April 1, 1999


When Ricardo asked Gabi why she didn't tell him that she spoke to Francesca, Gabi swore that she didn't speak to Francesca. Ricardo said that Francesca was on for several minutes, wondering who she spoke to. Finally, Antonio claimed that he, not Gabi, was the one who talked to Francesca. Sean told Caitlin that they both knew that Olivia wasn't the person who killed Francesca. Caitlin told him that Olivia wanted to keep her from ever seeing Trey again. Bette asked Olivia how she could take Trey from Caitlin after letting Caitlin have Trey for so long. Ricardo came to talk to Olivia about her gun, saying that the gun they found in Cole's car was Olivia's but that it wasn't the murder weapon. While Olivia protested that she hadn't touched the gun in months, Caitlin arrived and told him that Francesca told her that Olivia had threatened her with that gun. Ricardo told Olivia that even if she didn't kill Francesca with that particular gun, it didn't mean that she didn't use another gun to do it. Amy overheard him saying that he believed that Olivia killed Francesca. When Annie awoke from her "Murderer for a Day" nightmare, she decided to find someone else to take the blame for the murder. Gabi found an answering machine tape. Rather than getting rid of it immediately, she stopped to listen to it. Sister Bertrille told Antonio how she appreciated his sermon on honesty. While praying in front of a statue of he Virgin Mary, he imagined Francesca there, taunting him about how he wouldn't be able to be honest with Ricardo until he stopped loving Gabi.

Maria admitted that she must have had a reason for keeping Benjy a secret from Ben. Maria asked Tess to tell her all of the truth. Ben told Meg that he was never going to deny that Benjy is his son.

April 2, 1999
  Caitlin fantasized about being the chief witness against her mother. She bumped into Cole, who admitted that he was following her. When he tried to explain why Olivia was behaving the way she was, Caitlin realized that he'd been eavesdropping on her confrontation with Olivia at Gregory's house. Caitlin said that she didn't want him arrested for breaking and entering if Gregory ever found out that Cole had been in his house. Caitlin said that she was helping Gregory because he could help her keep Trey. Ricardo asked Amy if she saw anyone else in the house the night that Francesca was shot. She said that she saw Olivia in the house at the time that Francesca was shot, but Ricardo didn't believe her. They stepped outside. He told her that if she was lying, he'd have to arrest her as an accessory after the fact. Amy stuck to her story. Ricardo cautioned Olivia and Amy to not leave town. When they were alone, Amy told Olivia that she would keep providing an alibi, as long as Olivia provides her with a home. She also told Olivia to put in a good word for her with Sean. Amy left a message on Brad's answering machine saying that they need to get their alibis for the night that Francesca was shot straight. Emily was miffed that Sean was moving back in with Gregory, but she calmed down when he said that he did it to support Caitlin. Emily asked Sean if he still thought that she was angry at him for helping Caitlin get Trey. She said that she had never been angry with him, just stunned, because she was separated from Bette for so much of her life, and she projected her feelings into the situation. Caitlin decided to make sure that Ricardo only suspected Olivia in Francesca's murder. Ricardo questioned Brad abut Amy's alibi.

When Sara explained that she thought that Maria and Tess doctored the test results, Casey defended Maria. Sara told him that she was going to do anything she could to keep Ben and Meg together, and Casey told her to keep her nose out of others' business. Casey told Sara that Meg didn't need any more pressure from her family, no matter how well they mean. Hank and Joan tried to keep calm when Meg told them that Benjy was moving in with them, but Hank couldn't resist telling Meg to move back in with them. Meg confessed to Casey that she wished that Ben and Maria hadn't had a child together. Ben told Meg that he wanted Benjy to live there with them. Maria denied that she had been afraid of Ben, and insisted that Tess tell her why she'd keep Benjy's existence a secret. Meg asked Ben if he thought that Maria would approve of his proposed living arrangements. Ben also said that it would be best for Tess to live with them for a while. Tess suggested that perhaps whatever made Maria afraid of Ben happened during the time that she still can't remember. Even though she still had doubts, Meg told Ben that it would be fine with her for Benjy to move in with them. When Tess asked why she didn't go after Ben, Maria told her that Ben didn't love her, he loved Meg, and that nothing would change that. Maria agreed that Benjy should move in with him -- as long as she does, too.
April 5, 1999

Meg told Sara that Maria would still be part of Benjy's life. Sara asked Meg if she's sure that Tess and Maria didn't fix the paternity test. Meg asked Sara why she was so concerned -- like she had a stake in this herself -- and asked her to leave her alone. Sara had a "That Girl" fantasy, which ended in Casey and Meg running off together. Meg tried to make Hank understand that helping Ben make a home for Benjy is the right thing for her to do. Ben tried to convince Maria that it would be a mistake for her to move in with them, but she claimed that everything changed when she found out about Benjy. Ben said that since he missed out on the first five years of his son's life, he thought that Maria might be more flexible, but Maria refused to budge. She said that if she can't move in with them, she'll take Benjy away with her. Ben gave in -- saying that he'd have to talk to Meg and that they'd have to set up some ground rules. Maria started getting carried away with the idea of how to decorate Benjy's room, but Ben told her that Meg might have some ideas. Meg walked in just as the pair shared a lighthearted moment. When Ben told her that Maria would be moving in with them, Meg admitted that she wasn't thrilled, but said that it was that only thing they could do.

Annie overheard a conversation between Gregory and Les Gordon, Olivia's lawyer. Caitlin couldn't wait to tell Gregory that Ricardo was questioning Olivia. She told Gregory that there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to keep Trey. Gregory asked if Caitlin knew anything incriminating about Olivia. When Les called Olivia, she told him that she had a lot of evidence that would prove that Gregory was unfit, as well. Sean asked Olivia if she shot Francesca. To escape from Sean's accusations, Olivia relied on Amy's alibi. Sean offered to help Trey move in with Olivia. Olivia and Sean arrived to pick up Trey. Caitlin begged Gregory not to let Olivia take Trey away. When Gregory told Caitlin that they had a court order that granted temporary joint custody to Olivia, Caitlin reluctantly let her mother have the baby. Caitlin asked how Sean could take Olivia's side, and he said that if they'd known that Trey was Olivia's child, Trey and Olivia would have been together a long time ago. Annie decided that if she could get Trey away from Olivia, Gregory would forgive her. AJ and Cole had a confrontation about Olivia. Vanessa asked if either of them had a statement that they wanted to make to the press. AJ asked Cole to move back in with him until he and Caitlin are able to reconcile. Cole was served with a restraining order to keep him away from Trey. Cole vowed that Olivia wasn't going to get away with this. When AJ told Cole that his past will cause him to lose Trey, Cole left.

