Sunset Beach Timeline -- February 1999

February 1, 1999

Baby Switch Blackmail

Gregory decides to take Trey from Cole. When Olivia threatens to make Francesca leave town, Francesca says that her desperation is proof that she did sleep with Cole, and says that if she forced her to leave town without Cole, she'll make sure that Caitlin finds out that she slept with Cole. Bette overhears Olivia threatening to kill Francesca. Olivia tells Francesca that Caitlin and Cole will be together forever. Francesca calls Gregory and takes him up on his offer to sleep with AJ. Gregory overhears Caitlin telling Bette that when Francesca's around, it's like her whole world is about to blow apart. Cole tells Caitlin that he has a meeting with AJ, but he really plans to do more investigating into what happened to Olivia's baby. Gregory calls the doctor again, and successfully pressures him into saying that Trey is his son. Annie tells Gregory that Cole is getting suspicious and that they need to work together to defeat him, and he responds that everyone who betrayed him will pay, including Annie. Olivia tells Bette that she meant it when she said that if Francesca hurts Caitlin, she'll kill her.


When AJ gives Gabi a message from Ricardo that she should come to Antonio's going away party, she tells him that she has already said her good-byes to Antonio. The man who was talking on the phone calls AJ away from the office to meet with the architects. His wife arrives and tells him that Gabi is Ricardo's girlfriend. When Antonio says that he is leaving town for Ricardo's sake, Ricardo demands to know how Antonio leaving town will help him. Ricardo is further confused when Antonio says that it is all right with him if Gabi wouldn't be able to come to his party. Antonio changes his flight plans to leave as soon as possible. When Ricardo tells Gabi that he asked Antonio to stick around, she says that he shouldn't have done that, because Antonio needs to get in touch with his duties as a priest again, rather than being the family mediator. Ricardo asks Gabi what Antonio meant when he said that he was leaving for Ricardo's sake. AJ walks in just as Francesca finishes hiding cameras throughout the office to catch her encounter with AJ on tape for Olivia's viewing displeasure.

February 2, 1999

Francesca's Murder
Cole comes to see Francesca telling her that she hasn't been acting like herself, and that he knows that she is planning to use AJ to get to him. He tells her that his life would be meaningless without Caitlin and Trey, and she says that she could make his life worthwhile. When Cole says that he hopes that they could be friends, Francesca says that she could never go back to being just friends with him. He says that no one can ever change the way he feels about Caitlin. After he left, she says that Gregory will change the way he feels, and then she'd have him back -- even if it kills her.


Ricardo asks Gabi if Antonio has bought into Carmen's theory that Gabi is in love with another man, which makes her ask him if he was starting to doubt her. Francesca tells AJ that she is there to look for a job, and that she got lost on her way to personnel, but AJ doesn't buy it. Francesca kisses AJ, and Cole walks in on them. When AJ tells Cole that Francesca came on to him to make him forget that she was snooping around in his office, Cole says that Francesca was looking at the floor plans to plan to break into the guests' rooms once the resort opens. Francesca silently congratulates herself for misleading Cole and AJ about her real reasons for being in his office. AJ chews out security for letting Francesca into the resort. When AJ says that he was going to look for bugs, Cole talks him out of it, saying that electronics really aren't Francesca's thing. Cole warns AJ that Francesca will turn his anger towards her into passion. After thinking about kissing Francesca, AJ calls Olivia to tell her that he loves her. Carmen reads the cards, shouts, "Mi hijo! No!" and dashes from the room. Antonio told Maria that he is the other man that Carmen is convinced is in love with Gabi. Maria tells Antonio that he will still love Gabi in Guatemala, and he says that it will remove the temptation. Antonio and Maria say their farewells. Carmen tells Antonio that he has to leave before it is too late. Francesca checks to make sure that the hookup is working. Gerard overhears Gabi telling AJ that she should catch the embezzler by the next day. He calls Karen to tell her that he is going to go through with their contingency plan in case he gets caught. Karen unsuccessfully tries to talk him out of it. Karen goes to the police department to speak to someone because someone was in danger. Gerard stands outside AJ's office brandishing a knife.

Vanessa's Baby

Virginia's Downfall

Tyus suggests that Vanessa take Lamaze classes and offers to be her coach -- if she would let him. When she says that she needs some more time to think about it, he says that she needs to focus more on the baby, who will need a full time father, and that Michael won't be that person. Michael shows Virginia the letter, asking her why she was at Dr. Green's office the previous day. She tries to explain away her presence by telling Michael that there is a woman in a mouthwash commercial who looks just like her, but when Michael doesn't buy it, she says that she was there to give Dr. Green a piece of her mind for deceiving Vanessa. Michael pretends to believe this story. Michael eavesdrops when Virginia leaves a threatening message on Dr. Green's answering machine. Michael tells Dr Green that Virginia sent him to get another letter.


