May 3, 1999


Casey interrupted Meg and Sara fighting about Meg's living situation with Ben, Benjy, Maria and Tess. After Meg left, Sara told Casey that Meg had been snooping in Tess's room and blamed her for it. When Casey berated Sara for interfering in Meg's life, Sara asked why it was acceptable for him to interfere, but not for her. When he didn't see where she was coming from, she tried to explain, but he didn't see any similarity in their behavior. He asked if helping Meg was worth ruining what they had, and Sara said that she didn't want to mess up what they had together. They kissed and made up. Maria told Mrs. Moreau that she might be able to help her get her memory back. When Mrs. Moreau warned Maria that she might remember something too painful to recall, Maria left. Tess refused to leave. Ben explained that Benjy had his parents now, and that it was time for Tess to let go of him. Benjy overheard Ben telling Tess that she had to leave and blamed Meg for it. Ben decided that since it would have such an adverse effect on Benjy, Tess could stay. Ben told Benjy that it was his own decision, and that Meg had nothing to do with it. Ben promised that when Tess moved out, Benjy could see her whenever he wanted. He said that would be ok, as long as Maria never moved out. Tess updated Maria, including telling her that Meg had been going through her things for something to use to get rid of her. Meg returned to the room, and Maria laid into her. Ben and Benjy returned while Maria was berating Meg. Ben helped Maria to see that Benjy's bias against Meg was affecting how she saw the situation. She said that if he'd told her that he was uncomfortable with Tess there, she would have been there when he asked Tess to leave. She admitted that she didn't feel any kind of bond with Tess. Maria asked Ben to apologize to Meg for her. Ben assured Meg that Benjy would come around in time. Maria couldn't shake her strange feeling about Tess. She decided that she had to remember Benjy. She called Mrs. Moreau and told her that she had to remember, no matter the risk. Tess told Tim that she caught both Meg and Sara snooping in her room, and asked what was going on with them. He said that he'd give Tess the whole story about the Cummings sisters if she'd go out with him that night. Tess agreed to a date and asked why Sara was obsessed with her. Tim said that Sara has always been insecure when it came to Meg. Sara vowed that she wouldn't lose Casey to Meg.

Michael wanted to move their smooching into the bedroom, but Vanessa refused. Michael told Vanessa that he still loved her, but she asked if he trusted her enough to start over. Michael told Vanessa that she's not the only one who's ever made a mistake in their relationship, but that he couldn't say that he had complete, unqualified trust. He promised her that they'd get through this -- it would just take some time.

When Ricardo wanted to watch the tapes, Antonio convinced him to go back to the hospital. Gabi stayed behind. Ricardo decided to return so that Gabi wouldn't get in trouble for him opening up the case on his own. He returned just as Gabi removed the tape of them from the VCR. Ricardo took the tape from Gabi's hands, telling her that she was off the case. Ricardo had some kind of relapse. Gabi and Antonio bolted, and Carmen arrived. Gabi told Antonio that the tape was in her purse. Ricardo asked Carmen to get him an aspirin from Gabi's purse. She found the tape.

May 4, 1999
  Cole said that he wished he'd killed Francesca while he had the chance. He wondered who did kill her, considering the other suspects -- AJ, Olivia, Gregory and Annie. He wondered if there was a way to find out if Annie was the killer. When Annie wondered who killed Francesca, it occurred to her that it might have been Gregory. When he offered her a drink, she fantasized that it was poisoned, and said that she wasn't in the mood for a drink and put it to one side. They discussed his assertion that Cole was the murderer. AJ arrived for a meeting -- just when Olivia was scheduled to bring Trey back. While AJ and Olivia squabbled, Gregory congratulated himself on his triumph, revealing that he had paid Francesca to throw herself at AJ -- she only ever really wanted Cole. AJ lost his temper. Meanwhile, Annie rummaged through Gregory's office, remembering the time she pressed the redial button on Gregory's phone and Francesca answered. She realized that if Gregory was the killer, she might be safe again. Annie found a file on Francesca in a locked drawer in Gregory's desk. Gregory caught her reading it. Caitlin found out that he'd told Cole that she confessed to the murder to protect him. Caitlin said that she was making up to Cole for passing Trey off as their son. Sean told Caitlin that he expected that Cole would have turned himself in, but that he didn't. After he left the holding cell, Sean asked Spence where he could find the DA. Sean faced off with Cole, telling him that he was going to make sure that Cole didn't get away with murder. When the DA arrived, Sean accused Cole of the murder, but she didn't listen, because Caitlin confessed to the crime. Joan told Sean that she knew that Caitlin wasn't the killer. Cole said that if confessing would have gotten Caitlin off, he would have done it, but he didn't kill Francesca. Cole told Sean that Annie planted the gun to frame him. He told Sean that he knew that Annie killed Francesca, even though he admitted that Annie wasn't the only suspect in the murder. AJ asked Olivia if she'd let Gregory decide what their future would be.

