June 1, 1999

  Ricardo asked Antonio who the other man was. When Antonio hesitated, Ricardo assumed that the other man was the memory of being raped by Lorenzo, and Antonio couldn't get a word in edgewise. After Ricardo took off, Antonio prayed for the strength to tell Ricardo the truth. He sensed that a piece was missing from Gabi's story that she hadn't been able to marry Ricardo because she'd been unfaithful to him. Antonio and Ricardo, who realized that Gabi must have had a spare set of keys. found the note, which was a farewell note from Gabi, telling them not to try to find her. Gabi told the waitress that she was going home to El Paso, not because she wanted to go there, but that it was the only place for her to go.

Michael and Vanessa put wedding presents on top of an envelope with Casey's name on it. They discussed Gabi and Ricardo's problems. Michael asked Vanessa to go away with him, and she agreed.

When Ben asked Sara if she was just using Tess as a scapegoat, Hank said that Tess wasn't responsible for Ben and Meg's problems -- Ben was. Ben told the Cummingses that he was more determined than ever to marry Meg, and that she was more determined than ever to make friends with Benjy. Maria told Annie that she didn't think that she remembered something that she wasn't supposed to remember -- ever. Maria told Annie that she was certain that something bad had happened -- despite Tess's assurances that nothing bad ever happened in Seattle. Annie wanted to search Tess's room, but Maria said that Sara and Meg didn't find anything. Annie suggested that she should look. Annie finally admitted that Maria would never get Ben back. Maria confessed that she didn't feel any connection to Benjy, and that she needed to know why she stayed away from Ben all that time. Annie told Maria that she had a secret that would change a lot of lives, but wouldn't tell her any more. Maria stepped onto the porch and saw the people milling around on the beach. When Meg went for help, the stranger approached Benjy. After the excitement was over, Meg looked for Benjy, but he was gone. Casey, Brad, Tim and Tess spread out. While Meg waited to see if Benjy would come back, Ben caught up to her. When Meg told Ben that Benjy wandered away, he asked if she was blaming this on Benjy. Meg was willing to take the blame for losing Benjy, but Casey and Tim both leapt to her defense. Tess and Tim told Maria that Meg was supposed to be watching Benjy but that he wandered off. While everyone was congregated on the beach, the kidnapper called on Ben's cell phone.

Michael told Vanessa that if she'd told him the truth about Martin's Syndrome and the baby, she would have found out much sooner how much he loves her. She asked him to stay in her room with her. They were about to make love when someone came to the door. It was their personal trainer -- they get one because they chose the deluxe package. Vanessa convinced Michael to go along with it, because they might not have another chance to see the rest of the hotel. The workout turned out to be more strenuous than they expected. They escaped while the trainer's attention was on something else. In light of their sweaty condition, Vanessa suggested that she and Michael take a shower -- together.
June 2, 1999
  Maria grabbed the phone from Ben, demanding Benjy back. When Ben got the phone back from her, the kidnapper made his demands -- $40,000 in small bills, and that they couldn't tell the police or anyone else. Ben swore everyone to secrecy and then went to the bank for the ransom. Knowing that Meg had been on the beach, Hank and Joan came by to see if she was all right. While Meg was telling them what happened, Tess laid into her for turning away from Benjy. Sara and Hank leapt to Meg's defense. Tess retreated to her room, where she congratulated herself on how well her plan worked. Maria told Meg that it didn't matter how Benjy got kidnapped, all that mattered was that they get him back. Ben returned with the money. Tim came to see Tess, who blamed herself for laying into Meg. Everyone got more tense while waiting for the kidnaper to call. When Hank and Joan left to pack up some food to bring back, Casey reminded them that they needed to keep quiet about Benjy's kidnapping. Meg asked Ben if he hated her for letting Benjy be kidnapped. Before he could answer, the kidnapper called again.

Gregory convinced Olivia that it wouldn't be a good idea to bring Trey to her house for a visit while she was being stalked by Francesca. Bette counseled Caitlin to get over the problems in her past and look forward to the future. Caitlin confessed that she couldn't trust either Olivia or Cole, but that she still loved Cole. Gregory interrupted his daughter's confession. He asked to speak to Caitlin alone, and asked if she mentioned Francesca to anyone. She responded that she mentioned seeing her to Annie, leaving out that Cole was in the room at the time. She was elated when Gregory said that he'd convinced Olivia to let Trey stay with them for the time being. While Bette and Emily were on their way out of the house, Amy overheard Emily ask for another turkey dinner for her and Sean, just in case. After leaving Caitlin and Trey alone together, Gregory made a phone call. When it took longer than usual for Francesca to call, Olivia told AJ that the entire Francesca thing was a plot to make her let Gregory keep Trey until the "danger" was over.

Michael and Vanessa promised that nothing and no one would ever come between them again.
June 3, 1999
  Annie walked in on Gregory arranging to have something done, and asked him what he was having done. When Gregory told Annie to get out of his study, she told him that she knew that Francesca was alive. After Gregory got over the shock, Annie said that she knew that Francesca was really dead, and that Gregory was trying to make Olivia think that she was alive. She offered to help him bring Olivia down. Gregory threw Annie out and then assured himself that he could bring Olivia down without her. We found out that Gregory's arrangements were to tap Olivia's phone. Olivia told AJ that Francesca wasn't alive after all - that Gregory was playing games with her to make her paranoid. When he asked if she thought he'd do something like that, she told him that she'd seen him do worse. Just as she declared that Francesca would never call again, the phone rang. Olivia answered the phone, demanding to know who it was, but the caller hung up. Francesca called back, saying that she wouldn't like for anyone else to hear what she had to say.