February 3, 1999


Ben tells Meg that it hasn't been easy living without her. Meg responds that he can't give her the kind of commitment she needs until he is ready to let go of Maria. Maria tells Annie that she wouldn't still live there if Ben would actually tell her that he doesn't love her anymore. Maria says that she has an idea of how to make Ben love her again. She tells Annie that she wants to recreate their second honeymoon in Palm Springs. When Ben returns from the beach, Maria tells him that she wants to go to Palm Springs with him. He says that he'd be happy to go to Palm Springs with her, because he needs to make a decision between her and Meg. Ben tells Maria that he never stopped loving her, but that he still loves Meg very much. He says that they need to spend time together so that he can figure out what he wants. Sara tells Tim that Meg and Casey are just friends, and that she'll never love Tim again. Tim tries to get Sara to lure Meg to a secluded place, where he can be alone with her, but Casey says that Sara won't go along with his plan. Casey's intervention gives Sara the courage to stand up to Tim. Casey gives Sara a comb decorated with freesia -- the flower he put in her hair when they first became a couple. She wants to go out just the two of them, but Casey tells her that he's having a party for Meg. Annie tells Tim that Ben and Maria are going away to Palm Springs together. Meg tells Casey that she is about to lose Ben. Sara sees Casey comforting Meg, and Tim makes one last effort to convince her to help him get Meg back.

Vanessa's Baby

Virginia's Downfall

When Dr. Green agrees to write the letter, Michael realizes that Virginia really did put the doctor up to writing the letter. They hear Virginia leaving a message on his answering machine telling him not to give Michael any information. Virginia realizes that if Michael figures out that she set the letter up, its all over. Virginia arrives with a bee in her bonnet, and lectures the back of Dr. Green's chair, not knowing that Michael is the one sitting in it. Michael plays back her message, and asks how she could intentionally destroy his relationship with Vanessa. Michael asks Virginia why she hates him, and she told him that she loves him. He said that she couldn't love him, because if she had a heart, she wouldn't have intentionally made Vanessa think that her baby was Tyus'. She tells him that she made sure that the baby really is Tyus'.


Carmen tells Antonio that if he stays in Sunset Beach for another hour, disaster will befall him and everyone he loves. Antonio agrees to leave immediately. They say a tearful farewell. He asks her to go easy on Gabi, telling her that Gabi and Ricardo are meant to be together. Sister Bertrille convinces Antonio to hear the sisters' confessions one last time. When Gabi calls to tell Ricardo that she has caught the embezzler, Gerard is eavesdropping. Karen disappears while Ricardo's talking to Gabi. It turns out that Gerard's plan is to blow Gabi and the evidence up. Someone phones in a tip, and Ricardo and Spence go to check it out. Karen slips in between the sisters and confesses that Gerard plans to kill Gabi. Antonio takes off in the middle of Karen's confession. Ricardo and Spence catch Gerard, who taunts Ricardo that Gabi is about to die. Antonio arrives just as the bomb goes off.


February 4, 1999

Vanessa's Baby

Virginia's Downfall

Virginia tells Michael that Tyus has to be the father of Vanessa's baby because Michael is sterile. When she insists that Vanessa and Tyus have been carrying on behind his back, he said that he never wants to see her again -- except for when he visits Jimmy, because Jimmy needs him more than ever, now that he knows what Virginia is really like. Vanessa arrives for an appointment, and finds Virginia and the crumpled letter. She demands an explanation, and Virginia says that she'll never have Michael. Michael comes to apologize to Vanessa, but she isn't there. He vows that he is going to find her.


Meg tells Vanessa that she may have made the worst mistake of her life when she told Ben that he needed to make a decision. She feels that by issuing the ultimatum, she pushed Ben into Maria's arms. Meg tells Casey and Sara that Ben and Maria have gone away together. Sara suggests that the three of them go away together -- to the same hotel that Ben and Maria are staying at. Casey and Sara talk Meg into going. After they leave, Sara calls Tim and tells him that her part of the plan is coming into place. Maria wants to have romantic reminiscenses with Ben, but he keeps thinking about Meg. Maria tells him to go to Meg, since he wants her so much. Maria packs a sexy nightie to wear in Palm Springs just in case. After she packs it away, Ben comes into the room and reminds Maria that he can't promise her that anything will come of their trip. Maria reminds Ben that their suite has two bedrooms. He says that he'll be as open as he can be for whatever happens. Ben and Maria go to the Java Web to pick up coffee for their trip. Ben sees Meg and approaches her. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him again until he's made a decision. He explains that he and Maria need to spend some time together away from Sunset Beach to sort things out between them. Casey overhears Sara and Tim plotting together. He tells her that he knows that she is hiding something from him. She says that she was calling a friend to see if she could come to Meg's party. Casey admits that he is having trouble finding people to come to the party, and says that he and she could do something for Meg. They go to the Java Web to check on Meg.


Antonio and Gabi are knocked unconscious by falling rubble. Antonio fishes Gabi out from under the debris. Ricardo tries to dig them out, but a fireman stops him because he would bring the building down on top of them. When Karen shows up, Ricardo confronts her about why she didn't warn him. He threatens her if Gabi is hurt. Karen tries to justify her silence by telling Ricardo about confessing to Antonio, which tells Ricardo that he has two people to rescue his girlfriend and his brother. When Gabi panicks at the thought that they might die, Antonio reassures her that they aren't going to die. When Gabi gets cold, Antonio holds her to warm her up.


February 5, 1999

When Maria asks if she really has her life back if she doesn't have Ben, he reminds her that they looked for her, but couldn't find her. She compares her experience to waking from a dream to find that her husband doesn't love her anymore. Ben says that he mourned her every day until Meg helped him learn to live again. Maria says that she wishes she could stop loving him. Ben and Maria step out onto the balcony during the storm. While they are out there, they start to kiss. Sara asks Meg to take a separate car so that she can have two hours alone with Casey. Meg agrees and tells Casey that she would be going to drive herself, to have time to think. Casey says that they'll be right behind her. Sara disables Casey's car. When he walks up behind her just after she finishes, she tells him that that the hood had been standing open. Casey notices that the distributor cap is gone, so his car won't be going anywhere although that didn't necessarily mean that they wouldn't be going anywhere. Meg gets caught in the rainstorm, but as she is thinking about Ben, not the road, Meg's car runs off the road.