Vanessa and Michael met for a date. Tyus asked why Vanessa wasn't pressing charges against Dr. Green. She said that he was as much a victim of Virginia as the rest of them were. Tyus' appearance put a damper on their reunion. She asked if her lie was always going to come between them. Michael told Vanessa that he thought it was worth trying to get back what they lost.

When Emily said that she thought that she was losing Sean, Bette said that she'd throw a romantic dinner for her daughter and her boyfriend. Bette and Emily left for the grocery store. Someone put a gun behind one of the cushions on the sofa.

April 6, 1999
  AJ rescued Caitlin from reporters asking her questions about Francesca's murder. Sean told Emily that he'd have to get back to her about her dinner invitation. Cole cornered Sean to tell him that Olivia had a restraining order on him, saying that Olivia will pay -- permanently. Sean lost his temper at Cole for sleeping with Olivia. Cole reminded Sean that if Olivia wins full custody, she'll keep Caitlin from ever seeing Trey again. Cole refused to answer when Sean asked if he killed Francesca. He said that if he wasn't able to be there for Caitlin, Sean should be. Sean accepted Emily's dinner invitation. Bette said that she saw someone skulking around the house the night before. Amy demanded that Olivia give her an excuse to horn in on Sean and Emily's dinner. Olivia convinced Bette to make Emily and Sean's romantic dinner into a family dinner. Amy wondered where Brad has been. AJ told Caitlin that Gregory was finally successful at destroying her faith in Cole, and Caitlin responded that Gregory didn't do it by himself. When Caitlin told him that Olivia threatened Francesca with a gun, AJ asked if she really believed that Olivia was capable of killing Francesca. Annie overheard Cole telling his attorney that he wanted to request a new paternity test. After thinking that Antonio was there to see her, Ricardo told Gabi that he was there to see him. He told Antonio that he wanted him to see a videotape that had some of his finest moments on it. It turned out that the videotape was of old home movies of them as kids. He said that he had hoped to ask Antonio to stand up for him at the wedding, but it didn't seem fair to keep Antonio to himself, since Antonio and Gabi are so close. So that he could be there for both Gabi and Ricardo, Ricardo asked Antonio to perform the ceremony. Antonio accepted. Gabi told Antonio that she's come up with a way out for them. Brad was brought in for questioning, and then they wouldn't let him leave. When Amy came to sign her statement, Ricardo put her in a room with Brad.
April 7, 1999
  When Brad admitted that he hadn't seen Olivia before they arrived at Grenadine's, Amy admitted that she had lied and told Ricardo that Olivia had pressured her into lying. Amy identified the necklace he found in Francesca's room as belonging to Bette. Ricardo got an anonymous tip telling him that the gun was at Olivia's house. AJ told Olivia that he knew that she threatened Francesca with a gun. When Olivia pointed out that the gun she used wasn't the murder weapon, he reminded her that the murder weapon still hadn't been found. Olivia bragged about her alibi, and AJ reminded her that he saw her at the hotel that night. When AJ admitted that he'd do anything to keep Cole out of jail, Olivia made him admit that their confrontation wasn't about his broken heart. Sean said that he and Emily needed some time alone together, so they left. Bette found the gun. While holding the gun, Bette remembered all of the times that Olivia threatened Francesca. Olivia came home and found Bette holding the gun. Bette admitted that she believed that Olivia was the killer.

Gabi suggested that Antonio listen to the answering machine tape. Carmen arrived to talk to her children about Benjy. Gabi told Carmen that the tape was about a police matter regarding one of Antonio's youth outreach children. Antonio tried to take Carmen home, but Carmen came back to ask Gabi what it would take to make her leave town forever, because she knew that Gabi loved another man. She guessed that Gabi slept with the other man. Gabi threw Carmen out, telling her that she loves her son. Cole asked Antonio if he'd ever done the wrong thing, but that he'd do it all over again. He left, saying that Antonio would never understand. Gabi came to listen to the tape, and burst into tears.

Cole's attorney reminded him that his goal should be to keep in permanent contact with Trey. Annie told Cole that if he persisted in getting another paternity test, Caitlin would break down and he'd lose any chance he had of getting back together with her. Annie decided that she had to stop Cole before he ordered a new paternity test. Sean was full of self-recrimination regarding his role in Trey's kidnapping. Emily told him that he was beating himself up for nothing.
April 8, 1999
  Sara overheard Hank asking Casey to invite Meg to move back into Surf Central. Sara confessed to Joan about her suspicions regarding Tess's honesty. Maria and Meg had a confrontation when Maria was moving in. Maria left, taking Tess and Benjy to meet Carmen, allowing Ben and Meg to have some time alone. Meg told Ben that she didn't think that she had to like the fact that Maria was moving in. When Sara came over, she resisted the temptation to tell Meg her suspicions about Tess. When she heard Ben confronting Sara, Meg told him not to say anything more to her family, because the Cummingses were already edgy enough, without being put on the defensive. She said that her family doesn't see his choice as between her and Benjy, but between her and Maria, again. Tess caught Sara snooping around in her room.

Olivia admitted that her alibi was false and that she was in the hotel that night, but denied that she shot Francesca. Bette realized that someone broke into the house and planted the gun there. Olivia suggested that the real killer was trying to frame her and realized that whoever planted the gun was certain to tell the police. When Emily returned home, Bette and Olivia hurriedly hid the gun. She was confused when the pair said that it was fine with them if she stayed out with Sean a while longer. They were about to go out to lose the gun at sea when Ricardo arrived. He broke down the door and demanded to know what they were hiding.

Gabi told Antonio about her confrontation with Carmen. The radio station that Gabi heard on the phone call can't be heard in Sunset Beach, so Gabi thought that Francesca might have been calling from the mountains. They looked at a map for places in the mountains where Francesca might have had a cabin. Carmen walked in while Gabi and Antonio were hugging.

