August 2, 1999

Olivia refuses Cole's demand to do another paternity test on Trey and rushes out. Caitlin is having difficulty as well.

Casey tells Michael that he and Sara have broken up. They catch Tim eavesdropping on their conversation. An upset Hank orders Casey out of the Shock Wave and tells him he is no longer welcome there. Meanwhile Meg and Sara try talking through their problems, but only continue fighting more. Meg leaves and tells Casey she is moving out. Ben tells Maria that he will always care for her. Maria comes up with a solution that is best for all: she and Benjy are moving out.

August 3, 1999

Benjy tells Ben and Maria he doesn't want to move. After putting Benjy to bed, Maria says that if she stays, Ben would never be able to sort out who it is that he loves and wants to be with. Later Benjy calls out in his sleep and Ben and Maria rush to their child and are drawn together. Meanwhile Casey wants to know if Meg feels something for him. Meg has trouble finding the words and says she must leave Surf Central as soon as possible. Meg finally admits she hasn't been able to stop thinking about their kiss. Meg is conflicted and Casey guesses because she still love Ben. Meg says that is the truth and therefore she must go. Later Meg is leaving and Casey, out of a desire to comfort her, once again takes her into his arms. Sara lays into Tim about what he's done to her. Tim denies everything. Hank overhears the argument and fires Tim. In a surprising turn Sara pleads to Hank to give Tim his job back. Hank reluctantly agrees. Later Sara tells Hank she believes Tim is guilty as hell, but it's best to keep him close so they can watch him.

Meanwhile Annie offers her help to Cole. After Olivia's ranting Cole finally realizes he has to listen to Annie. At the same time Bette comforts Caitlin and Sean overhears that Gregory didn't mention him in the will. Olivia still won't budge and Cole and Annie split with Trey.

August 4, 1999

Olivia realizes Cole and Annie made off with Trey. Caitlin won't let her call the police. AJ follows Cole and Annie to a lab where he notifies Bette of the whereabouts. Cole takes Trey off for testing as Olivia, AJ, Bette, and Caitlin arrive. Tyus, paged by Cole, arrives to say he'll notify them as soon as the results are in. Caitlin is torn, although she understands that both Cole and Trey need to know who Trey's father is. Tyus arrives with the results.

Meanwhile, Meg breaks from her embrace with Casey, saying she can't do this - she is hurting Sara too much. She runs into Ben on the beach who's torn between his love for Meg and his obligation to Maria. Ben tells Maria he wants to take Benjy on vacation.

Meanwhile, Ricardo has regained use of his right arm. Carmen tells Antonio the tape is gone, and wonders if Ricardo saw it and then had the stroke. Antonio tells her to keep looking. Lupe tells Carmen she threw out everything in the trash. Gabi promises to love and be faithful to Ricardo forever when he suddenly responds out loud: NO! Tyus asks Michael to be Ricardo's physical therapist. Michael accepts the job, then accuses Vanessa of putting Tyus up to it. Vanessa is upset that Michael still doesn't trust her.

August 5, 1999

Tyus announces that Trey is Cole's son. Annie and Cole are jubilant, while AJ and Olivia react distressed and Caitlin tries to hide her upset. Caitlin confesses now that she knows Trey is his son, it'll be harder to forget he slept with her mom, especially since she - Caitlin - can no longer give him a child. Meanwhile, AJ tells Olivia he hopes this news won't hurt his chances of marrying her, while Bette reacts in concern for both Caitlin and AJ. Sean, hearing the news, slips away unnoticed. He tells Amy he has to tell Emily the truth about his sleeping with Amy. Amy tries to convince him not to. Annie gloats to Olivia that she's going to sue for Gregory's money now that Trey is no longer his son.

Antonio convinces Gabi that Ricardo doesn't know about them. Ricardo meanwhile, tries to take off his wedding ring. He learns that Antonio is taking Gabi home. When he finally manages to remove the ring, he calls Gabi a slut.

Meg tells Casey she's staying at Surf Central now that she realizes she and Ben have nothing left to talk about. She sets the ground rules, but it is obvious that Casey still has strong feeling for her.

August 6, 1999

At the loft Gabi has a nightmare and is certain Ricardo knows about her affair with Antonio. Carmen catches Antonio comforting Gabi. Antonio assures Carmen nothing happened between he and Gabi. Vanessa arrives to support Gabi. Meanwhile Ricardo happily learns Michael is going to be his physical therapist. Michael finds Ricardo's wedding ring on the floor and places it with a note for Gabi. Carmen sees the ring and takes it for safe keeping. Ricardo is wheeled to x-ray and overhears Gabi, Antonio and Carmen talk about the missing tape.