When the caller hung up, Maria decided to call Ricardo. Ben hung up the phone, to keep her from calling Ricardo. When Tess said that calling the police would be a mistake, Maria snapped that she didn't ask for Tess's opinion. Maria also yelled at Meg for letting Benjy get kidnapped. Meg apologized from the bottom of her heart for turning away from Benjy and Maria apologized for coming down so hard on her. The kidnapper called again, telling Ben to meet him under the pier. When Ben refused to do so without proof that Benjy was alive, the kidnapper let Ben talk to Benjy. Ben left to meet with the kidnapper. Meg walked in while Tess was trying to make Maria angry with Meg again. Casey confessed to Sara that he was afraid that Ben was walking into a trap, and so he was going after Ben. The kidnapper told Ben that it wouldn't be as simple as he thought to get Benjy back. Someone pulled a gun on Ben.
June 4, 1999
  When she caught her gossiping to Maria, Meg told Tess to say whatever she had to say to her face. Maria broke up Tess and Meg's argument to ask them if either of them cared whether Benjy was alive or dead. Meg agreed with Maria and Tess gave in reluctantly. Sara tried to stop Casey from going after Ben, but he insisted that he had to go help Ben, promising her that he'd stay safe. When Sara said that Casey went after Ben, everyone heard Tess say that Casey would ruin everything, but she covered up by saying that the kidnapper would hurt Benjy if anyone else showed up. While they were arguing whether someone should go after Casey to stop him, they heard a shot. The kidnapper promised that he'd bring Benjy back once he had the ransom, but Ben didn't trust him. The two men fought over the gun, and Ben disarmed the kidnapper. Casey took a key with an address on it out of the kidnapper's pocket, and sent Ben to the address on the key. When the others arrived, Tess insisted that she saw someone in the darkness. Eventually, Casey looked and the kidnapper disarmed him. Benjy was trying to turn on the light when he accidentally broke a gas line. He then turned his attention to getting a lighter to light, but it wouldn't. Ben smelled the gas when he arrived to rescue Benjy. Just as he opened the door, Benjy successfully lit the lighter, and the gas exploded.

Just as Francesca threatened Olivia if anyone else was in the room, Bette arrived home. AJ hurried Bette out of the house before he could say anything, and asked her to take a walk on the beach for a while -- and not to ask Olivia any questions about her phone calls. Francesca said that it would all be over that night, telling Olivia to meet her at the power plant in an hour. In order to get away from AJ to meet with Francesca, Olivia asked him to leave so that she could take a nap. Caitlin asked Cole if he and Annie were working together to catch Francesca's killer, but he refused to answer her. Gregory, Olivia (and AJ?) prepared to meet with Francesca.
June 7, 1999
  Ben woke up and took Benjy from the room. Tim and Casey disarmed the kidnapper. Just as they were about to stop him, Tess yelled out that the man she saw was after them. Ben and Benjy returned, and Ben told the others that Benjy had been playing with a lighter. Tess lost it when she saw a bandage on Benjy's arm, despite Ben's assurance that it was just a scratch, and he'd had it checked out by the paramedics who came in response to the explosion.

Carmen decided to keep the tape as insurance in case Gabi came back to town, so she hid the tape in a box of their family vacation.

Just as AJ was going to leave, Leo called. Then Brad came to see him to ask him for a donation to the extreme sports charity event, which he offered to him -- later. After Brad left, AJ pulled his gun out of his pocket. Just as Gregory was abut to leave, his assistant, Carol, called. Then Amy came to see him to ask him for a donation to the extreme sports charity event, which he said that his assistant would give to her the next day. After Amy left, he pulled a gun out of his pocket. Just as Olivia was about to leave, Barbara Birch called. Then Sean and Emily came to see her to ask her for a donation to the extreme sports charity event, which she offered to give to them later. She pulled a gun out of her purse.
June 8, 1999
  After they brought Benjy home, Tess fell apart in Tim's arms because she didn't know what she'd do if anything happened to Benjy. Tim pointed out to Tess that she was the reason that meg looked away. Then Tess mentioned one kidnapper, forgetting the other that she said she saw. Tim told her that she was bothering him. Tim let Tess know that he suspected that she knew more about the kidnapping than she let on. Benjy told Ben and Maria that he went with the stranger because he was nice to him -- unlike Meg. Ricardo and Antonio arrived to check on Benjy. Benjy told Ricardo that he went with the kidnapper willingly because Meg left him. Maria told her brothers that Meg didn't leave him intentionally. When Tim and Tess interrupted Ben and Meg's confrontation, he sent them upstairs to speak to Ricardo. When Tim tried to describe the kidnapper, Tess argued with him about the details. Then Tess said that she couldn't describe the other guy that she said she saw. Meg told Ben that she was leaving -- for good. Meg admitted that she didn't know if she wanted Benjy to stay or not. Meg confessed that she thought that if she made Benjy love her, the problems would go away, but it didn't work, and now she wishes that Benjy would go away.

When Maria asked why Ricardo doesn't go to Surf Central and talk to Gabi, Antonio said that she had left town. Maria wondered if Gabi had second thoughts about Ricardo or about Antonio.