Vanessa's Baby

Virginia's Downfall

Virginia tells Vanessa that she, not Vanessa, should be with Michael. Dr. Green tells Vanessa that Virginia blackmailed him into saying that she was four and a half months pregnant when she was really three months pregnant. Vanessa says that proves that the baby's Michael's, but Virginia insists that Tyus is the father. Michael arrives after Vanessa and Virginia have left. When Virginia reiterates that Tyus is the father of the baby, Vanessa explains that Tyus couldn't be the father. Virginia tells her that she got her pregnant, and spells the whole thing out for her -- getting the sperm from the sperm bank, knocking Vanessa out, and raping her with the turkey baster. When Vanessa says that she is going to make sure that Virginia goes to prison for a very long time, Virginia jumps her. Michael pulls Virginia off of Vanessa, but Vanessa doesn't get up.

Carmen is inconsolable when Ricardo tells her that Antonio was in the building when it blew up. The fireman tells Carmen and Ricardo that the debris is shifting and that Antonio and Gabi might not survive. When Antonio tells her that he failed by loving her, she says that made her a failure, too, because she loves him, too. Antonio tells Gabi that he started it because she didn't love him until she sensed how he felt about her, but she won't let him feel guilty about her feelings for him. When the debris starts to shift, Gabi and Antonio realize that they might be about to die.


February 8, 1999

Sara finds out what Casey meant when he said that they would still make it to Palm Springs -- Casey intends to borrow Hank's car. Brad, who is working off the damage caused by the sprinklers the night that Amy set them off, tells them that Hank and Joan are running errands. Just as Sara is about to confess to stealing the distributor cap, Casey confesses that he had wanted to get away to spend some time alone with her in Palm Springs. Sara is about to confess again, but when Brad tells them about the collapse of the building, Casey leaves to help. While she is unconscious from the accident, Meg has a nightmare about watching Ben and Maria kissing and hearing Ben say that he has never loved another woman the way he loves Maria. She regains consciousness and finds that her car won't start, and that she can't call for help because the battery of her cell phone is dead. When Maria asks Ben to make love to her, he tells her that he felt for a moment the way he felt when he and Maria were together, but that his feelings for Meg are getting in the way. He steps out for a bottle of wine. Someone stops to rescue Meg. It is Ben.

Vanessa's Baby

Virginia's Downfall

Vanessa goes into early labor. After calling for an ambulance, Michael calms her down and tells her that he knows that it's his baby. Vanessa tells Michael about Virginia raping her. Just as Virginia sneaks away, Vanessa's condition worsens again, so Michael can't go after her. The paramedics come to take Vanessa to the hospital. When they bring Vanessa in, another doctor took over from Tyus because the hospital has a policy against doctors working with family members and there is a chance that Tyus is the father of the baby. Tyus blames Vanessa's condition on Michael. Michael confronts Virginia about her rape of Vanessa. She denies it, but he doesn't believe her. Vanessa loses the baby and Michael goes to comfort her. Virginia offers words of commiseration to Tyus.


When Hank and Joan see the emergency vehicles, they stop by to help. Ricardo tells them that Antonio and Gabi are trapped in the building. Casey arrives later and the three men (Casey, Hank and Ricardo) examine the blueprints of the building to see if they can find something that the firemen missed. Ricardo says that he may have found another way into the building. When Gabi says that God is punishing them for their feelings with the explosion, Antonio explains that God wasn't responsible for the explosion -- Gerard was. Antonio says that he became a priest because helping others helped him get over Maria's death. After their air supply is cut off, she tells him that she loves him because he has always seen her as the person she wants to be, and that she has never seen him as a priest. He says that he has failed as a priest, first in Rosario then in Sunset Beach, and she reassures him that he didn't fail. When they realize that they might die, they kiss.


February 9, 1999

Baby Switch Blackmail

Annie has a nightmare that Cole and Gregory are throwing knives at her. When she wakes up, she realizes that if the truth comes out about Trey, Gregory will kill her and make it look like she committed suicide. Bette walks in as she packs to leave. Bette tells her niece that she knows that Annie's marriage is over, and that she feels bad for her, even if she never wanted her to marry him in the first place. She also tells Annie that she needs to make sure that Gregory gives her a healthy divorce settlement. Caitlin walks in while Cole is calling the cell phone company pretending to be Gregory to ask them what phone calls Annie has made in the last year. While holding Trey in his arms, Cole tells Caitlin that AJ asked him to find Olivia's baby, but he is reluctant to tell her more. Caitlin asks what will happen to AJ and Olivia's relationship if Cole were to find the baby. When Bette gets a phone call that Gabi and Antonio are trapped, Bette and Caitlin leave for the resort. Caitlin leaves a note for Cole which Annie intercepts. She tells Cole that she is going to tell Caitlin about his affair with Olivia unless he agrees to not pry any more into her dealings with Brock.
When Ben accuses Meg of following him, she explains that she had just come there to get away from Sunset Beach. Ben reluctantly offers to give her a ride so that she can call a tow truck, but then his car won't start. When he continues to insist that she followed him, she reminds him that she promised to stay away from him until he made a decision. She asks if he could call a tow truck from his cell phone, and he says that he could, except he left his cell phone in the hotel room. They end up having to walk to get help in the rain. Meg and Ben take shelter in an abandoned house, where Ben explains a Native American wedding tradition to Meg. Ben and Meg kiss.

