Sunset Beach Timeline -- June 1997

June 2, 1997
  Del's Murder

Cole returns to Sunset Beach to testify, but Elaine tells him that she doesn't want him to speak on her behalf at her trial.
Gregory has Cole arrested on assault charges and Cole blackmails Olivia into convincing Gregory to drop the charges.

  Maria's Death

Someone unlocks the door of Maria's studio and lets Meg out.
At first, Meg thinks that Annie let her out, but Annie had an alibi for the entire time that Meg was locked in the studio.


June 3, 1997


Gregory drops the charges against Cole.


Virginia puts her plans to find a place of her own on hold when she breaks her leg and Michael invites her and Jimmy to stay as long as they need to.


June 4, 1997


On his way to the trial, Cole is kidnapped and put on a plane to Europe.

  Maria's Death

Meg reads Maria's journal and discovers that she was keeping a secret from Ben.


Gabi moves out of Paula and Ricardo's apartment.


June 5, 1997


Cole knocks out the pilot and returns the plane to Sunset Beach.


Casey's mother, Alex Mitchum, arrives in Sunset Beach.


June 6, 1997

  Del's Murder

Elaine's trial is held and, due to Cole's testimony, Elaine is given probation.

  Caitlin & Cole

Agents from Interpol arrest Cole.

  Maria's Death

Meg asks Ben why he never goes into the locked room, and Ben tells her that it's because something terrible happened in there that he would like to forget.


June 9, 1997

  Maria's Death

Meg brings Mark to Maria's studio, and finds that it has been cleaned up.

  Alex's Illness

Michael catches Alex taking medication and she tells him that she is ill.


June 10, 1997

  Caitlin & Cole

Gregory has the Interpol agents release Cole.


June 11, 1997

  Maria's Death

The Fourth Anniversary of Maria's Death.
Ben throws everyone except for Meg out of the Deep. Ben and Meg dance, but Ben ends the dance by telling Meg to stay away from him.


June 12, 1997

  Maria's Death

Ricardo tells Ben that Maria had something important to say to him, but died before she could tell him.

  Alex's Illness

Casey notices that Alex's appetite isn't what it should be.


June 13, 1997

  Maria's Death

In an effort to get Ben to go home and catch Meg in Maria's studio, Tim tells Ben that he saw a light on in Ben's house.


Since Bette suggested that she might be pregnant, Olivia takes a home pregnancy test.


June 16, 1997

  Maria's Death

Ben finds Meg in Maria's studio wearing the Cloud DressTM and sets fire to the bed in Maria's studio.


Olivia, trying to hide the fact that she's taking a pregnancy test, convinces Gregory that she's drinking again.


June 17, 1997

  Maria's Death

Ricardo rescues Ben from the fire that Ben set.


Olivia's pregnancy test comes out positive.


June 19, 1997


Olivia goes to the doctor for confirmation of the positive home pregnancy test.

  Alex's Illness

Alex finds out that her illness is a stage 4 cancer.

  Casey & Rae

Wei-Lee returns to town and tells Casey that he and Rae have gotten married.


June 20, 1997

Ben & Meg
Meg tells Tim that she let Ben down when she wore Maria's dress on the anniversary of her death.
Tim makes an unsuccessful attempt to convince Meg that Ben is dangerous.
Annie and Tim hope that Meg is starting to doubt Ben.
Ben finally answers his door when Meg arrives, only to find her holding Maria's dress.
She explains to an unreceptive Ben that she put the dress on because she wanted to understand Maria.
Ben goes for a walk on the beach, still haunted by memories of Maria.
Meg takes Maria's diary from the studio.
While sitting on the beach, Meg reads a cryptic entry in Maria's diary about "How can something that makes me happy be so very wrong and how long do I wait to tell him about it and how will he react when he knows?"
While waiting for Tyus, Olivia has a daydream about the father of her baby.
Tyus says that it will be a couple of hours before they have the pregnancy test results and that they will call her.
She asks if she can call them, instead.
Caitlin tells Olivia that she and Cole have decided not to leave town, and that they're going to live in the room above the waffle shop.
Olivia calls Tyus, but he can't come to the phone, so she leaves a message for him to call back.
Gregory thinks that Caitlin is pregnant, referring to that prospect as a "disaster."
When Tyus's office calls back, Gregory answers the phone.
  Alex's Illness
Casey & Rae

Alex asks Michael, who knows that Alex has a stage 4 cancer, not to tell Casey how ill she really is.
Casey tells his mother that Rae's going to be gone for good, so he wants to buy her half of the house from her.
Casey unsuccessfully tries to surf away the memories of Rae.


June 24, 1997


Cole decides to move into the apartment above the Waffle Shop.


Gabi begins a campaign to make Paula have doubts about her relationship with Ricardo.


June 25, 1997


Olivia decides that she can't take the chance of having Cole's baby and that she has to terminate her pregnancy.

 Paula's Abduction

Paula has the tattoo removed.

 Maria's Death

Annie tells Tim that since Maria kept a journal, she should read it to see if it gives an explanation as to why Ben set fire to the bed in Maria's studio and Tim tells her that Meg has it.


June 26, 1997

 Alex's Illness

Casey, after returning home and finding his mother unconscious on the kitchen floor, learns that Alex is terminally ill.


June 27, 1997

Olivia falls asleep in Caitlin's bed and gets the shock of her life when Cole climbs into bed with her.
By the time Caitlin comes into her room, Olivia has hidden under the bed.
Another interruption follows, when Gregory comes to talk to Caitlin.
He tells her that he wants her to stay there -- for Olivia's sake.
She promises to stay as long as her parents need her there.
Caitlin and Cole begin to get intimate, and Olivia sneaks out.
When Gregory gets back to their bedroom, Olivia's already in bed.
She explains that they just must have missed each other in the large house.
Alex's Illness
Casey is upset that Michael didn't tell him about Alex's illness.
Tyus says that they need to do more tests, but that he's pretty sure they can't do anything for Alex but make her more comfortable.
Casey asks if he can take her home.
 Maria's Death

Tim fakes an injury to distract Meg long enough for Annie to get out with Maria's diary.
Ben dreams of Maria; at first he rejects her, but he gives in when she becomes Meg.
While reading the diary, Annie fantasizes that she's Maria.
Meg tells Mark that she's been reading Maria's diary and that she's sure that the truth about Maria's death is in there.
Tim finds Annie in the hot tub with the diary, kisses her and falls in.
Ben calls Meg, but when she answers the phone, he can't bring himself to speak to her.
Meg tells Mark that she doesn't know what Maria's secret was.
Ben rips up Meg's picture.
When Annie finds the reference to Maria's secret, she tells Tim that she'd thought that the secret must have been a baby, but now she's not sure.
Annie suggests doctoring the diary.


June 30, 1997


Pre-empted due to Wimbledon


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