March 1, 1999


Ben arrived with the divorce papers and Carmen told them that the divorce will never happen. After Ben left, Maria read over the divorce papers, remembering the good times with Ben. Meg told her parents that Maria finally agreed to the divorce. Sara and Casey arrived while Hank, Joan and Meg were arguing about Meg's future with Ben.

Caitlin had another nightmare -- this time, it was of her family ignoring her while she asked for Trey. Gregory played stupid until Cole admitted to being Trey's father, then he pretended to figure out that Olivia is Trey's mother and that he also could be Trey's father. Gregory put Olivia on the spot by asking her which of them is Trey's father. Olivia reminded Gregory that she is Trey's mother. Gregory told her that she's not good enough to be his mother. Olivia returned to taunt Annie. While she's there, Caitlin returns home and overhears her admitting that she's Trey's mother. Cole told Gregory that since he was adamant on having Dr. Manning perform the test, he wanted Tyus to perform the test, instead. Gregory consented. Tyus told them that the answer to Trey's paternity was already in their files.

Bette came in while AJ was trying to strangle Francesca.


March 2, 1999


Antonio had a fantasy about Francesca showing everyone the tape at Ricardo and Gabi's wedding. A woman brought a shoebox containing $200,000 to Antonio for safekeeping because she didn't trust banks, and wanted to put it in the church safe. Antonio felt too tempted to use it to pay Francesca, so he refused to take it. Gabi hid the gun just as Ricardo arrived home with flowers for her. At first, when Francesca showed up, Gabi thought she was there to tell Ricardo about the tape, but she was actually there to report AJ for assaulting her. Ricardo left, so Gabi broke the news to Francesca that she couldn't get the money. When Francesca berated her, she took the gun out of the box where she'd hidden it.

When Tyus told Cole and Gregory that the blood work in the files proved that Gregory was Trey's father, Cole took off with Trey. Caitlin got furious at Annie for stealing her brother from her mother. Olivia arrived and took Caitlin downstairs. When Olivia tried to convince Caitlin that Annie was going to lie to her, Caitlin tried to deny that Olivia was really Trey's mother, but Olivia wouldn't let her. Caitlin returned to where Annie was tied to the bed and went psycho. Gregory told Ricardo that Cole had taken his son Trey. Cole came with Trey, seeking sanctuary. While Cole prayed for God to keep Trey safe from Gregory, Antonio arrived. Cole told Antonio that Trey was his son. When Gregory and Ricardo arrived, Antonio asked Cole to give Trey to Gregory and Cole reluctantly complied. Ricardo warned Gregory that if it ever turns out that Trey really is Cole's son, he'll make sure that Cole gets Trey back.

Hank told the rest of his family that he was tired of Maria constantly changing her mind. Meg replied that she didn't want to see Hank again until he could accept her love for Ben. As Meg started to storm out, she overheard Tim mention the job that he'd asked for. Hank told Meg that he was going to give Tim the job. Joan convinced the pair to reach a truce. Maria brought the divorce papers -- unsigned.


March 3, 1999


When Maria told them that she wouldn't sign the papers, Meg accused her of having planned not to give Ben the divorce all along, but then Maria insisted that she didn't sign the papers because their divorce wouldn't happen fast enough that way. She told them that she had booked flights for them to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce and then for Ben and Meg to Venice the next day for their wedding. When Meg asked why she was in such a hurry, she said that the woman that Ben had moved on, and that she had better do the same. When Meg went upstairs, Maria told Ben that Meg had better treat him right, or she'd be back. Maria told Carmen that she and Ben were going to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. Carmen insisted that their marriage was not over. A woman looked up Ben's address in the phone book.

Caitlin attacked Annie with a letter opener that she found on the floor. Gregory, Olivia and Cole arrived, trying to convince Caitlin not to hurt Annie. When Cole reassured Caitlin that he still loved her, Caitlin let go of the letter opener. She asked him to take her somewhere where they could be alone. Gregory told Olivia and Annie about Tyus telling him that he was Trey's father. Gregory blamed Caitlin's miscarriage on Olivia. Olivia bolted from the room and Gregory called Ricardo to arrest Annie. Annie threatened that if he had her arrested, she'd make sure he loses Trey. When Caitlin asked why they couldn't just forgive each other and move on, Cole reminded her that neither of them know how to do that. Olivia walked in on Caitlin lamenting the possibility of losing Trey. She reassured Caitlin that she didn't have to lose Trey and went to take Trey from her. Caitlin insisted that Trey is hers and Cole's and no one else's. Cole drowned his sorrows and remembered his marriage to Caitlin. He was interrupted by Francesca.

Gabi contemplated shooting Francesca, but Antonio interrupted them. Gabi asked for more time, but Francesca refused. When Antonio asked how they were going to stop Francesca, Gabi looked at the box and said that there were ways. When Gabi left, Antonio took the gun out of the box.


March 4, 1999


Francesca told Cole that she saw his car in the parking lot and wanted to see what he was doing there. When she offered to do anything she could to help, he said that it was too late to help. He admitted that Trey wasn't his son, but told her that he couldn't leave Caitlin. When Francesca realized that if Cole forgave Caitlin, she would never get Cole back, she decided to turn Caitlin against Cole.