When AJ and Olivia bumped into each other, they admitted that they suspected each other. Olivia admitted that she only showed up to clear Caitlin -- if Francesca was alive, Caitlin couldn't have killed her. AJ said that he came to keep Francesca from hurting her. AJ told Olivia that he'd kill Francesca to protect Olivia. When he pointed out that the door was locked, they went home. Someone pulled a gun on Francesca -- Gregory. Gregory told Francesca that it was a shame that she didn't die the first time he shot her. He said that he wanted her to run away with Cole, but that he had to stop her from taking Trey with them. Gregory couldn't shot her in the back, so he ordered her to turn around.
June 9, 1999
  Sara and Casey told Hank and Joan about Benjy's kidnapping. Joan told Hank, Sara and Casey that she was worried that Benjy's kidnapping may have driven a wedge between Ben and Meg. Joan recommended to Sara that night might be a good might for romance, to show Casey how glad she was that he was all right. Sara told Casey that she planned to seduce him and to give her five minutes to prepare. While Ricardo was questioning them, Tim asked Tess why she didn't tell Ricardo that the other kidnapper had a gun. Meg tried to make Ben tell her that he didn't trust her with Benjy. When he asked her to go away with him once things settle down, she left in tears, because she felt that Ben would never be able to get away. Casey was on his way upstairs to Sara when Meg came to the door. At first, she claimed that everything was fine, but then she finally admitted that she had left Ben. She asked if she could stay there overnight. While Casey was downstairs talking to Meg, Sara was setting up her romantic surprise for Casey. The box that was supposed to contain the negligee contained a bellydancer's outfit. Casey told Meg to go upstairs and take the extra toothbrush and sweats from his room while he made her tea. Meg caught Sara in the bellydancer's outfit. Tess thanked Benjy for doing what she asked him to do and leaving with the kidnapper. Benjy asked why he couldn't tell Ricardo that she told him to go with the man. Tess replied that it was necessary if they were going to keep his parents together. Maria offered to help Ben with Meg in whatever way she could. Ricardo came to question Tess again, and she claimed that she was having a claustrophobia attack, and she needed to go for a walk alone to cure it. She stepped outside and told the kidnapper, Jake, that she'd be right there.

When Francesca turned around, Gregory was surprised to find out that she was really Annie in a wig. She confessed that she had thought that Olivia was the killer. Gregory said that she couldn't have been working alone, and asked who was helping her. Cole approached him from behind, pulled a gun on him and told him that he was helping her. Cole told Gregory that Tyus had drawn up a falsified autopsy report that said that Francesca hadn't died, and Gregory bought it. Cole told Gregory that he was in it to free Caitlin. Annie said that it was to get Olivia out of the picture, but she liked the way things have turned out even better. Cole showed Gregory that he audiotaped his confession. Annie told Gregory that this was payback for how cruelly he used her. Gregory got Cole at a disadvantage, then took Annie as a hostage.
June 10, 1999
  When Maria told Ben that she needed to help him with Meg because she still loved him, he said that Meg thought that he blamed her for Benjy's kidnapping and that he didn't know if she'd ever come back. While Meg was asking Sara all sorts of impertinent questions about why Sara was playing "dress-up," Casey walked in on them. When Sara explained that she got the bellydancer's outfit by mistake - she'd ordered a romantic negligee, Meg offered to stay somewhere else that night. Meg and a now fully-clothed Sara started to make amends. Meg said that nothing would ever be the same again, because she and Ben lost their trust in each other. Tess slapped Jake for hurting Benjy. He tried to downplay it, but she said that Benjy was too valuable to lose, especially after all of the work she'd done. She told him to get out of town. After he left, she congratulated herself on putting the final nail in Ben and Meg's coffin, so that she can get what she wanted. Tim arrived and caught her.

Antonio told Ricardo that Gabi may never come back to Sunset Beach. He then tried to tell Ricardo the truth, but they were interrupted by Ben and Maria. Maria told Antonio that she was going to help Ben with Meg because she loved him, just like he wanted to help Ricardo with Gabi because he loved her. When Gabi checked in the desk clerk, Kelly, recognized her from high school and asked how things went in California.

Bette got upset because Olivia wasn't trusting her with her secret. Olivia admitted to AJ that she was afraid that Francesca's call had been a ruse so that she could kidnap Trey again. She left for Gregory's house to check on Trey, and AJ warned her to be careful. After she left, AJ checked his gun and left. Bette followed them, deciding that they both needed her help. While Gregory was holding Annie hostage, Cole had a long moment of indecision before he dropped the gun. Annie tried to convince Gregory that they'd look the other way, because they'd wanted to send Olivia to jail, not him. Then Annie pointed out that if he killed her and Cole, Ricardo's list of suspects would be down to Gregory and Olivia, and he'd be bound to suspect Gregory. Gregory offered to make it look like Cole was the murderer, who killed Annie because she figured it out, and then killed himself. Cole attacked Gregory. Gregory's gun went off. Annie screamed and fell to the floor.
June 11, 1999
  While AJ was examining the lock on the door, Bette arrived. They heard the gunshot and decided to call the police. Annie stood up when she realized that she hadn't been shot. When Cole and Gregory struggled, Annie tried to knock Gregory out, but knocked Cole out instead. When Gregory started strangling Annie, they were interrupted by the sounds of police sirens. AJ and Bette told the officers that they'd heard a shot, and that someone's life may be in danger. Gregory fled, and Annie and Cole followed him, but Spence stopped Cole and Annie before they could get away. Olivia told Caitlin that she's been worried about her, because as Caitlin knows from raising Trey, you never stop loving your children. When Olivia tried to convince Caitlin that their love for Trey could be a starting point for them, Caitlin offered to let Olivia help reading Trey's bedtime story to him. She accepted gratefully -- after she left to take care of something. Caitlin fantasized that she and Olivia were able to arrange joint custody, that she and Cole were reunited, and that Gregory and Cole arranged a truce. Gregory arrived and told Caitlin to take Trey and run away with him. Olivia arrived with a gift for Caitlin and Trey when Gregory was dashing out the door with them in tow.

