Sunset Beach Timeline -- August 1997

August 1, 1997

Annie's Recap Show

August 4, 1997

Ben & Meg

After a second cave-in causes Ben to be hit on the head by a rock, he becomes delusional and calls Meg by Maria's name.


Vanessa begins investigating Virginia's past.

August 5, 1997


Michael's decision to go underwater to rescue Meg and Ben makes Jimmy change his mind about turning him in for killing his father. Instead, Jimmy hopes that Michael will die in his attempts.

Sean and Tiffany try to get Olivia to give Mark a job as a D.J.

August 6, 1997

Ben & Meg

Meg and Ben make love. Afterwards, he calls her "Maria" again.

Ben and Meg's situation becomes more desperate when their oxygen supply is cut off.


Caitlin tells Cole that she's pregnant. At first, she fears that he's angry, but he's really delighted.

Bette blackmails Olivia into getting Gregory to give Bette a job.

August 7, 1997

Alex's Illness

Casey returns to Sunset Beach, leaving Alex in the care of doctors in Norway.

August 8, 1997

Ben & Meg

Annie and Tim break through the cave wall and find Meg and Ben kissing.

Casey arrives at the rescue scene and decides to help Michael.

August 11, 1997


Meg sees Annie watching them kiss. At the hospital, Annie and Meg have a confrontation regarding Meg and Ben having made love in the cave.

Jimmy feels guilty about having wished harm for Michael, and is relieved when Michael is rescued and taken to the hospital.

Olivia goes to the Deep to see Mark perform.

August 12, 1997

Gregory gives Bette a job as the gossip columnist for the Sunset Beach Sentinel.

Bette, having been evicted from her home, moves into Annie's house.

August 13, 1997


Cole proposes to Caitlin.


Virginia learns that Vanessa's been asking questions about her in South Central.

August 14, 1997


Caitlin rejects Cole's proposal, but consents to wear the engagement ring he offered her on a chain around her neck.

Olivia gives Mark a job broadcasting his show at the Deep over the radio station.


Gabi arranges for Paula to be sent out of town for a month for training, and after fighting with Ricardo, Paula takes the offer.

August 15, 1997

Ben & Meg

Ben tells Meg that he isn't going to hesitate about their relationship anymore, but Meg now has doubts.


Annie learns that Ben doesn't remember making love with Meg.


Cole accuses Olivia of causing Caitlin to refuse his proposal. Caitlin becomes jealous of Cole's relationship with the "other woman."

August 18, 1997


Meg and Annie and Ben and Tim have confrontations regarding Annie and Tim's efforts to keep Ben and Meg apart.


Caitlin figures out that she may already know Cole's "other woman."

In an effort to avoid telling him about her own pregnancy, Olivia tells Gregory that Caitlin is pregnant.

August 19, 1997


Olivia makes Gregory promise not to tell Caitlin that he knows that she's pregnant.

Gregory finds out from Tim, who found out from Caitlin, that Cole has been involved with another woman since coming to Sunset Beach.


Eddie figures out that Gabi had Paula sent to Sacramento, and he tries to tell Ricardo, who doesn't listen.

August 20, 1997


Gregory tells Olivia that Cole had had an affair with another woman, and Olivia tries to talk him out of trying to discover the "other woman"'s identity. Nevertheless, he hires Eddie to find out the identity of the other woman.


Virginia tries to get Michael on her side against Vanessa by telling him that Vanessa has been asking questions about her in South Central. When Michael goes to Vanessa with Virginia's accusations, she admits that she has been asking questions about Virginia.

August 21, 1997


Annie rescues Maria's journal from the cave and adds another new entry to it.


In an effort to help Olivia, Bette insinuates herself into Eddie's investigation of the "other woman."

August 22, 1997


Gregory convinces Olivia to tell Caitlin to keep her pregnancy a secret.


Gregory has a private conversation with Tyus about Caitlin's, and possibly Olivia's, pregnancy.

Ben puts Maria's portrait away in her studio.


When Meg finds both Annie and the diary in her room, Meg figures out that Annie has been forging entries.

August 25, 1997


The Meg/Annie Catfight.

Maria's Death

Ricardo walks in on Ben putting away Maria's portrait. Ben says that he wants to move on with his life, but Ricardo still believes that Ben was responsible for Maria's death.


Gregory tells Olivia to pretend that she's pregnant and later pretend to lose the baby in order to convince Caitlin to give the baby to them.

August 26, 1997


Annie figures out that Ben thought that Meg was Maria in the cave.

Upset over her fight with Annie, Meg spends the night in Tim's hotel room.

August 27, 1997


Ben catches up with Meg at Tim's hotel room and begs Meg to tell him what he did to upset her. She refuses to tell him what happened. After Ben leaves, Tim suggests to Meg that they return to Kansas.

Vanessa learns that Tyus was on duty the night that Jimmy's father was killed.

August 29, 1997


Olivia tells Tyus that she wants to keep her pregnancy a secret.

Knowing that Caitlin is eavesdropping, Gregory gives Cole an envelope filled with photos of his former lovers.

Gregory takes the first step in his plan to separate Caitlin from her baby -- announcing that Olivia is pregnant.

Ben & Meg

Ben realizes that something that happened in the cave must be causing Meg to push him away.


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