Sunset Beach Timeline -- May 1997

May 1, 1997


Virginia and Jimmy move in with Michael.

Del's Murder Cole in his "cat burglar" garb while attempting to steal the
Deschanel jewels from Ben's office.

Cole is injured in the process of attempting to steal the Deschanel jewels from Ben's office.

May 2, 1997
Maria's Death
Meg overhears Annie tell Ben to lock her in the room with Maria.
Deschanel Jewels
Annie tells Bette and Eddie that someone had tried to steal the Deschanel jewels.
When Ben overhears Annie and Eddie discussing their deal to split the Deschanel jewels, he calls Ricardo to tell him where Eddie is.
Tim tries to convince Meg that Ben is bad for her.
While tending Cole's wounds, Caitlin tells him that she knows that he tried to steal the Deschanel jewels from Ben.
Cole tells her that he needs the jewels to put his family back together again.

Casey & Rae

Casey and Rae tell Rae's parents that they aren't really married.
Rae says that she was tired of doing everything her parents wanted her to do, so she rebelled.
Rae's father demands that she move back to San Francisco.
Wei-Lee gloats to himself that he's certain that Rae will choose her parents over Casey.

May 6, 1997

Maria's Death

Meg discovers a room in the house that Ben always keeps locked.

Del's Murder

Elaine is denied bail because of Ricardo's testimony.

May 8, 1997

Del's Murder

Bette tells Cole that Elaine's his mother.

May 9, 1997
Elaine's Trial
Gregory tells Caitlin that he's defending Elaine, but that his only hope is to find Elaine's son.
Gregory offers Vanessa a high-profile assignment in Hong Kong.
While Paula moves her things out, she finds an engagement ring.
Ricardo tells her that he hadn't given it to her because he didn't want to pressure her.
Paula promises to try to work things out with Ricardo.

Del's Murder

Cole is upset that Elaine hadn't told him that she was his mother.
He asks her why she abandoned him.
Elaine tells Cole that she'd been told that he was dead, and that she figured it out the day she realized that he and her baby had the same birthdate.
She says that she dug up her baby's "grave" and found the empty coffin.
She tells him that she didn't say anything to him because he'd made it clear that he didn't want to have anything to do with his mother.
Then she tells him about the night she killed Del.
She had just gotten an anonymous call from a woman telling her to ask Del about her baby.
When she did, he told her that he'd killed her baby, and that he would kill Paula, too, so she shot him.
Del had told her that he was working for someone else.
When she tells him that she had pled guilty to get him to accept her, he asks for time to sort things out.

May 12, 1997


Annie and Tim bring Joan to Sunset Beach to surprise Meg and they tell Joan about what Meg has been up to in Sunset Beach.

May 14, 1997
Michael & Vanessa
Michael decides to surprise Vanessa by joining her on her trip to Hong Kong, not knowing that she cancelled her trip to Hong Kong.
When Vanessa thinks that she's missed Michael, he overhears her talking about how much she loves him.


Caitlin runs away with Cole and Gregory calls the police and tells them that Cole has kidnapped Caitlin.
When she finds out about the kidnapping charges, Paula defends her brother.
Later, Gregory adds assault and battery to his charges against Cole.
When Paula breaks the news to Elaine, Elaine says that Caitlin and Cole ran away together.
Gregory and Olivia argue about what's best for Caitlin.
Ricardo asks Gregory and Olivia if Caitlin and Cole ran off together.
Gregory denies it, but Olivia gives him Caitlin's goodbye letter.
Cole promises to come back for Caitlin.
Paula finds Cole and tries to convince him to come home.
Ricardo tells Gregory that they aren't going to go forward on the kidnapping charges, but Gregory insists on pressing assault and battery charges.
He then gives Ricardo his dossier on Cole's jewel theft background.
Paula tells Cole how much Elaine missed him when she'd thought he'd died.
Cole tells her that he can't stay, because he needs some answers.
Elaine is thrilled that Cole got away.
Cole leaves Sunset Beach, not knowing that Cait is hidden in the back seat of his rental car.

May 19, 1997

Maria's Death

After they find the key to the locked room, Annie and Tim arrange for Meg to find it.

May 21, 1997

Maria's Death

Meg opens the locked room, which turns out to be Maria's studio, for the first time. Blood is smeared all over the walls of the room.

May 23, 1997
While trying to work up the courage to tell her that he was kissing Gabi the night she was abducted, Ricardo only got as far as telling her that he had cold feet.
Eddie threatens Gabi that he'll tell Paula that she and Ricardo were kising the night she was abducted.
Paula tells Gabi that Ricardo said that he had cold feet the night she was abducted, and that she's going to accept Ricardo's proposal.
Cole and his grandmother, Julianna
Gregory tells Olivia that he cut off Caitlin's credit cards to force her to come home.
Gregory tells Elaine that even if he doesn't press charges against Cole for kidnapping, there are still the assault and battery charges and the suspicions that he is a jewel thief.
Elaine doesn't believe that Cole could be a jewel thief.
Elaine says that she doesn't think that Del could have pulled off the kidnapping himself and asks Olivia if she saw anything unusual the night Cole was kidnapped.
Cole's grandmother, Julianna, tells Cole that she had him kidnapped to fill the void left when AJ disappeared.
She tells him that she sent him to Sunset Beach, not to recover the Deschanel jewels, but to be reunited with his mother.
May 26, 1997
Cole decides that he has to return to Sunset Beach to help Elaine.
Paula finds out that Ricardo was smooching with someone else (she doesn't know that it's Gabi) the night she was abducted.
circa May 29, 1997
Annie, Bette & Eddie's Money Problems
Annie tells Eddie that Ricardo advised her to get a lawyer if she wants to get the Deschanel jewels.
Bette says that her financial manager took off with her money.
Eddie makes an unsuccessful attempt to convince Bette to hire him to find her manager and her money.
Bette tells Annie that they may lose their home.
When Eddie offers to work on commission, a desperate Bette takes him up on his offer.
Virginia planned a picnic for her and Michael, expecting Jimmy not to go, but Jimmy and Mark both agree to go.
Ben & Meg
Maria's Death
When Joan says that she has to leave to tend a sick Hank, Ben offers to drive her to the airport.
When Ben has to make a meeting in Santa Barbara with Capwell Industries, Tim offers to drive Joan to the airport.
Before she leaves, Joan asks Ben to promise that he won't hurt Meg, but he doesn't respond.
After dropping Joan off at the airport, Tim tells Annie that Meg still has the key to Maria's studio and that Joan is on her way back to Kansas.
Joan tells Meg that she's proud that Meg took charge of her own life.
Meg is considering returning to Maria's studio when Ben returns home.
May 30, 1997
Maria's Death
Someone locks Meg in Maria's studio. While she's there, Meg finds Maria's journal.


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