Hank called, having seen Meg's car outside the house, to ask Sara if Ben had driven Meg off. In the process of trying to clear things up, Sara made them worse. When Meg headed out to head off Hank, Casey reassured Sara that he knew that she hadn't meant to cause problems. Ben thanked Maria for not being any harder on Meg than she was on herself. Maria worried that she would never love Benjy. When Ben pointed out that she was frantic when Benjy was kidnapped, Maria said that she wasn't any more frantic than she'd have been if it had been any other child that she loved. Ben told Maria that she was so worried about being a good mother that he wasn't allowing her real feelings to come out and tried to convince her that her stress indicated how important Benjy was to her. Meg walked in while Ben was hugging Maria and telling her that things were going to work out. Tim told Tess that he saw Jake leaving right after he finished talking to Tess. Tim asked Tess why she almost drowned just as Benjy was kidnapped, why she worked so hard to convince the others not to call the police, why she saw the "accomplice" just in time to let Jake get away, and why she evaded Ricardo's questions. Tess pretended to be offended, but Tim didn't believe her. Tim threatened to tell Meg the truth. Tess offered to tell him everything.
June 14, 1999
  Cole and Annie told Spence that they had proof that Gregory confessed to killing Francesca. Spence wouldn't let them leave until they'd explained the gunshots that AJ had reported, but no matter how they tried to explain that they needed to stop Gregory, Spence didn't buy it. Bette and AJ found Annie's Francesca wig. When Ricardo arrived, AJ told him Olivia, Gregory and he had figured out that Francesca was still alive, and then showed him the wig that he and Bette had found. Bette identified the bottle of wine on the crate as being from Gregory's wine cellar. Spence froze up and didn't shoot Cole and Annie when they ran away. Spence told Ricardo that Annie and Cole claimed that they had proof that Gregory was the killer. Olivia blocked the door, refusing to let Gregory, Caitlin and Trey leave without her. Caitlin told Gregory that she needed to know why they had to leave. Her refusal to leave with him without questioning him upset Gregory, who attacked Olivia to get to the door. When Cole and Annie arrived, they found Olivia on the floor.

Meg told Ben that she was afraid that Hank was on his way over. Maria tried to convince Meg that leaving wouldn't be the solution to the problem. Meg told Ben that Maria had told her not to leave. Casey walked in on Sara while she was checking up on Meg. She denied it, and he asked why her first impulse is always to lie. Sara told Casey that she had been one of the other women that Tim cheated on Meg with. She said that she'd had a crush on him, and that he had only gone out with her to find out if he'd really loved Meg. Feeling that this explained Sara's jealousy, Casey reassured Sara that she wouldn't lose him to Meg. Tess admitted that she'd been lying. She said that she really was Benjy's nanny, but that she didn't come to Sunset Beach for the reasons that she had said. She told him that Maria had found out about Ben's involvement with Meg before leaving Seattle, and had agreed to pay Tess $1,000,000 to break up Ben and Meg. He asked if she'd arranged the kidnapping, which she admitted, but stated that she'd tried to arrange the kidnapping so that Benjy wouldn't be hurt - she just wanted to make sure that Meg looked negligent. She accused Tim of ruining things, because she'd fallen in love with him.
June 15, 1999
  Ben tried to prove to Meg that he didn't blame her for the kidnapping -- by kissing her. Meg begged Ben to let her move on with her life, so that Benjy could have a normal child's life. Before he remembered that Tess told him that their collusion was a secret, Benjy said that he hadn't been afraid of the kidnapper because of what Tess told him. At the last second, he made up something about how when he was afraid Tess told him to think of something happy. While Meg was packing to leave, Benjy asked her why she was crying. Benjy asked if she was crying because Ben was mad at her, but she said that it was because she was sad that she let Benjy be kidnapped. She told him that she was leaving for good, and Ben and Maria walked in just as Benjy asked if his parents would be sleeping in the same bed from now on. When Tim asked her to explain how he ruined everything, Tess said that she had promised Maria to leave once she had the money, but Tim made her want to give up on the money and stay in Sunset Beach. Tess offered to forget about the money and go away with Tim, but he refused to take her up on her offer because he didn't want her to let Meg take the blame for something she didn't do. In an effort to stop Tim from telling the truth, Tess threw herself at him.

Gregory told Caitlin that they were leaving Sunset Beach and never coming back. He said that they were going somewhere where the American authorities would have no hold on him, and then that he wanted to get away from Olivia, Annie and Cole, because they could arrange it so that he'd never see Trey or her again. Caitlin realized that Gregory had killed Francesca. She became furious with her father for letting her face a murder charge. Gregory told an appalled Caitlin that he killed Francesca to keep her from leaving town with Trey. Caitlin said that they had to go to the police. Caitlin finally agreed to go with Gregory, but really she wanted to get hold of Gregory's cell phone. Amy, Sean, Emily and Brad were training for the extreme sports competition when they saw the lights in the grotto. Sean suggested that they swim over to the grotto to se if something was wrong, but Emily told him that it might be a couple who wanted to be alone. While Cole was checking to see if Olivia was alive, Ricardo and Spence arrived, followed by Bette and AJ. Cole told them that Gregory had done that to Olivia. While Cole was trying to convince Ricardo to stop Gregory, Olivia regained consciousness and told them that Gregory knocked her out. Olivia told the others that Gregory knocked her over and she hit her head on the floor and knocked herself out. When they told her that Gregory was the killer, she claimed that he wouldn't kill someone. Bette realized that Gregory planted the gun in Olivia's house. When she saw Annie clearly for the first time, Olivia realized that Annie had been trying to make her think that Francesca was alive. Cole admitted that he and Annie teamed up to expose the killer.
June 16, 1999
  Meg left the room and told Ben that what Benjy had said was the truth. She said that Ben, Maria and Benjy are a family, and that she had no place in that family. Sara asked if she could move in, pointing out that there were extra rooms, but Casey made excuses why she couldn't move in. Meg returned. While Casey was letting Meg cry on his shoulder, Sara became increasingly jealous. Meg asked if she could move back in. After they finished fooling around, Tess said that she wished she'd known him before she agreed to break Ben and Meg up. He told her that every time they break up, Ben and Meg get back together again. Tim suggested that they needed to push Meg into the arms of another man -- Casey.