Carmen was reading the cards to see who the other man in Gabi's life was when Maria arrived with Benjy. Maria asked her mother what she felt, because she didn't hug Benjy when she first met him. Carmen protested that she didn't want to overwhelm Benjy on their first meeting. Carmen told Maria that she didn't trust Gabi, and that she never would.
April 9, 1999
  When Tess caught her snooping, Sara apologized, saying that she didn't know that it was Tess's room. Tess asked what she was doing with the box. Sara asked Tess where she was from originally. When Tess got defensive, Sara left the room. Maria and Meg had a confrontation about whether Maria's using Benjy to hang on to Ben. Maria and Tess compared notes about Sara. Maria said that Sara thought that Tess and she cooked up Benjy to separate Ben and Meg. Maria decided to find out why Sara acted like she had a stake in Ben and Meg's relationship. Ben tried to speak to Meg about the Maria situation. When Ben was called away, Maria arrived to get some things straightened out.

Bette and Olivia claimed to be outraged at Ricardo's intrusion. Ricardo told them that Amy had recanted Olivia's alibi. When the search turned up nothing, Ricardo threatened to take them to the station. Gregory came bearing an envelope. He told Cole that if he had an ounce of compassion, he'd open it. The envelope contained a one-way ticket to anywhere. Gregory reminded Cole that he ruined his relationship with Caitlin by himself. Annie had a Wheel of Fortune fantasy. She lost. Cole and Tyus discussed the possibility of running another paternity test. Tyus refused to perform the test. While Olivia and Bette protest Olivia's innocence, Ricardo pulled Bette's necklace out of its plastic bag. Gabi called Antonio to tell him that she had Francesca's credit card records and to say that she'd bring them over so that they could look at them. Bette suggested that she might have dropped the necklace the day she saw AJ strangling Francesca. Olivia realized that Ricardo really does suspect her. Olivia flashed back to them hiding the gun inside the turkey. Brad tore a piece from the turkey, revealing the gun.

Antonio told Carmen that Gabi came to him for comfort because of her confrontation with Carmen. Carmen guessed that Gabi was actually there confessing her sin to Antonio. He told his mother that nothing would change Gabi and Ricardo's devotion to each other.

Annie asked Carmen to do a reading for her. Carmen said that Annie would fly to the future on the wings of a bird.
April 12, 1999
  Maria told Meg that she was willing to take Benjy and move out. Caitlin walked in while the pair were arguing. She said that she couldn't stop thinking of Trey as her son, which helped Meg and Maria focus on what's really important -- Benjy. When Gregory got a phone call that Olivia was taken in for questioning, he told Ben that he wasn't surprised. Even though Gregory explained the problems he's been having with Olivia, Ben didn't believe that she was capable of murder. Maria and Meg reminisced about the friendship they had formed the previous summer and both resolved to do whatever they could to make their current situation work. Ben walked in while they were hugging, and they told him that they realized that they had to provide a safe, loving home for Benjy. When Gregory told Caitlin that the police took Olivia in for questioning about Francesca's murder, she realized that Olivia may never get Trey back. Gregory told Caitlin that he had one more card to play that would ensure that they would win custody of Trey. When Maria saw Ben kissing Meg, she admitted to herself that she loved him more now than she ever did before.

Carmen didn't have any more information than that Annie would fly to the future on the wings of a bird. Annie told her that she was desperate to know if she has a future and prompted Carmen to read further. The next cards caused Carmen to warn Annie that she was in serious trouble and that she needed to be careful. When Carmen left the room, Annie pondered the information that Carmen gave her, and wished that the cards could talk, so they do, with Gregory and Cole's voices. The next two cards she turned over were the Truth card and the Executioner. Annie needed to talk to someone, and the next card, the Queen of Pentacles, gave her the answer she sought -- Bette. When Amy and Brad told them that their mothers had been taken down to the station, Sean and Emily left. Amy and Brad followed, so that Amy could defend herself when Sean found out that she lied. Cole arrived with Trey's teddy bear. When no one came to the door, he broke in, left the teddy bear, and left. Annie saw him leaving the house and wondered what he had been up to. When Annie wondered if Bette's turkey was the bird in Carmen's prediction, she saw the gun hidden inside it. Ricardo was questioning Olivia and Bette when Les came to their rescue. Les told Ricardo that he didn't have enough to hold Olivia and Bette, because there were other suspects that looked just as guilty. Ricardo released them, but warned them that they weren't to leave town. While Ricardo was present, Brad told them that he had started eating the turkey.
April 13, 1999

Casey told Michael that he fell in love with Sara the day he saved her from drowning.

Michael admitted that he still loved Vanessa, but said that he didn't know if he could trust her again. Michael and Vanessa arrived to meet someone for an interview, who turned out to be each other.

Gabi brought the credit card records to Antonio. The first place that Gabi tried to reach was a realtor. Gabi realized that the realtor might be the person who rented the cabin to Francesca. Cole accused Vanessa of possibly destroying the two people he loved most in the world because of her inclusion of Caitlin as a suspect in her story about Francesca's murder. She said that she didn't single Caitlin out, because she included Gregory and Olivia as suspects as well. When Cole promised her that Caitlin didn't do it, she asked if he knew who did. Vanessa told him that she, too, has lost a child and the person she loved at the same time, and often wishes that she could go back and fix things. Cole left. Gregory handed Caitlin an envelope that contained papers for her to divorce Cole. Gregory told Caitlin that if she wanted Trey, she'd have to dissolve her marriage to the ex-jewel thief. She asked for some time to think about it. In the middle of the murder investigation, Gregory reassigned Vanessa to the Life and Styles section. She was infuriated, but had to accept it because of her contract. Annie realized that the gun she found in the turkey must be the murder weapon. Deciding to turn Olivia in, she called Ricardo. As Ricardo picked up the phone, Annie realized that she was about to incriminate herself. She wiped her fingerprints off and stuffed the gun back into the turkey. She wondered if when Cole left, he might have just finished planting the gun himself. Annie realized that she might be saved if Cole went to prison, because then Gregory wouldn't have any reason to divorce her. When he overheard them discussing the turkey, Ricardo decided that they could have hidden the gun inside it. Someone showed Vanessa's article to Casey. Caitlin reminisced about the first time she and Cole made love. Gabi and Antonio said that Francesca recommended the cabin and begged her to show it to them. The realtor thought that Gabi and Antonio were looking for a place to honeymoon and offered to show it to them immediately. When she left the room, one of Antonio's former parishioners came in. The realtor overheard their meeting, and asked why she called him "Father." By the time Ricardo got there, Annie had left with the gun.