When Gabi and Antonio returned to his room, Ricardo was holding the tape, asking what it was doing in her purse because he thought that it was one of the tapes from the Media Center. When Gabi told him that it was a sample tape from a videographer that she was thinking of hiring for their wedding, Ricardo said that he could get a VCR and they could watch it, but Antonio stopped him by telling him that he needed his rest. Gabi swore to Antonio that she'd destroy the tape. Carmen promised to make peace with Gabi, and Ricardo suggested that she watch the tape with her. Before destroying the tape, Gabi took the time to watch it, possibly to reminisce about her time with Antonio, possibly just to make sure it was the right tape. Carmen arrived outside the door.
May 5, 1999
  Cole asked Sean to listen in on Annie while she talked to herself to find out if she's the killer. Gregory encouraged Annie to look through the file -- which was filled with blank pages. He told her that he'd taken everything important out of his home office, then he said that she was banned from the Media Center. Sean listened in while she was talking to herself about whether Gregory was the killer, and if he'd kill her to keep her quiet. She fantasized about Gregory being brought to her in chains and realized that if Gregory went to jail, she could keep everything. She called someone on the phone, saying that she would need his/her services. Olivia told AJ that everything she did was calculated to keep herself and her son away from Gregory's influence. When AJ promised her that they were meant to be together, she said that she couldn't trust him because even though Gregory put Francesca up to making a pass at him, he took the bait. Cole came to tell Caitlin that he didn't kill Francesca and to ask her to recant her confession. He told her that once she got out of jail, they'd be back together. Joan told Cole that no one thought that Caitlin was guilty. Sean called to tell him what Annie was up to. Gregory promised Caitlin that he'd get her out. Annie had herself shipped to Gregory in a crate so that she could snoop around his office. Cole caught her.

Antonio told Ricardo that he had to go to the loft in case Carmen and Gabi's truce didn't last. When she heard Carmen arriving, Gabi scrambled to remove the tape from the VCR. Carmen was shocked when she saw the television -- she'd missed her telenovela. Carmen suggested that they watch the tape, but Gabi told her that she hadn't liked the tape and that the videographer was too expensive. When Carmen insisted on watching the tape, Antonio arrived and told Carmen that Ricardo was looking for her. Carmen found out that Ricardo went down for tests and found that he hadn't left her a message. She wondered if the reason that she doubted Gabi was because she had reason to. Carmen overheard Gabi telling someone (Antonio) that Ricardo would never forgive them if he saw the tape of them together.
May 6, 1999
  After Tess left for her date with Tim, Maria called Mrs. Moreau to tell her that she'd need to see her that night. When it turned out that Ben and Maria both had plans, they argued about what to do about Benjy. Meg offered to watch Benjy for them, but they weren't enthusiastic about the idea. When Meg asked if they didn't want her to watch Benjy, Ben reassured her that he just didn't want her to be forced to spend time alone with him until they'd gotten used to each other. Maria left, accidentally leaving Mrs. Moreau's card on the table, and Ben picked up Mrs. Moreau's card and took it with him. When Benjy found a stray kitten, Meg won his admiration by saying that he could keep it if it didn't already have a home and if Ben and Maria said that he could. The kitten's owner showed up handing out flyers, and recognized the kitten as her own, but Benjy didn't want to give him back to her.

Cole suggested that Annie was there to frame him, or if not him, then someone else. Annie responded that she was there to prove that Gregory killed Francesca and asked him to join forces with her, because she needed his help to open a safe. Cole agreed to open the safe, which was full of money -- and a CD-ROM. Cole put the CD into Gregory's computer. Ben arrived to work in Gregory's office. He was about to open the door (and find Annie and Cole there) when Vanessa stopped him. When he dropped Mrs. Moreau's card, Vanessa picked it up. Vanessa cautioned Ben to get whoever it was away from Mrs. Moreau. Hank and Joan, celebrating their anniversary, ran into Tim and Tess on their date. When they kept dancing after the music stopped, Tess said that she was enjoying herself. When Tess got up to leave, Tim offered to walk her home. Mrs. Moreau began the spell and handed Maria a chalice to drink from, then she walked Maria through the memory of drowning. Ben arrived, hearing Maria's anguished cries from inside the apartment. Meg gave the kitten back to his owner, and Benjy became angry with her. Tim and Tess said their farewells, but Tess asked if he was only dating her to pump her for information about Meg. He admitted that he was at first, but then it started changing. Tess returned just as Benjy declared that he'd hate Meg forever.

Carmen overheard Gabi promise to destroy the tape and vowed that she'd prove that she was unfaithful to Ricardo. As Gabi left the apartment, Carmen stopped her at the door, asking her to come to her shop. Gabi tried to get out of it, but Carmen insisted on giving her the welcome to the family that she deserved all along. When Ricardo returned from his tests, Antonio noticed that Carmen was gone and Ricardo said that Carmen probably went home and that everything would be fine. Tyus released Ricardo from the hospital. Ricardo called home, but Gabi wasn't there. Carmen slipped Gabi's purse from her, then offered her a toast, during which she spilled red wine on her. When Gabi ran off to clean up, Carmen was trying to swap the tape in her purse for another one when Antonio arrived. To keep Antonio from seeing what she was doing, she sent him to take check on Gabi. Carmen excused herself for a reading across town. Gabi and Antonio torched the videotape from her purse. Carmen came to stop Ricardo from making the biggest mistake of his life.