A nurse told Sean and Emily that Caitlin had escaped. Olivia asked Caitlin if she really believed that she, Cole and Trey were going to live happily ever after, and she finally convinced her daughter to face the truth -- that Trey isn't her son. Annie told Gregory that she knew that he isn't Trey's father -- Cole is. He denied it, but she said that she was there for the first paternity test, and said that she'd keep his secret as long as he doesn't send her to jail. Gregory and Annie watched as Caitlin returned Trey to Olivia. Annie told Olivia that she wasn't going to jail, because Gregory was going to get her immunity from prosecution. Sean called to tell Gregory that Caitlin escaped. Gregory told him that she was at home and he told his father that he wished he'd never helped Caitlin get a baby. Caitlin got a call from Francesca saying that Cole was in her hotel room and that she'd better come to get him. Cole confessed to having an affair with Olivia to the back of a rocking chair which turned out to be Olivia, not Caitlin. Olivia told him not to tell Caitlin the truth, because the truth would destroy her. Emily asked what Sean meant when he said that he wished he hadn't helped Caitlin, and he told her the story. Caitlin arrived and Francesca told her that there's something she needs to know about Cole.

Michael and Vanessa saw each other when they both came to visit Virginia. Vanessa told him that she's been having nightmares about Virginia, and that she wanted to come to see her in hopes that they would stop. While Vanessa talked to her, Virginia slipped out of the straitjacket. Virginia attacked Vanessa and tried to wrestle her into the straitjacket, but Tyus and Michael rescued Vanessa from Virginia. Vanessa asked Michael if he still cared about her.


March 5, 1999


When Antonio asked Gabi if she intended to use the gun on Francesca, she admitted that she wanted Francesca dead. When Gabi insisted that the only solution was to kill Francesca, she and Antonio struggled over the gun, which went off. The bullet shattered a vase, which made Gabi say that it was a bad omen that meant that they'd both lose Ricardo. Antonio asked Gabi to let him take care of Francesca. She told him that she would stop her -- that night. She bolted, and Antonio followed, putting the gun in a paper bag. When Caitlin tried to leave, Francesca pulled a gun on her, telling her that this was the same gun that Olivia had pulled on her earlier that day. Francesca tried to convince Caitlin that Cole had turned to her for comfort. Francesca told Caitlin about Cole and Olivia's affair. When Caitlin denied the reality of Francesca's accusations, she challenged her to ask Cole and Olivia about it. Ricardo questioned AJ about Francesca's accusation against him. AJ denied everything, but then Ricardo overheard Bette asking AJ if he's OK and pointing out that he would have killed Francesca if she hadn't stopped him. Ricardo asked Bette to tell him the truth about AJ and Francesca's confrontation -- because the next time, he might kill her. Bette told Ricardo about how Olivia walked in on AJ and Francesca kissing. When she blurted out that AJ could have strangled her, Ricardo arrested him.

The woman decided that she needed to give Ben her news in person. Ben surprised Meg with a selection of wedding dresses. Then he told her that he wanted a baby. Vanessa, who came by to wish Ben and Meg well, told Meg that Michael and she may never get back together. Ben promised Meg that there would never be any obstacles between them again.

When Olivia asked why he wanted to tell Caitlin the truth, Cole said that he wanted to prove to her that he isn't completely blameless. Rose told Cole and Olivia that Caitlin had disappeared from her bedroom.

Michael admitted that he still cared about Vanessa. She begged him for a chance to win back his trust.

Caitlin returned home and asked Cole if he slept with Olivia.


March 8, 1999


The DA offered immunity for Annie in exchange for an affidavit saying that Dr. Brock kidnapped Trey. Gregory told Annie that once she couldn't threaten him about Trey's paternity any more, he'd kick her out. When Maria told Annie that she was going to the Dominican Republic to give Ben a divorce, Annie said that she shouldn't have given up on Ben, just like she wasn't going to give up on Gregory. Maria tried to convince Annie that she shouldn't focus all of her efforts on Gregory. Annie, who just reassured herself that as long as Gregory can keep Trey, she'll be fine, overheard Francesca making her plans to leave town, saying that she needed a car seat for a one-year-old in the car. When Gregory refused to pay her, Francesca reaffirmed her resolve to get Trey away from Gregory and use him to lure Cole out of town with her. Threatening to kill Francesca, Cole searched her room but didn't find her.

Sara and Casey were smooching. When she sent him away to get drinks for them, her parents approached her, saying that they knew why she was so happy -- she must have heard that Ben and Meg were eloping. When Casey heard about the elopement, he bolted. When Hank and Joan told Tim that Ben and Meg were eloping, Tim reassured them that he wasn't still after Meg. He admitted that he always wanted to marry Meg, and Joan told him that he'd find love with someone else. Sara asked if Casey was unhappy that Ben and Meg were getting married, admitting she was jealous of Meg. Casey told her that he came home for Meg's passport. Sara and Casey made love.

Sean tried to explain that he helped Caitlin fake her pregnancy because she had always been there for him, and it was the least he could do to be there for her, as well. Brad told Amy that Sean and Emily were having trouble. Sean told Emily that he met Trey's birth mother and that she told him that she wanted to give him up. Emily asked for some time to think and then she left. Thinking that it's a lie that Cole slept with Olivia, Caitlin apologized for accusing him, but Cole stopped her and admitted that he slept with Olivia. Although Cole and Olivia tried to explain that they didn't know who the other one was when they were intimate, Caitlin lost her temper. Olivia and Cole fought about whether he should have told Caitlin the truth. He pointed out that Francesca had already told Caitlin the truth and then left to see Francesca. Olivia walked in on Caitlin while she was visiting Trey. Caitlin told her mother that she should have been there for her, like she had always been there for her mother. She said that she hated Olivia and that she would never forgive her. Caitlin told Trey that Olivia may have given birth to her, but that she didn't deserve him, and that she'd kill anyone who tried to take him from her. Olivia decided that she should have killed Francesca while she had the chance.