Francesca tells Gregory that she won't have anything to do with AJ unless he gives her an advance on the five million he promised her. Caitlin walks in on Gregory and Francesca conspiring.


Ricardo suggests that since the building backed up against the caves, they could get in through the beach caves. Gabi and Antonio make love. Ricardo, Casey and Hank reach the other side of the beach cave wall from Ricardo and Gabi. Just as Antonio promises to love Gabi forever, they hear Ricardo calling out for them.


February 10, 1999


Ben and Meg make love. Afterwards, Meg says that she will always love him, but that nothing has changed he is still married to Maria. He tells her that while he still has feelings for Maria, he was meant to be with Meg for the rest of his life. She wonders what Maria will do when Ben tells her that he'd made his decision, and he says that he'll handle Maria. Maria runs into Tim, who says that he is there to interview for a job. When she calls home and gets a message that Antonio's been injured, she says that she has to go home pronto. Tim offers to drive her.

  When Cole denied having had an affair with Olivia, Annie told him that she overheard Olivia confessing. She asked what he would do when Caitlin would find out that he was the father of Olivia's stillborn baby. Cole still insisted that he wanted to know what the connection was, so she said that she had an affair with Dr. Brock. When Caitlin called Cole and asked him to come to the rescue site, he left without settling things with Annie. Annie fantasized about killing Cole. Annie let Cole walk down a path that ends in a seven-story drop.
  Caitlin asked Gregory why he was having anything to do with Francesca. They told Caitlin that he was just updating her on Antonio's condition because she was worried about him. Francesca warned Olivia that she could tell Caitlin about Olivia's affair with Cole at any time. Bette overheard Olivia threatening to kill Francesca. She separated the combatants. Francesca reflected on setting up the cameras in the office, and decided to set up cameras somewhere else. Amy, Sean and Leo left to help with the rescue effort, leaving Amy alone to hatch another plot. Amy overheard Olivia threatening to kill Francesca.

After they heard Ricardo calling for them, Gabi and Antonio hurriedly dressed. Ricardo punched a hole in the wall of the cave and got Gabi out. He told her that he didn't know what he would have done if something had happened to her. When she emerged from the cave, Sara and Joan came to Gabi's aid, but Carmen just asked what she did to Antonio. Emily overheard Gregory telling the foreman to keep Sean and Leo out of the rescue effort. When Emily told Sean what she heard Gregory saying, Sean stormed out.


February 11, 1999

  When Olivia and Bette heard Amy on the balcony, Bette yelled at Amy for eavesdropping. Amy pretended that she didn't hear anything. Olivia asked to speak to Amy privately, and threatened that if Amy does anything dishonest, she'll frame her for stealing some of Olivia's jewelry. Sean saw Olivia giving Amy what-for. When a concerned Sean was talking to his mother, Amy decided to ingratiate herself to Olivia. Sean left and everyone but Olivia and Amy went to bed. Amy put together a midnight snack for Olivia, telling her that it was just to thank Olivia for not kicking her out. After Olivia went to bed, Amy wondered why Olivia wanted to kill Francesca.
  When he was trapped under falling rubble, Antonio told Ricardo that he didn't deserve to live. When Carmen said that she knew what happened between Gabi and Antonio, Gabi begged Carmen to forgive her. Gabi realized that Carmen was talking about Antonio being trapped just as Carmen realized that Gabi wasn't talking about Antonio being trapped. When the debris shifted again, Gabi's first thought was for Antonio. Hank and Casey emerged, but when Ricardo and Antonio didn't follow, Carmen shared her unease with Gabi. Just as Hank and Casey were about to go back in after Ricardo and Antonio, they came out. Ricardo hugged Gabi and Carmen hugged Antonio, but Gabi and Antonio only had eyes for each other. When Sara expressed her concerns about Casey, he said that he was fine. She explained that he takes reckless chances and that he doesn't know how much he means to her. She made him promise to take care of himself, because she couldn't face losing him. Casey told Sara that he'd never let her go. Antonio overheard Ricardo telling Gabi that nothing will ever take him away from her. Ricardo made the pair feel even guiltier when he told them that he was glad that Antonio was there for Gabi. He asked Antonio what he meant when he said that he didn't deserve to live.

Annie fantasized about Olivia and Cole taunting her and threatening to call the police when Cole survived the fall. When Annie tried to stop Cole, they both went over the edge. Cole pulled himself up. Annie begged Cole to help her, but he gleefully used Annie's position to demand that she tell him that she and Dr Brock stole Olivia's baby. Annie let it slip that Olivia already knew everything, but before he could make her explain, the security guard rescued her.


February 12, 1999

Vanessa's Baby

Virginia's Downfall

Virginia told Jimmy that they had to get packed and leave pronto. When he responded that he didn't want to leave, she said that she made a big mistake and the only thing to do for it was to move on. She told him to go to the bus station and pick up bus tickets to Portland, Oregon. She rationalized what she was doing was trying to help Jimmy keep his mother, because he had lost his father. Michael arrived and refused to let Virginia have the tickets. He told her that her plan to leave town had reduced Jimmy to tears, so Michael told him that they weren't leaving and sent him to school. Michael told Virginia that Vanessa lost the baby, and dragged her to the hospital to tell Tyus that she raped Vanessa and impregnated her with Tyus' sperm. Tyus broke the news to Vanessa that she miscarried. When Gabi and Antonio were comforting Vanessa, she said that she feared that she lost Michael permanently when she failed to tell him the truth as soon as she found out, because you can't lie to someone you love and expect them to forgive you. Michael brought Virginia to the hospital to face Tyus and Vanessa.