On the beach Michael apologizes for accusing Vanessa of fixing his physical therapy job. They make up and kiss.

Across town Olivia attempts to throw Annie out of the mansion and Annie threatens legal action against Olivia. Annie and Olivia bicker and squabble over the inheritance. Annie threatens legal action then tries to steal from Olivia, but is caught. At the same time, Caitlin becomes jealous at watching Cole and Trey play together.

Meanwhile the Summer Sports Tournament is about to begin. Amy, Brad, Sean and Emily all practice and Amy realizes Sean didn't tell Emily they made love. Amy again encourages him not to tell and Sean says he can't break Emily's heart, just as Emily arrives.

August 9, 1999

Gabi and Antonio convince themselves that Ricardo doesn't know about them. Tyus gives them good news: Ricardo is going home soon. As Gabi gives Ricardo the news and puts his wedding ring back on his finger, she is stunned when he says, "you wish I die."

Annie offers to walk out of Olivia's life for three million dollars but Olivia refuses. Annie declares war, vowing to contest the will and take everything. Olivia's parting shot about Annie being alone and friendless really rattles Annie. AJ wonders if the safe is safe from Annie and Olivia assures him she's taken precautions. Later Annie sneaks into the safe and opens an envelope of cash and a dye pack explodes. Olivia and AJ literally catch her red-handed.

Meanwhile at the tournament, a troublemaking spectator accuses Amy of cheating and Sean defends her by decking the guy.

Tim tells Tess he thinks they should take the money and run. Tess turns on Tim telling him in no uncertain terms that she's calling the shots and she'll decide when to make her move.

August 10, 1999

Gabi can't believe Ricardo thinks she wants him dead. Antonio tries to get answers from Ricardo about what he meant, but Ricardo remains silent. He sees their proximity and becomes angry. Tyus tells them outside the room that Ricardo has no "filters," and is saying anything that comes to mind. He's likely just depressed from his stroke.

Meanwhile Olivia tries to get Annie arrested for breaking into the safe, but AJ intervenes. Olivia is furious but AJ insists that she doesn't need to got to war with Olivia. He asks Bette for help, and she says there can only be a truce if AJ helps her.

Meanwhile Amy is a true-blue partner to Sean at the Sports Tournament, sticking up for him after he gets into a fight with a bystander who accused Amy of cheating. The Tournament wraps up with the big winner declared: the charity event they all played for. Later Emily gets to Sean, saying he was anxious to tell her something before the tournament began, what was it? Sean hesitates, and Amy steps forward...

August 11, 1999

Annie asks Cole for a loan but he refuses. Annie lets slip that Olivia has taken off with Trey, and Cole is thrown into a panic. Caitlin is threatened by the realization that her mother and her husband are forever bonded over this child. Annie fuels the flames and the two women get into a big fight. Upstairs in the Richards mansion AJ has proposed a bargain to Bette. He'll help Annie turn her life around if Bette will help him win Olivia. Hearing loud voices downstairs, AJ and Bette hurry to break up the fight between Caitlin and Annie. Meanwhile Gregory has found a hideout in the old power station. Later he glimpses Olivia in a park with Trey. Cole arrives and Gregory is intrigued by their conversation.

Meanwhile Meg has a tense encounter with Maria.

Ricardo is fueled to get better by Gabi's and Antonio's deception.

At the Shock Wave, Amy shows the kids an article in the paper about Gregory's will which mentions how Sean was cut out. Emily's twigged to realize that Sean previously confided this news to Amy instead of her. Sean leaves to meet Caitlin and Amy surprises Sean at home in the hot tub.

August 12, 1999

Gregory, hiding in the shadows, learns that Olivia and Cole know Trey is Cole's - not Gregory's. Gregory comes up with a plan to keep Olivia and Cole out of reach of his millions. Cole and Olivia return home, fighting over how to raise Trey and not hurt Caitlin. Caitlin tells Cole that as long as they're under the same roof she'll always be reminded he and Olivia had an affair. She begs Cole to run away with her.