May 7, 1999
  Ben broke down the door to find that Maria wasn't responding. Over Mrs. Moreau's objections, Ben woke Maria, who told him how desperate she was to regain her missing five years. As Ben took Maria from the room, Mrs. Moreau swore that there was something wrong with Maria and that she could fix it. Tess sent Benjy from the room and laid into Meg for making Benjy cry. Meg explained about the kitten and Tess apologized. Tim arrived and stunned Meg when he mentioned that he and Tess had been on a date. Tess tried to make Benjy apologize to yelling at Meg, but when he was reluctant, Meg apologized for having to give the kitten back. Tess walked in while Tim explained to Meg that Tess was a special person and that he liked her. Maria told Ben that when she was in Mrs. Moreau's trance, she remembered drowning, and being afraid of something other than drowning, but he told her that all she remembered was drowning. When Ben and Maria returned together while she and Tess were arguing, Tess told Maria that she was about to get Ben back. Ben asked what she and Tess had been fighting about, so Meg told him that she was afraid that things would never work out with Benjy. Tess told Maria that Benjy would be the wedge that would come between Ben and Meg, because Ben would want to be with the woman that Benjy wanted him to be with -- Maria. Mrs. Moreau called to ask Maria if she remembered anything more. She said that Maria did something that she couldn't live with and that she blocked it out.

The CD was a recording of Olivia holding a gun on Francesca. Annie got so excited by their discovery that she accidentally deleted the file. When Cole realized that the recording wasn't of the night that Francesca was killed, they thought that Gregory was keeping it to use against Olivia in the custody battle. Cole theorized that Olivia might have killed Francesca after the video on the CD, saying that they might be able to prove that Olivia killed Francesca.

When Gabi said that what happened between them was over, Antonio said that it wasn't, because they still felt about each other the same way they always have. Gabi told Antonio that they'd have to get past how they felt about each other. They reminisced, separately, about their romance. Carmen told Ricardo that she had proof that Gabi slept with another man, but when Carmen made the mistake of telling Ricardo that this was about the cards, he said that he'd never speak to her again. Gabi and Antonio showed up and Carmen left. Ricardo told Antonio she'd said the same old thing about the cards again and so he disowned her. He wondered how Carmen could even think that Gabi had been unfaithful to him. Antonio left the room so that Ricardo and Gabi could talk. Ricardo told Gabi that Carmen was insisting that Gabi was unfaithful to him, but that this time was different. Carmen put the tape in the VCR.
May 10, 1999
  Meg told Ben that Benjy will never accept her. She told him about the kitten, and Ben assured her that she did the right thing. She asked Ben not to speak to Benjy about this. Mrs. Moreau hung up when Maria asked how she could remember what she wanted to forget. Maria begged Tess to tell her everything about their five years in Seattle. Tess told her that she was certain that Maria would never have done anything that she'd repress. When Ben promised Benjy that they'd go to the shelter for a kitten the next morning, Benjy asked what a shelter was. Ben explained that it was a home for stray animals, Benjy told him that he was a stray. When Sara pursued Meg with more suspicions abut Tess, Meg told her that if she couldn't find a way to make Benjy like her, she didn't wnat to hear anymore. Meg gave Gabi one last gift -- a pair of pearl earrings -- not knowing that in Latino countries, wearing pearls at your wedding is a bad portent. Gabi said that it was just a superstition and she wasn't going to let it stop her. Ben assured Meg that they'd be a family with Benjy. Maria wondered wht she could be blocking out.

Gabi arrived for her wedding shower, but Maria could only think abut Antonio's confession that he and Gabi had made love. Gabi broke the news that Carmen wuldn't be coming. Maria was increasngly uncomfortable. When she fled upstairs, Gabi followed. Maria asked which brother Gabi loved, telling her that she knew that she and Antonio had made love. Gabi swore that it was a mistake and that it would never happen again. Maria promised that if Ricardo is hurt, that Carmen's anger will seem like nothing. Antonio stopped his mother from watching the tape. Carmen told Antonio that she was determined to stop Ricardo from marrying Gabi. He asked how she could change so quickly. When Antonio defended Gabi, Carmen told him that he was too blinded by his own goodness to see her for what she really is. Carmen's VCR was broken, nd she couldn't see the tape. Carmen asked to borrow a friend's VCR. Gabi asked if Carmen gave Ricardo a reason to believe that she had been unfaithful to him. He asked what happened the last time she saw Carmen, and she said that Carmen was wonderful to her the last time they'd seen each other. He told her that he chose her over Carmen. Ricardo told Antonio that Carmen claimed to have proof this time, but said that it was Tarot card proof. Ricardo told Antonio that he knew that he'd never let her down.
May 11, 1999

Maria had a nightmare about Mrs. Moreau telling her that someone knew the truth. Afterward, she accused Tess of lying to her. Maria pretended that she had regained her memory, but it didn't work. Carmen asked Maria if she could borrow a VCR. Maria told her to use the one in Benjy's room. Ben gave Meg a teddy bear. When Benjy turned up, he thought that the bear was for him. Ben broke the news that the teddy bear was Meg's. She said that he could take it home with him. Ben told Meg that he was taking Benjy to the shelter to get a kitten. Meg asked if she could come along. Ben and Benjy said that she could come with. Meg told Ben that she realized that he had planned all along for her to come with them. Tess came to see Tim. Tess told Tim that it made a big impression on her when he defended their relationship to meg. She said that she felt like everyone was against hr and meg was leading the charge. She gave Tim a kiss and left. Meg and Benjy bonded over the kitten, whom Benjy named Franklin. When Meg left the room, Benjy asked why Maria didn't come. When Tess told her that Ricardo was up in Benjy's room, Maria sprinted upstairs to separate him from her mother.

