Sunset Beach Timeline -- January 1998

January 1, 1998


January 2, 1998

Olivia & Gregory's Divorce
Gregory & Annie

Gregory tells Olivia that his kiss with Annie was just a friendly greeting. Annie tells Olivia that her kiss with Gregory just an attempt to comfort Gregory and Olivia says that she can have him.

Jade & Cole

Olivia tells Cole that she knows that he is there to find the tape, which makes Cole threaten to tell Annie that Gregory might not be the father of Olivia's baby, but Cole backs down when Olivia points out that Caitlin's the one who would be most hurt by that revelation.

Caitlin's Miscarriage

When the fertility specialist tells Caitlin that she can't have children, Caitlin resolves to tell Cole the truth, but when she tries, she can only choke out the words "our baby."

Terror Island

The killer locks himself in with Elizabeth, who begs him not to kill her, to no avail. The killer wraps Elizabeth's body in a tarp and then pushes it out of the porthole. Unaware of what they're seeing, the Surf Centralites watch the sharks eating Elizabeth's body.

January 5, 1998

Caitlin's Miscarriage

When Caitlin tries to break the news about her miscarriage gently, Cole assumes that she's having doubts, so he encourages Caitlin to set a date for their wedding as soon as possible. Tyus asks Caitlin about her "friend." When she tells him that her "friend" is definitely infertile, Tyus suggests that her "friend" adopt a baby.

Terror Island

Mark tells the others a story about a group of people who came to the house for a party who were all murdered. Mark says that the others should keep their eyes open for clues about the murders and he offers a prize to the first person to bring back a murder weapon.

Meg and Gabi go down to the basement together, where they find a doll hanging from a noose;
Michael and Vanessa discover the dumbwaiter across the hall from their room, and when they open it, Casey falls out (it turns out that Casey just wanted to scare Michael and Vanessa); and
Meg is alone in the living room when Sean stumbles in with a knife sticking through the back of his sweater and collapses at Meg's feet.

January 6, 1998

Happy First Birthday, Sunset Beach!!!!!!!

Caitlin's Miscarriage

Caitlin goes to an adoption agency and says that she's a recent college graduate who can provide a stable home for a baby. When she panics when she finds out that it will take at least a year to get a newborn, the woman tells her that now would probably not be the best time for her to adopt a baby. Caitlin later meets Rachel, a pregnant teenager who tells Caitlin that she can't keep her baby and that she wants to find someone who will love her baby as much as she does.

Jade & Cole

Cole comes tells Olivia her that Jade has stolen his supply of money -- including the check that Olivia gave him to take Caitlin from town. Olivia tells Cole that if he wants Jade, he can go to Meg's island and get her. Cole is looking for the videotape when Eddie, who has been injured and is staying at Annie's while he recuperates, comes forward and tells him that he has the tape.

Olivia's Baby

Olivia has an ultrasound and when she finds out that her baby is a boy, she cries, remembering how much Gregory wanted a son to name after himself. Tyus tells Olivia that she can still reconcile with Gregory if she wants.

Terror Island

It turns out that Sean's apparent death was a practical joke that Mark, Sean and Gabi were playing on the others. A wet and injured Tim and Amy turn up. Tim tells them that since Grogan's boat had already left, Tim borrowed Gregory's boat, which he wrecked on the way there. Mark leads the others in a Ouija board while they're being watched from outside. The Ouija board says that they'll see a ghost that night and that Ben will arrive that night. Virginia and Jade leave the room, allowing someone enough time to drug the soup. While looking for herbs, Jade runs into Grogan with an axe, who tells her that he's going to have to shut her up. While the Surf Centralites eat the soup, the drugs in it take effect.

January 7, 1998

Caitlin's Miscarriage

Rachel says that her mother needs a $10,000 operation. Caitlin offers cover the cost of Rachel's mother's operation and to provide a home for her baby, and Rachel accepts. Caitlin is looking for Cole's stash for the money when Cole arrives and tells Caitlin that his stash has been stolen. Having decided that Gregory stole Cole's stash, Caitlin is in the process of stealing the $10,000 that she needs from Gregory's legal office, when Gregory walks in on her.

Jackson Harrison's Death

Alex shows Gregory her portfolio, including a picture of Jackson Harrison's body. Later, Tyus sees the picture and flashes back to finding Jackson's body, but he tells Alex and Gregory that, despite having lived in South Central at the time, he wasn't aware of the Grand Avenue gang war.

Cole & Jade

Eddie tells Cole that he watched the videotape and threatens to show the tape to the Richardses. When Cole gets the tape away from Eddie and destroys it, Eddie tells him that it was the wrong tape.

