Sunset Beach Timeline -- January 1997

Episode 1

January 6, 1997
After catching him with her maid of honor, Meg leaves Tim at the altar and goes to Sunset Beach to find her Internet soulmate, known to her only as "SB." While en route, she sends "SB" an e-mail telling him that she's coming to Sunset Beach.
Del's Murder
Annie's father, Del, arrives in Sunset Beach and tells her that he knows that she's been partying with his money, rather than attending law school, as she told him she was doing.
Gregory and Olivia in their front yard We meet the Richards family -- grasping attorney Gregory, his alcoholic wife Olivia, and their children, Caitlin and Sean.
  Ricardo is promoted to detective.
Episode 2 January 7, 1997
Meg's satchel is stolen by Tiffany. In the process of chasing Tiffany, she falls off the pier and is saved by Casey.
Casey takes Meg to the Sunset Beach Medical Center, where he meets, and is instantly attracted to, a new doctor on staff, Rae Chang.
Rae seems to take an instant dislike to Casey, but is more tolerant after he gives her a peace offering of raspberry tea.
Ricardo & Paula
Ricardo finds a pregnancy test kit in his garbage and asks Paula why she's trying to get pregnant without discussing it with him first.
Paula later tells her best friend, Casey, that she's afraid that Ricardo will never be able to commit to her.
Paula and Ricardo have a romantic make-up scene.
Ben/Meg After being released from the Sunset Beach medical center, Meg heads off to the Java Web to read her e-mail, where she meets Mark and finally receives the e-mail from "SB," in which he tells her not to come to Sunset Beach.
A jerk harasses Meg and Ben throws him out of the Java Web.
Later, when she sees Casey in the lifeguard station using a computer, she assumes that Casey is "SB."
Del's Murder Annie finds Bugsy Siegel's boat, the Seabreeze, and approaches Ben with the idea of renovating it and renting it out.
Ben agrees to pay half of the cost, if Del will pay the other half.
When Annie approaches her father with the idea, however, he merely laughs at her.
Episode 3 January 8, 1997
Del's Murder  
ben and annie

Annie's father starts to withdraw his financial support, beginning with getting her car repossessed.

Annie tells Ben that Del laughed at her plan to buy Bugsy Siegel's boat, and that her father never loved her, and that he never will.

When she tells Ben that she wishes Del would die, and Ben tells her never to wish anyone dead.

eddie, annie, and eddie's gun

Annie plays with Eddie's police revolver, asking what it's like to kill someone. He says that once you decide to do it, there's no going back.

Later, she pulls Eddie's gun on him and pulls the trigger. It turns out to be unloaded; she just wanted to see if she could do it.

annie kissing ben's hands
Annie regrets not having taken Ben up on his offer to be with her after Maria's death. Ben consoles her, telling her that she was a good friend to him.
eddie and annie kiss while ben looks on

Annie sees Ben looking out his window at her in her hot tub, so she comes on to Eddie.

Later, when Eddie says that he knows that they only had sex to make Ben jealous, she throws him out.

the s.b. lifeguard hanging

When Meg confesses she has no place to stay, Casey offers her his sofa.

The words "S.B. Lifeguard" on a hanging on the wall further convinces Meg that Casey is S.B.

Michael is surprised to find Meg in his and Casey's apartment. When Meg tries to get Michael to tell her if Casey has a girlfriend, Michael asks if she's interested in him, which she denies. Finally, after Meg has a complete breakdown in front of him, he tells her that he doesn't have a girlfriend, because he spends too much time on his computer.

Over dinner, Casey and Meg hit it off immediately. When he asks why it seems like they've known each other more than a few hours, she says, "Maybe we have."

Meg calls her mother and tells her that she thinks that Casey is S.B., but that she hasn't asked him for fear that telling him she left Tim at the altar would scare him away.

a page of the transcript

After Mark tells Tiffany that "SB" is Ben and that Ben and Meg have no idea who the other one is, Tiffany breaks into Ben's house.

As she leaves, Tiffany sets off Ben's alarm. Flustered, she drops the transcripts, leaving one behind, which Ben finds.

Maria's Death  
tim slips the pad into his pocket After overhearing Joan on the phone with Meg, Tim picks up the pad of paper that has Meg's address on it and pockets it.
tiffany holding the doorknob

Ben is upset over finding Maria's music box in Annie's house.