Ricardo came to see Maria, bringing a present for Benjy. Tess told him to go ahead and put it in Benjy's room. He walked in on Carmen while she was trying to find the play button on the remote control. Ricardo told Carmen that if he'd known that she was there, he wouldn't have come over. She begged him to give her the chance to show him the proof that she had. Carmen's friend came with the VCR. Carmen threw out her friend. A fuse went out. Gabi asked Antonio why he told Maria about their making love. Ricardo walked in on them. Ricardo said that he knew what was gong on between them. Ricardo told them that he knew that Gabi was crying on Antonio's shoulder about the stress she'd under planning the wedding. he told her that Maria had asked him to come over. After he left, Gabi apologized for laying into Antonio about telling the truth. Antonio told Gabi that he has his faith and that's all he needs. He told him that he'd see her at the rehearsal. Joan asked Gabi to come for one last fitting of her wedding dress. Antonio opened a box of missals, fantasizing about Gabi and Ricardo's wedding. He stopped the wedding to declare his love for Gabi. He vowed that it wouldn't happen. Gabi tried on the dress, reminiscing about the triangle she'd found herself in. Joan ran to the car for her sewing basket, and Antonio walked in on Gabi in the gown.

May 12, 1999
  Carmen begged Maria to agree that Gabi couldn't marry Ricardo when she loved another man. Maria told Carmen to leave before she got a chance to watch the tape. Ricardo asked her why Carmen hated Gabi so much. When he saw her in her gown, Antonio fantasized about kissing Gabi. When Antonio hung around too long, Joan roped him into helping hold the fabric on Gabi's wedding dress - along with Gabi. Joan commented later that Antonio thought that Gabi was a beautiful bride. When Antonio reassured Maria that Carmen wouldn't stop the wedding, she reminded him that he could stop the wedding if he wanted to. Ricardo told Gabi that he'd made arrangements for them to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The electrician couldn't come over until after the wedding. So, rather than trying to watch the tape, Carmen did another Tarot reading, which said that Ricardo's and Gabi's union would end in the church. Benjy met his uncles for the first time. Antonio got choked up during the rehearsal remembering Gabi's and his declarations of love for each other.

When Michael and Vanessa were running early to the rehearsal, they ran into each other. They talked about their relationship and decided to start again.

When Casey asked her to go away with him for a weekend, Sara promised him that she wasn't interested in Meg, Ben or Maria. She was only interested in him. Meg came to pick Casey up for the rehearsal. Casey noticed that Meg looked awful and asked her what was up. Sara overheard her telling him that Benjy hated her, and that she didn't know what she could possibly do about it. Sara interrupted to ask if Meg was thinking about moving out. Ben was trying to explain to Benjy that he and Meg were going to be together for the rest of their lives when Tess interrupted to take Benjy to the rehearsal. After Tess and Benjy left, Sara arrived to warn Ben that she thought that Meg was planning to leave him.

May 13, 1999
  When Cole showed up, Sean asked him if he figured out who the murderer was. Unwilling to tell Sean that he suspected Olivia, Cole told Sean that he couldn't say anything until he had some concrete evidence. Brad tried to con Sean into teaming up with him for an extreme sports competition. Amy piqued Sean's interest by pointing out that it was to benefit charity. She took Brad aside and told him to team up with Emily so that she could team up with Sean. Bette came in with the mail. While Annie was telling her that she wished that they could patch things up, she noticed a bunch of flyers for real estate in Monterey. Olivia admitted that she was thinking of moving away with Trey. Bette didn't want to see Annie, but she grudgingly admitted that she still loved her niece. When Annie talked about how selfish Olivia was for leaving town while her daughter was in jail, Bette threw her out. When Bette asked about Caitlin, Olivia said that there was no point in staying when Caitlin didn't want her around. Olivia got a phone call from someone who sounded like Francesca. When Cole worried about Caitlin, Annie said that she always wondered what it was like to have someone love her like Cole loved Caitlin. Cole told someone we couldn't see that he needed some help to catch Francesca's killer.

Carmen realized that the wedding rehearsal was going on right then, and she realized that if she caught Gabi, she might be able to spare Ricardo from having to see the tape. Antonio bolted from the room. Ricardo followed his brother to his office, asking if Carmen turned him against them. Antonio admitted that he's owed Ricardo an apology for a long time. When Maria confronted her about why Antonio left, Gabi told her about him catching her in her wedding gown. Maria volunteered to stop Antonio from telling Ricardo the truth. Antonio tried to tell Ricardo the truth, but Ricardo interrupted for a lecture on how important he, Maria and Gabi were to him. Maria arrived. After Ricardo left, Maria asked Antonio if he was going to tell Ricardo the truth, and he admitted that he had been going to until Ricardo interrupted him. When Carmen arrived, Maria was happy to see her, until she realized that Carmen was just there to find out if Ricardo and Gabi had broken up. When Maria told Carmen that she put together a videotape of old home movies that she was going to show at the rehearsal dinner, Carmen decided how she'd show the tape to Ricardo. Maria gave the videotape to a waiter. Michael asked Vanessa to go away with him for a weekend. Ben asked Meg what she meant when she said that she didn't feel like she was up to the problems with Benjy. Antonio walked in while Carmen was switching the tape in the VCR for the one in her purse.