Terror Island

Mark swears that the hallucinations are not another practical joke. Tim hallucinates that Meg's scalp is bleeding and that the blood is running down her face. Vanessa hallucinates that she's been disfigured. Michael tries to stop Vanessa's hallucinations, but Virginia makes them worse by needling her about her mother. Amy hallucinates that Sean is attacking her with a knife, and Mark hallucinates that the silverware on the table has turned into poisonous snakes. Michael hallucinates that he's killing Jackson Harrison again. When he comes out of his hallucinatory state, he tells Virginia that he'll never be able to forgive himself for killing Jackson, and Virginia says that he shouldn't blame himself for Jackson's death. Jade goes outside to open a box of cans. She hacks her way into the box of cans with a butcher knife, turns her back for a moment, and the knife disappears. While the lucid Surf Centralites try to keep calm indoors, Jade is attacked by the person with the skull mask.

January 8, 1998

Caitlin's Miscarriage

Annie lifts the information packet on infertility that Tyus put together for Caitlin, in hopes that she can use it to alienate Caitlin from Olivia. Caitlin tells Gregory that the money is for her wedding dress. Right after Caitlin makes arrangements to meet Rachel, she runs into Annie, who tells her that she knows that Caitlin is having a problem with infertility, but Caitlin says that the packet is for a friend. Rachel tells Caitlin that she's changed her mind.

Terror Island

Meg hallucinates that Ben, brandishing a pair of scissors, admits that he killed Maria and that he's going to kill her, too. Michael figures out that the drugs were in the food and Tim figures out that everyone was living through their worst nightmares. Gabi, shaken from her hallucinations, which were about Lorenzo, says that she'll never get over what Lorenzo did to her. When Gabi asks who would want her, Mark says "don't you know?" and kisses her on the forehead. Jade pulls the mask off her attacker and recognizes the killer.

January 9, 1998

Caitlin's Miscarriage

Caitlin talks Rachel into going through with the adoption, just as Joe, the baby's father, turns up. Joe says that he won't let Caitlin adopt the baby. He then demands $10,000 for himself. Annie, who tells Caitlin that she's being conned, arrives and demands that Rachel give back the money to Caitlin. Annie bluffs, saying that she called the police and that Rachel and Joe had better leave before they show up. After Rachel gives Caitlin back her money and Joe and Rachel leave, Annie admits that she didn't know for certain that Caitlin was being scammed, but that she felt that it would be a safe guess. Annie discovers that Caitlin isn't really pregnant.

Terror Island

After the killer finishes killing Jade, he drags her body away and hides it in some bushes. Mark tells Gabi that he knows that Gabi needs time before she can have anything more than friendship, and Gabi says that she hopes that she can have something more than friendship with him. Meg hears the killer in the bushes just as Tim, who was worried about her, and came out to check up on her, catches up to her. Just as Meg gets rid of Tim, the killer emerges from the bushes. Vanessa sets up their blanket within three feet of Jade's dead body. Michael shows up, and they begin smooching. Virginia, watching in the darkness, lets a spider crawl onto her arm and then she freaks out, interrupting Michael and Vanessa. Vanessa promises to wait for Michael while he walks Virginia back to the house. While waiting for Michael to return, Vanessa finds Jade's body in the bushes.

January 12, 1998

When Ricardo tells Cole that Jade is the prime suspect in a number of jewel thefts in Orange County, Cole insists that he doesn't know anything about Jade's whereabouts.

Caitlin's Miscarriage

Caitlin tells Annie everything about the miscarriage, her infertility, and her fears about how this will affect her relationship with Cole. Annie remembers the conditions to the codicil that gave her the Liberty Corporation stock and decides to try to win over Caitlin. Caitlin shows Annie the pregnancy pad that she keeps under her clothes. Caitlin tells Annie that the tale of Olivia's miscarriage and Gregory and Olivia's subsequent problems made her more reluctant to tell Cole the truth. Just as Caitlin finishes tucking the pregnancy pad back under her clothes, Cole arrives.

Terror Island

The Surf Centralites find Jade's body. Meg begs them to forgive her for dragging them to the island, and they all tell her that they came of their own volition. Mark says that what has happened is his fault, because he shouldn't have told them the scary story about the New Year's Eve party. While they're discussing suspects, Tim tells them that Grogan's boat isn't at the dock. Tim tells Meg that he suspects that Ben is behind everything that has happened on the island, but Meg doesn't believe him. When Amy suggests that the killer might be one of them, everyone lashes out at Amy for making that suggestion. In response, Amy challenges them to account for every minute of their time since dinner.