While she's in Ben's house, Tiffany finds a locked room.

rae is incredulous

Casey tells Rae that Trudy, a nurse, said that Rae's crazy about Casey, because Casey makes Rae smile. Rae denies it vehemently.

When Rae asks why Casey is pursuing her romantically, Casey responds that it's because he makes her smile.

Rae's surprised when she finds out that Casey went to Stanford.

Mark talks Casey up to Rae.

rae and meg When Casey leaves with Rae's food accidentally, Rae has to go to his place to swap their orders and is surprised to find Meg wearing nothing but Casey's lifeguard shirt (which he loaned her since she lost her pajamas in her duffel bag).
Jackson Harrison's Death  
  When Meg demurs on whether she's interested in Casey, she says that she wants to be sure she's not staying with a convicted murderer. Michael responds, "Not convicted."
Episode 4 January 9, 1997
rae and casey before the auction Casey and Rae bump into each other at an auction of foreclosed property, where they discover that they're interested in the same property.
rae and casey hugging They both win, because they join together to buy the house when they're nearly outbid.
rae crawling through a doggy door and seeing the inside of the house for the first time When Rae is appalled when she sees the inside of the house, Casey tries to talk her into taking in boarders. Rae almost calls Casey "Wei-Lee."
rae and casey dancing together

Rae tries, and fails, to buy Casey out because she doesn't want to live with a stranger.

Rae and Casey dance together.

mark and tiffany Mark catches Tiffany forging an e-mail to Ben from Meg.
dream casey almost kissing dream meg Meg dreams about Casey being S.B. and knowing that she's Dorothy.
ben and meg's third meeting Ben walks up just as Meg tells Mark that she thinks she's found S.B.
tiffany and the blue dress

Meg is shopping for a dress when she runs into Tiffany, whom she recognizes as the one who stole the tip, but not as the one who stole her backpack.

After Tiffany apologizes and lies that she thought her boyfriend had already left the tip, she buys the dress that Meg told her she wanted because S.B. would like it.

ben hires meg Meg gets a job as a waitress at the Deep.
ben and meg in ben's office

Mark tries to tell Meg that Casey isn't S.B., but they keep getting interrupted.

Seeing Rae and Casey dance together makes Meg run to hide in her new boss (Ben)'s office. Meg realizes that Ben's the man she saw at the pier at sunset the day before.

Tiffany convinces the D.J. to play Ben and Meg's favorite song. He sees Tiffany looking up at his office, and leaves the office, missing Meg saying that it's her favorite song.

Meg tells Mark that when she wants something, she doesn't let it go.

Del's Murder  
the gun at annie's feet

Gregory runs into Olivia at the Resort at Sunset Beach.

They see Annie drop a gun in the lobby, which Annie explains is a prop to scare Del because he's cutting her off financially.

gregory kissing annie on the forehead Gregory offers to talk to Del for Annie.
annie and bette with clasped hands

Bette gets access to Annie's trust fund. Temporarily, at least.

Gregory and Olivia tell Del about the gun that Annie had. He nearly calls the police, but Gregory talks him out of it. Del says that Annie is just like her mother.

some guy sucking a lime from annie's cleavage Ben feels the need to save Annie from herself when she starts acting out at the Deep.
olivia and the jewels

Del finds out that Annie tried to take money out of her trust fund.

We find out that Del and Olivia are having an affair and that Del has a briefcase full of jewelry. She suggests they make love on top of the jewelry.

Before they can make love, however, Del tells Olivia that he's leaving the country and that he wants her to come with him. She tries to get out of it, but he's set her up in order to force her to come with him. Gregory is at the hotel room door.

paula looks dubious

Elaine gives Paula a tape of a television show on untrustworthy men, warning Paula that she can't trust Ricardo, because Ricardo is just like Paula's father.

The television show makes Paula doubt Ricardo.

Maria's Death  
  Ben and Ricardo have an argument about Ben's security system. This leads to an argument about Maria's death, for which Ricardo blames Ben.
tim watches up the stairs as meg leaves Tim has followed Meg to Sunset Beach, vowing to get her back.
michael saves vanessa Michael meets Vanessa when he saves her from a car that's trying to run her over. She tells him that it wasn't an accident.
Surf Central Meg and Mark agree to become boarders at Surf Central.
Episode 5 January 10, 1997

paula and ricardo

When Ricardo sees the tape that Elaine gave to Paula and tells her that Elaine is trying to poison their relationship, he makes a joke about Paula moving in. When she says that it isn't funny, he says he's not joking.