March 9, 1999


Gabi tried to convince herself it was time to do "it," when Antonio came up behind her and asked what it was time to do. Gabi told Antonio that she was there to get the money -- because it was their only choice. They overheard Ricardo telling Spence that the money had been sent to the DA's office. Bette bailed AJ out. They returned AJ's things to him -- including his gun. Ricardo told Antonio and Gabi that they had arrested AJ for trying to kill Francesca. Antonio realized that more people were out to get Francesca. Gabi bolted, but before Antonio could follow her, Ricardo stopped him. Ricardo told Antonio that he was looking at moving into the new condos. He gushed about how wonderful it is to be in love, then apologized because Antonio didn't know what it was like to be in love. When Ricardo left his desk, Antonio took off. When Annie told Francesca that she knew that she was planning to take Trey with her, Francesca denied it, but Annie didn't buy it. Annie had 1940s detective movie fantasy in which her immunity was revoked and Gregory had abandoned her. While trashing Francesca's hotel room, Cole found Olivia's gun, which he picked up, unloaded and reloaded. Francesca returned home to find Cole holding the gun on her. When she said that she knew that he wouldn't use the gun, he shot a bullet off. He told her that he was going to kill her because she interfered with his life. After he left, Francesca vowed that he'd know the truth about Trey that night. When Annie told Caitlin that Francesca was trying to steal both Cole and Trey, Caitlin asked why Annie was telling her this. Cole interrupted, ordering Annie to stay away from Caitlin. When Francesca sneaked in to kidnap Trey, Caitlin heard her on the baby monitor. After Annie and Caitlin vowed that they were going to kill Francesca and left, Francesca called Cole and told him that she had Trey. Someone that Francesca recognized came in and fired a gun at her.

Carmen made another unsuccessful attempt to convince Maria that she shouldn't get the divorce. Ben presented Meg with her pearls again. They made love. When she arrived, Maria told Meg and Ben that she wanted her journal, to see if it would help her remember her missing five years. While looking for her journal, Maria was overcome by sadness. Ben told her that she would always be welcome there, but she responded that she would never be back. Tess came to see Ben and brought Benjy, with her, who asked if the house was where his daddy lives.

March 10, 1999
  Overcome by emotions, Maria ripped the pages from the journal. When Ben came down the stairs, Benjy yelled, "There's my Daddy!" and ran to him. Tess reminded Benjy that he'd promised to wait. She explained that Ben is Benjy's father, and that Maria is his mother. When Maria came downstairs, Benjy recognized her and called her "Mommy."

The bullet hit Francesca. She fell to the floor. An obviously ill-at-ease AJ and Olivia bump into each other. He said that he didn't think that he'd ever felt better than he did at that moment. Amy and Brad found Trey in the rental car. When AJ explained that the kiss meant nothing, Olivia said that it was behind them and that Francesca had done all of the damage she could. Cole came in asking if anyone had seen Francesca with a baby. Amy and Brad came in with Trey. Olivia and Cole took him from her. Amy was thoroughly confused by Cole and Olivia's claim to Trey. After a series of indignities, Francesca falls out of a cake, to face all eight suspects. She pointed in their direction and yelled, "You!"

While Antonio was praying for forgiveness, Ricardo arrived, asking Antonio what he was covering up for. He offered to be there for him, no matter what. When Gabi arrived, Ricardo begged the other two to tell him what was going on. He demanded that the three of them go out to dinner to talk.

Annie made excuses for her actions. A catatonic Caitlin came down the stairs, saying that she'd been 'out.' She wouldn't tell Annie if she had found Trey or not. Caitlin said that she'd done something awful. Gregory returned home and said that he knew that Francesca took Trey. Gregory vowed to find Trey, no matter what. Amy called to tell them that she had found Trey.
March 11, 1999
  When Tess told them that Maria was Benjy's mother, Meg accused her of lying, and Maria said that she thought that she'd remember having a son. Tess and Ben took Benjy upstairs, where Tess told him that Benjy has had a drawing of Ben for his whole life that Maria drew that he knows that it's a drawing of his father. Tess told Meg, Maria and Ben that she is Benjy's nanny and that they lived in Seattle. She told them that Maria told her that she was going back to Benjy's father. Ben asked why she didn't go to the police when Maria disappeared. Tess told them that she did call the police, and all that turned up was that the last name Maria had been using, Rodriguez, was an alias. Ben asked how Tess could find Maria if the police couldn't. Tess showed them an article that Dr. Estrada published in a medical journal and said that she was able to put the pieces together. She gave Ben the missing persons report from Seattle and a report from a private investigator she hired once she knew where Maria was. When Hank, Joan, Sara and Casey come to see Ben and Meg off, Meg tried to get rd of her family, but Benjy came downstairs before she could get rid of them. The Cumminges watched while Benjy called Ben and Maria his parents.

While Ricardo tried to save Francesca's life, Caitlin said that she wished that Francesca would die. They revived Francesca and sent her to the hospital. Ricardo began his investigation by asking AJ where his gun was. AJ said that he lost his gun. Everyone said that they wanted to take Trey to get checked out, so Ricardo agreed to move the investigation to the hospital. Russell confronted Annie, who realized that if Francesca regains consciousness, everything will be over. She fantasizes about Francesca's funeral -- until she walked closer to the coffin and saw herself in it. They bring Francesca in, dying. Francesca coded and her spirit looked over Tyus' shoulder, threatening to haunt him for the rest of his life if he let her die. Trey got a clean bill of health. Tyus told the others that Francesca was alive, awake and talking. When Ricardo asked her who shot her, she said one word -- Antonio.
March 12, 1999
  Gabi asked Antonio if he knew what happened to the gun after he took it from her. Francesca went into cardiac arrest before she could answer Ricardo's question about whether Antonio shot her. Amy told Sean that she rescued Trey. He also was floored when Amy told him that Trey was Olivia's. When Ricardo told Antonio that Francesca accused him of shooting her, and asked him for an alibi, Gabi interrupted to suggest that perhaps Francesca was asking for he last rites. When Caitlin told Olivia and Cole that she hated them both, AJ assumed that she was talking about the discovery that Trey is Olivia's son, but Annie told him that she was angry about Olivia's and Cole's affair. After AJ stormed from the room, Annie told Olivia and Cole that she spared them the trial of having to tell him themselves. Caitlin told Gregory how Francesca told her about Cole and Olivia, and said that she hoped that Francesca was dead. Cole asked Caitlin where she was after she left the house.