Sean and the other teenagers arrived to overhear the others talking about Caitlin's kidnapping. The others updated Sean that Gregory had killed Francesca. Cole announced his intention to find Caitlin and Trey and left. Sean came up with an idea. The teenagers went upstairs to Caitlin's room. While Sean looked through Caitlin's computer for clues, Amy found her diary. Caitlin sent Gregory after Trey's bottle so that she could get the phone, but Gregory caught her. Gregory wondered if he loved Caitlin too much, since he killed Francesca for her. When she said that she didn't want him to kill Francesca, he said that he was only doing what she asked him to do when she asked him to get rid of Francesca. He said that he'd take Trey and leave her behind. Caitlin told Gregory that she'd been calling Cole to tell him not to find them and convinced him to let her have the phone. Cole returned, unable to find Caitlin. He thanked Annie for helping him. Caitlin called, but before she could say anything, Gregory took the phone from her.
June 21, 1999
  Gabi had a nightmare about Carmen trying to make her decide which brother she loves. When she came downstairs, she overheard Kelly and another woman gossiping about what a loser she had been in high school. She confronted them and scared the other woman off. Gabi told Kelly that she'd left Sunset Beach because she'd hurt the people she cared about the most. When Gabi mentioned that she needed money, Kelly offered to let Gabi work for the afternoon in exchange for free lodging for the night. She left saying to Gabi that her future would call while she was on duty. Antonio and Spence tracked Gabi to El Paso. Antonio made Spence swear not to tell Ricardo that he was looking for her. On his way out, Antonio ran into Carmen, who warned him not to go after Gabi. When Carmen said that Gabi was a whore, and that neither of her sons deserved her, Antonio became suspicious of what his mother knew, but she covered it up. Nevertheless, he figured out that she had something to do with Gabi's departure from Sunset Beach. On his way out, he asked her to leave Ricardo alone. Carmen comforted herself with the knowledge that she could always drive Gabi away again if she came back. Antonio spent a lot of time making phone calls looking for Gabi. Finally he called Directory Assistance, and the operator gave Antonio the number of the Blanco Motor Court. Gabi answered the phone. Antonio hung up without saying anything, because he realized that if she knew it was him, she'd run again.

When Bette and Olivia realized that their children went after Gregory, they left to stop them. Emily, who was watching Trey, told Bette and Olivia that Caitlin had followed Gregory and Cole to the beach. When Vanessa realized that Michael was in the middle of things, she left. Bette tried to convince Emily not to go after Sean, but she let Emily go, making her promise to stay safe. Olivia sent a message to Caitlin with Emily that she'd keep Trey safe. Caitlin, Sean and AJ caught up to Annie just as Gregory and Cole went off the lifeguard tower on the pier. Both men were under for a long, long time. Brad tried unsuccessfully to convince Amy not to track down Mrs. Moreau. Caitlin told Sean that Gregory had been completely out of control, and that he had said that he'd killed Francesca for her. When Annie saw a hand come out of the water, Michael went into the water on that side of the boat. Vanessa reassured Caitlin that Michael would get Cole and Gregory out safely. Michael rescued Cole and gave him CPR and he regained consciousness. Amy and Brad arrived to see Sean hugging Emily. Annie realized that Gregory really was dead. Amy renewed her resolve to see Mrs. Moreau. Michael went back into the water to find Gregory. AJ and Annie compared notes on how badly they wanted Gregory dead. Michael surfaced, saying that he'd found something. Bette reminded Olivia that if they found Gregory, she'd win full custody of Trey easily. Olivia told her that she and Caitlin might be about to make peace with one another.

Casey took Sara to visit HIV-positive babies in the hospital. He told her that he had started visiting HIV-positive babies because of Alex's experience with the dying baby in the hospital.
June 22, 1999
  When Sara broached the subject of moving in again, Casey pulled a gift-wrapped box out of his pocket. Sara told Casey that she needed more than presents to know that she meant more to him than just a passing fancy. He asked her to open the present, as a favor to him. It was a key to Surf Central. Casey invited Sara to come down the hall to his room to sleep anytime she wanted. He said that he wanted to be there when she told her parents. Tim asked Tess to come by and to bring the promissory note with her. When Maria took Tess to task for disappearing after Benjy's kidnapping, Tess said that she wanted Benjy to rely on his parents more. Maria told Tess that Meg moved out for good and in with Casey. Tess convinced a reluctant Maria to let her take Benjy to the Shock Wave for ice cream. Once they were alone, Benjy told Tess that Meg left because she felt bad that he'd been taken away from her, and that it wasn't her fault -- Tess had told him to go with Jake. Tess reminded him that this was necessary to get his parents back together. Tess handed Benjy over to Hank and Joan, giving her time to be alone with Tim. Tess told Tim that Meg had moved back into Surf Central. When Sara said that she had good news, Joan assumed that Meg had gotten back together with Ben. Hank and Joan were less than enthusiastic about the news that Sara was moving into Surf Central. Finally, Sara resorted to telling them that at least she'd be there for Meg. When Tess told Tim that Sara was going to be a major obstacle, Tim offered to handle her.