January 13, 1998

Caitlin's Miscarriage
Baby Switch

Annie spills soda on Caitlin so that Caitlin can go to the bathroom and arrange her pregnancy pad without Cole knowing about it. When Cole asks Annie what they were talking about, Annie lies and says that Caitlin asked her to be in her wedding party. In the bathroom, Caitlin, who's tired of lying, practices telling Cole the truth, but Annie tells Caitlin that after talking to Cole, maybe she will lose him if she tells him the truth. Caitlin interprets this to mean that Annie will help her find a baby to pass off as her own. Annie wonders how she is going to get a baby. Caitlin is really counting on her, and she can't let her down...she needs Caitlin's support for her inheritance.

Terror Island

Tim finds the bloody gaff in Mark's bag, which leads Tim to suspect that Mark is the killer. Mark runs out of the house to find the real killer and Casey and Michael go after him. The Surf Centralites realize that Jade was a thief. Michael and Casey go back out to search for Mark and Vanessa and Meg follow, without anyone knowing. When Amy finds Mark's camera, they all watch the videotape and see the killer attacking Elizabeth. Meg hears a noise. Thinking it's Mark, she calls out Mark's name. Unbeknownst to her, the masked person is watching her.

January 14, 1998

Terror Island

Tim believes that Mark is the killer, but he has only moderate success in convincing the others. Gabi rewatches the tape, determined to find something on it that will prove that Mark isn't the killer. When Tim can't find Meg in the house, he goes after her. Casey and Michael find Grogan's boat -- complete with a puddle of Elizabeth's blood. Vanessa falls down into a hole. Mark tells Meg that he's not going to go back to the others until he can prove that he's not the killer. Mark professes his love for Meg, which began the day she poured her heart out to him on the pier when she first came to Sunset Beach. In an effort to get him to go back to the house, Meg gets Mark to admit that he loves Gabi. Tim accuses Mark of murdering Jade. Casey and Michael return to the house and tell Sean, Amy and Gabi that they found Grogan's boat, and Sean, Amy and Gabi tell Casey and Michael about the videotape that shows Elizabeth being killed. When Vanessa climbs out of the hole she is found by Virginia, who helps her up. Mark and Tim fight, and Meg leaves to find Casey, with the killer in hot pursuit. Michael arrives and breaks up Mark and Tim's fight and tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Tim that Mark is innocent. Tim tells Michael that Vanessa came out with Meg to look for Mark. Casey, Sean, Amy and Gabi arrive at the boat. When they see the blood on the porthole that the killer shoved Elizabeth out of, they realize that the sharks that they saw were eating Elizabeth's body. With the murderer still following her, Meg returns to the house and goes upstairs to look for the others, but she's alone in the house. The killer makes sure that the doors and windows to the house are locked and snuffs out the candles and then begins climbing the stairs toward Meg. Meg realizes that she's being stalked and locks herself in one of the bedrooms. The killer jiggles the doorknob a little and, just as Meg starts to relax, jabs the gaff through the door.

January 15, 1998

Alex leaves town, supposedly to go on a photography job, although she really is leaving because she wants Gregory for herself.

Terror Island

Virginia tells Vanessa that she knows that Michael will never love her romantically, but that she wants to retain a connection to him. Grogan's boat is rigged to explode five minutes after the engine is started. The killer corners Meg. When Virginia tries to help her, the killer knocks her out.

January 16, 1998

Caitlin's Miscarriage

Cole asks Caitlin what she and Annie were doing in the coffee shop together, and Caitlin tells him she asked Annie to stand up at their wedding. When Caitlin tells Annie that if she and Olivia hadn't been arguing, Caitlin wouldn't have lost control of the car, and she wouldn't have lost the baby, Annie tells Caitlin that makes the miscarriage Olivia's fault.

Del's Codicil

Annie reveals that he condition on the codicil are that she marry Gregory before the end of June 19981 and that she thinks that Caitlin is her ticket to wedlock with Gregory. Gregory sees the codicil, but before he can read it, Annie tells him that it's an application for a permit to have a wall in her house knocked down.

Terror Island

Mark and Gabi declare their love for one another. Casey finds the explosives and instructions on how to build a bomb and gets everyone off the boat just before it blows up. Casey realizes that the bomb means that the killing spree was planned. Mark arrives and rescues Meg from the killer, then goes after the killer himself. Casey, Michael, Vanessa, Sean and Amy return to the house and tell Meg and the others that the boat has exploded. Mark attacks the killer to pay him back for hurting the others, and they struggle. Mark takes the killer's mask off and sees Ben's face underneath.