Stunned about the announcement that Benjy is Ben's son, Hank punched him. Maria admitted that she couldn't remember Benjy, but said that it was possible that he was her son. Hank finally agreed to leave, if Casey and Sara would stay to keep an eye on Meg. Meg sent Maria and Ben upstairs so that she could talk to Casey and Sara privately. Sara suggested that Meg and Ben were being set up by Maria.
March 15, 1999
  When Ben and Maria asked Benjy when the last time he saw Maria was, he said that it was before she left to come back to Sunset Beach. Sara's accusations that the timing of the sudden appearance of Maria's "son" seemed a little too convenient started to make sense to Meg. Meg arranged to speak to Ben privately. She told him that she wasn't convinced that Benjy is his son. Maria told Tess that needed to speak Tess freely. Sara told Casey about her theory that this whole thing was set up by Maria and Tess, but he denied that it was possible.

When Francesca woke and saw Antonio by her bedside, she freaked out. When Ricardo interrupted him, Antonio accused him of thinking that he had shot her. Sean was full of self-recrimination when it sank in that Trey really was Olivia's son. When Bette found out that Annie kidnapped Trey and gave him to Caitlin, she stopped speaking to her niece. Wile she was trying to make excuses, Annie hit a nerve with her aunt by suggesting that Olivia shot Francesca. Caitlin asked Cole if it would ever be possible to get the trust back into their relationship. Francesca told Antonio that she wanted to confess. Ricardo interrupted to hear her confession himself. When Sean apologized for his role in Annie kidnapping Trey, Olivia told him that she never doubted him. Bette interrupted their mother/son bonding session to ask Olivia where she was when Francesca was shot. Cole asked Caitlin where she was when Francesca was shot. Francesca begged Antonio to forgive her for blackmailing him. When he didn't respond, she accused Gabi of shooting her.
March 16, 1999
  Alone in the studio together, Tess expressed surprise that Maria really didn't remember either her or Benjy. Maria asked her to talk about their time in Seattle in hopes that it would help her remember her missing five years. Tess tried to convince Maria that Benjy could be what would bring her and Ben back together again. Although Ben admitted that he didn't believe that Benjy was his son, he also denied that Maria had anything to do with the charade. Ben comforted Meg when she had doubts about whether they belong together. Ben assured Meg that everything would work out. Benjy walked in on them kissing.

Tyus and Vanessa, who was there to cover Francesca's shooting, bumped into each other. Tyus told her to be sure to take it easy, because losing her baby was very traumatic for her.

Before she could tell Ricardo what she told Antonio, Francesca slipped into a coma. Antonio escaped his brother's questioning by saying that Francesca was expressing regret for her misdeeds. After Ricardo left, Gabi asked Antonio what he was hiding. He never answered, though, because they were interrupted by Vanessa, who asked to interview Gabi. Vanessa told Gabi tat after doing her research, she found that Francesca was an extortionist, and that she suspected that Francesca was blackmailing someone in Sunset Beach. Annie challenged Olivia to explain why she was at Grenadine's, and Olivia said that she had been visiting AJ, which AJ corroborated. When Sean defended Olivia, Annie told him about Cole and Olivia's affair. While Annie was trying to come up with a motive for Olivia to have shot Francesca, AJ reminded her that pointing fingers at others certainly made her look guilty of the shooting. AJ and the others asked Annie why she had been in such a hurry to make sure that Caitlin and Cole got Trey back from Francesca. Ricardo interrupted their confrontation just as AJ declared that he wasn't the only person who wanted Francesca dead. Ricardo took AJ aside to question him. Hurt, Sean left Olivia, and Emily went after him. Olivia told Bette that in the process of getting Trey back, she lost both Sean and Caitlin. Emily tried to make Sean appreciate his relationship with his mother and make amends. Caitlin declared that she was glad that Francesca had been shot and that she wouldn't take the bullet back for anything. Annie decided that she had to keep Francesca from waking up and sneaked to her room.
March 17, 1999
  Maria worried about what would happen to Ben and Meg if it turns out that she and Ben are Benjy's parents. Tess told her that the only thing that mattered should be her son. Tess offered to take Benjy back to her hotel room, but Ben and Meg offered to let Benjy stay the night. When he was reluctant to stay without Maria, Meg offered to let Maria stay as well. After they left the room, Ben and Meg argued about whether Ben had already accepted Benjy as his son. Ben reassured Meg that, whether Benjy is his son or not, he loves Meg and always will. Meg told Ben that Benjy was probably even more scared than they were. Ben reassured Meg that they would be getting married someday. Meg woke up in the middle of the night to find Ben missing from the bed. Ben watched Benjy sleep and wondered if he was his father.