  Meg interrupted Sara and Casey kissing when she came by to tell them that she and Ben got back together, saying that that it was fate that led them back to each other. Sara realized that if anyone knew that it was her conspiracy with Tim, not fate, that led Meg back into Ben's arms, she'd lose Casey for certain. She fantasized about Meg telling Casey about her conspiring with Tim. Judge Wapner showed up and sentenced her to life without Casey. Tim came to see Sara. Ben told Meg that he had to tell Maria that he's made a decision. Ben found out that Maria checked out. They made plans to go home to Sunset Beach. Ben asked Meg to move back in with him, and she agreed. Ben told Maria that he spent the night with Meg, and that he has decided that he belonged with Meg. She headed out the door and towards the water.

Antonio told Ricardo that he did something terrible, and was about to confess, but Maria interrupted them. Antonio continued to try to tell Ricardo the truth, but Gabi stopped him, saying that they all survived, and was all that mattered. Tyus told Antonio, Ricardo, Maria and Gabi that Vanessa miscarried and asked Antonio to speak with her. Gabi asked if she could come along, since she and Vanessa are friends. After Gabi and Antonio left to visit Vanessa, Maria asked Ricardo what was bothering him, and he replied that wished he knew, but that it was more than that Antonio nearly died. He told her that Antonio said that he deserved to die. Antonio prayed for forgiveness, clutching a crucifix until his hands bled. Gabi told Antonio that he can't punish himself forever, to which he replied that he had to make amends. They disagreed over whether to tell Ricardo the truth Antonio for, and Gabi against. Antonio was making one last stab at trying to convince Gabi to tell the truth when Ricardo walked in saying that he knew what they were talking about.


February 15, 1999

Vanessa's Baby

Virginia's Downfall

Vanessa told Tyus that Virginia killed her baby. When Michael told Tyus how Virginia inseminated Vanessa at Ben & Meg's wedding, Tyus lost his temper with Virginia. Vanessa remembered how Virginia nearly confessed to giving her Martin's Syndrome during the earthquake, and pressured Virginia to tell them what she had been talking about. Virginia confessed to burning down the cabin and to having sped up the progress of Vanessa's Martin's Syndrome. Virginia grabbed hold of Michael, apparently convinced that when he didn't shake her off, it meant that he loved her. Meg came to see Vanessa, who told her that things will never be the same again. Vanessa told Meg about Virgnia's confession. Tyus told Michael that wanted to speak to him. Michael refused, but Casey convinced him to do it for Jimmy. Virginia said that she did it all to get Vanessa out of his heart to make room for her.

  Meg told Tim that she and Ben are back together. When Tim demanded an explanation, Meg told him that Ben rescued her and one thing led to another and they got back together. Tim told Meg that it just wasn't fate that got them back together but, fortunately for Sara, Meg wouldn't listen to him. Michael called Casey to tell him that Vanessa lost the baby. After Meg left, Sara realized that Tim intended to have Meg catch Ben and Maria together, so that he could manipulate Meg, and she lost her temper. When Ben stopped her, Maria said that she wished that she'd died. Maria said that Ben had promised that he would try to work on their relationship that night, and instead he spent the night with Meg. She told him that she would never believe anything that Ben says again.Maria told Ben that he was no longer the man she married. Maria said that Meg saved Ben from his heartache and asked who was going to save her. Maria said that she wanted to move out, and asked Ben to help her pack. While he was upstairs getting started, gone, Maria mourned their life together, lost her temper and ran out. Tim pointed out to Sara that she helped him in his plot scheme. Maria came to see Meg.

Ricardo leapt to the assumption that Gabi was there to say a prayer of thanks for their survival, but Antonio tried, once again, to tell Ricardo the truth. Ricardo got called in to work and told his brother that God will forgive him for whatever he wanted to confess to. When Antonio told Gabi that he had to tell Ricardo how he feels, she asked if he wanted to leave the priesthood for her. Antonio said that it had never occurred to him to leave the priesthood. They talked about their options, and Gabi asked him to give her warning before telling Ricardo. Gabi left and Antonio prayed for guidance. While praying, Antonio had a vision. Ricardo promised never to let go of Gabi.


February 16, 1999


AJ planned a Valentine's Day surprise for Olivia. AJ caught Francesca planting the surveillance equipment in his room. Cole startled Olivia by mentioning Dr. Brock's name, and she explained that it was only because Dr. Brock delivered her stillborn baby. When he tried to make her understand how badly he wanted to find her baby, she told him that there was no chance of getting her baby back. She begged him to let it go, but he would only go so far as to promise her that he would make sure that no one would be hurt by his investigation. He decided that Olivia was hiding something, and that Annie knew what it was. AJ was in the process of throwing Francesca out when he kissed her. Olivia walked in on them. Annie decided to tell Cole that keeping his mouth shut about the baby switch will be the only way to keep his family together.