January 19, 1998

Gregory & Olivia's Divorce
Caitlin's Miscarriage

Olivia and Annie argue about Annie's intentions toward Gregory, Sean and Caitlin. Annie encourages Caitlin to carry a grudge against Olivia, but Caitlin tells Annie that Olivia's not nearly as culpable for her miscarriage as Gregory is.

Terror Island

Mark escapes from his attacker, who follows, limping from the wound where Tim stabbed him. Meg and Tim find Mark, who falls over with a hook in his back. The killer lurks in the bushes as Meg and Tim scream for help. As Meg screams for Casey, Mark utters his last words, which only Tim hears, "It was Ben."

January 20, 1998

Terror Island

Gabi, Casey and Meg hold Mark as he dies. No one believes Tim when he tells the others what Mark's last words were. Believing Grogan to be the killer, Gabi and Meg vow to get revenge for Mark's murder. Meg, Gabi, Casey and Tim find Grogan's recently-murdered body wearing the mask. When Meg points out the wound on Grogan's leg, we see PseudoBen stanching his own leg wound. After seeing the wound on Grogan's leg, Tim apologizes for insisting that Ben is the murderer, even though he still believes that Ben is the murderer. Casey and Michael decide to stand vigil over Mark's body in shifts through the rest of the night. PseudoBen picks up Meg's scarf, smells it, and then wraps it around his hands like a garrotte.

January 21, 1998

Bette gets a surprise visit from her second husband, Vincent Duke, a former tycoon who has fallen on hard times. Bette gives Vincent some money and he leaves.

Terror Island

Ben arrives with a bouquet of roses for Meg. When Ben asks where Mark is, Casey breaks the news of Mark's death. Tim asks Ben where he was and Ben tells Tim that he had a meeting in Santa Barbara.

January 22, 1998

Caitlin's Miscarriage

Cole finally gets Caitlin to agree to see Tyus. Just as Tyus is about to begin his examination, they are interrupted by Annie, who claims that she's having excruciating pains. When Tyus is distracted by Annie, Annie motions for Caitlin to leave the room. Annie meets Sean to find out why Caitlin is angry with Gregory, and digs for information on why Caitlin is angry with Gregory, to no avail, until Sean slips and mentions the tape.

Lena Hart

Virginia returns to visit Lena and overhears the floor nurse complaining about how short-staffed they are.

Paula's Departure

When Gabi receives a letter from Paula saying that she has left town and she isn't coming back, she realizes that Paula has left town because of her breakup with Ricardo and then she gets depressed over her role in breaking up Paula and Ricardo.

January 23, 1998

Baby Switch

Annie uses Caitlin's sadness over Mark's death to try to convince her that Gregory feels like he's lost her and that Caitlin should make up with Gregory while she still can. Annie asks Caitlin if she could forgive herself if she lost Gregory as suddenly as Mark died, or as suddenly as she lost the baby, but Caitlin isn't moved. Annie asks Caitlin to find out where her family is so that she can sneak back out of the house, and while Caitlin's out of the room, Annie looks through the room for the tape. Olivia goes up to Caitlin's room, where Annie has just found the tape of Gregory's phone call in Caitlin's jewelry box.

Lena Hart

Virginia returns home and realizes that the shortage at nurses is her ticket into Lena's room. Virginia goes to visit Mrs. Jones. She gets Mrs. Jones to leave the apartment, and then she roots through Mrs. Jones's stuff looking for things that would make her look more convincingly like a nurse. Virginia steals one of Mrs. Jones's nametags and nurse's uniforms, and just as she's leaving the apartment she bumps into Michael.

January 26, 1998

Baby Switch

Caitlin comes along and gets rid of Olivia before Olivia can open the door and find Annie in her room. When Caitlin returns to the room, Annie hurriedly puts the tape back in the jewelry box. When Caitlin asks if Annie has ulterior motives for helping Caitlin, Annie admits that she's helping her in order to get in good with Gregory, so Caitlin promises to do anything she can to help Annie with Gregory if Annie will get a baby for Caitlin. Caitlin eavesdrops as Gregory tries to convince Olivia that reuniting would be the best thing for the baby. Caitlin breaks down into tears at the realization that Gregory and Olivia really do love each other. Caitlin decides to destroy the tape of Gregory's conversation with the doctor, but when she opens her jewelry box, she realizes that the tape has been moved.

Terror Island

Tim tells Meg that he wants Meg to move out of Ben's house. Tim makes another attempt to convince Meg that she should fear Ben by telling Meg that Gregory said that Ben wasn't in Santa Barbara on business, but he is unsuccessful at convincing Meg that Ben lied about his whereabouts the night that Mark and Jade died.