Meanwhile Meg follows Maria home wanting an explanation of why Maria said she was sorry for Meg. Maria and Meg agree they miss their old friendship, and Ben walks in on them hugging. As Tess eavesdrops, Maria tells Ben she's decided to stay with him. Meanwhile Tim questions Tess's attitude about asking Maria for the million dollars. Meg overhears and confronts Tim after Tess leaves. Tim makes an excuse but Meg remains suspicious.

Amy is sympathetic to Sean dealing with his dad's death and being left out the will. She pulls him into the hot tub and Emily finds them horsing around.

August 13, 1999

Gregory, in his office, puts his plan in motion. Meanwhile Caitlin tells Cole he must choose between her and Trey, but Cole is able to put her at ease. Caitlin apologizes and thinks she is very much like her father. At the same time Olivia tells AJ that she is going out of town to give Cole and Caitlin their space. Later Olivia attempts to leave town with Trey but is caught by Cole and AJ.

Meanwhile Maria decides to stay at Ben's for selfish reasons. An eavesdropping Tess is elated and Maria's decision is not lost on Ben. Later Meg hears Tim talking to Tess about "getting the money." Tess asks Maria if Ben has a will and notes how close Maria and Ben are. Tess goes to the Shock Wave and assures Tim their plan is on track while Meg and Sara both notice Tim is up to something. Later Ben welcomes Maria home and Sara and Meg converge on Tim.

August 16, 1999

Olivia tries to steal Trey and leave town, but Cole and AJ stop her. She says she was doing it for Caitlin. Later AJ asks Olivia if he would ever have seen her again had she succeeded in her escape. Alone with Cole, Caitlin says this is all her fault and wonders whether she should be the one to leave - alone.

Meanwhile Benjy's delighted to hear that he and Maria are staying at Ben's. Later Ben and Maria find themselves alone together. It's an awkward situation with one another in the park. Sara and Meg corner Tim and pressure him for details about what he and Tess are up to and why they were talking about a million dollars. Sara stuns Meg by saying that she thinks Tess and Tim are in league with Maria. Later Meg admits that she can't talk about Maria and her pain at losing Ben is evident.

Amy's overwhelmed that Sean decided not to tell Emily that he and Amy made love in order to protect Amy. Amy is bolstered by the fact that Sean seems attracted to her without the potion, but she can't leave well enough alone. Later, clad only in a nightshirt, she lures Sean into her room to fix a "stuck" window.

August 17, 1999

Cole protests when Caitlin suggests she go away alone. He feels he's neglected her and wants to make amends. Inside the mansion AJ lambastes Olivia for not coming to him for help before deciding to run off with Trey. Cole announces that he and Caitlin are leaving Sunset Beach temporarily. AJ returns later and says he's holding Olivia under house arrest so that Cole can take Caitlin and have some romantic time alone without worrying about Olivia stealing Trey. In Santa Barbara Cole asks Caitlin to marry him...again. Meanwhile Annie drops by the Shock Wave for some take-out but discovers she's too broke to pay for it.

Tess and Tim meet up in a park. Tim's panicked that Sara and Meg are both on to him. He presses Tess to cash in the promissory note and leave town. Tess convinces him they must wait until Ben and Maria are sharing a bedroom again before the ask for the money.

At the same time Sean opens Amy's stuck window. He's attracted to her but says goodnight and starts to go. Amy tries to stall him by asking him to un-jam the closet door. In obliging her Sean accidentally sets off a Christmas tree that plays a carol. He wants to know the story behind it and Amy tries to joke her way through a sad tale of parental neglect, but Sean sees through her cover. Later we see their friendship has deepened.

August 18, 1999

Ricardo, alone with Maria , tries to communicate with her and make her realize that he needs to see her alone - without Gabi. Maria's concerned but sees how intense he is about it and agrees to come back tomorrow.

Meanwhile Ben runs into Meg who tells him that she is leaving Liberty Corp. He surprises her by saying it is probably a good idea. She's thrown and he tells her he just doesn't want her to be miserable. The false niceties get the better of both of them and they snap at each other. Ben vehemently tells Meg that despite all, he will not apologize for having loved her. Meg is taken aback as Ben turns and goes. He returns home and later we see Meg and Maria both longing for him.

After asking her to marry him Cole tells Caitlin the most important thing is to remember that together they can overcome any obstacle. He romances her and lost in his convincing words, Caitlin agrees. Cole "performs" an impromptu ceremony and they dance under the stars. They make love later that night, truly reunited.