April 14, 1999
  Michael suggested that Vanessa might have taken the assignment in order to talk to him, because he knew that she was too good to really have been assigned to their story. He told her how flattered he was that she went to the effort to arrange the interview. She asked him where he got such a big ego, telling him the truth about why she was interviewing him - her demotion for her article on Francesca's murder. He apologized for the misunderstanding. They both realized how little they know about each other's lives these days. After she concluded the interview, she suggested a follow up interview later -- at night, in a private place where they wouldn't have any interruptions. Michael happily agreed.

Ricardo told Olivia and Bette that he had thought that the gun was in the turkey, but he was mistaken. When Sean defended his mother, Ricardo tried to explain that he was doing his job. Ruiz told Ricardo that the call they'd received about the murder had originated from Olivia's house. Olivia dodged Sean's questions about why Ricardo was questioning her. Emily told Bette that she and Sean were able to work out their problems. Olivia berated Amy for getting her into trouble. However, she said that she'd forgive Amy when she explained that she did it because she wants to be with Sean more than anything, and asked Olivia if there was anyone that she'd ever wanted that badly. However, Olivia still wanted Amy to move out. Bette told Olivia that the gun had disappeared from the turkey. Annie threw herself at Gregory, who compared her to a prostitute. Annie had a fantasy about burning Cole at the stake, and how once Cole took the fall, she'd get Gregory back. Annie pretended to be a famous model and tried to butter up the maid to let her into AJ's room. When the maid refused, Annie distracted her and lifted her key. She hid the gun in the pocket of Cole's coat. AJ returned home just as she was about to make her escape. Annie hid on the balcony. Ricardo followed AJ into the room.

June asked if Antonio was a priest and why Antonio and Gabi were willing to let her believe a lie in order to see Francesca's cabin. Gabi responded that Antonio left the church for her. June said that she understood the love that Antonio and Gabi felt for each other and gave them the key to the cabin. Gabi explained to a miffed Antonio that she told the lie for Ricardo's sake. They found several surveillance cameras, but no videotape. Antonio reassured Gabi that they'd find the tape. Antonio told her that they made a good team. Antonio went to start the car, but returned saying that they weren't going anywhere.

Cole told Caitlin that he still loved her, but that if she wanted to end their relationship, it would be forever, because he'd never look back. He asked what if there was a chance for them. Caitlin and Cole realized that this was the biggest test of their relationship, and wondered if they'd be up to this one. They realized that this was their first problem that came from within their relationship, not from outside of it. Caitlin asked Cole if he ever would have told her about sleeping with Olivia. He protested that he was just trying to protect her, so she told him that she was trying to protect him, too. She left. Caitlin asked her father to make her pain go away, but he said that he couldn't do anything until she signed the divorce papers. He told her that he hadn't wanted to divorce Olivia, but that he had to do it to save their family, promising her that he and she would start a new family with Trey.
April 15, 1999
  When Casey told Meg that he found out that The Liberty Corporation has been dumping more waste into the bay than the EPA allowed, she was stunned to she realize that she hadn't checked the reports in three weeks. She promised that she'd straighten it out. She called Ben to tell him that they needed to have a meeting right away. When Ben reminded Maria that he had said that their situation wouldn't be perfect, she said that she and Meg were willing to put aside their differences, but he wasn't sure if they'd be able to. Benjy blamed Meg because Ben had to go to work, but Maria calmed him by reminding him that his uncles would be coming over to see him. Joan ordered extra mint chocolate chip ice cream because it's Benjy's favorite, which set Hank off. When Tim left early, Joan said that she hoped that Tim wasn't planning to chase after Meg again. Hank asked if Ben has treated Meg much better than Tim did. After Meg and Casey filled Ben and Gregory in on the situation, Gregory and Casey went to talk to the construction director. When Ben excused himself to see Benjy, Meg got angry at him for not helping her, but Ben suspected that she was really angry at him for wanting to spend time with his son. Ben asked Meg just to tell him why she was angry at him. Tim met Tess.

When Caitlin was reluctant to sign the divorce papers, Gregory used Cole's affair with Olivia to persuade her. She gave in, but after Gregory left for the Liberty Corporation meeting, Caitlin had doubts about divorcing Cole. AJ tried to persuade Caitlin to give her love for Cole another chance.

Annie overheard Ricardo telling AJ that the gun used to kill Francesca was the same caliber as AJ's gun - which he allegedly lost. After Ricardo left, Annie sneaked out. The maid caught her and, telling her that she knew that Annie had stolen her key, threatened to ask AJ about her. Annie subtly dropped the key on the floor and pretended to find it. The maid apologized and left. Annie decided to use the voice distorter that Gregory used to blackmail her to tip off Ricardo. While waiting for Cole, Caitlin found the gun.

Antonio and Gabi realized that none of their neighbors were there. Antonio offered to walk into town, but Gabi begged him not to go. Antonio decided that they'd have to spend the night. When Antonio was unable to find any dry wood to build a fire with, they realized that they'd have to share their body heat to keep warm. Maria and Ricardo met. Ricardo commented on the fact that Antonio and Gabi hadn't made it yet. Ricardo told Maria that Antonio would be performing his wedding to Gabi. The patrons were held up at gunpoint. Annie arrived, and set off the robber, who pulled the trigger. Ricardo stepped in front of Annie.
April 16, 1999
  After Cole arrived, he told Caitlin that he was glad that Francesca was dead, because her death will give them a chance to get back together. She blurted out that she was divorcing him. Caitlin and Cole were arguing when the police arrived to search for the gun.

After the robber shot Ricardo, he took off. Maria ran to her brother to try to stop the bleeding while they waited for the ambulance. Gabi and Antonio wondered how they were going to explain to Ricardo where they were all night. When Gabi suggested that they could tell Ricardo that they got snowed in helping a former parishioner, Antonio said that they were becoming good liars. Gabi told Antonio how much Ricardo meant to her. He asked if she loved Ricardo because she loved him or because she felt obligated to him. Gabi told Antonio that she thought that love was wanting someone in your life and feeling empty when they're not there. Antonio asked if she was talking about her feelings for Ricardo, or for him. She said that she loved Ricardo and planned to marry him, and he asked if she was going to continue denying what they felt for each other.