Lena Hart

Virginia tells Michael that Mrs. Jones asked her to take the uniform to donate it to charity.
Just then, Mrs. Jones returns home, and Virginia convinces Mrs. Jones that she asked Virginia to donate the uniform to a charity while she was ill. Virginia calls Cedar Oaks Hospital and lines up an interview for an open nursing position.

January 27, 1998

Terror Island -- Aftermath

Mark's Memorial Service

Is Ben the Murderer?

Tim explains his suspicions about Ben to Ricardo, but Ricardo says that there's no evidence that Ben was the murderer. Ben overhears Tim asking Ricardo why he thinks that Ben killed Maria, even though there was no evidence of it.

Baby Switch

Annie sneaks into Caitlin's bedroom and listens to the tape of Gregory and the doctor, and finds that Gregory's plan was even worse than she could have imagined.

Lena Hart

Virginia in her Selita Jones disguise

Virginia goes to the job interview. After reading a file that he's carrying with him, Virginia tells him a story that's exactly what the administrator wants to hear in order to get the job.

January 28, 1998

Is Ben the Killer?

PseudoBen agrees to rent a building and pays the landlord in cash. Once the landlord has left, PseudoBen brings in a trunk filled with chains and shackles.

Baby Switch

When she hears Gregory's plan on the tape, Annie realizes why Caitlin can't forgive Gregory, and tries to figure out how to use the phone conversation to get next to Gregory. Annie realizes that the only way to separate Gregory from Olivia is to separate Olivia from her baby. Caitlin tells her parents that she can't forget the awful things that Gregory and Olivia did to her, but that she doesn't want to be angry with them any more. Olivia and Sean agree to move back home, for Caitlin's sake. Olivia returns home and insists that she is going to sleep in the guest room, despite Gregory's pleas for her to sleep in their room.

Lena Hart

Vanessa nearly tells Gabi about her mother, telling Gabi that this is something that she's never told anyone, not even Michael. Virginia finally makes it into Lena's room and is shocked by what she sees behind the curtain.

Michael and Vanessa

Michael tells Casey that he's ready to make a real commitment to Vanessa.

January 29, 1998

Lena Hart

Vanessa tells Gabi that her mother has been in a hospital for years, ever since Vanessa was a little girl. The nurse tells Virginia that Lena has a very advanced case of "Martin's Syndrome."

Is Ben the Killer?

Ben tells Meg that he is renting a warehouse to use as a home for teenage runaways. The two share a tender moment but are interrupted by Tim, who sees Ben standing with his hands around Meg's face and thinks that he's attacking her. Meg shows a belligerent Tim the plaque dedicating the building to Mark, but Tim isn't swayed by it. Instead, he tells Meg that it's interesting that all of the people that Ben loves die violently. PseudoBen hangs the shackles from the ceiling and, remembering the fight that Mark put up, says that people put up less of a fight when they can't run away. PseudoBen staples numerous copies of a picture of Ben and Meg up on a wall.

January 30, 1998

Caitlin & Cole's Wedding

Cole tells Caitlin that he and she are going to get married in a week and that he has arranged everything for the wedding, except for the wedding gown. Caitlin has misgivings, but she's reluctant to say anything.

Baby Switch

Annie says that she's sure that Del's laughing his horns off in Hell over his codicil and then she has a fantasy of visiting Del in Hell, where he tells her that she should take Olivia's baby and give it to Caitlin, but Annie tells him that she could never do something like that. Annie tells Caitlin that she already has a baby lined up for Caitlin and, although she can't have the baby before the wedding, but that she's found a pregnancy pad that feels just like a real pregnancy. Olivia lurks in the hallway eavesdropping on Annie and Caitlin's conversation.

Is Ben the Killer?

When Tim tells Meg that if Ben's the killer, he'll have a scar on his leg, Meg reminds Tim of the wound on Grogan's leg, and that Ben was in Santa Barbara in a meeting. Tim says that what they saw was what Ben wanted them to see, and that he called and Ben's meeting in Santa Barbara had been cancelled. Tim reminds her of how important the Bible that his grandmother gave him is to him, and then he swears on that Bible that Ben is the person who killed Mark. However, Tim's vow doesn't convince Meg that Ben is dangerous. Tim makes one last plea for Meg to check Ben's leg for a stab wound before Meg leaves the room. PseudoBen says that Meg should never have tried to take Maria's place, because it will never happen.

Cole goes for his interview and JoBeth, the foreman's daughter, puts the moves on Cole, but Cole only has eyes for her necklace.


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