August 19, 1999

Carmen is convinced that something is wrong with Ricardo and tells Antonio as much. Gabi thinks Ricardo must know about their affair, but Antonio puts her at ease. Ricardo becomes jealous when Antonio asks Gabi to help him wash Ricardo's car. When they leave Ricardo tries to talk to Maria. She is rocked when Ricardo manages to say Gabi loves Antonio. While washing the car Antonio opens the glove compartment and unknowingly reveals the tape of he and Gabi making love that Lupe had presumably throw out.

Meanwhile Sean wonders if the Richards' infidelity is by choice or otherwise. He surprises Olivia by asking her about sleeping with Cole. Later Bette overhears AJ and assumes he spent the night with Olivia. Olivia confirms this but makes known AJ spent the night in the guest room. Cole and Caitlin return home and Caitlin begins to feel like the third wheel. Later Sean tells Cole about making love to Amy. Cole thinks Sean may still have feelings for her. Also Caitlin asks Olivia what her role is in Trey's life.

August 20, 1999

Gabi and Antonio have a little too much fun splashing each other with water. They get too close and realize they still have a connection. Meanwhile Ricardo realizes that Maria already knew about Gabi and Antonio. He is furious that his entire family kept it a secret from him. He is further enrage at the sight of Gabi and Antonio soaking wet. Gabi learns Ricardo has been talking to Maria. Maria leaves and Gabi questions Ricardo about why he talks to Maria and not her.

Meanwhile Caitlin wants a bigger role in Trey's life. Olivia tells her she can play a bigger role in Trey's life, but there's room for only one mother and that's Olivia. Cole and Caitlin take Trey to the beach. While there a woman assumes Trey is Caitlin's son and Caitlin doesn't deny it.

While Brad eavesdrops, Cole convinces Sean to tell Emily the truth about his and Amy's lovemaking. Meanwhile Amy tries to convince Emily not to make love with Sean. Brad tells Amy what he overheard and then at Amy's behest tells Sean that Amy's been acting weird. Sean comes home to find Amy packing. She's leaving.

August 23, 1999

Ben grows suspicious of Tess after she asks him about his plans for Benjy in his will. Meanwhile Sara corners Tim at the Shock Wave and tries to get more information about what Tim and Tess are up to, but he escapes when Meg enters and interrupts. An upset Meg refuses to help Sara further investigate Tim and Tess. Sara follows Tim who becomes upset. He yells at her and Casey comes to Sara's rescue. Tim leaves, then Sara tells Casey that he is not her knight in shining armor anymore—he is Meg's.

At the same time, Gabi is convinced that Ricardo won't speak to her because he knows about her and Antonio. Antonio confronts Ricardo, but he lies and says he loves Gabi but feels like a burden. Alone, Ricardo vows to make them all pay.

Meanwhile Amy convinces Sean that she's moving to her aunt's to spare him any more guilt or pain. He catches her in a lie, realizing there is no aunt and she has nowhere to go. She slips him more love potion and they end up making love. Later Sean is mortified to find that it happened...again!

August 24, 1999

Sara tries to convince Ben that Tess engineered the breakups of herself, Casey, Ben and Meg. Ben listens until she implicates Maria as well. Sara urges Ben to fly to Seattle and ask around about Tess. Ben discovers Tess has also asked Maria about his will. Later Ben confronts Tess about her plans. Earlier in the day, Tim confronts Tess. Does she really love him or is she just using him? Tess regains his sympathy and promises to meet him at his motel tonight...but we're aware she's not being fully honest with him. at the same time, Casey and Meg agree to stop avoiding each other. they make plans to watch videos that evening and Sara arrives to overhear. Later Sara quips that Meg's gotten over Ben awfully fast and meg murmurs she'll never get over him.

Meanwhile Sean is deeply chagrined when he wakes up in bed again with Amy. Each tries to claim responsibility. Amy convinces him not to tell can he explain they made love twice? At the Java Web, Amy confides in Brad that she and Sean made love again. brad threatens to tell Sean about the love potion.

Later Lonesome Annie decides to dress up and go out...alone.

August 25, 1999

Ben surprises Maria by telling her he is planning a trip to Seattle to investigate Tess, but he has a stop to make first. Meanwhile Meg and Casey don't fare too well at their "pal's night" together. He gets called to work and she is alone when Ben surprises her at the door.