When Meg admitted that she was angry with Ben, he realized that Meg had been wonderfully supportive through everything and decided to make the hardship up to her. Ben and Meg were about to make love when Annie called with news about Ricardo's shooting. Tim apologized for Tess's cool reception by the residents of Sunset Beach, and told her that he wanted to thank her for bringing Benjy back to Ben and Maria. Although Tim told Tess that he was happy for Maria's sake, he pumped her for information about the effect Benjy's arrival had on Meg, which aroused Tess's suspicions. Joan arrived and told them about Ricardo being shot. Maria told Annie that she'd been unable to reach either Gabi or Antonio. Annie was miffed when Meg arrived with Ben. Maria and Annie told them about how Ricardo took the bullet for Annie. After Meg left to get some water for Maria, Maria called Carmen, and told Ben that Carmen said that she'd seen heartache in Ricardo's future, but that she hadn't guessed it would be this. She broke down in Ben's arms. Ben was holding her when Meg returned. Using the voice distorter, Annie tipped the police off that the gun was in Cole's room from a pay phone, but she dropped her handkerchief while there. Meanwhile, Tyus operated to remove the bullet. Ricardo flatlined during the surgery.
April 19, 1999
  When Gabi asked Antonio if he still loved her, he said that he's committed to the church. He went on to say how easy it would be to give in to his feelings for her. She said that she can't marry Ricardo knowing how she and Antonio feel about each other. She said that she had to tell Ricardo the truth, because Ricardo needs a woman who loves him with her whole heart and soul. He said that they'd tell him the truth together.

Casey gave Sara tickets to an Alanis Morrisette concert. When she suggested that she could take him out to dinner to thank him, he told her that he had to see Meg. Sara told him that his involvement in Meg's life had to stop. Casey reassured Sara that his need to see Meg is purely business -- related to the Liberty Corporation problem. She persuaded him to make it up to her. Joan sent Tim and Tess to the hospital, offering to keep an eye on Benjy. Annie needled Meg about Ben and Maria's closeness. When the nurse returned her handkerchief, Annie panicked at the thought that she might have overheard her call. Meg interrogated Annie about why she was so tense when she thought that the nurse had overheard her conversation. Tyus successfully removed the bullet. Carmen arrived, berating herself because she should have warned Ricardo about the danger that he was in. Tess was surprised when Ben referred to Meg as Tim's ex-fiancee. When Tess asked why he didn't tell her the whole truth, Tim said that if he'd admitted that he had been close with Meg, she would have thought that he was on Meg's side, not Maria's. Tess refused to speak to him anymore. Tyus told the others that Ricardo was out of danger for the moment, and that Carmen and Maria could see him once he was out of recovery. Meg said that she should go home, and Ben said that he needed to stay and give the police a statement, since the shooting happened at the Java Web. When Ben said that he thought they could be friends, now that they have a child together, Maria told him that they couldn't still be friends. Casey and Sara arrived for his meeting with Meg. Hank laid into Meg for leaving Ben at the hospital with Maria. The yelling woke Benjy up. Benjy asked Meg why she was living there, since she wasn't one of his parents.

Spence and Ruiz told Cole that they had a search warrant for the gun that was used to kill Francesca. While they searched the room, Cole called his attorney. Caitlin was looking for a new hiding place for the gun when Spence caught her. Annie had a fantasy about watching as Spence arrested Cole.
April 20, 1999
  Gregory was surprised when Olivia walked in while he was telling Rose that she wasn't going to be able to see Trey that day. Olivia told Bette that she suspected that Gregory put the gun in her house to frame her, but that she didn't have any proof. Bette suggested that Olivia should concentrate on figuring out who removed the gun from the house, rather than who hid it there. Olivia swore to Gregory that she'd raise Trey herself, away from Gregory's influence. Olivia said that since Gregory had won Caitlin to his side, she wouldn't fight him for Caitlin if he'd let her have their son. Olivia begged Gregory to let her have Trey, and not take his hatred of her out on the baby. Olivia threatened to kill Gregory, which prompted him to tell her that proves that she's unfit to raise Trey. Spence took the gun from Caitlin, asking if she had a permit for it. When AJ came home, Annie, fearing that he would convince the police to let Cole go, stopped him. She asked AJ to join her for a drink, but AJ figured out that she was trying to keep him from going upstairs. When Spence asked if Caitlin found the gun in the room, she said that she wanted to make a statement. Cole, Caitlin, Spence and Ruiz came down the elevator and left for the police station. Cole asked AJ to call a lawyer for Caitlin. Cole asked AJ why the gun was in his hotel room, and if it was his. The DA came in to speak to Caitlin. Caitlin claimed, on tape, that the gun was hers. When Ruiz came in with the results of the ballistics test, the DA suggested that Caitlin needed a lawyer. When she refused, Ruiz read her rights. AJ and Cole saw Annie eavesdropping and demanded to know what she was doing there. The DA told Caitlin that the gun she had been holding was the murder weapon. Spence called to tell Gregory that they were questioning Caitlin.

When Vanessa was out of sorts when Michael arrived for his interview, he commiserated with her on her recent demotion. When she said that no one will hear the truth because Gregory will just print what he wants to print, Michael pointed out to Vanessa that there were a lot of other newspapers that she could shop the story to.

Amy told Sean and Emily that Olivia had kicked her out, and asked where she was going to live now. Emily suggested to Sean that Amy could move into the Richards' house temporarily until they could come up with something better. Sean offered to let Amy move in with his family. When Emily updated Bette on Amy's situation, Bette was aghast that Amy was moving into the Richards' house. She asked how Emily could let her do that after everything Amy did to her, and Emily responded that she felt bad for Amy.
April 21, 1999
  Ben and Tess arrived. Benjy interrupted before Meg could tell him that he'd given her trouble, telling Ben that Meg had been mean to him. Ben easily pieced together the facts of what happened between Benjy and Meg -- that Benjy wanted to stay up, and he got angry with Meg for making him go back to bed. Tess took Benjy up to bed. Tess apologized to Meg for leaving Meg to handle Benjy alone. She explained that it took a long time for Benjy to accept her putting him to bed, instead of Maria, and said that Benjy will accept her in time. Benjy asked Ben if he was going to send him away. Meg watched Ben reassuring him that nothing was going to separate them.