Tess and Benjy returned as Sara told Ben that Meg had confessed that she didn't know what to do now that Benjy was living with them. Benjy insisted that Ben had promised to play with him and so he couldn't go out with Meg that night, but Ben reminded him that he hadn't promised, and said that he'd make it up to him later. After Sara and Ben left, Tess said that Maria should be with Ben, not Meg.
May 14, 1999
  Cole offered whoever it was some time to think his request over. Caitlin had a nightmare about Olivia interrupting Caitlin's visit with Trey to tell her that she was going to take Trey away from her forever. AJ came to see Caitlin, and offered her any help he could give her. As he left, he reminded himself that Francesca deserved to die. Cole told Caitlin that he was one phone call away from clearing her. Gregory interrupted them, telling Caitlin that she would be getting out, but she didn't seem very pleased. Gregory asked Caitlin to trust him and only him. Caitlin said that she loved him, no matter what. After he left, Caitlin wondered if Gregory really was the only person she could trust. When Bette asked Olivia who had been on the phone, Olivia said that it was a prank call. When Francesca's voice called again, Olivia found out that the call return feature didn't work. Gregory came to talk to Olivia about the custody arrangements. Olivia decided that the calls came from Gregory, who told her that he was going to win custody of Trey and left. AJ came to bring flowers to an obviously-overwrought Olivia. He asked her to meet him at the Deep in an hour. The next time the phone rang, AJ answered the phone, but the other person hung up. He assumed that she'd been getting a lot of hangup phone calls. He asked her one more time to meet him at the Deep. Cole got a call saying that the person would help him. Olivia heard Francesca's voice again, and saw a woman coming out of the fog.

Ben asked Meg if she intended to give up on them. After Ben told her that Sara had overheard her venting to Casey, Meg disowned Sara for interfering in her life one too many times. When Meg overheard Maria telling Vanessa that she had to go to Mrs. Moreau to regain her memory of the missing five years, but that Ben interrupted before she could remember anything, she asked him why he didn't tell her about it. He said that it hadn't seemed that important. She told him that it was things like this that cause the distance between them.

Carmen told Antonio that she was there to bring Ricardo a peace offering -- a photo of him and his father, but he didn't believe it because she would have gone directly to the dining room. Ricardo gave Gabi her wedding present -- a necklace, that she said would go beautifully with the pearl earrings that Meg gave her.

When Vanessa told Michael that she didn't want to make love until he could tell her that he trusted her again, he suggested that they get separate hotel rooms.
May 17, 1999
  Before she could start the videotape, Maria was interrupted by an earthquake, during which the VCR shorted out. Ricardo said that they'd have to watch the tape at the reception. The groomsmen took Ricardo away for his bachelor party. When Carmen saw that the glass over her picture of Ricardo broke in the quake, she decided that it meant that her son was heartbroken after seeing the tape of Gabi and her lover. Carmen overheard two waiters talking about the "blowup" at the party and assumed they were talking about a fight (they were talking about the VCR). Carmen used her Tarot cards to find Gabi. When Maria left to go home, Gabi asked if Maria was uncomfortable around her. Maria said that if Gabi can forget what happened between her and Antonio, in time, she might be able to forget, too. Carmen caught up to Gabi and told her how glad she was that she was successful at destroying Ricardo's love for her. When Gabi professed that she didn't understand, Carmen realized that they hadn't seen the tape.

When Olivia screamed, AJ came outside, thinking that she screamed because of the earthquake. When Olivia saw Gregory, she accused him of stalking her. Then Cole and Annie appeared out of the mists. Olivia began to feel persecuted, but Gregory said that he was having a meeting with an attorney about the custody trial, Annie said that she was on her way to get something to eat, and Cole said that he was just taking a walk. AJ asked Olivia who she thought she saw in the fog, but Bette interrupted before she could answer. After AJ left, "Francesca" called again. Olivia broke down, telling Bette that Caitlin being in jail was killing her, and thinking about proving that Caitlin didn't kill Francesca. Bette answered the next call, which was her assistant saying that she'd deleted the next day's column. "Francesca" called again, telling Olivia that it was payback time. Gregory hung up the phone and congratulated himself on his plans. Cole assured Annie that his friend would come through for them.

Maria told Ben that the videotape was old home movies, and that she hoped that the tape hadn't been damaged. Ben said that they could check out the tape on his VCR. The downstairs VCR was broken, so Ben invited Maria up to his room to watch it. She opted to stay downstairs, instead. Carmen arrived, asking her daughter what had happened. She told her mother that the VCR had shorted out and that Ben was checking the tape for her. Carmen demanded to know where Ben was. When Maria told him that he was upstairs in the bedroom, she dashed up the stairs and stopped him from watching the tape. Meg and Vanessa reminded Gabi that Carmen had predicted that Gabi would find true love in Sunset Beach. Meg, Vanessa and Sara hired a stripper dressed as a police officer. Watching the stripper taking his necktie off gave Gabi a flashback of undressing Antonio and she bolted. When a female officer showed up at Ricardo's bachelor party claiming that she'd had complaints about the noise, everyone assumed she was a stripper. They flirted with her, and it turned out that she really was a Manhattan Beach police officer. She arrested them. Antonio remembered Ricardo telling him that he, Maria and Gabi were the only people who mattered to him. He bumped into Gabi, who told him that she had just been praying for a sign.
May 18, 1999
  When Ben asked why Carmen didn't want him to watch the tape, she said that she wanted to see the tape. He invited her to watch it with him, but she made up an elaborate story about how the Tarot said that she had to revisit her past with Ricardo in order to have a future with him, and that it was essential that she watch it alone. Maria and Ben argued with her about it, and woke Benjy up. When Ben and Maria took him back to bed, Carmen switched the tapes back. Maria broke down over the idea of being alone with him in the room where they made Benjy, when she can't even remember him. Meg walked in on them. After she locked them up, the officer told Ricardo that the only way he'd get out was if he found someone to put up bail. Ricardo called Antonio, but he wasn't there. Finally, Michael called Vanessa to spring them. When she arrived, Vanessa told the arresting officer that Ricardo took a bullet for Annie, and asked her to drop the charges, which she agreed to. Gabi and Antonio said their good-byes. Antonio told Gabi that he could never have been fully hers. Even if he left the church, his guilt over breaking his commitment would have come between them. Ricardo walked in on them, saying that he should have known that Gabi and Antonio would be together, because of their close friendship. Antonio prayed for strength to give Gabi up. A friend fixed Carmen's electricity and her VCR. Carmen got the shock of her life when she saw Antonio and Gabi making love on the tape.