At the same time Annie heads to the Deep convinced she can make her own fun since no one will give her the time of day. She is offered a drink at the Deep and then is told by the gentleman that he expects something in return. She throws her drink in his face and he is kicked out of the bar. Outside he confronts her in an alley.

Caitlin still feels the loss of Trey, despite Cole's constant reassurances. Trey has a small panic attack and Caitlin is the only one who knows what's wrong. She holds Trey and when Olivia asks for Trey back Caitlin doesn't budge. Later Olivia learns that AJ and Bette are going out without her. She calls and tries to blunt their plans.

August 26, 1999

Jude saves Annie from her would-be assailant in the alley behind the Deep. Annie catches up with him inside the Deep and they have a drink together. He faults her for having provoked Bret and is very evasive about personal information. But Annie's intrigued. She orders an expensive second round of drinks, but Jude has gone and stiffed her with the bill. Later Maria arrives at the Deep to bail her out. Annie badmouths Jude to Maria. Meanwhile Jude arrives at AJ's hotel room and is welcomed to Sunset Beach.

Ben tells Meg he's going to Seattle to investigate Tess. He says he's still concerned for Meg even though she's moved on to Casey. Meg lets him know she and Casey aren't involved and Ben sees a glimmer of hope for the two of them. Meanwhile Tess questions Maria about Ben's sudden 'business trip' but learns nothing.

Fragile Caitlin is at last persuaded to hand Trey to Olivia. Olivia suggests to Cole that he take Caitlin on vacation. Cole opposes the idea to leave Olivia alone with Trey. Meanwhile at the Club, Bette and AJ are having their promised dinner together. Olivia calls AJ's cell phone and he plays it cool. Later he says to Bette that playing hard to get is the only way to make Olivia fall for him.

August 27, 1999

Maria loans Annie $1000. Annie tells Maria about the stranger and says she hopes to never see him again. Ben meets Jude Cavanaugh and gives his blessing for him to replace Gregory. Meanwhile Tess learns from Maria that Ben lied to her about where he was going. Tess makes a threatening vow that if Ben is going to Seattle he'll be sorry.

Meanwhile Caitlin and Olivia go on a shopping trip with Trey but their bonding ends when they run into the same woman who Caitlin lied to about being Trey's mother. At the same time Annie and Bette have a frosty meeting, but later mend fences and re-establish their relationship. Annie hooks up with AJ and offers him a trade—her support for the new man he wants to bring aboard in exchange for being paid some dividends on her stock. Later an unknown voice booms from behind her refusing to give her a penny, and she's stunned to turn and find herself face-to-face with Jude.

Sean buys Emily an expensive necklace and a trip to Hawaii, while Amy begs Brad not to tell Sean about the love potion.

August 30, 1999

Annie tries to finagle money from Liberty Corp., but Jude, the future managing director, says she will not get a dime. To appease her, he offers Annie a job. Later Annie tells Jude he'll be sorry he ever met her.

A misunderstanding develops when Olivia hears of Caitlin trying to claim Trey as her son. Caitlin defends herself by saying she is Trey's stepmother. Cole is relieved but Olivia's still tweaked. Cole wants to spend the day with Trey and Caitlin and Olivia reluctantly agrees. Caitlin however has other plans. Caitlin arrives at the Rectory and has a jarring fantasy.

Amy finds out that Sean bought Emily a trip to Hawaii. Sean wonders if Amy told Brad they've made love. Later Brad turns on Amy and tells her that it is her turn to help him with Emily.

Meg fancies opening a shop and Sara receives a sizable inheritance. Meg wants to put a deposit on a store front but realizes Sara's beat her to it.

August 31, 1999

Ricardo finds himself torn between the hatred and the sexual attraction he feels toward Gabi. At the last second he pulls away from a kiss. Struggling to form the words he tells her it's time for them to be honest with each other. Completely honest.

At the same time Antonio counsels Caitlin about the loss she feels for Trey...but his own words of comfort only make him think of the loss he himself suffered...Gabi.

Sean tells Cole that he and Amy made love a second time. Cole assumes that Amy is manipulating Sean but he assures Cole that isn't the case—what's happened is Sean's fault entirely. Meanwhile Amy is blackmailed into helping Brad get together with Emily; otherwise he warns, he will tell Sean how she tricked him into bed.

Meg and Sara realize they were each interested in renting out the same storefront—and they have a bitter fight about who deserves the location. Hank and Joan arrive and suggest a comprise—but the sisters balk. They'll never work together!


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