Caitlin confessed to killing Francesca, telling the DA that she killed Francesca because she'd kidnapped Trey. The DA asked why she'd kill the only person in the world who knew where her son was. She said that it was a crime of passion. Then the DA asked her where she got the gun. The DA said that she wasn't convinced by Caitlin's confession. Caitlin asked for a pen and paper so that she could write out what happened, claiming that this would end the DA's doubts. The DA read Caitlin's statement and asked her if it was the truth. Annie lied and said that her curiosity had been piqued when she saw Caitlin being taken out by the police, but AJ and Cole didn't believe her. Cole threatened to kill Annie. Gregory, Olivia and Bette arrived, and Spence told them that the gun that they caught Caitlin with was the murder weapon. Despite the fact that Spence told Gregory that Caitlin waived her right to an attorney, Chief Harris agreed to let Gregory represent Caitlin, so Spence took him into the interrogation room. Bette suggested that perhaps Caitlin took the gun out of her house in an attempt to divert suspicion from Olivia. When Gregory came in, she said that Caitlin's confession was rock-solid. He told the others that Caitlin had confessed. When the DA asked Caitlin if there was anything she wanted to add, Caitlin said that every word was the truth. AJ and Gregory confronted Annie about what she knew about Caitlin's confession. Cole begged Caitlin to change her mind about her confession.

Carmen told Maria that she knew that Gabi was with the other man, which made Maria flash back to Antonio's confession that he loved Gabi. Maria worried when Carmen said that she would have to confront Ricardo with the proof of his betrayal and swore that she'd not let Gabi come back and convince Ricardo that she was there all night. Gabi told Antonio that if they hadn't been trapped together, they might have kept lying to Ricardo. A passerby offered to jump their car. While Antonio was outside, Gabi imagined how badly the scene where she tells Ricardo about her encounter with Antonio would go. When Antonio returned, he asked if she'd changed her mind about telling Ricardo the truth, but she admitted that she had second thoughts, but that she hadn't changed her mind. While he was praying, Maria came in and asked Antonio if they were alone or if he was with Gabi. Gabi came home to find Carmen waiting for her.
April 22, 1999
  After sending Spence after the DA, Bette and Olivia practiced their story. Olivia worried that Caitlin might have planted the gun in her house to begin with, but Bette talked her out of it. Caitlin told Cole that she was in the process of planting the gun in his room when she was caught, so that once he'd been sent to prison, she'd never have to think about him again. Cole insisted that Caitlin was incapable of hating someone like she claimed to hate him and Francesca. Before Ruiz took her down to book her, Caitlin left her wedding ring on the table. As he took Caitlin past Olivia and Bette, Ruiz told them that she confessed to the murder. Olivia demanded to speak to the DA. Gregory took Annie into an interrogation room and demanded that she tell him what she did to Caitlin, telling her that he knew for a fact that Caitlin didn't kill Francesca, because Caitlin was incapable of murder. Gregory accused Cole of killing Francesca. Olivia accused the DA of forcing Caitlin to confess, and then she offered to prove that Caitlin's confession was a lie. The two women told the DA that they had the gun between the murder and Caitlin being caught with it, but the DA still believed that Caitlin was the murderer. Ruiz locked Caitlin up.

Ricardo dreamed that Gabi was by his bedside, but awoke and found he was mistaken. When Carmen pulled out her cards to get the truth from them, Gabi told Carmen that she was in the mountains with Antonio and that they got snowed in. Gabi asked Carmen where Ricardo was. Carmen told her that Ricardo had been shot. When Antonio admitted that he was with Gabi, Maria became upset. She asked him if he and Gabi had made love. He assured her that nothing happened between him and Gabi, they were in the mountains and got caught in a snowstorm. Antonio reassured Maria that he wasn't having an affair with Gabi -- they only made love once after the explosion. He said that they planned to tell Ricardo the truth, but she said that they couldn't tell Ricardo that night, because he had been shot. Gabi arrived to see Ricardo. He begged her to promise that she would never leave him, because he realized how much he needed her when he was shot. Carmen told Maria that the cards had been mistaken when they said that Gabi was with her lover -- she'd been with Antonio. Antonio overheard Gabi telling Ricardo that she'd always love him, and that there was nothing she wanted more than to spend the rest of her life with him.
April 23, 1999
  Benjy told Maria that Meg didn't want him there. When she asked him why, he said that he wanted to stay up past his bedtime, but Meg wouldn't let him. Maria suggested to Ben and Meg that they set down some ground rules. As Ben and Meg were about to leave for work, Maria said that she wanted to visit Ricardo in the hospital, so Ben offered to take Benjy to the office with them. Bette met Benjy for the first time. Meg, out of sorts from watching Bette fawning over Benjy, told Casey that he'd just have to deal with his misgivings about the pollution that the Liberty Corporation did. Meg told Casey that Benjy hated her and berated herself for being upset about Benjy wanting his family to be together. Ben watched Casey comforting her.

Gabi admitted that she wasn't there during his surgery. She told him that she and Antonio were together. She said that they had gone up to Big Bear to see a parishioner and they got snowed in. When they were alone, Gabi told Antonio that it wasn't the right time to tell Ricardo the truth. Antonio told her that he had overheard her telling Ricardo that she'd never leave him. When Gabi told Antonio that she still loved Ricardo, he asked if that would be the best thing for Ricardo. Maria reminded Antonio that whether to tell Ricardo wasn't just Gabi's decision to make. When Ricardo said that he didn't want to get married in July, Gabi interpreted it as not wanting to marry her ever. However, he meant that he wanted to marry her right away.