Ben and Meg were stunned when reporters arrived, asking for their thoughts now that Gregory was wanted for the murder of Francesca. Ben and Meg told the reporters that they had no comment, and retreated behind closed doors. After Meg called their legal department for advice, Ben gave a prepared statement that their hearts went out to the Richards family at this difficult time and sent them away. Ben told Meg that he needed her now more than ever. Ben tried to keep Meg around, but she handed him her resignation. Michael brought Gregory's jacket to the surface, admitting that he couldn't find Gregory. Cole and Caitlin were reunited. Caitlin told Ricardo and Michael that they couldn't give up on finding Gregory. Caitlin didn't want to leave, but Cole and Sean talked her into it. The divers arrived to conduct a more complete search for Gregory. Ricardo asked Annie if she thought of Gregory's death as a good thing. Annie told Gregory that as much as she hated him, she never wanted him dead. Vanessa and Ricardo convinced Michael not to go back into the water. Ruiz came with news. Olivia said that she realized how desperate Caitlin had been to keep Trey, and that she forgave her for siding with Gregory. Annie came to tell Maria about Gregory's disappearance. Annie became upset that no one even thanked Annie for going out on a ledge to clear Caitlin's name. Olivia was joyfully reunited with her two eldest children. She asked where Gregory was. They told Olivia about Gregory's disappearance. Ricardo came with news about Gregory.
June 23, 1999
  Antonio told Maria that he was going to find Gabi and bring her back. When she argued that he needed to let Ricardo get Gabi back, Antonio said that he felt responsible for her departure and that he wanted to set things right. Maria agreed, saying that Ricardo was busy enough with Gregory. She told her brother that Gregory's disappearance reminded her of her own near-drowning. She asked Antonio how he was going to handle it when Gabi came home, and he said that what he wanted wasn't important - Ricardo's happiness came first. Gabi told Kelly that she was checking out and leaving El Paso, but that she wouldn't be going back to Sunset Beach. Gabi's departure was delayed because she couldn't find her keys. Meanwhile Antonio arrived looking for Gabi. Carmen claimed to be sorry that Gabi and Ricardo split up. Ricardo agreed to a truce with Carmen, as long as Carmen didn't bring up Gabi. Later, he told Maria that he still intended to get Gabi back. Ricardo and Maria started reminiscing about the past, and Ricardo decided to watch some old family vacation movies. While waiting for his mother to finish fixing him some food, Ricardo found the tape in the Yosemite trip box (which was the tape of Gabi and Antonio).

When Meg told Ben that she was leaving because she couldn't go on seeing him every day, he asked her to give him one thing -- not to resign. Meg agreed to stay until the company recovered from Gregory's loss, as long as Ben allowed her to move her desk down the hallway so that they wouldn't see each other constantly. Ben agreed, but said that this would be the first step in getting Meg back. Tim interrupted Sara, Casey, Hank and Joan's conversation. He cornered Sara and asked what the key was for. She told him that she was moving into Surf Central. Sara counseled Tim to be happy with Tess, like she was with Casey. Casey and Sara asked Tim what he was up to, but Tim backed out of his intention to break them up. Hank took Casey aside and asked what Casey's intentions were toward Sara. Casey told Hank that he was more serious about Sara than he had been about any other woman. Joan told Sara how happy she was that Sara and Casey found each other. When Tim told Tess that Sara and Casey were moving in together, Tess let Tim off the hook, but he refused to let her talk him out of their plan to put Casey with Meg.

Ricardo said that he'd tell the others what happened to Gregory, once he'd notified Annie as next of kin. When they insisted on knowing what he was going to tell Annie, Ricardo showed the family Gregory's shirt. Ricardo said that the divers recovered the shirt from the ocean floor, but that they didn't find his body. They reminded Ricardo that his own sister survived an apparent drowning. Caitlin became furious with Ricardo for not bringing Gregory back safely. Ricardo told AJ that if they do find Gregory, he'll be facing first-degree murder charges. Olivia broke down in Bette's and then AJ's arms, but decided to pull herself together for Trey's sake.
June 24, 1999
  Sean told Emily that, as much as he dreamed of the day when Gregory wasn't there to tell him what to do, he'd never thought it would be like this. Amy came to give her sympathy to Sean, saying that she identified with him, having lost her own father. When Sean pointed out that he had Emily to support him, Amy decided that she had to find Mrs. Moreau and get the love potion she needed. Sean mourned the chance to be the son that Gregory always wanted. He admitted that he loved his father, but his father was never worthy of being loved. Emily comforted him. Annie had hysterics that her fondest wish just came true -- Gregory's dead. Once she calmed down, she said that she just wanted to know for certain whether Gregory was dead or alive. Then she tried to convince Caitlin that she should be glad to be free of her father, because Gregory was just like Del had been. Just as Cole was about to throw her out, Caitlin admitted that Annie was right. She said that she always thought of Gregory as the man who'd always protect her, and then said that Gregory killed Francesca because she wanted Francesca out of the way. Cole and Annie nearly came to blows, but Bette broke them up. Annie made the mistake of telling Bette that she married Gregory for her stock, and that she lost the stock to Gregory anyway. Bette realized that Annie really had fallen in love with Gregory. Bette told Annie that she had better start making amends for the wrongs she had done. She reminded her to think of what Gregory had one to people, and how he ended up. After Bette left, Annie realized that Gregory was really gone, and that she was rich.