At the same moment Ricardo says that he and Paula don't live together, Paula is telling Elaine that she and Ricardo are moving in together. Elaine tells Paula that she's only interfering because she loves Paula so much.

paula and a surprised ricardo Ricardo is surprised to find that Paula has moved her stuff into his apartment. They are both embarrassed when she realizes that he didn't really intend for her to move in.
Del's Murder  
drunk annie A drunk Annie tells Ben that she took a gun to Del's hotel with the goal of shooting him, but she got caught by Gregory and Olivia. When Ben asks how she got the gun, she says it was from Halloween five years ago.
olivia and del Under duress, Olivia agrees to run off with Del.
annie threatens del Del calls the police to have Annie arrested for trying to steal her trust fund. Ricardo answers the phone and overhears Annie saying that she could kill Del. Olivia is eavesdropping on their conversation.
the hooded figure A hooded figure lurks in the corridor outside Del's room.
Sean and a girl check into the room next to Del's.
The hooded figure enters Del's room and fires a gun at him.
vanessa and ricardo

Ricardo tells Vanessa that there's no proof that a crime has been committed.

Vanessa tells Michael that someone broke into her office, even though there was no actual evidence of a break-in. She says that this story could get her killed.

casey dips rae While she's summarizing the repairs that need to be made to the house, Casey persuades Rae to dance with him
the coin on its side They flip a coin for the one bedroom that faces the beach, which lands on its side in a crack between the floorboards. He offers to share it with her, but she gives him the bedroom outright.
mark and tiffany Tiffany asks Mark why he hasn't told Ben that Dorothy is in Sunset Beach. He tells her that Ben wanted to keep his relationship with Dorothy secret.
Meg finds Ben aboard the Mariah trying to break into his own boat. She talks around information that would lead to the discovery that they are S.B. and Dorothy.
  Ben uses the word "kismet" for the first time.
meg's engagement ring with tim Meg tells Tim that she and S.B. started e-mailing back and forth two months ago and that on their wedding day, she realized that she loved S.B. She returns her engagement ring.
Surf Central  

Mark dubs Rae and Casey's house "Surf Central."

Rae is surprised that Meg, Mark and Michael will be moving into their house with them. Then she becomes angry that Casey made this decision without consulting her.

tim and meg Tim continues stalking Meg, finally catching up to her at her motel room. When she confronts him about his affair with Connie, he says that he was trying to break it off and accuses her of cheating with S.B.
Maria's Death  
maria's hand, the bottle of champagne, and  the mariah Ben visits a yacht with the name "Mariah," where he has flashbacks of Maria christening the boat.
Ben sees someone, who later turns out to be Tiffany, on the swings down on the beach. Ben calls her "Dorothy." She's shocked when she discovers that Ben told "Dorothy" not to come to Sunset Beach.
Episode 6 January 13, 1997
Del's Murder
sean sees the killer Sean sees the still-hooded killer leaving the hotel room.
annie interrupting tiffany and ben

Annie, wearing a hooded cloak, interrupts Tiffany and Ben's confrontation to tell them that Del's been shot.

Olivia gives conflicting stories about here whereabouts to Gregory and the radio station

rae, del on a stretcher, and the ems guys They wheel Del into the emergency room at the clinic.
While Annie is talking to Del, begging him not to die, he begins to regain consciousness. He tries to say something, but dies before he can get it out. Ricardo asks Annie when the last time she saw her father was. Ben interrupts, saying that Annie should have an attorney present before she answers any questions.
olivia kisses del good-bye Gregory spies on Olivia kissing Del good-bye and apologizing, saying, "I was so in love," but misses the "with Gregory" part. She says that she couldn't run away with him because she still loves Gregory and that maybe it would've worked out between her and Del, if Del hadn't pushed so hard.
bette with del's wallet Ben works himself up to asking if Annie killed Del, but when he turns around, she's gone. Bette calls Annie's mother and chews her out on her answering machine, telling her that Annie will need her around. She finds Del's blood-stained wallet in Annie's purse. She returns the wallet and hugs the purse to herself. We see that someone is watching from outside the window.
rae and casey almost kissing Rae confesses that she's afraid the other Surf Centralites won't like her. When Casey tries to kiss her, her beeper goes off.
  Rae seeks Casey out on the beach after Del's death. Casey asks if Annie shot Del.
tiffany, ben, and the smashed vase Still thinking she's Dorothy, Ben carries Tiffany to his house and tells her that they're going to "have a little talk." She hits him over the head with a vase, but later finds that she hadn't really knocked him out.
meg and the message from s.b.