While they were fighting about Sara's latest interference, Meg realized that Sara felt threatened by Meg's friendship with Casey, but Sara protested that she wasn't. Casey walked in on them. Meg left, and Sara finally admitted that most of her concern for Meg stems from Casey's concern about her. Sara told Casey that she disliked how he'd drop everything -- including her -- for Meg at a moment's notice, and asked him to tell if he felt more than friendship for Meg. Meg asked Ben if she would have told him about comforting Maria if she hadn't walked in on them. She told him how much pressure she's under in a house full of strangers. He asked for more time, and she stormed out.

May 19, 1999
  Meg told Ben that she was leaving because she needed a break from the stress of living with Benjy, Tess and Maria. Annie asked Maria to take her present to the wedding, because she had other things to do. Privately, she told Maria that she wasn't particularly fond of Tess. Maria confessed her doubts about Tess, and her fears that she did something terrible that she's blocking out. Meg told Casey that she was leaving Ben for a while. When he sent Meg upstairs to get dressed, Casey remembered Sara's challenge to him about his feelings for Meg. When they were about to leave for the wedding, Sara saw Meg give Casey a kiss on the cheek. Sara confessed to her father that she was afraid that her insecurities just ruined her relationship with Casey and with Meg. Hank told Sara that he blamed Ben for Ben and Meg's problems. He said that he would talk to Ben, and she should talk to Casey. When Hank came to confront Ben, Tess overheard him saying that Meg moved out for a few days. Tess congratulated herself on breaking up Ben and Meg, and said that soon Ben and Maria would be back together because that's he way it must be.

Gabi had a nightmare about Ricardo finding out about her and Antonio the day of her wedding. When she awoke, she reassured herself that nothing could keep her wedding from happening. The Surf Centralites threw a breakfast for Gabi. Ricardo surprised her when he came to see her. Gabi got an anonymous bouquet of Aztec sunflowers, which are considered to be bad luck. Carmen remembered the time that Antonio stopped her from turning over the card that would reveal the identity of the other man, the time that the cards said that he was with her lover when she was with Antonio, and when she saw Antonio in her crystal ball. She vowed to save Ricardo -- no matter the cost. Maria gave Gabi and Ricardo a good-luck gift -- gold coins. Antonio arrived while Gabi was assuring Maria that she wanted nothing more than to be a good wife to Ricardo. Antonio gave the couple a tradition of his own -- Bibles. Gabi told Antonio about the bouquet -- telling him that they came from Carmen.
May 20, 1999
  When the phone rang, an irate Bette answered. When Bette asked who she had expected it to be, Olivia said that it was Annie that she was afraid of, but Bette didn't believe that after everything, Olivia would be that afraid of Annie. Olivia came downstairs to the smell of Francesca's perfume and a handkerchief with the initials "FT" on it. She got another call from "Francesca" and bolted -- right into AJ's arms. Olivia told AJ that Francesca was alive. Bette asked Annie to go to Ricardo's wedding with her. When Annie said that she wasn't going, Bette asked if she was behind the phone calls. Annie asked Bette why she's always taken Olivia's side, just like Del always did.

While considering her options, Carmen fantasized about Gabi gloating about how both of the brothers want her. While Gabi prayed for forgiveness from her sins, Carmen came to see her.

Casey confronted Sara, telling her that she's to blame for most of Ben and Meg's problems. Meg overheard Sara telling Casey that she knew that he was in love with Meg and that he always has been.

Sean asked Amy to be his partner in the extreme sports competition.

Gregory came to spring Caitlin. He asked her to recant her confession and to stop protecting Cole.

May 21, 1999
  Gregory brought Caitlin home, assuring her that he would get the charges dropped. Annie found out that Gregory was investigating the crate he found in his office the other day. The investigation was inconclusive, and Gregory let Annie know that he thought that she had used the crate to sneak into his office. Annie suggested that she didn't break into his office -- Olivia did. Annie assured Caitlin that Olivia wouldn't get custody of Trey, and that she won't go to jail for murdering Francesca. Olivia thought she saw Francesca on the porch, but AJ insisted that no one was there. Olivia told him about the phone calls she'd been getting, and that she saw Francesca outside the Deep the night before. He suggested that she was being set up and asked who she thought could be setting her up. She said that she thought it could be him, asking why he insisted on meeting her at the Deep -- just when "Francesca" turned up. He gave her the surprise he'd planned for her, tickets for a cruise. She asked him if this was a way to avoid being captured. He offered to prove that Francesca was dead. Tyus told AJ and Olivia that they couldn't see Francesca's autopsy report.

When Meg insisted that Sara's opinion that Casey was in love with her was ridiculous, Sara challenged him to deny it, which he didn't. While Ben and Meg were arguing about her decision to move out, Tess interrupted to ask Ben to talk to Benjy abut his role in the ceremony. Tess told Maria that Meg was planning to move out, but Maria wasn't as pleased as Tess expected her to be.

