the Archbishop who is near death when he unexpectedly regains consciousness. Disoriented, he mutters to Antonio: Your brother.

At the same time, Sean won't let Amy blame herself for sleeping with Sean. Meanwhile, Brad offers his sympathy and support to Emily who is once again crying on Bette's shoulder. An appreciative Emily asks him to take her shift and when he shows up at lifeguard station, he chews out Sean for sleeping with Amy. Emily tells Bette if she slept with Sean he never would've slept with Amy. Mrs. Moreau, needing money, calls Amy who hangs up on her.

Caitlin tries to find out more about Jude. He realizes this is about his seeing her notes re: qualities of an unfit mother, and once again assures her he has no intention of getting involved. He parts from Caitlin, friends. Caitlin gets a call from Cole about his being arrest. She blames Olivia.

September 20, 1999

Ben and Meg both have trouble forgetting their recent kiss. At the same time, Maria discovers by accident that Ben has started the paperwork to adjust Benjy's birth certificate to legally declare Benjy to be his son. Maria picks up on Ben's internal conflict, but he puts her at ease by asking her to move into his bedroom. Meg arrives at her parents' house to pick up something for her shop when Ben arrives. She tells him they have nothing to talk about—and he says quite the contrary: they most certainly do.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop is pronounced DOA at the hospital. Antonio asks Ricardo what he was going to tell them about the Archbishop. He is saved, however, by the arrival of the Monsignor. Ricardo may have a new idea on how to get his revenge on Antonio and Gabi for sleeping together behind his back.

Casey tries to patch things up with Hank, who listens to his appeal and promises to think about it. Later, at the store, Jude has met up with Sara and has found her charming and funny. He asks her out—just as Casey arrives to hear.

September 21, 1999

The Monsignor says that since the archbishop left no official orders for a transfer, Antonio will remain in Sunset Beach where he is needed. Antonio confronts his brother: What was Ricardo about to tell them just before the accident...about why the archbishop was having Antonio transferred? Ricardo says it doesn't matter anymore. Meanwhile at Carmen's place, Maria comforts her distraught mother and takes away her Tarot cards.

At the same time, Ben follows Meg home and apologizes for kissing her earlier. He says he can't seem to get Meg out of his mind. Meg is tortured by his ambivalence and tells him to go. Hank and Joan arrive, wonder if something's wrong. Ben's sweet words echo in her memory and Meg gets a visit at the shop from Maria. A delighted Tess anticipates a change in Ben's will to include Benjy. Ben catches Tess going through his personal papers. At the shop, Casey stops by and witnesses Jude asking Sara out. Jude exits and Casey asks if she is going out with Jude? Sara pleasantly reminds Casey her social life is now her own. After he leaves, she wonders if Casey was jealous.

September 22, 1999

A furious Ben catches Tess snooping in his bedroom. He tells her that he found out a lot about her on his trip. A panicked and frightened, Tess tries to bolt but Ben stops her. Meanwhile, Maria shows up at Meg's shop and wishes her all the best. She says that although she is the one who ended up with Ben, she wishes Meg all the best. Meg tells Maria she doesn't know what she is talking about, and later, Meg can't imagine why Ben is doing this to her or Maria and she intends to find out. At the same time, at the Shock Wave, Tim overhears Sara telling Joan about her date with Jude. Tim thought Sara only had eyes for Casey. Sara tells Tim that is true, but unfortunately he/Tess ruined that relationship. Sara tells Tim that she hasn't given up on finding out what he/Tess are up to.

Meanwhile, Brad brings Emily flowers and Bette tries to get Emily to think logically about what Amy "might have" done. At the same time, Amy comforts an emotional Sean and offers to take the blame when Sean tells Olivia of his indiscretion. Sean says Amy is a good friend and Amy tries to convince Sean to go on a walk. Eventually Sean agrees and Amy finds a surprise at her front door: Mrs. Moreau.

September 23, 1999

Ben corners Tess who threatens to scream for the police. Ben calls her bluff, thinks the police will be interested to hear what he dug up on her in Seattle. Tess shifts gears, offers to explain if only he'll tell her what he's accusing her of. Ben tells Tess he tracked down Benjy's kidnapper who ratted on Tess. Tess tries to bolt again but Ben grabs her. He was going to turn her over to the police but has decided to teach her a lesson himself. Tess is going to get what she deserves. Ben pulls Tess into a kiss. Meg is outside Ben's door and gathers her nerve to confront him. Maria visits Carmen who notices that Maria's is glowing. Maria reveals she's reconciled with Ben. Carmen's overjoyed, wants to do a reading for Maria, and Carmen does not see the happy future Maria is anticipating.

Mrs. Moreau pays Amy an unexpected visit and says she wants five thousand dollars within a few hours or she'll tell Sean about the love potion. Bette suggests to Emily that Amy manipulated Emily's breakup with Sean by conveniently dropping the pregnancy test kit. Emily encounters Sean on the beach. Meanwhile AJ pays Bette a visit... wonders if she's heard from Olivia. He knows from a garbled phone call that something's happened to Cole. Bette has no information for him. They comfort each other over their children's problems and agree to have dinner.