  Tim reminded Sara that she has always been jealous of Meg and suggested that she and Casey hadn't gone to Palm Springs because she lied to him to keep him in Sunset Beach. Sara's guilt got worse when Casey told her that he felt like he could trust someone for the first time in a long time. Casey told Sara that Michael and Vanessa broke up because she failed to tell him something important the fact that Tyus was the father of her baby. Sara wondered if he would be able to stop loving her because of something she did wrong. Tim tried to get Sara to get him a job. Ben told Annie that he and Meg have gotten back together. Maria accused Meg of stealing Ben from her, and Meg replied that she didn't have to. Maria said that she was supportive of Ben and Meg before she remembered how much she had to lose. They apologized to each other. Ben and Annie walked in just as they hugged and made up. Meg told Ben that she felt sorry for Maria, because she knew what it was like to lose him. Ben told Meg that he had a big surprise for her. Annie tried to convince Maria not to give up. Annie considered her options -- making a pass at Cole or playing on his sympathy. Maria moved out. Someone called and hung up when she got the answering machine.

Antonio asks if God came to him because he broke his vows, and He said that He's there because Antonio needed Him. God told Antonio to atone for his sins. Antonio asked God if He could see a way for him to atone without hurting anyone else.


February 17, 1999


God told Antonio to follow his heart, and that when he next saw Ricardo, he would know what to do. Antonio walked in while Ricardo was proposing to Gabi. Ricardo persuaded Antonio to stay, and Gabi accepted his proposal. Carmen and Maria came by to tell them about Maria's idea to have a party. When Ricardo told them that Gabi and he had gotten engaged, Maria burst into tears. Carmen told her sons that Ben chose Meg. Antonio and Maria compared notes on losing the people they love. Antonio reassured Gabi that he had decided not to tell Ricardo about them making love. While looking for the tape of her kissing AJ, Francesca found the tape of Antonio and Gabi. She was stunned by what she saw.

  Gregory interrupted Annie before she could tell Cole the truth. He forced her to admit that she was going to tell Cole the truth. Gregory said that he would take care of Cole. He ordered the revised test results from the doctor.

Ben told Meg that his Valentine's Day surprise was that he bought the house where they were reunited for her. Ben and Meg made love. Afterwards, Ben asked Meg to wear her rings again. She accepted. Carmen read the tea leaves, and got the result that it was not over for Ben and Maria. The woman who called Ben zipped up a suitcase and left -- carrying two plane tickets with her.


After Olivia left, AJ broke away from Francesca and told her that he wouldn't give her any of his time the next time he saw her. When Cole told his father that he spoke to Olivia, AJ left to speak to Olivia, fearing that Cole may have scared her off for good. When AJ arrived, Olivia told him AJ that she had been waiting for him.


February 18, 1999


Francesca felt betrayed by the priest when she saw the tape of Antonio and Gabi. Gregory called her and told her that their timetable has been moved up, and that his doctor would come up with an emergency where Trey would need blood, and that in that way, the truth about Gabi and Antonio would come out. Francesca watched the tape of her and AJ, which faded out before the kiss. When Ricardo asks again why Antonio said that he deserved to die, Gabi said that some debris landed on her head during the explosion, and that Antonio blamed himself for it. Ricardo told them that he knew that Antonio would never intentionally hurt Gabi. Antonio told Gabi that Ricardo would never find out the truth because he could never believe that they would do something like that. He told her that he still planned to leave town. Gabi thanked Ricardo for believing in her and loving her. Gabi and Ricardo made love. The bishop came by to tell Antonio that he wouldn't be going to Guatemala, because Carmen convinced him that Antonio couldn't go. Antonio asked the bishop to hear his confession, but they got interrupted before he could hear Antonio's confession.When he came to confront his mother, Carmen said that the disaster that she foresaw was right there in the cards, and that they both knew what it was.

  Olivia was furious with AJ, and told him to go back to his new lover -- Francesca. AJ tried to make excuses for why he was kissing Francesca, but Olivia didn't buy them. Olivia tells AJ that it's over between them. Gregory caught Annie eavesdropping on his conversation with Francesca. She asked him what he was going to do. When Gregory refused to tell her what he had planned, she promised to take him down if he sent her to prison. Francesca saw how proud Cole was when Trey took his first step. Francesca fantasized that Cole left Caitlin for her, but then he left her for Trey. Francesca decided to use the videotape of Gabi and Antonio to get the money to take Trey with them when Cole left town with her. In order to find out what Gregory was up to, Annie hit the last number redial on his phone. Francesca answered. Annie decided to find out what was going on with Gregory and Francesca. Caitlin and Cole told Gregory that Trey took the first step. Gregory told them that Trey would be having one-year checkup with another doctor. Annie saw AJ pounding on Francesca's door, and that she didn't answer the door. Francesca decided that the tape of Gabi and Antonio would help her get rich.

February 19, 1999


Cole gave Caitlin a present for Trey's birthday -- a charm bracelet, with charms on them to represent all of the turning points in their relationship. He suggested that they might try for another baby. Annie heard AJ threaten to kill Francesca, so she told AJ that she was there to yell at Francesca, too. The maid came by and told AJ and Annie that Francesca had left several hours previously. Annie and AJ left. Annie returned later, disguised as Francesca, and convinced the maid to let her into Francesca's room. While rummaging through Francesca's papers, trying to find out what Francesca and Gregory were up to, a gloved hand reached over Annie's mouth. Dr. Manning told Caitlin and Cole that Trey might be bleeding internally. He took Trey from the room. Gregory reassured himself that this was for her own good. Cole reassured Caitlin that if Trey needed blood, she could give it after all, he said, she did it once before. Dr. Manning told them that Trey needed a transfusion -- but that fortunately, they already knew that his mother was a perfect match for Trey. Cole offered, but Dr. Manning told him that it had to be Caitlin's blood.