A nun brought a message from Carmen that she would be visiting a friend in San Bernardino that day, instead of attending the wedding. Ricardo decided to check up on her. Carmen's friend seemed to convince Ricardo that Carmen was on her way to visit her. Carmen gave Gabi a "present" - a picture of her and Antonio.
May 24, 1999
  Tyus said that he would never show the autopsy report to anyone except the police or Francesca's family. Olivia begged him to show it to her for Caitlin's sake. When he continued to refuse, Olivia said that was proof that Francesca was alive. A woman dressed in black ransacked Olivia's house. Upon their return from the hospital, Olivia found a note saying that she was back and that Olivia would pay for what she did. She showed AJ the handkerchief. Brad came with an entry blank for Emily, asking if the "incredible woman" he saw fiddling with the lock on the door was still there. When they asked him to describe her, Brad said that if he didn't know better, he'd say that it was Francesca Vargas.

Maria asked Meg if she was really planning to move out. Meg said that she needed to go away for a few days. Hank made the mistake of telling Sara that Meg moved out of Ben's house.

Carmen showed Gabi the videotape, saying that she switched the tapes, and that Gabi had destroyed the decoy. Carmen berated Gabi for her misbehavior and told her to leave Sunset Beach. When the bridesmaids came for her, Gabi said that her tears were tears of joy, and asked for a few minutes alone. She said that she would go. When a nun asked if she could help her, Gabi asked her to get her a taxi.
May 25, 1999
  Brad was certain that the woman he saw looked like Francesca. AJ threw him out, telling him not to say anything. AJ tried unsuccessfully to convince Olivia that the intruder was Annie. When Gregory told Caitlin that the only way he could get the charges dropped was for her to take back her confession, she refused. Olivia was overjoyed when she saw that Caitlin was out of jail, but Caitlin wasn't moved. She asked Gregory to do her a favor, since he wields a lot of power at the hospital. When Olivia finally admitted that she wanted Francesca's autopsy report, Gregory berated her for not caring that Caitlin had just been in jail for her murder. Olivia blurted out that Francesca wasn't dead. They heard a scream from upstairs.

When the cab arrived, the nun asked Gabi if she was sure she was making the right choice. Gabi came in to start the wedding. Bette accidentally read the wrong passage. (Deuteronomy 25:5 - "If brothers are living together and one of them dies without a son, his widow must not marry outside the family. Her husband's brother shall take her and marry her and fulfill the duty of a brother-in-law to her.") Carmen stood where only Gabi could see her and showed her the envelope with the pictures in it. The pressure of having Carmen lurking there made Gabi burst into tears during the vows.

Tim told Annie that he wasn't obsessed with Meg anymore. Besides, Benjy was a bigger treat to Meg and Ben than Tim could ever be. Tess came in. Tess assured Annie that she never took Annie's place as Maria's friend. When Annie asked Tess what she was really doing, Tess told Annie that she just wanted Maria to be happy -- but that she couldn't be unless she had Ben back. Annie said that she'd be keeping her eye on Tess. In the process of storming out, Tess told Tim that Sara and Annie both hated her, and that she felt that Maria didn't trust her either. Tim reminded her that Maria was freaking out about everything that she couldn't remember. Tim and Tess kissed.
May 26, 1999
  Cole got a visitor. While Cole was looking through some papers brought by his visitor, Annie stopped by. Cole said that they should be able to nail Olivia soon. Cole admitted that if they are able to prove that Olivia did it, he didn't know where that would leave Trey. When Annie mentioned that Caitlin was out of jail, Cole left to see her. Alone in the hotel room, Annie argued with her conscience about whether to tell Cole that Trey could be his son. She decided that she couldn't tell him about tampering with the paternity test, and began to wonder if there might be another way to give Cole hope. After they heard her scream, Gregory, Olivia and AJ ran upstairs. Caitlin said one word -- "Francesca." She told them that she saw Francesca outside. After Caitlin calmed down, she admitted that it wasn't Francesca that she saw. Caitlin took Trey upstairs, and Olivia and AJ recapped the phone calls and Olivia's sighting of Francesca. They showed him the handkerchief and the note. They also told him that Brad saw Francesca breaking into Olivia's house. When Gregory said that someone was playing a joke, AJ told him to prove it by providing a copy of Francesca's autopsy report. Cole told Caitlin that he was determined to find the real killer. Caitlin said that she saw a prowler, but wouldn't tell him more than that. Cole promised that once he found Francesca's killer, everything would be like it was. Caitlin reminded him that Trey didn't belong to either of them. Tyus told Gregory that he needed a court order before he could see the autopsy report. Gregory threatened Tyus' job. When Tyus showed them the autopsy report, Gregory noticed a discrepancy.

When it came time for Gabi to say her vows, she fainted. Ricardo and Antonio carried her out. When she regained consciousness, Gabi admitted that she hadn't had breakfast. Gabi begged Ricardo to elope with her, but Ricardo talked Gabi out of eloping. Gabi was cornered once again by Carmen. Antonio admitted to Maria that he still loved Gabi, saying that she deserved to be happy. Carmen told Gabi that it wasn't her fault that she was bad, but that wasn't a good enough excuse to make Ricardo miserable. When Gabi said that what happened between her and Antonio made her not good enough for Ricardo, Maria said that loving Ricardo wasn't enough. She had to no longer love Antonio, either. Maria said that she couldn't say whether Ricardo loved Gabi and Antonio enough to forgive them, and that only Gabi could decide what to do. Gabi returned to the sanctuary, and asked to start from where they left off. Carmen renewed her resolve to show everyone the pictures.