September 24, 1999

Maria starts the day at Carmen's, upset that her mother sees trouble in the cards. Maria refuses to believe it, insists that everything is wonderful since she and Ben have reunited. Meg goes to confront Ben about his intentions. After "Ben" pulls Tess into a kiss, she realizes to her horror that it's not Ben, but Derek. Derek admits that he "took care of" Ben in Seattle and returned in his place. Tess hauls off and slaps him across the face for sleeping with Maria. Derek dismisses her jealousy, reminds her that their plan hinges on Ben and Maria reuniting, and he's just making that happen. Tess insists that Derek impersonating Ben wasn't part of their plan—just as Meg and Maria appear in the doorway—what plan?

Meanwhile, Olivia arrives back in Sunset Beach with Tobias in tow, only to be pounced on by an angry Caitlin and AJ who blame Olivia for Cole being in jail in London. Meanwhile, in an interrogation room in London, Cole demands to be allowed to call his wife. Caitlin's thrilled to hear from Cole, but falls apart when they're cut-off again. a sobbing Caitlin receives comfort from an unlikely source—Tobias. While all this is going on at the Richards' mansion, Annie's locked up at the airport, being held for tying up a stewardess and stealing passports. Jude surprises Annie by showing up and getting her out of jail. But she treats him badly and Jude leaves her alone-without any money. Jude gets the last laugh when Annie's fumbling at a bus stop when Jude pulls up and tells her to get in.

September 27, 1999

Maria and Meg catch Ben and Tess discussing their plan in Ben's bedroom. Meg bolts after learning that Maria is moving into Ben's bedroom. Ben follows her and tells her that he can't stop thinking about her. Meanwhile, Tess covers with Maria who then goes to talk to Ben and demands to know what is going on with he and Meg.

At the same time, AJ is upset with Olivia re: Cole's imprisonment in London. Olivia truly wants to help but AJ thinks Olivia should focus on the problems in her own family. He tells her she needs to talk to Sean. Meanwhile, Tobias connects with the distraught Caitlin and they share a warm moment. At the same time, Jude is Annie's knight in shining armor until he gets a flat. Annie bursts into the mansion and tells Olivia her plan to ensnare Tobias isn't going to work.

Sara waits for Jude at The Deep and she runs into Casey. Awkward at first, but lightening up, Sara and Casey reminisce re: old times. Jude arrives for his date with Sara and we see Casey is jealous.

September 28, 1999

Ben deflects Maria's by saying that Meg is having trouble letting go of him. Maria buys it, telling "Ben" he's wonderful to be so concerned for Meg's welfare. Derek manages to get alone with Tess, who reacts to the close call. Arrogant, Derek isn't worried -- no one's going to figure out he isn't Ben. Tess thinks there's one person who could cause them trouble: Ben himself. Derek assures her Ben isn't a problem. Tess reacts: is he saying... he killed Ben?

Annie and Olivia agree on a "truce": they'll behave, all go out to dinner together, and make their case. Annie's wary but buys it. She shouldn't have: Olivia manages to split up and go to a different restaurant and Annie's left in the cold. But she manages to track them down at the club. After some harsh words with Olivia, Annie decides that two can play this game, and calls the Club, impersonating Rose, telling Olivia to come home immediately. But when Annie turns, there's Jude, who's heard all.

Ricardo regains movement of his hips, and is told that he can make love to Gabi once again.

Sara and Jude go out on their date, and Casey denies being jealous about it to Vanessa. But when Casey by chance winds up at the same restaurant as Sara and Jude, Sara asks if he's following her.

September 29, 1999

Jude calls off Annie's effort to lure Olivia away from Tobias. When Olivia learns the message was a misunderstanding she sits back down in relief, working her charms on Tobias. Annie returns and the two women exchange venom. An uncomfortable Tobias excuses himself. Annie deliberately lets slip she made the call re: Sean. Olivia throws her drink at her and Annie uses her wet dress as an excuse to leave, "running into" Tobias and "breaking down." Tobias agrees to take her home.

Sara is upset to learn that Casey didn't follow her to the restaurant and walks out on her date with Jude. Jude and Casey take each other's measure. Jude runs into AJ, learns about Cole, insists on taking care of situation. Olivia runs into AJ at Club. Bette joins them, furious with Olivia.

Meanwhile, Michael's installed a regular bed and Ricardo tells Gabi they can now make love.

Derek tells Tess that Ben is still alive because they need him for their ultimate plan. Maria comes home, and it is obvious that Derek has no memory of the blue crayon Ben promised Benjy he would keep.

September 30, 1999

Carmen warns of impending danger for their family, but Antonio and Maria ignore her, saying that she always sees things in a negative light. Maria tells Antonio she and Ben are back together, asks him if he's over Gabi. Ricardo, meanwhile, plots to show Gabi the lovemaking tape. But he abruptly changes his mind when Gabi appears in sexy nightgown and starts to make love to him. But when things get too heated he stops, tells Gabi this is difficult for him because he loved her once. As Gabi reacts to the word "loved".

Meanwhile, Derek pulls out the blue crayon at the last possible minute. Maria leaves and Derek calls Meg. She hangs up on him. Tess overhears his call, and wonders what game he's playing. Derek tells her it's all part of their plan...soon, Meg and Maria will both get what they deserve. Meanwhile, Meg confides to Joan she doesn't like the man Ben's become and she's ready to get on with her life.

Bette tells Olivia about Sean making love to Amy. Sean arrives and admits full responsibility. Olivia blames Amy. Amy, meanwhile, puts off Mrs. Moreau's demand for the money another day. Brad refuses to help. Amy beside herself when Olivia shoves Amy up against the wall.


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