Meg flirts with Casey.

Tiffany tells Mark that Ben thinks that she's Dorothy, and Mark tells Tiff that if she's not afraid of Ben Evans, she should be.

Casey says that if she ever has any problems with any of the roomies or if she ever gets a little crazy, she knows how to find him, not knowing that he's echoing words that S.B. once said to Dorothy.

gregory and olivia Gregory and Olivia fight about her drinking and the state of their marriage.
elaine and paula Paula says that she wants to be different from Ricardo's other ex-girlfriends. Later, while she's talking to Elaine about misunderstanding Ricardo, Ricardo calls to say that Del has been shot.
Episode 7 January 14, 1997
Del's Murder
olivia in the shower Gregory sobers Olivia up by throwing her into the shower fully clothed and demands that he tell her whether she and Del were having an affair. She lashes out at him verbally, and Caitlin interrupts, saying that they can both tell her what's going on this time. Caitlin is angry at Olivia for getting drunk the night that Gregory's best friend is killed. Caitlin asks Gregory why he puts up with Olivia's drinking. Gregory says that Olivia needs him, and he has what he needs in the form of Caitlin.
del's tape outline Ricardo investigates the scene of Del's murder. Paula points out that no one has seen Del's wallet.
the wallet

When Annie arrives home, Bette hides Del's wallet in her pocket, wrapped in a scarf. Before Bette can speak to her about the wallet, Ben interrupts. When he asks if she killed Del, she denies it. Ben is still dubious. Annie says right out, "I didn't kill my father." When she tells Ben that she was at home at the time of the murder, Ben tries to help her find a way to prove it. She asks Ben to be an alibi for her. Ben refuses, telling Annie to tell him the truth.

Annie and Ben ask Gregory to be Annie's lawyer.

vanessa questions ricardo When Vanessa asks Ricardo why they are going to bring in the Los Angeles Police Department, Ricardo's surprised. Chief Harris says that she's this close to retirement and wants to make sure they get it solved, and they may need outside help. When Chief Harris says they need a lead or a suspect, Eddie suggests Annie. Back at the station, they listen to the tape of Annie threatening to kill Del. Chief Harris is furious that Ricardo hasn't questioned Annie yet.
eddie and olivia Eddie and Olivia meet under the pier, and Olivia reminds Eddie that she asked about hiring someone to kill someone else. She tells him that it was just a joke, and he replies that he hadn't thought anything of it -- until now.
del hugs annie Ricardo questions Annie about Del's murder. He says that someone else's hair was found in Del's bed.
olivia and her gun Olivia pulls a gun out of her lingerie drawer.

paula returns ricardo's key

Paula overhears Ricardo say that solving Del's murder means more to him than anything else. Later he says it was just a passing comment.

She tells Elaine that she thinks their relationship is over. Ricardo, on the other hand, reassures her that he loves her and that he's never worked this hard at any relationship before. He says that he's never felt about any woman the way he feels about her. She lays it on the line, telling him that she's ready to settle down with him, but that maybe he's not so sure.

He asks if they can go back to the way things were, and she returns his key to him, telling him that it's over between them.

Maria's Death

meg and tiff

Meg and Tiffany talk about Tiffany's interest in Ben, an interest that Meg doesn't share. Meg offers to teach Tiffany how to use the internet to research Ben. Tiffany finds information on Ben winning a regatta in the Mariah, but leaves before she sees that Maria died in a boating accident.

Mark is incensed at Tiffany for using Meg to get to Ben.

Tiffany decides to have a model of the Mariah made by a local artist.

vanessa gives her attacker a flying kick

At the Java Web, Michael needles Vanessa about being paranoid. She's in such a hurry to get away from him, she leaves her tape on Del's murder behind.

Michael goes to her apartment to return the tape, to find Vanessa getting attacked. He breaks the lock of the door trying to save her, but only distracts the attacker long enough for her to save herself. When the adrenaline wears off, she passes out. The attacker gets away while Michael is tending to her bruised hand.