Ricardo was overjoyed when he heard Antonio telling someone that the bishop wanted him to stay in Sunset Beach. Ricardo convinced Antonio to come over to his apartment so that he could show him something. When Francesca called Gabi to threaten her, she hung up. We saw the light on the answering machine blinking. Carmen came over and told Gabi not to celebrate her engagement to Ricardo, because "the other man" had already sown the seeds of her destruction. While watching the tape (and eating popcorn), Francesca wondered what Gabi did to get Antonio into bed, when she was unsuccessful in Rosario. Francesca told Gabi that she wanted the money the police found when they caught Gerard. When Gabi threatened to call Ricardo, Francesca showed her the videotape. Francesca was trying to talk Gabi into cooperating when Antonio and Ricardo arrived.


February 22, 1999

  Tyus told Michael that they were sending Virginia to Cedar Oaks. Vanessa said she didn't want them to press charges against Virginia because she didn't want Jimmy to lose his mother. She said that sending Virginia to jail wouldn't bring her baby back. Tyus told her that he would never forgive Virginia for killing the baby. While Dr. Estrada ran an electroencephalogram ("EEG") on Virginia, Virginia reminisced about the things she did to Vanessa. Dr. Estrada looked at the EEG results and said that Virginia has had a breakdown. After Dr. Estrada left the room, Virginia escaped from her straitjacket.
  Caitlin said that she couldn't give blood to Trey because she had a cold. When the doctor said that she should be fine unless she had strep or the flu, she changed her story. She explained that she didn't want to get Trey sick, and Dr. Manning reassured her that they would check to make sure that she wasn't sick before giving it to Trey. Gregory heard Caitlin saying that she wished he were there and said that she was on her own this time. Caitlin admitted that she's not Trey's mother.
  When they heard Ricardo and Antonio on the porch, Francesca sneaked out the back door. Ricardo told Gabi that Antonio wasn't leaving Sunset Beach. Ricardo noticed the light on the answering machine blinking and told Gabi that the answering machine records phone calls and that they would have to play the tape to erase it. Antonio distracted Ricardo, and Gabi got rid of the tape, found a blank tape and stuck it in the answering machine. When Ricardo and Antonio return, she said that he had a call from the station. Ricardo gave their father's medal to Antonio. After Ricardo left, Gabi told Antonio about Francesca's threats.

The person who attacked Annie was Olivia. When Annie noticed that Olivia was crying, she asked if it had anything to do with AJ. AJ showed up and asked to speak to Olivia alone. He encouraged her to fight for what they have. Annie ran into Francesca in the elevator. AJ declared his love for Olivia, but she wouldn't listen. After the two women fight about their respective connections to Gregory, Annie fantasized about pushing Francesca down the elevator shaft. AJ found a gun and thought about killing Francesca with it. Antonio came to see Francesca. Annie suggested to Olivia that they destroy Francesca.


February 23, 1999


Maria told Ben and Meg that she wanted to talk about giving Ben a divorce. Maria said that she knew that Ben never wanted to hurt her, but that she just wanted to get this over with. Ben told Maria that he would make sure that she will get a fair settlement. When Meg said that she knew how painful it was for her to ask for a divorce, Maria said that what was really painful was that the only way she could show Ben how much she loved him was to let him go. Ben called his attorney to draw up the papers. The flight attendant brought orange juice to a woman and a child. The woman looked at a charcoal sketch of Ben or was it Derek?

  Annie was enjoying a moment alone when Russell called to remind her about the date she promised him. When he threatened to tell Gregory that she doctored the test results, she gave in. Annie threw herself at Russell, saying that she knew that he didn't really want a date, just sex. Annie made lots of noise so that Nurse Stacy would find them, then she told her that Russell assaulted her. When Nurse Stacy left, Annie pointed out that the balance of power had shifted. When Russell tells her that Gregory is there to see Caitlin, she runs off. Annie arrives at the room too late -- Caitllin has told Cole that Annie got the baby for her.
  When Caitlin told Cole that their baby died, Cole told Dr. Manning to use blood from the blood bank. Caitlin told Cole that after his first words when he found her after the accident were about how glad he was that the baby was all right, she couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth. She then went on to tell him that she'd planned to tell him once she was pregnant again, then she found out that she was infertile. She was afraid that she would lose him, so she got another baby. Cole demanded that Caitlin tell him where she got the baby from.
  Ricardo asked Gabi if she lied about the phone call to get rid of him. Gabi admitted that there wasn't any call from the station, telling him that she and Antonio were planning to petition the governor for a citation for bravery for him. Ricardo got romantic, but Gabi made excuses, saying that she needed to meet with Antonio about Ricardo's citation, when she really needed to meet with him to discuss his meeting with Francesca. Antonio demanded that Francesca give the tape to him. When she didn't, he turned the room upside down looking for it. Francesca told him that the tape wasn't in the room, but that it was in a safe place. Francesca told Antonio to get the money -- or else everyone would find out about his tryst with Gabi. A parishioner thanked Antonio for helping her son quit the gangs. Antonio told Gabi that she had to get the money for Francesca.

Francesca opened the door to someone with a gun.


February 24, 1999


Sara had a romantic Mary Tyler Moore-style fantasy of her and Casey which ended with Tim catching the hat and threatening to expose her part in his plot to get Meg back. In real life, Tim told Sara that she needed to talk to her parents about the job at the Shock Wave that he wanted. He said that he's lost Meg, and that he couldn't afford to lose the Cummingses, too, because they were the only family he had ever had. Sara convinced her parents to consider giving Tim another chance. Joan gave Sara an order to deliver down the beach. Casey told Sara that he placed the order to give them some time alone. He took her to a picnic blanket, where they got romantic.