After overhearing her declaration, Bette asked Caitlin if she shot Francesca. Caitlin denied that she shot Francesca, but admitted that she hoped that Francesca will die. Antonio overheard Gabi telling Vanessa that Francesca deserved to be shot. Ricardo told Vanessa, off the record, that Francesca wasn't dead, and that he hoped that she'd be able to tell him who shot her. When a nurse caught Annie trying to finish Francesca off, Annie stopped the nurse from calling for the police by telling her that she's Francesca's twin sister. The nurse didn't buy it and told her that Francesca was going to live. When the nurse got paged, Annie sneaked back into the room. Gabi told Antonio that she blamed herself for Francesca's condition. She said that it was too late for her, and Antonio responded that perhaps they needed to tell Ricardo everything. She pointed out that if they did that, Ricardo would think that one of them shot her. Gregory accused AJ of shooting Francesca, then he accused AJ of making himself look guilty to cover for Cole. Annie had a fantasy of arguing with Francesca about her reasons for killing her. As she reached out to the life support machine, Ricardo stopped Annie from interfering with her life support. Francesca regained consciousness. Her first word was to call Annie a bitch. Francesca choked out Annie's name and went into cardiac arrest. Bette established that Cole and Caitlin were looking for Trey -- alone and separately -- and that Gregory was dictating tapes alone in his office when Francesca was shot. Ruiz showed up and Ricardo chewed him out for not getting to the hospital faster. Bette told the others that Francesca had coded. Just before bursting into tears, Gabi told Antonio that everything she's done, she did for them. She insisted that she had to be there in case Francesca started to talk and dashed from the room. Ricardo advised Annie to get a lawyer. Ricardo told the assembled suspects that Francesca was alive and should be waking up in a moment. While Antonio was praying, he was thinking abut Francesca's accusation of Gabi. While Gabi waited for an elevator, she remembered seeing Francesca's body on the floor of her hotel room and whispered, "I thought she was dead."
March 18, 1999
  After Gabi whispered to herself that she thought Francesca was dead, Antonio walked up to her and told her that she could tell him anything and that he'd never do anything to hurt her. She asked him if she was allowed to love him as a friend, telling him that if Francesca woke up, she'd need him more than ever. She refused to answer him when he asked her what was up, telling him to pray for her. Ricardo sent everyone home, telling AJ that he had to return to the station to sign his statement. When Olivia said that she wanted to visit Trey, Caitlin told Olivia that Trey is a light sleeper, so she couldn't visit him that night, but Olivia refused to give in. Bette and Gregory also tried unsuccessfully to convince Olivia to see Trey the next day. Gabi walked in on Ricardo confronting Annie about his suspicion of her. Antonio got Ricardo to give him permission to visit Francesca. While he was in there, Ricardo told Gabi that they were close to finding the killer. He said that she had been shot in her hotel room and so all he had to do was figure out which of the suspects had the opportunity to be in her room at that time and he'd have the killer. Cole asked Caitlin for five minutes alone with her. He tried to convince Caitlin to take him back. When she wouldn't be swayed, he pointed out that she never told him if she was in Francesca's room. She responded that he never told her if he thought that she had shot Francesca or if he was worried that she saw him do it. Gabi asked Antonio if he believed that she shot Francesca. Cole sneaked into Francesca's room in scrubs.

When Sean reassured her that he didn't knows that Trey was Olivia's son, Emily countered by saying said Olivia and Cole didn't know that they were connected to Caitlin. Sean said that if her mother slept with her boyfriend, Emily would feel the same way. They argued and Emily stormed out. Amy saw her leaving and moved in on Sean. Sean merely thanked Amy for her concern about him and left. when Caitlin complained about Gregory letting Olivia see Trey, he told her that she should hide her hatred of Francesca from Annie and Olivia. Annie overheard Caitlin telling Gregory that she was looking for Trey when Francesca was shot, and Gregory assuring her that they'd find witness to validate her alibi. Caitlin told Olivia that if she shot Francesca, she doesn't deserve Trey. Sean returned with flowers and ice cream. When Bette told him that Olivia was visiting Trey, he decided to visit her to make up.

March 19, 1999
  Ricardo walked in just as Francesca coded. This time, Tyus was unable to save her and Francesca died. Ricardo ordered an autopsy so that he would know if the gunshot or Cole tampering with her life support killed her. Antonio told Gabi that Francesca accused her of shooting her. He said that if she shot Francesca, he was to blame, because it was his failure that gave Francesca the material to blackmail her. Gabi told a very relieved Antonio that she didn't shoot Francesca. Antonio got the call that Francesca died. Gregory told Annie that if she shot Francesca, he'll make sure that she goes to jail. They argued about whether Cole and Olivia or Caitlin had more motive to shoot Francesca. Sean overheard them and declared that Caitlin didn't do it. When Caitlin said that Olivia would do anything to get what she wanted -- including shooting Francesca, Olivia admitted that she wished that Francesca was dead, but claimed that she didn't kill her. Caitlin asked Olivia what happened to the gun she pulled on Francesca. Sean interrupted just as Caitlin said that if Olivia went to prison, she'd get her son back. After Olivia left, Sean comforted Caitlin. Gregory told Sean, Caitlin, Annie and Olivia that Francesca was dead. Gabi and Antonio arrived as Cole declared that Caitlin didn't kill Francesca. Cole told Gabi that Francesca died without naming her shooter. Antonio told Francesca that it was a pity that she hadn't been able to help her. When Gabi heard Ricardo give the order to seal Francesca's room, she reminded Antonio that the tape was still in her room. Ricardo threatened to hold Cole for suspicion of murdering Francesca. Francesca was greeted on her arrival in Hell by Eddie and Del.
March 22, 1999
  Antonio had a nightmare about whether Gabi killed Francesca. Gabi was just about to leave to retrieve the tape from Francesca's room when Ricardo caught up to her. He wanted to make love, but she managed to duck him. Ricardo found Gabi's note telling him that she had to go to work. After Antonio arrived, Ricardo called the station but Gabi wasn't there. Ricardo asked Antonio to come by the station later to talk about Francesca. However, when Ricardo said that he was going to Francesca's room, Antonio came up with an excuse to go with Ricardo and talk to him about Francesca on their way. Gabi sent Ruiz, who was standing guard over Francesca's room, to get some coffee, offering to watch the room for him. Ruiz argued that he shouldn't leave his post, but Gabi convinced him to go. While rummaging around in Francesca's room, Gabi found a box of unlabeled video tapes. Just as Gabi decided to take all of the tapes, Ricardo caught her.

