Sunset Beach Timeline -- April 1997

April 3, 1997
Paula leaves the "wedding reception," leaving Gabi and Ricardo there together.
Gabi watches Ricardo flirting with another woman.
Sean & Tiffany
Gregory finds out that Tiffany is living at their house and has a conniption.
Gregory's anger reminds Tiffany of her own father, and she flees in terror.
Tiffany packs to leave, and while Sean's trying to talk her out of leaving, his vision gets blurry.
After Sean recovers, he tries to convince Tiffany to stay again.
Gregory agrees to let Tiffany stay another night, but while he's berating Sean, Sean passes out.
Del's Murder
Eddie promises Annie that he's onto something that will clear both of their names.
When she asks why he didn't clear her name before, he says that he framed her out of spite because she didn't love him back.
Paula continues mulling over her conversation with Elaine about her gun.
Paula returns to the Inn and speaks to an employee who saw the woman in the black coat.
The employee agrees to look at pictures of potential suspects.
The employee says that the woman he saw was Elaine.
Casey & Rae
At Casey's insistence, Rae tells Wei-Lee the truth and finds that he's known all along.
Wei-Lee says that he researched it and couldn't find any record of their marriage.
She tells him that she did something impulsive in buying a house with Casey, but couldn't bring herself to tell her parents what she'd done, so she made up the story about being married.

Ben & Meg

Ben shows up at Rae and Casey's "wedding reception."
Ben tells Meg that Annie needs to learn that he's not going to catch her every time she falls, so he's going to let her take responsibility for her own mistakes from now on.
After a while, Ben says that he needs to go check on Annie and asks Meg to go with him.
When Ben and Meg return to Ben's house Annie is gone.
Rather than looking for Annie, Ben puts on music and asks Meg to dance.
While they're dancing, he kisses her.
Annie returns and finds Ben and Meg kissing.

April 4, 1997
Gregory doesn't believe that Sean has really passed out, but Olivia calls 911 anyhow.
By the time the paramedics come, Gregory believes that Sean really is unconscious.
Sean is taken to the medical center, where Rae says that the aspirin that Sean was taking for his headaches worsened his condition.
Gregory insists that Sean be moved to South Bay General, a larger hospital.
Olivia overhears a guilt-ridden Mark saying that he and Sean were fighting because Mark had called Olivia a drunk.
Mark apologizes for the comment and for Sean's injury, and Olivia promises not to tell Gregory what happened between Mark and Sean.
Tiffany tells Mark that he's the best friend she ever had.
While Gregory and Rae argue about whether they should move Sean, he codes.
Casey & Rae
When Rae says that she cares about Wei-Lee, both men assume she meant that she'd choose him over Casey.
Rae tells Casey that she hasn't chosen Wei-Lee and kisses him, but before she can say anything else, they are interrupted by a phone call.
Del's Murder
Eddie comes to Ben's house to look for the jewels.
Annie tells a skeptical Eddie that she doesn't know where the jewels are.
Paula asks her mother where she was the night Del was killed.
At first, Elaine evades the question, but finally she admits that she went to Del's hotel room to ask for an extension on a loan, but says that she was too afraid to go in.
Elaine is haunted by the sound of a baby crying.
Ben & Meg
Meg is sad when Ben leaves her at his house so that he can go check on the Deep.
Annie tells Meg that she'd rather have Ben as a friend than not at all.
Ben is upset when Meg follows him to the Deep, because he's afraid for her.
After they kiss again, he tells her that he can't see her anymore.
April 7, 1997

Del's Murder

Paula takes samples of Elaine's hair to be tested against hair found at the murder scene.

April 8, 1997

Del's Murder

Paula watches her mother dig up a grave.
Eddie looks around the evidence room and finds the test results, which show that Elaine's hair does match that found at the crime scene.
When Elaine finds the child-sized coffin, she opens it up and finds it empty.
This convinces her that her baby is still alive.
Spence finds keys that Ricardo recognizes as Eddie's.
When Elaine flees the cemetery, Paula follows her and finds out that her brother is still alive.

Maria's Death
Ben has nightmares about Maria's drowning, saying "You're lying to me" aloud.

Ben & Meg

After giving him a glass of wine spiked with a sleeping pill, Annie sends Ben to take a nap, telling him to leave a note asking Meg to wake him when she gets there.
Meg arrives, goes upstairs, and finds Annie in bed with Ben.
Meg leaves in tears.
When Meg is telling Mark about finding Ben in bed with another woman, she slips and mentions Annie's name.

Sean has brain surgery to repair damage done during his fight with Mark at Ben's house.
During the surgery, the surgeon asks Rae why she didn't become a neurosurgeon.


Olivia tries to convince Gregory that they can start again.
Gregory is willing to make small gestures towards her.

April 9, 1997

Del's Murder

After Paula watches Elaine dig up the empty coffin, Elaine confesses murdering Del to Paula.

Cole & Caitlin

Cole asks Caitlin to run away with him.

April 10, 1997

Del's Murder

Paula decides that she has to protect her mother, so she goes to the forensics lab to retrieve the hair samples, but Eddie has stolen them.
Eddie turns Elaine's hair sample in to Ricardo.

Cole tells Caitlin that he's a Deschanel.
April 11, 1997
Cole unintentionally hurts Elaine when he tells her that he doesn't ever want to get to know his mother.
Gregory tries to pay Tiffany off, but she tears up the check.
April 14, 1997

Ben & Meg

Meg and Ben get trapped in the wine cellar at the Deep together.

Caitlin & Cole

Caitlin agrees to run away with Cole, and they make love in the grotto.

Del's Murder

Ricardo begins to suspect that Elaine really did kill Del.

April 15, 1997

Del's Murder

When Ricardo finds out that Del was carrying the birth certificate of Elaine's son in his briefcase, Ricardo decides that she must have killed Del for reasons related to that birth certificate.


Olivia realizes that Cole is the man that Caitlin loves.

Ben & Meg

Trapped in the wine cellar, Meg tells Ben that she is Dorothy.

April 16, 1997

Del's Murder

Ricardo confronts Elaine about having murdered Del.

April 17, 1997

Ben & Meg

Annie unlocks the door to the wine cellar and discovers Ben and Meg asleep in each other's arms.

Del's Murder

Ricardo realizes that Paula has known about Elaine's culpability in Del's death for a while, and hasn't told anyone.

April 18, 1997


Annie enlists Tim's help in keeping Ben and Meg apart.

Del's Murder

Elaine is arrested for Del's murder.

April 23, 1997


When Virginia and Jimmy's apartment is burglarized, Michael offers to let them move in with him.

April 24, 1997

Del's Murder

Ricardo comes to tell Annie that she's been cleared of Del's murder and she flees.

April 25, 1997

Del's Murder

While trying to escape from Ricardo, Annie runs onto the pier and nearly falls off, but Ben rescues her.

April 28, 1997

Del's Murder

Cole overhears Annie telling Eddie that Ben has the jewels.

April 29, 1997

Del's Murder

In an effort to save Elaine, Bette and Olivia both confess to Del's murder.

April 30, 1997

Paula & Ricardo

Upset over his having arrested Elaine, Paula moves out of Ricardo's apartment.

Del's Murder

Olivia explains to Gregory that Del helped her capture Gregory's attention in exchange for her assistance in kidnapping Cole.


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