Carmen stopped Ricardo from looking at the tape. When Carmen said that the tape got caught in the machine and that she didn't want to ruin it, Ricardo didn't believe her. When Spence arrived to say that the Coast Guard had called off the search, she smuggled the tape from the room. Spence told Ricardo that Antonio had been looking for Gabi, and that he tracked her to El Paso. Ricardo assured Spence that he'd bring Gabi back. Gabi overheard Antonio asking for her. Kelly, who saw Gabi lurking in the hallway, told Antonio that Gabi had never been there, and that he should try another motel down the road. After Antonio left, Kelly asked Gabi why Antonio had been looking for her and guessed that Gabi had slept with him. Antonio returned and sent Kelly away to find a map for him while he checked the guest register for Gabi's name. While Antonio lurked around the lobby, Gabi returned looking for Kelly. Gabi literally bumped into Antonio, who told her that she wasn't going anywhere. Ricardo snooped through things for evidence of where Antonio had gone. Ricardo found the name of the Blanco Motor Court.

Brad, who'd found Mrs. Moreau's phone number, tried to talk Amy out of her plan. Amy called Mrs. Moreau, but when Amy said that Vanessa referred her, Mrs. Moreau hung up on her. Amy resolved to get Mrs. Moreau to help her. She decided to go to South Central to find her.
June 25, 1999
  Annie was congratulating herself on winning out over Gregory in the end, when she was "haunted" by Gregory's "ghost." She was in the process of telling him off when Olivia arrived, saying that Annie had been talking to herself. Olivia told Annie that she, not Annie, was Gregory's widow. When she said that Annie had only ever loved Del's money, Annie hit her. Caitlin said that she didn't blame Cole for Gregory's death. Caitlin said that things could never be the same again, but that didn't mean that it was over. Caitlin and Cole made love. Annie called someone about Gregory's will. Gregory dragged himself ashore.

When Antonio asked Gabi to come home, she said that she could never go home again. He demanded an explanation of why she couldn't go home. Gabi told Antonio that someone else knew that they'd made love, because they'd destroyed the wrong tape, and now someone else had it. When Ricardo came looking for Gabi, Kelly asked if he was also a priest, which clued him in to the fact that Antonio was there looking for Gabi, too. Just as Gabi was about to tell Antonio that Carmen had the tape, Ricardo arrived.

Emily asked Sean to meet her at her house in half an hour. Brad asked Amy when she'd finally get over Sean. Emily gave Sean a journal, so that he could write about his feelings about Gregory. Sean began writing in his journal. Amy was stunned by how seedy South Central was. Mrs. Moreau came to the door with a steaming bowl of something in her hands. When she realized that Amy was there for a love potion, Mrs. Moreau sent Amy away.
June 28, 1999
  When Ricardo came in, Gabi begged Antonio to distract him. Ricardo told Antonio that he shouldn't have come after Gabi. Then he asked where she was. Antonio told Ricardo that by the time he got there, Gabi was gone. Antonio counseled Ricardo to let him handle Gabi. Ricardo said that he had a headache and went out for aspirin. Gabi told Antonio that if she goes back to Sunset Beach, Ricardo will be guaranteed to see the tape, because Carmen had it. Olivia walked in while Annie was calling about the will. She told Annie to think about Sean and Caitlin, but Annie didn't believe that they would be that torn up about Gregory's loss. Cole asked Caitlin to wear her wedding ring again. Annie pointed out to Olivia that she wasn't so concerned about Caitlin and Sean when she sued Caitlin for custody of Trey, and Caitlin, who overheard, laid into Annie for saying that Olivia was an unfit mother -- after all, Olivia took wonderful care of Caitlin when she was growing up. Caitlin and Olivia went together to check on Trey. When Cole tried to convince Annie to show a little sorrow, she asked him if he hated her. He said that he didn't hate her, but that he felt that they were responsible for Gregory's death. Gregory vowed that Cole and Annie would pay.

Emily interrupted Sean writing. When Sean noticed people around the park watching him, he lost it, but Emily calmed him down. When Mrs. Moreau didn't open the door, Amy broke down in tears, saying that she was all alone in the world now. Brad pointed out that he had been there for her, and that she never once thanked him. She told him how important Sean's love was to her, and that she'd be a different person if Sean loved her. Mrs. Moreau was listening and opened the door, asking if Amy meant it. After Amy paid her, Mrs. Moreau told her that she didn't sell love potions, she sold aphrodisiacs. She warned Amy that danger would follow if she misused the potion. Mrs. Moreau told Amy that neither she nor Sean would be able to control what would happen when Sean took the potion, but Amy won't listen. Bette reassured Sean that Gregory loved him very much. When Bette suggested that he might want to speak to a professional, he stormed out. Sean asked Bette if she thought that he was like his parents.