Sara sneaked into Casey's bed. She promised him that she'd never be dishonest with him again. She confessed how insecure she used to feel abut their relationship and vowed that nothing would ever come between them again.

Meg overheard Ben asking Maria if Benjy could be their son, and Maria reminding Ben that they wanted a child at the time she disappeared. When Ben asked Tess for proof of her claim, she produced the bracelet from when Benjy was born and Benjy's birth certificate -- listing Maria Rodriguez as the mother and "unknown" as the father. When Ben wasn't swayed by that or by any of the other papers Tess brought, Tess brought out a picture of her and Maria holding a baby. Ben wasn't swayed by the picture, either, and Tess lost her temper at being doubted. Ben asked Maria to leave so that he and Meg could speak to Tess privately. Meg asked Tess for the name of one person who knew her and Maria. Conveniently, there was no one who knew them. Tess claimed that she could prove that he is Benjy's father -- that day. Hank told Tim about Benjy and that Meg and Ben aren't married. He asked how they know that Benjy is Maria's son, and Hank told him that Tess had told them. Hank reminded Tim that if he hadn't blown it with Meg, they might all be living happily in Kansas. Sara told Tim that she didn't believe that Benjy was Ben and Maria's son. Tim said that this would be his chance to get back together with Meg. Tim tried to blackmail Sara into helping him prove that Benjy is Ben's son. Casey walked in on Sara and Tim's confrontation. Maria asked Carmen to do a reading for her.
March 23, 1999

Tim convinced Sara that he meant to tell Casey everything that she's ever kept from him, and told her that he needed all of the information that she could provide about Benjy.

Maria told Carmen that she didn't want to tell her what was going on, she wanted her to tell her what she saw. The first card she pulled was "the Sun," which Maria assumed stood for Benjy. When Carmen told her that "The Sun" stands for marital happiness, Maria told her about Benjy. Carmen admitted that she hadn't seen a child in the cards, but chose to believe that Benjy is Maria and Ben's child. Maria vowed that she would find out one way or another. Tess said that the way to tell that Ben was Benjy's father was a paternity test, but Ben wouldn't allow it because of the psychological damage it could do to Benjy. When he said that he was going to have his attorney investigate the documents she brought with her, she got upset, saying that she hadn't realized that he really doubted her story. Maria suggested to Ben that he was afraid of the results of a paternity test, saying that she needed to know right now if Benjy was their son. When Ben balked, she said that it would be the only way for them to know the truth, and Ben gave in. Ben told Benjy that they were taking him to the hospital for a checkup. When Meg left with them, Benjy asked why she was going with.

When Ruiz came in, Gabi used the distraction to shove the tapes back under the bed. Gabi hit Ricardo with her excuse -- to bring Ricardo an extra forensics kit -- just in case. Gabi and Antonio watched as Ruiz found the box of tapes under Francesca's bed, and Ricardo said that they'd dust the tapes for prints now and watch them later. Gabi panicked when Ricardo found her necklace on the floor. When Gabi told Antonio that she was going to get rid of the tape, he told her that she was going to leave with him. Antonio asked Gabi why she panicked when Ricardo found the necklace, suggesting that she had been in Francesca's room the night she was shot. She admitted that she was.

When Vanessa and Michael were saying good-bye to Jimmy, he said that he'd heard rumors that his mother was crazy. He asked them if they thought that Virginia was a bad person, and they told him that she is very sick. Jimmy caused a moment of discomfort when he said that it was a pity he wouldn't be there for Michael and Vanessa's wedding. Casey arrived bringing Jimmy's aunt with him. Vanessa introduced herself as a good friend of Jimmy's. Before he left, Jimmy advised Michael not to let Vanessa go. Michel asked Vanessa out to dinner. She accepted. Michael was cautiously optimistic when Casey asked about how things were going for them. Casey admitted to Michael that he loves Sara.

March 24, 1999
  Ben explained to Benjy that Meg was coming with them because she was his special friend and that it makes him happy to bring her places with him.

Gabi told Antonio that she went to talk to Francesca, but when she arrived, she had already been shot. She thought that Francesca was dead, so she left. He insisted that they had to go to Ricardo and tell him everything about their affair. Gabi insisted that she had handle this herself to protect Antonio, but he said that he wouldn't let her face this alone. AJ told Leo that he had to go back to Switzerland. Leo asked if AJ was a suspect -- or if Cole was. When AJ admitted that both he and Cole were suspects, among others, Leo said that he knew that AJ couldn't ever have any murderous impulses. Two officers arrived with a search warrant. Upon reading that the officers were to look for things connecting Cole with the murder, Gregory gave them permission to go ahead. Caitlin asked Gregory to stop the search, but he refused. Gregory convinced Caitlin not to leave by telling her that she had to do it for Trey. Leo told Sean and Emily that he was leaving town. Gregory said that he wanted Olivia to move back in -- so that they could present a united front. Olivia didn't believe that was all he wanted. Olivia accepted Gregory's offer. When Caitlin asked why he was doing this, he told her that he despised Olivia, and that she'd never raise Trey. Ricardo told Cole that Francesca died from her bullet wound. Ricardo asked Cole about his whereabouts when she was shot, and asked him to confess for Caitlin and Trey's sake. AJ came to visit Cole. Gabi and Antonio watched Ruiz put one of the unlabeled tapes in a VCR. Ricardo told Cole that they found a gun in his car.

When Benjy was reluctant to let Tyus take his blood, Ben calmed his fears. Tyus told them that he should have the test results later that day. Ben offered to let Benjy stay with them. Ben treated Meg to a romantic picnic by the ocean. Maria told Annie about Benjy. Annie asked Maria to find out if Ricardo suspected Cole of murdering Francesca. Maria refused because she wouldn't be able to ask her brother straight out - she'd have to manipulate him to give her that information.