Meg overheard Ben telling Benjy that a wedding is wonderful because you get to marry the person you love, and Benjy asking if that's how Ben felt about Maria when they got married. Ben told Meg that he wasn't going to let her slip away from him.
May 28, 1999
  When Maria said that she was getting her memories of Seattle back, Tess didn't seem pleased. She asked Tess for a specific time when she used the phrase "right as rain." Tess said that she used it at least twice a day. When Benjy brought Franklin down to meet Maria, Maria asked if he meant like Franklin Street. Benjy recited their address in Seattle, 612 Franklin Street. Maria remembered a swing in the back yard, and that they had a big red door. Maria remembered a time when Tess used the term "right as rain," when Tess took care of her while she was ill. Tess claimed not to remember that specific occasion, because Maria was ill several times. Meg returned just as Maria left for Dr. Estrada's office. Meg told Sara that she had no idea that Sara and Casey were there. Casey interrupted the sisters to tell Meg that he'd have to work an extra shift, so they'd have to meet on the beach. Sara lost her temper, thinking that something was going on between them. Casey brought Sara back to the place where he first brought her out of the ocean. He told her that he loved her, not Meg, and that he was wrong for blowing up at her for saying how she felt after telling her that she needed to be honest with him. He said that as long as they're honest with each other, nothing can stop them. Dr. Estrada reminded Maria that she'd have to be willing to face what she suppressed. Ben asked Tess to do anything she could to help Maria with her memory. Alone, Tess fretted, saying that Maria was never supposed to remember. She pulled out the box, saying that she knew what to do.

Ricardo came to ask Gabi why she left him at the altar. Gabi told Ricardo that she was never going to marry him. Desperate to make Ricardo go away, Gabi told him that she'd have to force herself to marry him, and that there would be no going back once he heard what she had to say. While Antonio was praying for Gabi and Ricardo to find their way back to each other, Carmen told him that both he and Ricardo were better off without Gabi, because Gabi didn't deserve their friendship or their love, and that he should know that better than anyone. Antonio told his mother that Gabi was a wonderful woman, and that Ricardo would be lucky to spend the rest of his life with her. When Carmen spouted off about how if Gabi was still in town, they'd see her for the sinful creature she was, Antonio told her that Maria didn't know about Gabi leaving town, and asked her how she did. Carmen said that the cards told her that Gabi was leaving. Antonio let her know that Gabi hadn't left, and that Ricardo was trying to talk her into staying.

Tyus admitted that Francesca had still been alive after the last code blue. Before he could explain, he got paged. In Tyus' absence, Gregory, AJ and Olivia rummaged through his office, and found that he had big gambling debts, paid off the day Francesca died. Gregory told Olivia that they needed to let Francesca come to her. Olivia got another phone call, and Gregory and AJ evidenced surprise when they heard Francesca's voice on the phone. Francesca told Olivia that she wanted to meet with her in person.
May 31, 1999
  Francesca was about to suggest a place for them to meet when Gregory knocked something over. Olivia convinced Francesca that she was alone -- after all, who would she tell that she's having conversations with a dead woman. When Bette came home, she demanded to know who they had been on the phone with. Gregory told Bette that they were on a conference call, and then wouldn't say anything more.

Tess pulled an address book out of her purse, and made a call. She told whoever it was that she needed his/her help -- fast. Ben told Meg that she would change her mind once Maria got her memory back, because then Maria, Benjy and Tess would move out of the house. He also said that he felt that Benjy's coldness toward her stemmed from picking up on Maria's discomfort. When Tess said that she had to go somewhere, Meg offered to watch Benjy. Meg told Ben and Tess that she'd be taking Benjy to the beach, because she had to meet with Casey there. Tess called Tim and arranged to meet him for a walk on the beach. While she was under hypnosis, Maria said that she wasn't sick in the memory -- she'd had a accident, and thought that maybe she had hurt Benjy in the accident. Maria also realized that she couldn't trust Tess. While Meg and Casey met, Benjy went off by himself to play. A passing surfer warned Tess that it was too dangerous to go in the water. With a look at Casey, Tess went in anyway. From the water, Tess cried out for help. While everyone's attention was on Tess, a man with binoculars walked toward Meg. When Ben suggested that he and Sara work together to make Meg happy, Sara said that Tess was the cause of all of their problems.

Rather than tell Ricardo the truth, Gabi told him that she didn't love him, but he didn't believe her. When Gabi laid it on more thickly, Ricardo asked her who the other man that she was leaving him for was. Antonio went to meet with a parishioner. He told his mother not to bother Ricardo and Gabi. Carmen left to bother Ricardo and Gabi. After Ricardo gave up on getting Gabi to tell the truth, Carmen came by to gloat. Gabi told Carmen that at least during her childhood, she had known that Lorenzo was a monster, but that Ricardo, Antonio and Maria would have to learn that she was a monster for themselves, and once they did, she'd be alone. Ricardo told Antonio that he lifted Gabi's car keys to keep her in town a little longer. Ricardo hypothesized that there was another man in Gabi's life and Gabi told him that she didn't love him to spare him the pain of telling him the truth. Antonio admitted that there was another man in Gabi's life.


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