Carmen called a friend to do her a favor.
June 29, 1999
  When Spence went to get the DA, Cole told Annie that he was upset that Trey was never going to know his real father. Annie considered telling him that he could be Trey's father, but they were interrupted by the arrival of the DA, who refused to drop the charges, explaining that because they had a fake Francesca on the tape, they might also have used a fake Gregory. However, once she received a report saying that the tape was genuine, she agreed to drop the charges. The DA said that she'd prosecute Annie and Cole if they were ever to play detective again. Annie told Cole that she thought that he deserved to be Trey's father. Alone in the interrogation room, Annie fantasized about telling the truth, but when she got arrested for kidnapping Trey for her trouble, she decided not to say anything, especially since she was about to come into a fortune. Caitlin, consumed with guilt for wanting to take Trey away from Olivia, told her mother that she and Cole had reconciled and that she didn't blame them for their affair. Olivia told Caitlin and Sean that she'd be there for all of her children. When Amy returned home, Olivia told her that she was no longer welcome, and Sean leaped to her defense. Cole told Olivia and Caitlin that the charges against Caitlin had been dropped. When Sean told Amy that he'd be alone for the rest of the day, Amy saw her chance to give him the potion. Cole thanked Olivia for letting Caitlin be part of Trey's life. Olivia let Cole read Trey his bedtime story. Caitlin told Cole that she didn't think that Sean was dealing with Gregory's "death" well. Amy poured Sean a glass of orange juice, and put a drop of the potion in it.

While Carmen was gloating about how Gabi would never hurt either of her sons again, The Devil turned up in her Tarot reading. She said that meant that something was about to go terribly wrong. Gabi told Antonio that Carmen had threatened her the day of the wedding, and that she'd made copies of the tape. Antonio vowed that Carmen would never show anyone that tape. When Ricardo returned and tried to convince Antonio to let him have five minutes with Gabi, Antonio sent Ricardo on a wild goose chase to Dallas. Ricardo left, and Antonio told Gabi to go back to the motel and wait for him to call after he'd straightened things out with Carmen. An irate Antonio came to see his mother. Ricardo caught Gabi checking back into the motel.

Emily walked in when Sean was asking Bette if she felt that he wasn't good enough for her daughter. Bette explained what had happened to Emily, and Sean said that he'd see her later -- unless Bette decided that he wasn't good enough for her. When Bette explained that Sean needed help because he spent his life looking for acceptance from his father, and that now it was too late, Emily said that all Sean needed was her.
June 30, 1999
  While helping Sara pack for her move to Surf Central, Meg remembered following Ben back to Sunset Beach after he had followed her to Kansas. She admitted that she thought about Ben all of the time, but that sometimes love wasn't enough. Meg told Sara that she didn't blame Maria, Tess or Benjy for her breakup with Ben -- she blamed herself for wanting it to be just her and Ben again, which led to her letting Benjy be kidnapped. Casey told Meg that the more she blamed herself for Benjy's kidnapping, the more people would believe that she had been responsible. Meg left, and Casey told Joan and Sara that she and Ben would find their way back to each other, because if two people love each other enough, nothing can keep them apart. Maria told Tess that she wanted them to go to Seattle together to try to jog her memory. Tess, who didn't want to go, was let off the hook when Ben arrived and told them that he couldn't watch Benjy, because he had to go in to Los Angeles for the day. Since Tess had to stay to watch Benjy, Ben convinced Maria to go to Seattle by herself. Tess asked if Meg would know where Ben would be. He said that she wouldn't, because he and Meg don't work together anymore. Tess decided to convince Meg that Ben and Maria had gone away together. Meg was walking alone when Tim caught up to her. Tim offered Meg a shoulder to cry on, which she rejected. After she left, Tm promised her that she'd never think of Ben again. When Ben left to take Maria to the airport, Meg watched them drive away together. Benjy pointed Meg out to Tess.

Amy cajoled a reluctant Sean into drinking the juice. Just as Sean was about to drink it, Emily arrived. Sean offered Emily his juice, but Amy, thinking quickly, knocked it over. Brad arrived to find out if the potion had worked, and Amy took him aside to tell him that she hadn't given it to him yet. Emily berated Bette for suggesting that Sean needed a counselor, promising him anything he needed. Brad made one more attempt to talk sense into Amy, who realized that she'd have plenty of opportunities to use the potion on Sean at the extreme games competition.

Ricardo assured Gabi that they could work things out and pick up where they left off. She told him that she couldn't go back. Gabi tried to remind Ricardo how angry he should be with her for leaving him at the altar, saying that she felt that it had been the right thing to do Ricardo told Gabi that he thought that the other man she had been talking about was her father, Lorenzo. Just as Gabi was about to tell Ricardo everything, Kelly interrupted with a call from Spence. Gabi decided that Ricardo never had to find out about her indiscretion if Antonio successfully got the tape away from Carmen. When Ricardo came back, she said that it didn't matter anymore. Ricardo asked Gabi if she could still tell him that she didn't love him, saying that if she could, he'd leave her alone. Carmen was stunned by Antonio's declaration that he knew that she knew that he'd slept with Gabi. Carmen accused Gabi of lying to Antonio, but her younger son said that he'd write Carmen off if she didn't tell the truth. He got Carmen to admit that she did what she did because she hated Gabi. When Carmen said that she knew that Gabi didn't care about his commitment to the Church, he replied that he broke his vows willingly because he wanted to make love to Gabi, not because she seduced him. Antonio told Carmen how he'd tried to escape his feelings for Gabi, but when they were trapped in the resort, he knew that he didn't want to die without knowing what it was like to have her love him back. Carmen denied that he loved Gabi, but he insisted that he loved her then -- and that he still loved her. When Carmen asked where God fit into Antonio's heart, he told her that he prayed that God would understand and that he could be the best priest he could. She hoped that meant that he didn't love Gabi after all, but he told her that his love for Gabi meant that he had to fix the damage that Carmen had caused. Antonio demanded the tape, the pictures, and any copies that she had of them. She told him that she'd never give them to him.


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