March 25, 1999
  Antonio stopped Spence from watching the tape by stepping in between him and the TV to talk to him about the youth outreach program that Spence had been participating in. Gabi then got rid of Spence by spilling water on him, they watched the tape, which turned out to be Scream. While they were debating how much of the tape they had to watch to make sure that they weren't on it, Ricardo walked in. Ricardo told AJ and Cole that Cole's prints were all over the gun they found in his car. After Ricardo left, AJ asked Cole if he had known that Francesca had been shot before he saw them at the Inn. The defense attorney AJ hired arrived and sent AJ away. Vanessa hadn't been able to get any information out of Ruiz. Annie told her that they were holding Cole, and that she was sure that Cole had killed Francesca. Vanessa asked Annie if she was so sure that Cole was the killer, why she was at the police station and not at home. Annie got defensive, and AJ said that Vanessa thought that Annie had killed Francesca -- just like he did. After Annie left, AJ pointed out that she may have just found another suspect. Vanessa reflected that she may have found two suspects. While Gabi was trying to convince Ricardo to let her watch the tapes for him, the ballistics report on Cole's gun came in. After Ricardo left the room with the report, Spence returned and asked Gabi to leave the room. Ricardo told Cole that the gun in his car didn't match the one that killed Francesca, so Ricardo let him go. Ricardo hoped that this would bring the killer into the open. Cole cornered Annie, telling her that she caused him to lose everything, and that she'd better watch her back. Antonio brought Spence's youth outreach kid for a tour of the station that Spence had promised him. While Spence was out of the room, they tried to change the tape, but it wouldn't come out. Just as they were about to switch tapes, Ricardo arrived to watch the final tape himself. Gregory told Caitlin that no one could even suspect what he had in mind, asking her if she could keep another secret. When she assured him that she could, he said that he was going to sue for full custody of Trey -- for Gregory and Caitlin. Caitlin had misgivings about this plan, especially since she had to go against Cole to go along with it. Gregory interrupted Caitlin on her way out the door to take Trey for a walk. Annie fantasized that the rest of the suspects joined force against her -- regardless of whether she was the killer or not.

Olivia told Bette that she was moving back in with Gregory. Bette figured out that Olivia had known for a while that Trey was her son, and asked her how many other secrets she was keeping. Bette pointed out how guilty Olivia looked because of all of the times she threatened to kill her if she ever interfered with Caitlin and Cole's relationship. AJ came to see Olivia, telling her that he knew that she kept the truth about Trey a secret because she'd do anything for her son --just like he would for his. AJ asked Olivia where she'd been coming from when they ran into each other at the Inn. Caitlin promised Trey that she only did what she had to do and that she'd never let anyone take him way from her. She saw Cole, who asked her to stop if what they had had ever been important to her.
March 26, 1999

Just as Ricardo started to play the tape, Gabi stopped him. When Ricardo asked Gabi why she stopped him, she replied that a clever defense attorney might use the fact that she and Antonio were in the room when he saw the tape to get the evidence dismissed. Ricardo took the tapes home with him. When Gabi found out, she and Antonio took off after him. AJ questioned Olivia about her reasons for being at the Inn the night that Francesca was shot. When AJ tried to convince Olivia that the importance was because Cole might go to jail for Francesca's murder, Olivia recounted some f the suspicious things that AJ did that night, like saying that he never felt better than he did at that instant. Gabi and Antonio arrived just as Ricardo began playing the tape.

Maria told her brothers that she and Ben might have a son together. She asked Ricardo to have someone examine the photos of her and Benjy to see if they were faked. When Maria offered to throw a shower for Gabi, and started talking about possible wedding dates, Gabi snapped at her. Maria thought that Gabi might have snapped because she knew that Antonio loved her. After making love, Ben told Meg that he had rented a villa in Tuscany for them for their failed honeymoon. Ben told Meg that his lawyers were working on his divorce from Maria, and she asked what would happen if it turned out that Benjy was his son. Ben tried to comfort her, but she insisted that the uncertainty of not knowing the truth was too uncomfortable for her. Ben reassured Meg that he'll always love her and that nothing would change even if it turned out that Benjy is his son. Meg had a nightmare about Ben and Maria having a cozy family life with Benjy. The report on the photos came back. Maria called Ben to tell him that she needed to see him in person.

When Cole told Caitlin that they have problems but that they could work them out, she told him that she hated him. Gregory watched them as Caitlin allowed Cole to hold Trey. After Caitlin left, Cole saw Gregory's limo driving away, and wondered what Gregory was up to. Cole sneaked into Gregory's bedroom in hopes of finding out what he was hiding. He mumbled that he had to get something on Gregory before Gregory got something on him. While he was searching the room, the door started to open. When Caitlin returned home, Gregory interrogated her about what she and Cole had talked about. When he told her to choose between Cole and Trey, Caitlin promised to never see Cole again. Gregory reassured Caitlin that neither he nor Trey would ever let her down. Olivia overheard Caitlin asking him to promise that Olivia would never be able to take Trey from her.

March 29, 1999
  Maria told Ben and Meg that according to the lab at the police department, the photos of her and Benjy were genuine. Ben said that he needed to be certain, so he was going to have someone run more tests on them. After Ben left, Meg told Maria that she should have checked with her and Ben before testing the photos. Ben got a call from the hospital to come in for Benjy's paternity test results.