When Cole grabbed Olivia hard enough to hurt her, Bette threatened to call the police on him if he touched her again. When he asked about her confession that she had the gun, Olivia told Cole that it disappeared from the turkey where she'd hid it. Olivia told Bette that Cole accused her of killing Francesca and setting up Caitlin to take the fall. Bette suggested that Caitlin might be the killer. Gregory demanded that Caitlin tell him the truth. Gregory told Caitlin that he knew that Cole killed Francesca, and that when she found out about it, she decided to take the fall herself. Gregory asked Caitlin if she's thought what this would do to Trey. Gregory told Caitlin what it would be like to spend the rest of her life in prison. He really got to her when he told her that Trey would grow up never knowing her, except from visitation days. She refused to recant her confession and sent him away. Caitlin was startled when Sean told her that the gun wasn't hers. He tried to talk her into recanting her confession, but she asked him to leave. He vowed that he'd fight for her -- whether she wanted him to or not. Cole came to see Caitlin.

Amy fantasized that Olivia took away all of Amy's style because Amy took away her alibi. However, Sean's love gave it back to her. Sean arrived, and Amy ran to him, thanking him for saving her. However, she caught herself and said that she meant that he'd saved her from a life on the streets, and he told her that it was Emily's idea.
April 26, 1999
  Tess came to pick up Benjy, and ran into Sara while she was there. When Sara asked what she was up to, Tess refused to answer. Instead, she said that Tim tried to get her to explain herself to him, too. Sara told Tess that Meg was too trusting and that she needs to be protected once in a while. Casey told Sara that they wouldn't be able to go out for lunch with her, because his meeting with Meg had been postponed. In light of Tess's presence, Casey didn't tell her about Meg's concerns about Benjy. Meg tried to write off her concerns as being about the pollution problem, but Ben didn't believe it. Meg told Ben that Benjy thinks of her as an outsider, and that she and Benjy need to work this out. She suggested that she take the afternoon off to get to know Benjy better. Benjy drew a picture of his entire family - without Meg. Meg invited Benjy out for ice cream, but Benjy didn't want to go. Tess intervened, telling Benjy that it isn't nice to refuse an invitation for ice cream. Meg asked Casey to reschedule their meeting, and asked that he and Sara could escort her to the Shock Wave. Casey asked if he could postpone lunch with Sara. Tess walked in while they were hugging. Ben told Benjy to try to be friends with Meg. Meg asked her family to help make Benjy comfortable when he arrived for the ice cream she'd promised him. Casey suggested that Benjy was just upset by the new situation. Benjy walked in just as Meg said that he was a handful because he was used to getting everything he wanted.

When Tim saw Annie reading a newspaper article about Caitlin's confession, he said that he couldn't believe that Caitlin had killed Francesca, and asked where she could have gotten the gun. Annie, who had decided to use Ricardo to keep the murder investigation going, told Tim that Maria and Ben would get back together, but Meg would never get back together with Tim. When he insisted that he and she would get back together, Annie told Tim that he was pathetic. Sean berated Gregory for not telling him that Caitlin had been arrested. When Gregory promised that Caitlin would never go to jail, Sean told him that she's gone around the bend, and asked if Caitlin might actually have killed Francesca. Sean told Gregory that even if she did kill Francesca, it was his fault, because he made Caitlin terrified that she was going to lose Cole to Francesca. Cole wanted to know why Caitlin confessed when he knew that she hadn't killed Francesca. Ruiz and Spence caught Cole in the holding cell area and dragged him out. Francesca appeared to Caitlin to tell her that Cole was letting her take the fall, because if he felt anything for her, he'd confess. She taunted her with the idea that Cole and Olivia would get back together and raise Trey together. When Gregory told her that he never loved her and never would, Annie vowed that she'd make Gregory see that they belong together, reminding her that she was just as pathetic as she had just said that Tim was. Cole asked Sean to help him find out how Caitlin got the gun. Sean asked why he was so sure that Caitlin was innocent.

When Antonio walked into the room, Ricardo told him that they were going to get married right away. Antonio and Maria tried to talk Ricardo out of it, but he wouldn't be dissuaded. Finally, he asked if there was a reason why Antonio didn't want to marry them. Antonio said that Gabi and Ricardo don't have a marriage license. Ricardo backed down about getting married immediately, but still wanted to get married soon. He noticed that Gabi and Antonio were acting jumpy, and assumed that the uncomfortable silence had to do with bad news regarding his condition. Annie came to visit Ricardo. She thanked Ricardo for taking a bullet for her, and told him about Caitlin's confession, saying that she didn't think that Caitlin was capable of murder. Carmen stunned Gabi, Maria and Antonio when she apologized for thinking that Gabi was with her lover. After Maria took Carmen for coffee, Antonio asked if Gabi wanted to marry Ricardo, but she didn't answer. Annie came out and told Gabi and Antonio that Caitlin had confessed, giving them hope that the investigation was over, and that Ricardo would never find the tape. Carmen decided that she let her dislike of Gabi influence her reading of the cards. Gabi and Antonio overheard Ricardo requesting a copy of Caitlin's confession as soon as possible. They realized that the investigation wasn't over. Antonio promised to find the tape and destroy it.
April 27, 1999
  When Annie wondered how she became so desperate to win Gregory's love, she thought that she was like a character in a soap opera. She fantasized that she was a character in an old black and white soap opera. At the end of the fantasy, Annie stopped begging for Gregory's love and decided she was going to make it on her own. When Gregory returned home in real life, Annie told him that he could go to Hell.

Maria came to pick Benjy up and found out that Meg had taken him out for ice cream. When Maria asked Ben to consider the effect their pending divorce would have on Benjy, he admitted that Benjy needed stability. He asked if she loved Benjy, because he had noticed that she was uncomfortable with him sometimes. She admitted that she didn't feel connected to him because she didn't remember him. Ben reassured her that once she remembered the missing five years of her life, she would find that she loved him. Ben offered to go with her to the Shock Wave to pick Benjy up. After confronting Meg about her apparent insult of the way that she raised Benjy, Tess stormed out. Tim stopped Tess, telling her that Tess missed hearing Meg defending Benjy to her family, and asking Tess to give Meg another chance. When Ben and Maria arrived, they found out that Benjy hadn't had his ice cream yet. Sara wondered why Ben and Maria showed up so conveniently together. Joan and Sara admitted that they had misgivings about Tim's conversation with Tess. When Casey confronted Tim about his interference in Meg's life, Tim asked if he was just jealous that Tim beat him to it this time. Ben invited everyone to go play soccer on the beach, but Meg begged off to meet with Vanessa. Sara decided to follow them. Tess told Maria that it was obvious that Ben was crazy about Benjy and Maria. Meg and Sara discussed trying to find out what was up with Tess and Maria.