She tells him not to call the police, but finally agrees to have the blackjack that the attacker used dusted for fingerprints, as long as they don't tell the police why. He tells her that she can't stay there with the lock broken.

Episode 8 January 15, 1997
Del's Murder
Maria's Death


When Ben says that Annie wouldn't need an alibi if she told the truth, Annie zings back, "Like what you did about Maria?"

Annie warns Tiffany not to leave the model of the Mariah for Ben. She offers to let Tiffany into Ben's house, saying "Ben's just going to die when he sees what you brought him." Tiff is, understandably, mistrustful of Annie's motives.

Gregory overhears Ricardo asking Eddie to pull a list of all of the owners of .38s in Sunset Beach. Ricardo tells Gregory that the woman who was sleeping with Del is the killer. Gregory confronts Olivia with this information.


Paula tells Ricardo that the person in the next room had been the daughter of a headmaster of a school and her boyfriend.

Bette is about to show Annie the wallet, but they're interrupted by Ricardo. Bette backs up Annie's alibi.

  Unbeknownst to Olivia, Eddie takes pictures of her throwing a gun off the pier.
  Bette sets Del's wallet on fire in Annie's fireplace.
Deschanel Jewels  
  We see that Olivia has the jewelry that Del had in his briefcase.
  Ricardo tries to woo Paula back.

When Casey keeps Rae from fixing the electricity because she hadn't turned off the power to the house, Rae assumes it was chauvanism on Casey's part. He yanks her chain a little, then is embarrassed when Casey points out her oversight.

Casey sings Rae's praises -- that she's beautiful and smart and that he wants to save her from the walls she's built up around herself.

Casey brings Rae a rose as a peace offering, but she rebuffs him.


When Casey is talking about the walls Rae has built up around herself, Meg talks about a friend she has who pushes her away when they could be really happy, meaning Casey, but he doesn't get it.

The rose that Casey gave to Rae ends up on top of Meg's backpack, and Meg assumes that Casey left it there for her.

  Ben is not happy when he sees the model of the Mariah that Tiffany had made.

When Michael says that she can't stay at her own apartment, Vanessa invites herself to stay at Michael's. Michael tells Vanessa that he has a girlfriend, and suggests that she cover a less-dangerous story, like Del's murder. She says that she was covering Del's murder, but that she now needs to go underground about this other story.

  Meg, thinking that Casey is SB, fixes Casey one of SB's favorite foods, strawberry muffins. Unfortunately, Casey is allergic to strawberries and they have to rush him to the Medical Center. Thus, Meg finds out that Casey is not SB.
Eddie and Paula begin seeing each other. Jealous of Paula's relationship with Eddie, Ricardo asks Paula to move in with him.
Vanessa convinces Michael that she needs to stay with him in order to be safe.
  January 16, 1997
Del's Murder
Olivia and Del in Del's hotel room.
Del's videotaped will is shown and Olivia, with whom Del had been having an affair, is revealed to be his heir. Olivia confesses her affair with Del to Gregory.
Paula refuses to get back together with Ricardo, and he tells her that he's not going to give up on her.
  January 17, 1997
Once Meg finds out that Casey isn't "SB," she decides to go back to Kansas and sends "SB" one last e-mail, asking him to meet her on the far side of the pier. Ben, the real "SB," agrees. Tiffany uses Meg's logs of her chats with SB to convince Ben that she is "Dorothy." Since he has received the e-mail from Meg, Ben tells Tiffany that he doesn't believe that she's "Dorothy."
Del's Murder
The police find the remains of Del's wallet, which Bette had found in Annie's purse and burned in Annie's fireplace, and Annie flees, ending up holding Ben hostage at gunpoint.
  January 20, 1997
  Pre-empted for the Presidential Inauguration.
  January 21, 1997
Del's Murder
The police rescue Ben from Annie and arrest her for Del's murder.
Meg arrives on the pier and pours her heart out to a shadowy male figure. When she finds out that the man is Mark, she socks him in the abdomen. While waiting on the pier for Ben, Meg meets Cole (at the time, calling himself "Cole St. John"), who tells her that true love is always worth waiting for. Due to having been held hostage by Annie, Ben arrives on the pier after Meg has left.
  January 22, 1997
Tiffany sends an e-mail to Meg under Ben's e-mail address telling her that "SB" is going to move to Paris and never contact her again.
As a result, Meg puts away her computer and vows never to start it again.
So, she never receives the e-mail that Ben sends to her telling her that he's "SB."
Meg tells Mark and Tiffany that "SB" never showed up and that she's given up on him.
When Ben demands that Tiffany tell him who "Dorothy" is, she tells him that it doesn't matter, because "Dorothy" has gone back to Kansas.
When Ben's e-mail to "Dorothy" bounces, he wonders if she has left town.
Rae's parents come for an unannounced visit and when they find out that Rae and Casey have purchased a house together, she panics and tells her parents that she and Casey are married.
Her parents ask her how she can do this to them, and to her fiance, Wei-Lee.
They tell her parents that Meg has moved in with them because she's new in town and doesn't have any family.
They get Meg to go along with their story of being married.
Later, they tell her parents that Michael also lives in their house with them, and Michael also agrees to go along with the charade.
Rae's father refuses to approve of Rae's marriage to Casey.
Rae and Casey invite Rae's parents to sleep in the bedroom with the ocean view, necessitating the "newlyweds" to share a bedroom as well.
Del's Murder Caitlin and Sean discuss Annie's arrest, and Caitlin suggests that Olivia might have murdered Del.
Sean sees Olivia in conference with Eddie at the Deep.
Eddie blackmails Olivia.
Caitlin realizes that Sean knows something about the night that Del was murdered that he's not telling.
Sean & Tiffany Tiffany meets and flirts with Sean at the Deep.
Caitlin & Cole
Cole and Caitlin meet and are instantly attracted to one another.
  January 24, 1997