When Gabi and Antonio arrived, Ricardo was watching the final tape from Francesca's room, which was of AJ's office from before the explosion, which made Gabi and Antonio realize that they may very well be later on that tape. When the tape went blank, Ricardo wondered who was doing surveillance on AJ's office, since he knew that there hadn't been any security cameras in AJ's office. Ricardo said that he thought that there could be another tape of AJ's office which contained something damaging enough to kill Francesca for. Antonio finally convinced Gabi that they needed to tell Ricardo the truth. She said that after they tell Ricardo, they would be all they'd have left, and asked if that was what they wanted. Cole hid in the closet while Annie came into the bedroom, got undressed, and climbed into the shower. Olivia guessed, correctly, that Gregory's offer to let her move in was to lull her into a false sense of security so that she wouldn't try to get custody of Trey. When Olivia saw how much Caitlin hated her, she wondered what happened to her sweet, loving, kind daughter. She asked what made her change, and Caitlin replied that Olivia did it to her. Olivia reminded her that she let her have Trey because she would do anything for her children -- including Trey. Caitlin told her that Trey deserved a better mother than Olivia. Olivia disowned Caitlin. Gregory sent Caitlin up to his room for his briefcase for the phone number of their attorney. When Gregory vowed to destroy Olivia and Cole, Olivia said that she wished that Cole was Trey's father. Cole returned to rummaging around in Gregory's bedroom. Caitlin came in for Gregory's briefcase and knocked some things off the table, bringing Annie out of the shower. Caitlin confronted Annie about the disintegration of the Richards family. Gregory walked in on them. Gregory told Caitlin that he was staying married to Annie because it would look bad to divorce her in the middle of the custody battle. Cole overheard Caitlin admit that she both hates and loves him.

Olivia got a call from a friend, Barbara Birch, who advised her not to get mad or to get even -- to get everything. Olivia made a phone call, telling whoever it was that Barbara Birch asked her to call. She told Gregory that this time she was ready for him.
March 30, 1999
  Sara was expecting Casey, but she got Tim instead. Tim asked her for the information on Tess and Benjy. Casey watched through the window as Sara asked Tim for more time. When Casey came in, he asked what they'd been talking about, and didn't believe her when she said that they were talking about work. Tim left, threatening Sara if she didn't meet him in his hotel room in five minutes. When Sara asked to postpone their lunch date, Casey asked if Tim had been threatening her. Tim thought the knocking on his door was Sara, but it was Casey, who demanded to know what he was up to.

Over her father's objections, Meg got Ben and Maria's permission to go with them to the hospital. Nurse Stacy told Ben, Meg and Maria that Tyus was called into an emergency surgery and that they could wait in Tyus' office -- if they behaved. Maria excused herself to call her family, leaving Ben and Meg alone. Meg leafed through Tyus' prenatal care book, telling Ben that she never dreamed that they'd be going to see Tyus, except for the birth of their own child. Maria walked in while Joan was telling Hank that she wished that the Benjy/Maria thing was over with. Rather than becoming angry, Maria said that she understood their frustration. Meg confessed her concerns about the family that Ben might have with Maria and that they'd never be just them again. Gabi came to see Meg. Maria asked Antonio why he was still spending so much time with Gabi, since she's marrying Ricardo.

Olivia told Gregory that she had the best protection money could buy - Les, who turned out to be the attorney who beat Gregory in a high profile custody case. Caitlin asked Olivia to not fight Gregory because she'd ruin Trey's life, just like she ruined hers and Sean's. Olivia vowed that Caitlin would never see Trey again. When Caitlin asked her mother what made her stop loving her, Olivia said that she loved Caitlin with an indescribable fierceness, and said that Caitlin wrote her off first. Caitlin asked Gregory to promise her that she won't lose Trey. Caitlin told Gregory that Olivia threatened that she'd never see Trey again. Gregory promised her that Olivia would never get Trey. Annie wished that the family could have a hearing in a tasteful forum, like the Senate. Instead, she dreamed that they were appearing on a sleazy talk show called "Murderer for a Day."

Gabi and Antonio agreed that the other one wanted to put this whole thing behind them. Antonio asked Gabi to make a pact with him to never mention their being lovers again. She said that they couldn't put this behind them until they found the tape. Maria called and told Antonio that she was waiting for Benjy's paternity test results, and asked him to come to the hospital.

Olivia was making plans for the nursery for Trey when Cole arrived, asking her not to do this.
March 31, 1999
  When Cole begged Olivia to not take Trey from Caitlin, Olivia said that she was planning to keep Trey from Caitlin because Caitlin wanted to keep Trey from her. After warning Olivia that he would do anything for Caitlin, Cole left. Olivia told Amy that she was kicking her out to make room for Trey. Amy told Olivia that if she kicks her out, she'll go to Ricardo to tell him that she heard Olivia threaten to kill Francesca.

The test results came back positive -- Ben was a match for Benjy. Ben, Meg and Maria told their family and friends the results of the tests. Ben and Maria had a poignant reunion with their son. Ben asked to speak to Maria alone. Maria asked if there was a future for their family. Ben responded that he was furious at Maria for not telling him about their son. Antonio and Gabi told Ricardo that Benjy was their nephew. Meg overheard Benjy asking if he was going to be able to stay with Ben and Maria.

Sara walked in on Casey and Tim's confrontation. Tim tried to convince Casey that he has been trying to convince Sara that Casey wasn't good enough for her. Tim pointed out to Casey that Sara was standing right behind him. Casey asked if seeing Tim was the errand she had to run, and she said that she had to drop off a report for her father. Casey admitted that he was envious of how long Tim has known Sara and how well they seemed to know each other. Sara told Casey that he was what she wanted. Casey said that Sara was the best thing that ever happened to him. Hank and Joan returned home and told Sara and Casey about the test results. When Tim called, Sara admitted that she'll get the goods on Tess because she's as curious about her as Tim is.

Ricardo got Francesca's cell phone records and all of the suspects were on Francesca's cell phone bill. So was Ricardo's apartment. He asked Gabi if she ever talked to Francesca on the phone while at his apartment.

Cole saw Caitlin with Trey and vowed to make sure that she will get to keep Trey.


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