  Cole went ballistic when he heard that Annie got Trey for Caitlin. In the hallway, Gregory stopped Annie from interrupting them. Cole remembered the night that he dangled Annie from the cliff, and realized that Trey was Olivia's son. Annie realized that Gregory wanted the truth to come out. Cole told Caitlin that she destroyed everything they ever had, and that he couldn't trust her anymore. When Dr. Manning brought Trey back, Cole took him and kept him from Caitlin. She said that they were still a family, but he told her that Trey's not her baby, he's his. She begged his forgiveness, but he wouldn't give it to her. After Cole left, Gregory "just happened" along and comforted Caitlin. Annie fantasized about hiding out in a convent and being caught by Gregory, Ricardo and Cole. She was about to escape when she ran into Cole. Cole confronted Annie with the knowledge that she got Trey for Caitlin. Annie protested that she only arranged for him rather than Olivia and Gregory, to raise his son. She also told him that Olivia knew that Trey is her son.

It turned out that the person with the gun was Olivia, who told Francesca that she was there to talk about Francesca and AJ's kiss. Francesca realized that she broke up Olivia and AJ without having to sleep with him. Francesca disarmed Olivia, telling her to use the gun immediately next time, not hold it on her intended victim and then waste time talking. Francesca told Olivia that she would have been better off spending her energy giving emotional support to Caitlin, rather than threatening her.


February 25, 1999

  Maria overheard Gabi and Antonio, but she thought that Gabi just found out how Antonio felt about her. She brought a picture of Antonio the day of his first confession, reminding him that Carmen always used to say that confession makes the soul pure and white. When he lost his temper at her, Maria told him that she just brought the picture to tell him that maybe he was meant to be a priest. Then she realized that something more had happened than just Gabi finding out how he feels about her, but he wouldn't tell her what. Maria told Antonio that she had decided to give Ben the divorce.

Francesca asked Gregory when she'll be getting her money. He hung up on her. When Gregory hung up on her, Francesca resolved that she was going to have to rely on the $200,000 that she blackmailed Gabi for. Gabi arrived, begging Francesca not to ruin Ricardo and Antonio's lives. Francesca told Gabi that her opinion of Antonio declined rapidly when she saw the tape of them together. Ricardo walked in on Gabi while she was stealing the money. Francesca came to see Antonio during confessions.

  Annie told Cole that Olivia had known for months that Trey was her son. Cole carted Annie to her bedroom and bound and gagged her, insisting that it was all her fault that Caitlin had the idea to substitute another baby for the one that she lost. Cole went out in search of Olivia, completely missing her in the living room. Olivia went upstairs, mistaking the sound of Annie trying to work herself loose for the sound of Gregory and Annie making love. Her curiosity got the better of her and she opened the door. When she found Annie on the bed, she had so much fun gloating that Annie was unable to warn her that Cole knew the truth about Trey. Caitlin lost her grip, begging Sean to find Cole for her. Sean accused Gregory of causing all of this by plotting to steal Caitlin's baby from her.

Sara and Casey made love. When Casey told her that he didn't think that he was good enough for her, she told him that she'd been waiting for him her whole life.


February 26, 1999

  When a sedated Caitlin begged Sean to get Cole, Sean berated Gregory for breaking them up. Caitlin had a nightmare about Cole taking Trey from her Emily walked in while Sean was comforting his sister. Cole told Olivia that he tied Annie up so that she wouldn't go anywhere while he looked for her. Cole acted distant when telling Olivia that he wanted some straight answers, and that he couldn't trust Annie. When Trey cried, Cole sent Olivia to deal with him. Cole tells Annie that he's going to tell Olivia that he knows that Trey isn't Caitlin's son. When he saw Olivia holding Trey, he tells her to put their son down. Gregory returned home and found Annie tied to the bed. He didn't untie her, but used the baby monitor to eavesdrop on Olivia and Cole's conversation. Cole reminisced about the day that he thought that Caitlin had given birth to Trey. He demanded to know how Olivia could have let him raise their baby thinking that Caitlin was his mother. Gregory went to the hospital, leaving Annie still tied up. Olivia told him that she didn't know that Trey was her baby until the christening and that she let Caitlin keep the baby for Caitlin's sake. When Cole pressured her to admit that she never claimed Trey because she didn't want the truth about their affair to come out, she asked him if he was in any hurry to let Caitlin find out. Gregory let himself overhear Olivia and Cole's conversation, pretending to be hurt. Francesca incurred AJ's wrath when she refused to admit to Olivia that she pursued him. She told him that she could tell how much he wanted her.

Antonio chased Francesca out of the confessional, insisting that she couldn't ruin Ricardo and Gabi's lives. Emily walked in on them. Francesca suggested that he wanted Ricardo to find out so that he could have Gabi to himself. Francesca told Antonio that her whole plot is to get Cole back. Antonio fantasized about how hurt Ricardo would be if he found out about sleeping with Gabi, and vowed that it would never happen. Gabi convinced Ricardo that she was in the evidence room to get a file. She realized that she had to put the money back, or they'd realize that she took it, but the safe was locked shut. After she took the box and left, Ricardo told Spence that the money had been sent to the DA's office. When Gabi opened the box, she found it empty of everything except a gun.



When AJ told Bette about his fight with Olivia, she tried, unsuccessfully, to convince AJ that he could have just not kissed Francesca. AJ stormed out, insisting that he had to make things better.


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