Cole assured Sean that he didn't have a reason to know that Caitlin was innocent - he just knew. He convinced Sean to find out why Caitlin confessed to the murder. Olivia overheard Caitlin reassuring herself that she was doing the right thing. Olivia told Caitlin that she was certain that Caitlin didn't kill Francesca. Caitlin told her mother that she lost everything -- her husband, her son, her fertility, and that Olivia would get everything she wanted out of life once Caitlin went to prison. Caitlin also said that once she was in prison, she wouldn't have to watch Olivia live happily ever after. Olivia begged Caitlin to recant her confession so that Trey wouldn't have to grow up not knowing her. She said that she couldn't undo what she did, but that if Olivia wanted to help, she could let Cole be close to Trey. Olivia wondered why she'd ask her to let the a man she wanted to frame for murder be close to Trey. Olivia asked Caitlin to tell her the truth, for Trey's sake. Sean arrived, and asked Olivia to leave. Sean said that Caitlin was the only person who had always been there for him, and so it was his turn now. She said that he could help her by letting it go, but he wouldn't. He pestered Caitlin until she said that she'd tell him what happened. Annie walked in while Cole was asking Tyus about whether all of Caitlin's lies could be a sign of mental illness, but she thought that they were talking about running another paternity test. Annie and Cole accused each other of Francesca's murder.
April 28, 1999
  When Sean pressed her to tell him the whole story, she accused him of conspiring with Gregory and Cole to clear her. Sean reminded her how they'd always been able to stand together through difficulties. Caitlin admitted that she found the gun in Cole's coat and confessed because she knew that Gregory would do anything he could to clear her name, but that he wouldn't do anything for Cole. She then said that she knew that Cole did it for her and Trey. The DA caught Gabi trying to copy the inventory of Francesca's hotel room on the fax machine, and said that she was walking by the fax machine and saw a piece of paper in it, so she decided to send it. After the DA left, she left a message for Antonio to meet her at the Java Web. Annie tried to convince Caitlin that it wasn't fair for her to go to jail for what Cole did, but Caitlin didn't believe her. Annie told Bette that she didn't believe that Caitlin killed Francesca. She thought that Cole did it -- and she knew that Caitlin did too, because she took the rap for him. When Annie admitted that she was miserable in her marriage to Gregory, she asked Bette for advice, and was told that she got herself into this situation, she'd have to get herself out. Sean confronted Cole, telling him that Caitlin found the gun in his jacket pocket.

Antonio and Gabi held hands while looking over the list. Something on the list was a note written in code. Gabi dropped the list on the floor, and Bette picked it up. When she noticed what it was, Gabi said that she was working on clearing Caitlin. Bette recognized the code.
Carmen's cards still said that Gabi was with her lover. Carmen tried to see through Gabi's eyes, and saw Antonio. Ricardo and Antonio reminisced about their wild youths. Antonio admitted that he had doubts occasionally, but that he was where he wanted to be. The DA came to see Ricardo. When he pointed out the problems with Caitlin's confession, she cautioned him not to pick apart a perfectly good confession. Carmen came to talk to Ricardo about Gabi.
April 29, 1999
  Bette told Gabi and Antonio that the code was a location in the Media Center's video library. Before she'd let them leave, Bette tried to make Gabi and Antonio promise to tell her if there was any good gossip on that tape. Carmen apologized to Ricardo for doubting Gabi. Ricardo was in the process of checking himself out -- without Tyus' consent -- when Bette accidentally told him that she had been talking to Gabi and Ricardo about Caitlin's confession. Cole threatened Annie and accused her of setting Caitlin up, saying that she couldn't possibly have known that the gun was in his jacket pocket if she hadn't put it there. In an effort to get away from Cole, Annie told him that she'd confess to Francesca's murder. Annie told Cole that she had been trying to frame him for the murder, then she clobbered him over the head with a rock. Unfortunately, Cole didn't stay unconscious long enough that she could get away. The tape librarian told them that the number referenced a 22-hour series on the mating habits of wild animals that they run in the middle of the night. They found the tape.

When Meg challenged Sara to prove her theory about Maria and Tess, Sara suggested that Meg search Tess's room. While Meg was upstairs rummaging around in Tess's room, Tess returned. When she awoke Maria from hypnosis, Dr. Estrada told her that she had been unable to remember anything that happened in the missing five years of her life. Dr. Estrada asked why Maria was suddenly so desperate to regain her memory, and Maria responded that she needed to remember Benjy. Ben and Benjy bonded. Maria asked Bette what kind of mother she was to forget her own son, and what kind of daughter she was to stay away from her mother and brothers. Maria asked Carmen whether she was Benjy's mother at all. Carmen told her that she'd remember with time. She asked Carmen for any help she could give her.
April 30, 1999
  Carmen refused to give Maria the only help she could, because it was black magic. The name of the practitioner who could help her was Mrs. Moreau. Tess caught Meg in her room, and showed her the contents of the box. When Sara faced off with Tess, Tess said that if Sara was happy in her own personal life, she wouldn't be coming after her. Meg told Ben that she suspected that Tess wanted him to end up with Maria. After Meg and Sara went for a walk on the beach, Ben told Tess that she needed to move out and start looking for another job. Meg asked Sara to stop with her suspicions about Tess. When Maria arrived to see her, Mrs. Moreau answered the door, saying that she wondered how long it would take her to come to her.

Mrs. Moreau offered Vanessa an aphrodisiac. Vanessa was in the process of throwing her out when Michael arrived. After Michael helped her throw Mr. Moreau out, Vanessa told him about her offer. She told him how much she wanted him back, and he kissed her.

When Annie said that she saw him plant the gun at Olivia's, he told her that he wasn't planting a gun, he was returning Trey's teddy bear. He forcibly dragged her off to the police department. When the DA came into the room, Annie protested that Cole forced her there against her will, and he said that he should have killed Annie when he had the chance. The DA said that she wasn't going to listen to either of them anymore. Annie fled.

Gabi told Ricardo that if she found some evidence to clear Caitlin, Ricardo might finally trust that she could do police work on her own. Antonio said that he'd gone on along with her to protect her. Ricardo told them that he wanted to watch the tapes himself


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