The ballistics test confirm that the gun that Annie was holding on Ben was the weapon used to murder Del. In order to further protect Olivia from the police, Sean picks Annie out of the police line-up. In an effort to prove her innocence, Annie takes a polygraph test, which she fails.
  January 27, 1997
Del's Murder
Annie tries to escape from jail disguised as Bette.
Meg tries to tell Ben all about "SB" and "Dorothy," but Ben falls asleep in the middle of her story.
  January 28, 1997
Caitlin & Cole
Cole and Caitlin meet in the Grotto and Caitlin notices Cole's resemblance to Armando Deschanel for the first time.
Meg again tries to tell Ben the story of "SB" and "Dorothy," but Ben is called away to meet with Annie's lawyer, Bette's ex-husband Big Al Kennedy.
  January 29, 1997
Rae & Casey Casey gives Rae's father some savvy legal advice, explaining that he's attending law school on the Internet.
Casey is disappointed when Rae finds the idea of Casey as a lawyer endlessly amusing.
Del's Murder
When Annie is shipped temporarily to the county jail, Sean arrives to sign an affidavit about his identification of Annie in the line-up.
Paula and Ricardo lay it on thick about Annie's fate at County.
Ricardo pressures Paula to ask Elaine about her .38.
When Paula tells him that Elaine threw her .38 away, he says that Olivia threw her .38 away, as well.
Meg and Ben pose as a couple planning their honeymoon to get access to the computer at the travel agency to find out about Del's plans, and find that he purchased plane tickets to the Dominican Republic in the names of Del Douglas and Mrs. Del Douglas.
After the guard comes to take Annie to County, Ben and Meg arrive with Al and an injunction to keep Annie in Sunset Beach.
The guard ignores Ricardo's request to return to Sunset Beach and pulls to the side of the road to rape Annie.
Ben and Ricardo rescue Annie, and Ricardo arrests the guard.
They return Annie to Sunset Beach, where Ben tells Annie about their discovery at the travel agency, saying that he suspects that Gregory killed Del to keep Olivia from humiliating him by leaving him.
Annie's nose is out of joint when Ben brags about how much Meg helped him at the travel agency.
Maria's Death While traveling to return Annie to Sunset Beach, Ricardo snipes at Ben about Maria's death, accusing him of having gotten away with murder.
  January 30, 1997
Del's Murder
Bette and Big Al rekindle their old sparks and Big Al dies while in the hot tub with Bette.
  January 31, 1997
Del's Murder
Ben hits Eddie in order to get arrested so that he can be in the holding cell next to Annie. Annie is found unconscious after apparently trying to hang herself.
Caitlin & Cole
Gregory becomes jealous of Caitlin's relationship with Cole.
Elaine is shocked at his resemblance to Armando when she sees Cole for the first time.

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